Posted by: boomerangcomesback | June 28, 2012

A Beauty Contest for Ugly People!

WE the PEOPLE are not offered Bread & Circuses…for Nothing. NO! They are the most expensive fare and fairs ever billed to the maddening throngs’ personal accounts.

Veritable millstones tied round the their necks and the necks of their children and unborn progeny. No longer can the extreme Weight be borne without broken bones ensuing…

Now that ObamaCaresNot has been criminally and cunningly passed by duplicitous pawns in black robes pretending to be “Honorable” while owning the opposite, we can see clearly the light of day. And it is a pinhole at the far end of the spinning kaleidoscope of fraud au’fear being served as the daily slop in the slaughterhouse kitchens of D.C. Oh My! What a Stew has been brewed by these witches, warlocks, and craven Kleptocrats!

Pelosi Does the Perp Catwalk Again

Right in front of another S’election by the Elite Spinners troupe, the People are forked the fake Choice Cut of shoe leather-like pink slime as palatable candidates, for the highest position of treason sold in the land. Mittens or Obombya. Funny, how it came down to these two “options” offered by the Illuminati overseers, aye?

Come and Get Some!

I term this repeating scenario of fraudulent game-playing being played upon Americans in a way that captures my imagination. Or, at least, it rephrases the “Reverse World” these shucksters constantly spin, into the proper perspective…


I Swear We’ll Git Them Terrists if its the Last Thing I Screw!

Two for Your Money, and You’ll Pay for the Show!

You can insert hideous, criminal, fraudulent, despicable, psychopathic, secret society agents, whatever… Just consider the scene of the crime(s) committed on the stage right there in front of you, God, and the whole wide world!

Whichever candidate is catapulted into the limelight, marketed, and “made” as the next Sausage King { or Queen } product; they’re ALL BAD FOR YOU!

Imagine a line-up of really, tragically, butt-ugly people (internally and externally) debating each other, prancing in swim-suits across the stage, singing horrible songs out-of-key with hoarse, course voices, playing stupid songs on stupid instruments like kazoos and combs, and banging pots and pans for your attention and entertainment, waddling around in expensive suits that make them look like Mr. Potato Head in Tights.

The scripted “host” asks his blarney questions, listening with a poorly concealed “Stink-Eye” expression, as the con carne pours forth… Lies, half-truths, stealth bombs of deceit, rambling answers that circle the toilet bowl like a black hole. All sold with spittledeedee and convictiondumdumb as “God’s Honest Truth”, yessiree!

Yet, all-the-while the MSM talking heads spin their yarns, discuss the inane “policies” tossed out as practical, yet illogical and criminal from their Title to their Hancock? Panels of “experts” ’round tables yabbering and jabbering about “how to make sausage in D.C.” and sell it for a profit to the peasants. Yep — Made-in-America has lost its groove. It went down the tubes a long, long time ago. So should this entire charade!

It really is a CIRCUS of Geeks and Freaks! Yet, they’re sold as “Your” decision-makers, sold as legitimate “choices” in legitimate S”elections” to swear upon a Constitution that is but toilet paper used to wipe their asses, and then thrown in OUR Faces?!


The “debates” on the debauched MSM should be billed as “Who’s the Ugliest of them ALL?!” The “lesser of 2 evils” is a worn-out homily that doesn’t even apply any more to the “agents” propped up as pResidential material. I expectorate upon this gist.

No Promise is Too Big to Pork — No Pork is Too Big to Promise…
Gotcha! Again!

Its not goofy, nor entertaining, nor spectacle – it has plummeted to the depths of total disregard for the “audience” That’s You & Me! The Ugly Contest has become a cultural icon of America and Banana Republics Gone Commie, everywhere.

Consider the hideous colossal waste of money on this Ugly Contest? Really?! Is that what it takes to s’elect a terribly ugly sociopath lederhosen to read teleprompters to The People?

Right off {or “Write that Ugly Debt Off and charge it to The People”} I can see there’s a problem here with the concept of Money Management. You’d think Fiat grows on trees?!

Our fake fiat money says “In God We Trust” on it, while the hubris-addicts write in their name in place of “God”, and ask US to Trust them? They even paste photos of dead pResidents on the TeePee dollars and coinage for giggles at their “No Free Speech Suckers” Zones of Oppression, expressing their sentiments so you can finger them daily for your daily bread lines. No “Rights” and “No Soup for You!” Rights have become Wrongs in their twisted parlance.

Oh usurpation nation, how have ye fallen?!

As soon as this travesty of Unconstitutionality – ObamaScares was passed this morning, REAL MONEY, ala Gold and Silver PLUMMETED! Negative $20 some bucks for gold, and -$.64 for silver. Medical company stocks (read Big Pharma) Shot Up! Yep – that’s ‘Reverse World” for ya.

Procto-logically Speaking…Its a Winner!

Fraud is Good, the False is Truth, and Ugly is Beautiful!

Americans – Wait until you wake up next to your latest Super Freak!


Justice Roberts “Escapes” to Malta…of all places?! Hmmm — Red Maltese {rothschild} Cross on building behind him.


If you were wondering who Justice Robert’s works for, you can start by viewing the photo here of him with the RED MALTESE CROSS on the building behind him…as he has escaped to the island of Malta. Sure, he’s teaching a “class”.

Since Malta is the HQ of the Black Pope, and this TRAITOR is exiting a vehicle in front of a building with a RED (rothschild) Maltese Cross on it, and of ALL the places on Earth he could slither off to after his pivotal ObamasCare vote, he chose MALTA?!

Was there any doubt, Amerikans? He does wear a Black Robe while “working” in an Admiralty Court set up by The Queen. You’ve NOW WITNESSED whom he serves, and now WHOM HE REPORTS TO.



  1. Most excellent dish of truth salad mine Boomer. The dressing is awe thentic.

    Bon bon bon – truly wonderful – the writing and the sentiments.


  2. I knew you’d “get it” Mr. Rogue1. Thanks!

  3. Make us sick with their wares and fare and then tax us for reaching the objective critical point at which time the peeps can run the death panel gauntlet. ~ The Rainmakers

    PM’s are the long term. The vote today only strengthens Mitt’s campaign to win the gold ring, at which time he vows to repeal the UN offshore World Bank scam. It was obvious Barry saw the upside and downside of the usual 5-4 fraud.

    Holder gets the contempt complaint at his desk. What a farce. All a fraud. Like shooting fish in a bucket, the challenge of government conspiracy gets easier everyday.

  4. Hamfisted Hamster Dances… predictable as the next chemtrailed sunset. A paper mache’ false flag hung from the Liberty Tree, waiting for its proverbial “beating” to disgorge its high fructose candy for the maddening crowd. What a party?!

  5. With COTOCREW we are obviously ‘pineal wide open’. Tri-eyed creatures haunting the spooky wooky with our own brand of counter spookism.



  6. A government that was formed by “The People” to protect the Rights of “The People” has engorged itself to its hideous current slug-state-ishness of Jabba the Hut-like maggot proportions, complete with hubris erectus sporting from underneath its scorpion-like tail…

    According to prophecy, prediction, and cynical observation, we see that surely and certainly, this man-made Maw, this Orifice, has expanded to black hole status, attempting to pull everything not nailed down into its limitless stomach.

    The questions come bubbling to the surface of our brains, as we seek to make sense of this dirigible of discontent. Whatz Up?!!!

    Well, what is a gov’t “law” but a vapor of a statement concocted in the mind of a controller. Should everyone bend over in subjection, because it popped out of the office fax? “New Law” screams off the books, and everyone should run pell mell to comply to the new “legislated” standard? Really?

    Common sense, tells me laws are only obeyed by fear of punishment and consequences, or love for the Creator. I see a problem here with the raft of Rights-Slaying “laws” that have been created in the colon of D.C., and farted out to the public as New Rules to comply with… Are they insane? Do they really think that they “Create” and WE “Comply” implicitly?

    The military maxim of “Winning the populations’ Hearts” seems to have went over the heads of these Law Givers. Every abridgement of free citizens (not subjects or slaves) individual rights shows they care not for The People, only for themselves.

    Frankly — WE’RE on to them!

    Specifically because they are reptilian, heartless, psychopathic in nature, they have fumbled the ball massively when the “heart thing” comes up. They cannot feign it, nor understand it. Their propaganda only works for as long as a 30 second advertisement, before many see it for what it is — Lies.

    The Heart and Soul of this nation is not in D.C. It only beats in the chests of the Rebels, the Workers, those who understand “do unto others as you would have done unto you”.

    So…WE are Witness to gross transgressions. Every New Act only enhances the differences in the DNA between the Perps and the People.

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