Posted by: boomerangcomesback | April 29, 2012

Here’s a Prime Example of Corruption at the Highest Levels, Inverting the Way Things are Supposed to Work in a Republic FOR the People

“Banks Cooperate to Track Occupy Protesters”


“The world’s biggest banks are working with one another and police to gather intelligence as protesters try to rejuvenate the Occupy Wall Street movement with May demonstrations, industry security consultants said”.

Knowing the corruption of the Banking “system” (Private corporation Federal Reserve), protected and empowered by a thoroughly corrupted political “system”, the above headline might garner barely a glance.

However, to me, this was a “WOW!!!”. The irony and nonsense just JUMPS right out at you, SLAPPING YOU IN YOUR FACE!

Get A Clue -- They're Right in Front of You!

QUESTION — Shouldn’t the Police be investigating and gathering information and evidence on the private/corporate banks and their political cronies that have CAUSED the monstrous economic crisis in the USA and around the world? Information about the cause and corruption is EVERYWHERE (see business newsletters, articles & alternative news sites), and has been available for years.

We MUST ASK why COPS don’t have a clue! If you owned a tracking dog, and he consistently failed to sniff out the OBVIOUS, you’d have to get another dog. If the WATCH DOG opened the front door for thieves, instead of protecting you and your home, what good would he be to you?

Cannot a 3rd Grader ascertain that PROTESTERS are definitely NOT THE CAUSE. Nor are CIVILIANS (the Banks’ “clients” who are defrauded systematically) the cause of one iota of the financial crisis and corruption.

So what are the POLICE doing working for the banks and their political controllers? A paycheck? Wouldn’t trained investigators like police “public servants” rapidly discover that the protestors are THE VICTIMS of fraud and crime? Can’t they figure out that the Banks are the PERPETRATORS of gross fraud on a massive scale? Don’t they know about the Hank Paulson intimidation of the mongrel Congress, resulting in an initial bailout of the bankrupt banks of $700Billion? The actual figures now are somewhere north of $20 TRILLION! Billed to the Taxpayers. Anyone see any FRAUD? Anywhere? Anywhere?

These must be the dumbest cops ever! Aren’t they trained to “FOLLOW THE MONEY!”? CUI BONO? Who has the money in this scenario? The Banks have it all. The Political operatives are FAT FREAKING CATS with their take. The Civilian Protesters, who they are sworn to serve and protect — have NONE. The rest of the population also has very little left after the systematic fraud perpetrated upon them for years. Might there be a modicum of logic to THE PEOPLE Protesting, asking for justice?

Do WE THE PEOPLE need to actually point these OBVIOUS FACTS out to them?

All of these police need to look in the mirror, and ask themselves some OBVIOUS questions.

They are working FOR criminal entities, ignoring a massive list of FEDERAL crimes committed right in front of their faces, and THEY are responsible for perpetuating the very crisis they purport to be policing. DUDES — if you don’t think the American People see your actions for what they are, and will not ultimately hold you responsible, then you deserve the name GOONS! You are acting like the pitiful, stanky TSA goons, under color of misplaced and constitutionally illegal authority. THINK!

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  1. Yes indeed my fine friend, you have hit the proverbial bullseye on this bear once again. Might the beta test of 2011 make the grade for a more formalized false flag?

    Should the data and research from 2011 confirm the reflection? Why did Waco make OK city make the 911. Why does it matter that the players inside the OWS get this started and now the real players are identified.

    Everytime the hegelian triad is created, they have to start it from scratch. Slowly but surely the seeds produce real crops. al-qaeda is a good example. No doubt they have created real islamic madmen. How? Just murder their family in front of their eyes works pretty well. Now they can say al-CIAda is dead OBL-iterated but the al shabobs are ready to take over in the south.

    Now it’s time to transfer the WOT face back to Timothy McVeigh or maybe a Bill Ayers Bank Bomber or Ma Barker. Identify supporters, have an FBI file accessed by the Corporates. For them terrorism is anything jeapordizing profit and disrupting commerce, which is death in most industries as we cover here.

    Monsanto/Xe a classic example. Any Monsanto agent in India needs a secret service of Xe protection, unaccountable to any fake congress or executive body.

    For the pigs in law enforcement it’s Spencers Survival of the fittest and the oathkeepers better decide how to handle the bully’s or they will soon be outnumbered. We’ve seen the scum rise to the top of these local state counties based upon balls over brains.

    Peace officers vs bad law enforcers. Steroidal killers who cut their teeth on beating up girls and shooting dogs. What’s with the sunglasses? Looked like a cloudy day and they are inside the bank. Whoooo, they’re so bad.

    • P.S. Those swat helmets look more an more Nazi everyday.

  2. Goon-i-forms have replaced uni-forms. The blue gloved TSA gropers provide a very twisted caricature of men and women in uni-form.

    Hey — where’s the term snazi or snazzy come from? Like, “That’s some sNazi stormtrooper gear you’re sporting there ‘roid boy!”

    If these geargoyles, these sunglassed, helmeted, armed and very dangerous boot stompers haven’t noticed…the populace does not see them as “protectors”. By their actions, they have become “invaders” of the persons they purport to serve and protect. Active belligerents against sovereign individuals. They’re so bought and paid for, they haven’t noticed they’re no longer the “Home Team”.

    • Wonder what goes through their minds other than the steroids and psycho proteins? Snazi is a good one. I think that’ll catch on here at cotoville.

      I listen to Jones show on Sundays and he is getting excellent on Bubba Clinton impersonation. “How dare you….I did not have sex with that woman”

      at 4:00 minutes – Ha ha

  3. Perhaps the problem all around is “Chemical” in nature? Biological? I was just reading this informative piece for shitz on toazt (kinda like shits and giggles, but on the morbid conspiracy side). Rather leads into A LOT of things manifesting around us these days, including chemtrails, and the “waves” being hurled at us non-stop. Lots of familiar names too!:

    “Fluoridation Mind Control of the Masses”

  4. Alex Jones, Rumor Mill….now I know why my car seats got slashed when I commented on here last week.

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