Posted by: Mr. M | April 29, 2012

He gets …

He gets ...



  1. way to go, Mr M ~ another good one

    • Hey sugar booger, I thought You had gave up the ghost.

      • not dead yet!

  2. Uncle Sam “The Villain”. Check.

  3. Paul Ehrlich on depopulation: ‘We’re going to go over the top’ – audio

    The King of Depop talks Plague and India Pakistan. He nails both my predictions. Is he the prophet or leaking the agenda?

    Torches – Torches – Torches – Burn baby, burn!

  4. On 28 April 2012 five armed men robbed a truck that was carrying radioactive material in the city of Duque de Caxias, located in the northern part of greater Rio de Janeiro. The truck has yet to be recovered as of 30 April, but there is reportedly little threat to the wider public. The truck belongs to a company that conducts inspection and maintenance of industrial equipment. According to a company official, the radioactive material — which consists of a cylinder 5 mm long and with a 5-mm diameter of selenium-75 — is held in a metallic case and presents no risk whatsoever if left inside the packaging. Furthermore, according to an official of the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEM), even if exposed, the material would pose a threat to an individual who carries it on their person for several hours but would not affect the environment. There is no indication that the assailants specifically targeted the radioactive material. Such armed robberies targeting cargo trucks occur periodically in Brazilian cities, and it is probable that the perpetrators were unaware of the nature of the contents.

    Oh yeah, no problemo



    • This RT Report rather BLOWS UP the “humanitarian” propaganda rhetoric dripping from the lips of certain parties with an interest in “regime change”, wouldn’t you say?

      Smells like a pair of old exploding Rothschild’s underwear. Funding both sides, till the fundies explode, then show up with the final “solutions” to the faux problem. Brilliant! Except we’ve seen the reruns for years now.

  6. Depth 0.00 – Can’t get more shallow than that. Look out LA.

  7. This toon to be followed by “I get “

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