Posted by: ozspeaksup | June 27, 2012

heres the other post I promised:-) as always input is appreciated

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This one is sure not common,

Goat and sheep disease causes crisis in Congo

Peste des Petit Ruminant..

another name is…Goat plague.

Because I happen to like animals a lot, and was mystified on this one, I went for a look see out of curiousity.

What Idiscovered has me doing some thinking on the VERY oddness of the surge in MORBILLI Viruses, and Paramyxo disease outbreaks in the last few years.

I can add the  previously unknown Paramyxo that has appeared in  Pigeons in Victoria, and now NSW and some wild birds found dead/ill as well, though not many- to this list of outta the blue never seens as well. Funny how the PTB are advising using the Newcastle vaccine as a May? be useful preventative..when that same vaccine also has bluetongue again  in its mix.

The fact that Measles and Distemper are also Paramyxo , the fact that theres…

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  1. This is part of the Africom Project I believe. The Western and Central regions and the destruction of private small ranchers and herders. Rinderpest is one of hundreds the Committee MICC researched as potential biological weapons and have renetered into the food chain specifically to destroy the independence from the giant agri-farm combines.

    Any of these bacterial or viral zoononic transferable to humans will thrive and kill millions when the immuno-suppressant assaults on humans in process. Thinning the herd is no win scenario. It’s either death or vaccination into alzheimers and bluebrain.

    What is Chronic fatigue syndrome, CRPS, Fibromyalgia, Morgellons, Zombism? GMO, PhRMA and Chemtrails. What is death? The right frequency cocktail.

  2. au contraire, mon frere, we scored much more thanks to the welfare state and foreign aid or is that foreign state and welfare aid?
    Don’t ask Congress.

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