Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 5, 2012

At Least 23 People Killed in Mexican Border City – ABC News


The bodies of 23 people were found hanging from a bridge or decapitated and dumped near city hall Friday in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, where drug cartels are fighting a bloody and escalating turf war. Read more

At Least 23 People Killed in Mexican Border City – ABC News.



  1. That’s some gruesome shit going down there…I can’t imagine what it would be like to drive up to that bridge and witness such a thing in person.

    Mayhem is right on Amerika’s borders now…squeezing – a slowmo strategy of tension.

    Y’all feel tense yet? I’ll betcha some Texans do.


    • Hi Willie, We miss you.

      It appears that Central and South America must come near collapse as well. Hold outs and reisitance to full IMF domination will only be realized if anarchy and poverty under austerity can squeeze the countries to submission.

      The amount of Cartel money running through committee minority parties is in the trillions from 1980 to date. The Central Banks have laundered the majority but even the Wachovia and Wells Fargos have had their payoffs for the mortgage derivative scheme they all took part in.

      Holder, the orchestrator of this along with Rocky fellas, Bill Richardson, Kissingers mafia legal team and players like V. Fox and Calderon have moved this agenda to a pivotal point now. Fast & Furious, Gunwalker, Grenadewalker, Drugwalker are tenuous to the larger programs.

      We saw the CIA shipments Argentina confiscated last year. Obama’s secret service deflection did not coverup the resistance there and now Barry will have Holder and the rest of the team to step up the ENMOD, HAARP and FINANCIAL assaults.

      Gas should spike again this summer to making it even more deadly south of the border. I expect prices here as high as $8 gal. averaging a little over $5. Hot fun in Boys Town this summer.

    • Gruesome shit is SOP for the CIA. Holder gives em guns,College of da Merkuns gives em the skills. And we wonder why weed aint legalized.Too much green in that weed.

  2. Very tense……..and I’m up by Canada……squeezed in the middle of canadian sickos and washington psychos. No where to run, no where to hide. Mexico is a scary place now, but so is the U.S.

    • This is part of the Global Warfare 5 war on terror that programs us to how cheap life is. Pesos, piasters and people without differentiation are derivatives in financial vector. If we were to use calculus, we’d arrive somewhere about $80 american. The Federal Note – Stock Market vectors flux $80 worth about $8.

      Remember that in 2009 over a hundred thousand Indian Farmers committed suicide. They averaged a debt to BIG AGRI – monsanto types to the tune of about $900. They killed themselves for less than $1,000 after their GMO seed crop failed and their land was stolen.

      That brings the average up some, but other places that our government and NATO work their magic is less than the cost of two rounds of .223 bullets. That cost may be about $0.20.

      I’ll estimate it is still about $80

  3. P.D. What does IMAGO stand for? I’m not a texter…

    • IMAGO is a final stage transformation of pupa to insect. It reflects the sexual stage and the header was to denote the transition from child to monark to sex slave to full blown psychopath working a government job.

      E-may-go in the life of the Cicada happens every 13 or 17 years for Magicicada it is 17. This is meaningful to committee education and re-education.

      I can only remark to horror stories of the kind of biophysical and psychological programming our kids are getting from womb to graduation.

      • Explanation Appreciated. Thanks.

        • Here’s some typical tripe from the frequencies of the minority scum.

          SKorea finds smuggled capsules contain human flesh

          SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea has seized thousands of smuggled drug capsules filled with powdered flesh from dead babies, which some people believe can cure disease, officials said Monday.


          Obama agency rules Pepsi’s use of aborted fetal cells in soft drinks constitutes ‘ordinary business operations’

          Learn more:

          • I saw it. Its also on infowars. Too morbidly fantastical to believe frankly. Really? Fetals cells for flavoring? A Satanic homage? If a company actually was doing that, the entire board of directors should be boiled themselves. I say a monstrous WTF? on this frequency.

            No pun, but it is cut & dried…people/corporations actually doing this? Stone them, shut the entire company down, and wipe the name of said company from society. I won’t think again about this, unless it gets more press as something more than a morbid rumor.

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  5. Sarkozy out in France; ruling parties lose in Greece in backlash over austerity

    Ready and ripe for the predicted event there: Plane crash terror event?

    It makes sense now that they have false flagged another Saudi faked IED undepants bomber.

    US ‘foils new underwear bomb plot’ by al-Qaeda in Yemen

  6. “Belief in the causal nexus is superstition.” ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

    I’m beginning to think Wittgenstein was right…EVERYTHING seems like voodoo now – all this “high-tech” is just ritual magic – an enforced belief system. Machines seem to have temper tantrums, with no rational bearing to the technical state of things.

    Yes I think Dog Poet may be right too – all this weird shit coming down is going to prove its all Maya : physical reality – time/space is nothing but dreamtime for Source,,,and each individuated thing is a projection of that dream.


  7. That image is completely surreal. Totally beyond my ability to comprehend.

    MsDarlene…Please don’t tell me the Canadians are just as sick as Americans. Always figured I could go hide out up there (BC) in a pinch. Now I’m feelin’ a little clusterfucbic.

    • You can run, but you can’t hide mr O. The PM up there is B.O.’s buddy…….one in the same. They already have the smart grid/smart meters and welfare (I mean healthcare) for one and all. America, No. America……they be one in the same now. Only the dying currency of each looks different, but is really the same. Not so good. Big brother is EVERYWHERE…..NWO?

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