Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 1, 2012


Puddy says:

Yes indeed my fine friend, you have hit the proverbial bullseye on this bear once again. Might the beta test of 2011 make the grade for a more formalized false flag?

Should the data and research from 2011 confirm the reflection? Why did Waco make OK city make the 911. Why does it matter that the players inside the OWS get this started and now the real players are identified.

Everytime the hegelian triad is created, they have to start it from scratch. Slowly but surely the seeds produce real crops. al-qaeda is a good example. No doubt they have created real islamic madmen. How? Just murder their family in front of their eyes works pretty well. Now they can say al-CIAda is dead OBL-iterated but the al shabobs are ready to take over in the south.

Now it’s time to transfer the WOT face back to Timothy McVeigh or maybe a Bill Ayers Bank Bomber or Ma Barker. Identify supporters, have an FBI file accessed by the Corporates. For them terrorism is anything jeapordizing profit and disrupting commerce, which is death in most industries as we cover here.

Thanks Boomer for posting this valuable link: FBI: 5 men charged in Ohio bridge bomb plot – 5/1/12

I wish to go BACKWARDS and not forward to:

 by Paul Craig Roberts – 11/30/10

and as in Waco, OK City and Ruby Ridge have proven, the authorites do orchestrate, enable, assist and create these events. Jerald Lee Loughner, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, Timothy McVeigh, Amine El Khalifi, Faisal Shahzad, Hutaree and on and on the list goes on not excluding this one by P.C.R.

“Perhaps the most obvious of these cases is “the Miami seven,” a hapless group of Christian-Zionist-Muslims that called themselves the “Sea of David” and were quietly living in a Florida warehouse awaiting biblical end times. Along came the FBI posing as Al Qaeda and offered them $50,000 and an Al Qaeda swearing-in ceremony.

The FBI told them that they needed to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and various government buildings. An honest reporter at Knight Ridder revealed: “The Justice (sic) Department unveiled the arrests with an orchestrated series of news conferences in two cities, but the severity of the charges compared with the seemingly amateurish nature of the group raised concerns among civil libertarians,” who noted that the group had “no weapons, no explosives.”

Yet still, Americans are by far the most gullible country on the planet and make no mistake, the shadow terror that lies inside the FBI, CIA, SPLC, ADL and BATFE work without fear of the DOJ which is totally corrupt and headed by a pro who worked under Janet Reno and Bill Clinton. Now Janet Napolitano, Robert Swan Mueller, Hillary Rodham, Leon Panetta  and Eric Holder have the offense well in hand.

What is happening now is not just another election cycle but a major event in the making.  These phony terror scams are just frequencies to keep the WOT in play over the fraud, theft, treason while the financial ends are all tied up. It is then we will see an actual event like the Sears Tower, but it would likely be better focused on the OCCU-PI  occupation. Once the lone wolf  is given the fangs to drop a Wachovia Home office building or BOA headquarters to nano dust.

Because of the major frequencies we are witnessing regarding Afghanistan and troop reduction, afghan takeover of security and the OBL drivel, one would say this is election posturing, but I believe it is the transferrence of the terror shifting to the homeland.  It’s not a secret to me that the economy will not  improve for Americans regardless of Market performance, fake employment figures and job legislation on the horizon and the chance of Barry Soetoro giving in to GOP on energy or finance measures is suicide but the need for jobs and more taxes can only be met by the terror economy. That’s here and now. 

The economy will be tweaked by a tax increase after November, a major catastrophic boost like New Orleans and a kicker with another hundred thousand jobs going to FEMA, DHS, FBI and IRS while the event itself will get the masses off the economy until Barry gat’s some more flexibility to move FORWARD. 

P.S. It’s time for an earthquake in LA region California. I’ll guess it’s May 14-19.  Chicago could burn in June. Maybe a Goldman Sachs office, JP Morgan or even the Chicago Exchange. We will see.



    • The comments on this at infowars are pretty funny. “Worm” seems an apt description for this idiot. He is a walking anus with shit for brains. The type of worm that gets placed into positions where he will do his Boss’ bidding, stacking the deck. America needs to scrape him off its shoes, along with a whole lotta other gatekeeper worms.

  1. And a nod to you P.D. for highlighting a couple of floating bouys I found floating around.

    Get this — I have a family relation whose mortgage is with Bank of America. She reported to me that she’s not been able to make a mortgage payment for over 2 months, because B of A said they were unable to process the payment. It’s been a pain, and a worrisome situation as she didn’t know what was up or would transpire.

    She’s heard many different stories over this time. I’ve read lately that B of A may be the first Big Bank Domino to fall. This evening, she finally ascertained that B of A had sold her mortgage along with an unknown tranch or quantity of other loans to company in Mexico. She was instructed that she must pay (by Western Union I think she said) a double mortgage payment to the Mexico facility that says they own the paper. This Mexico company is reached via the old B of A phone number.

    Anyways, I asked her to write up the chronologue as best she remembers, so I can post it here at COTO. I’m wondering if anyone else has had the same experience. It would be interesting to find out exactly what has gone down, and why…

    Rather like a “breakdown” in the banking system, a glitch that is a symptom of more interesting things to come.

    On another note, I received the following info via an email:

    “The Solar thing just got a little more

    The Tonopah Solar company in Harry Reid’s Nevada is getting a $737 million loan from Obama’s DOE.

    The project will produce a 110 megawatt power system and employs l45 permanent workers. That’s costing us
    just $16 million per job.

    One of the investment partners in this endeavor is Pacific Corporate Group (PCG).The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi who is the brother to Nancy ‘s husband.


    This is the type of cronyism that is going on amongst the 1% — BIG NUMBERS! — while the little people are squished, sprayed, and slayed.

  2. “BP Sees a Return to Grandeur as Gulf Fishermen Reel From Disaster”

    “UPDATE 5-Exxon Mobil shuts Louisiana oil pipeline after leak”

    Do you get the feeling that the GOM is a Fukushima-like money-driven purveyor of death? I hear they’re still spraying the British-banned poison Corexit there. Also heard the leak(s), spurt, gusher, volcano is still pouring into the Gulf.

    “BP Seeks to Resume Drilling in Gulf of Mexico”

    “(Reuters) – BP Plc has five drilling rigs running in the Gulf of Mexico two years after its Macondo oil spill, and the company aims to add three more by the end of 2012, the company’s head of development said on Monday”.

    So…What’s Your Government Done Lately to Protect You?

    Now a Felony to Protest?

    Wait Until Its People Being Scorched to Death!

    • I talked with a Longevity dealer in Florida a few days ago. He said he saw inches of oil tar in Yucatan when he was there. Floating from the bottom the crap finally landed on the beaches.

      You’ve may have noticed BP on TeeVee, they are advertising record tourism in Nawlins and the great seafood. They say they are in the Gulf for the long haul. Yeah right to drill and kill and not to clean up.

      The truth is buried and traveling in the frequency of the currents.

  3. Yeah we posted that link regarding Reid last month. Another Solyndra payoff for Barry’s people. Reid and Pelosi have clung to him like Remora’s so it’s payoff time.

    Regarding BOA, I remeber last year Wikileaks was supposed to drop the bomb on a biggy bank and BOA was the rumor. Wachovia just paid a penny on the doillar fine for money laundering charges and Wells Fargo has been the most corrupt bank since BCCI, imho.

    Anybody banking with these crooks better beware. From what you say here there is something extremely sinister about this case. I will look forward to her timeline and notes that you post.

    People should check their banks rating every week and google news on them. It’s a target in the scheme and I have reported on Bank of America admitted it had lost backup tapes that held the account information of 1.2 million credit card holders in 2004 and ventures in BKP like Carbonite could be hacked across the board.

    The protection of your info is less safe everyday. Wi-Fi is the worst.
    Everyone should carry credit cards in Farady wallet as they can steal your info walking behind you. Russian Chinese thieves are incredibly sophisticated and we are very vulnerable.

  4. Thanks for your reply and info.

    As Rogue1 might say in his Rogue1 vernacular — we’re “fuked”.

    Then this report of a “lost” 500 kiloton nuke loaded onto a German sub:

  5. The Raw Story:

    “To help legitimize his charity, Thompson allegedly donated part of the ill-gotten funds to Republican candidates like former President George W. Bush, former Republican presidential candidate John McCain and House Speaker John Boehner. ”

    There’s only one veteran in that list and he’s an agent for China.


    Maurice Strong shills for Rio+20 from Canadian newspaper boardrooms:

    “In days of yore dapperly dressed carny men sold cure-all medicine elixirs to gullible citizens attending circuses and county fairs.

    Today it’s ecosocialism’s great granddaddy, C02 shyster Maurice Strong.

    One rarely heard from Strong after he hightailed it to China in the aftermath of the United Nations Oil for Food scandal. A country, according to Strong’s own words, graced by his presence at least 50 percent of the time. ”

    Read more:

  7. Some interesting reporting going on over at Vatic Blog. You can scan the pieces to get the gist:

    1) Ron Paul being demonized, dissed on, and marginalized (what’s new, aye?)

    2) Kissinger promises China Jeb Bush will be the next pResident.

    Ask yourself, if Kissinger has ever been involved in anything except Evil Doings? Is he a clone? Why isn’t he horizontal permanently, considering his life’s work and age?

    Jeb Bush? Does anybody else see a Clan/Klan Bloodline, Krazy Khazar Kinda Krap King/Kqueen Thing Kontinuing Here in the former Republic? Vote “NO”!

    • From January this year. The Kiss of death aligns just right of China on eugenics and genocide. Robert Rubin, Schultz and Mullins were in tow. This is where my candidate “shot heard around the world” come from. Can you see it Boomer?

      In the big blue omnibus is the massive foreign Carlyle Group who boasts members , John Major, former British Prime Minister; Fidel Ramos, former Philippines President; Park Tae Joon, former South Korean Prime Minister; Saudi Prince Al-Walid; Colin Powell, former Secretary of State; James Baker III, former Secretary of State; Caspar Weinberger, former Defense Secretary; Richard Darman, former White House Budget Director; the billionaire George Soros, and even some bin Laden family members. You can add Alice Albright, daughter of Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State; Arthur Lewitt, former SEC head; William Kennard, former head of the FCC, to this list. Finally, add in the Europeans: Karl Otto Poehl, former Bundesbank president; the now-deceased Henri Martre, who was president of Aerospatiale; and Etienne Davignon, former president of the Belgian Generale Holding Company.

      • A new epithet is hereby coined — “Son of George!!!”

        • Don’t forget Frank Carlucci from the PNAC Choir

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.3 Mw
    Date-Time 1 May 2012 22:43:38 UTC
    1 May 2012 17:43:38 near epicenter
    1 May 2012 17:43:38 standard time in your timezone

    Location 14.420N 92.969W
    Depth 44 km

  9. WOW! China’s a magnet for @^&%$$$! Following the link afte the video you posted above I arrived at Shillary & Geithner in China!


    Biden at Sichuan University

    Sheesh!!! Werph Aucked…

  10. Hillary Pledged all our mortgages and real estate to assure China to buy Treasury Fiat. Blind men in China die.

  11. This is really grim…

    Ah Hell — just go scan the top 6 articles at Rense for a Dose of Fuking Grimness.

    • I applaud the graphics GE and Westinghouse. NBC and CBS who have been using radio-logical EM on us for years through the boobtubeless plasma scalar window.

  12. If I wanted America to fail I’d make sure to it got too big to fail 🙂

  13. Kirwan deals with the Chicago “Set-up” here and highlights the Secret / Not-so-Secret cabal Shadow Government. I suggest readers also click on his other related articles at the bottom of this piece, or go to his site, click on “articles” and play catch-up.

    This is about — KNOWING BEFOREHAND what is being teed up:

    Also note, the important points made in the following piece:

    XXX Olympiad will see fireworks. The Rings detail the red circle and final phase that comes in fire. This may come as a incendiary device. It might be nuclear, dirty, ClF, Phosphor, Thermite, ammonium nitrate or some other nano-concocted material.

    Chicago burns – A major fire explosion for the windy city. Homegrown terrorist will be falsely identified. Occupiers will feel the heat and the Police State antics will heighten significantly.

    I was expecting this frequency and here it is, courtesy of inspire magazine, a MI6-CIA-Mossad publication from the Saudi office. Here is the Anwar al-Awlaki MK agent who lives and breathes as we speak. He probable still operates in a compound in New Mexico, a popular CIA hangout.

    Al-Qaeda magazine back, calls for firebombs in US

    Here’s my version of the propaganda mind control tool from a few years ago.

    The clowns are so predictable, it boggles the mind.

  15. Most folks won’t even want to begin listening to something with a title like this. Too scared! But, the start of it outlines the treasonous sharing of technology, etc. with Russia and China.

    So LET’S ALL GET REAL! The “security” procedures imposed upon American Citizens are Bogus control measures, while the elites at the top are selling America out, and profiting wildly.

    Do you see a problem with this perversity?

  16. Sorry, here’s the embedded video:

  17. “…it is the transferrence of the terror shifting to the homeland.”~PD

    Yes a declaration of the OBVIOUS.

    Nice duet from you and Boomer.

    I have been having a ‘novel’ experience with a member of the cast of Cassius Sunstink for the last three weeks.

    A learning experience that hopefully can be told here at COTO in the not too distant future.

    Jim Fetzer is a mole in the 9/11 Truth Movement – this is at a level of certainty now, that needs some enumeration to put forward. Lots of evidence now gathered.

    Orango Tanglo Bla Bla Zip


  18. Good to hear from you. Save the entire notes on your ‘novel’. We want to see em here. “Out the Lout” I say. Any associate of the Sunstink worm is Obviously of a similar squirmy “bent”.

    Miss Ya Here at the Watering Hole for the Mind.

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