Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 29, 2012

Major emergency training drill set for Mitchell County

I’m under invasion by the DHS search and destroy

SPRUCE PINE — Hundreds of emergency responders from across the region will take part in five days of urban search and rescue training in Mitchell County starting this weekend.

The “Quake on the Blue Ridge” training kicks off Friday and runs through Tuesday at the drill site on N.C. 226 near Spruce Pine. Two years in the planning, the event simulates emergency needs in an urban environment following an earthquake-triggered landslide, though the training also could apply to other emergencies, said Robert Michaleski, Mitchell County emergency management coordinator.

That’s the scenario we chose, but it would apply to any disaster,” Michaleski said. “You go through some of the same things whether it’s an ice storm, a tornado or some other disaster.”

More than 500 firefighters, emergency medical technicians, law enforcement officers, staff from area hospitals and health departments and other emergency workers are registered to participate, and the number likely will grow to about 700 by the time the drill begins, he said.

Agencies from Buncombe expected to attend include the Asheville Fire Department and Mission Hospital.

The drill is being sponsored by Mitchell, Yancey, Avery and McDowell counties with assistance from state emergency management officials along with the federal Department of Homeland Security. Training is open to agencies from the Carolinas, Tennessee and Virginia.

The event will take place on 40 acres of land made available by a local property owner, Michaleski said. Crews have built a mock community, using 12×20-foot outbuildings, complete with homes and a school for use in the drills. A washed-out bridge, a collapsed tunnel and destroyed homes are among the training scenarios that will play out.

Earthquakes, while not common in Western North Carolina, do happen. Two minor quakes were recorded in 2006, one centered near Burnsville and the other near Hot Springs. A 2.5 magnitude quake was recorded in 2009, centered about 20 miles south of Asheville.

Last Aug. 23, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered near Richmond, Va. rattled windows and shook computer monitors in WNC and elsewhere along the East coast.


No earthquakes, no tornadoes, no floods ever here in the mountains. Just patriots that need to be identified and targeted in a search and destroy drill. It’s a nice secluded place they have gathered and no access obviously for the public to see what’s going on.



  1. and who is the obliging owner whos 40 acres theyre using?????
    hell puddy I DO hope you can move the fur kids out for the duration?
    CCTV IR and live feed setup? anything to make YOU safer in case..dep if the tamper with phones power and comms.
    suspect thats a real possible.
    alternative would be to have a HUGE party, with lots of out of staters…
    theres times our seclusion works agin us this could be one of em.
    5 bloody days of this?
    isnt that a LOT longtime…fishy !
    but then if they intend snooping I guess they plan to do a real good job of it while they are there.
    the bridge out etc is a or should be? a fast solution found to get to the “victims” the find treat and remove also shouldnt be long timeframe IF they really plan to make it a for real type sim..surely?
    now if was like our aus games out in bush they do go for days cos they dump em out and they have to find a way back while living off the land etc..
    you will be in my thoughts for safety.

    • Have you had the spooks in your neck of the woods OZ? What kind of drills down under do you see?

      • hi Puddy, not round this way, however the mil(army) just snaffled two HUGE properties in sth aus, they used to just have Beltana station land outside pt augusta, to run play and tear up the land, now they have a huge swath of land to do more of that. inc live firing. its at the top of the st vincent gulf between pt Augusta and whyalla(think BHP) and in the region that you turn off to go to Roxyby Downs and then onto Leigh creek.
        think Uranium mines LNG reserves etc.
        so now theres a big mil camp between all that and the gulf and the main areas of population..
        and 2 big cattle properties gone.
        as well as the historic settlers buildings etc out there.

        • There’s a lot of space there for quiet training. I wonder if citizens can observe and report. Not here anymore, that’s for sure.

  2. Being familiar with your area Puddy, this scenario is Odd. Not much to worry about in the mountains of NC usually; EQ worries are an odd pretext. A forest “fire” would be far more likely. Disaster Preparedness for “Whom” is the question aye? Be safe.

  3. agree with boomer dunno the area but thought fire would be plausible, landslide a bit dodgy?
    not many mountains outside of tropics with hi rainfall slip..though Clare valley sa has some steep and slipping spots on a small part, and minor probs adelaide hills. guess NSW would have the greatest risk value in aus for that. they got the most mountains:-)

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  5. When all is said and done, the emergency regardless of variety will come down to maintaining the population.

    When the transition happens it would be one of a dozen simultaneous vectors, but the biological is the one I am certain will affect all areas.

    Zombie SARS-rabies-hemoragic fever. The CIA cookbook has an eclectic collection at this point. Should the super “cocktail” be unleashed, fires, quakes, floods and fallout will provide the backdrop.

    I still believe the TELEFON switchboard will provide the random MK personnel to perpetrate the deliberate acts of the lone wolf variety to sustain the martial law takeover for years.

    This “cocktail” will be equal parts biological and emr, shaken and not stirred with a twist or two. Holyrood’s titanic played out to violins and cellos. Such are the microwaves and ELF.

    Will the warning come during the games? I’d say this years audience for the London Games should eclipse all previous years and 1972 Munich provided an expanded audience. John McKay reporting will be handled nicely by Bob Costas and Al Michaels.

  6. Puddy, I thought you’d appreciate this: Check it Out

    • This was very interesting. Almost seems as they were trying to target the runway antenna huh? Very interesting Boomer

  7. This is so stupid! Are these “Home-Grown Terrorists”? Maybe they were going to blow their underpants up while lying prone under the bridge, after they lit their tennis shoe bombs?

    Look at their faces, and their ages…sheesh. BE VERY SCARED AMERICA. Allow troops in your streets to protect you from guys like this…har, har, har

    “5 arrested in alleged plot to blow up Cleveland-area bridge”
    By David Ariosto, CNN
    updated 11:53 AM EDT, Tue May 1, 2012

    • [During the course of the alleged plot, however, Baxter later expressed reservations, saying that blowing up a bridge “would not stop money flowing to the ‘one percent,'” the complaint says.

      The reference is catch-all phrase commonly employed by the Occupy movement in describing America’s wealthy, particularly those atop the financial services industry, suggesting they hold disproportionate influence over the rest of the country.

      “Occupy Cleveland,” a local branch of the loosely organized protest that began last year in New York’s Zuccotti Park, tweeted on Tuesday that it was “shocked by these allegations.”]

      Another FBI gangstalking Hutarree. How lame can you get. Cyco (pscho-MK) i’m sure. Thse guys are nutured like Jared Loughner. Let’s make sure we use all three names as well. It’s a MK-Ultra signature.

  8. Everyone should tune into CNN today.

    “The devils in the details” Oh shut the F up Liars. The devils in Afghanistan today.

    There was a need for all serviceman to be disarmed? No shit.

    Running the anniversary of OBL death. Yeah thats right his ten year anniversary you liars!!!!

    Barry’s not even slick anymore. Now he’s desperate and so is CNN with their constant propaganda repetitious BS re: OBL.

    That hack Peter Berg can see documents, the compound, the toilets but we cannot see the photo’s. Navy seals murdered and now the OBL story is the only thing going down the shitter. Keep trying CNN. Maybe there’s still a few fools out there.

    I can’t imagine why Barry’s in OPIUMLAND. Oh right because he’s AF-PAKMAN.

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