Posted by: kornisking | May 12, 2012

Banking Holiday ?

Civil unrest ? Foreigners rushing the border entry port ? My imagination is running wild since I spotted this torture machine here in Devine Texas. Where is it going ? I wanted to ask the driver but I think he is home sleeping so I didnt knock. The truck is parked outside his home. If I can get any poop I will update later. I just figure its about to hit the fan here somewhere. It appears to be going south of here,maybe Laredo,maybe Brownsville ? A stickere on the unit reads EMP, electro-magnetic pulse ?  Note the graveyard in the background behind the big-rig, an omen ?


  1. Dont actively-deny Me bro !

  2. Civil unrest? Where? Everywhere! Over 100,000 marched in Spain, following unrest beginning last year. They call it the “Indignant Movement”. 25 % unemployment, 50% of kids under 25 are unemployed. They brought in 2000 riot police, so they say…Check out the AP article and photo:

    These centralized governments and their “management teams” sure can manage economies aye?

  3. It’s the Egg Scrambler. Cooking time is about two minutes. It’s a Ronco item.

    Looks like it came down NAU I-35 from Torture Central at Ft. Hood. Might they set up shop at the Zapata Grande?

    South America is getting ready to defend off Central Zones. Guatamala and Honduras likely to fall first followed by Nicaragua.

    Expect warships in Panama and you will see why the canal was given away to the globalists for the price of drug money from Noriega.


  4. Kirn, why doncha pick up as many old dead microwave ovens as you can find and pull out the screens in the doors, make an array shield out of them?
    Youra mechanic and craftsman, should be easy for you with your cool workshop and all.


    • That would be tearism

  5. Not so. That’d be American engine nuity. You could call it the flakkstopper, ’cause that name just popped up out of the ether.

  6. Frequency Mexicali Blues: Authorities find at least 49 bodies in bags on road near city of Monterrey, apparently victims of drug-related killings.


    • Great…I was so hoping we wouldn’t skip Christmas this year.


      • dammit…another video that won’t play for me… wtf is going on?

  8. Good god that’s creepy. Did you find out anymore about it Korny? Very apropo that it’s parked in front of a cemetary. Oh, the irony….

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