Posted by: kornisking | April 29, 2012

Come on in for a real blast !

Delegate Korn invites yall to come on in and we´ll talk about it !



First firing today !




I hope you enjoy this as I have



  1. I like the sound your cannon makes…”BOOM!” You Rang?

    “Fat Women in Trailers” must be a Classic, somewheres…

    The one about guys ought to be a hoot too toots.

  2. I love a PHD in FUBAR!

    Whatcha use for fodder?

    • We are using food cans full of cement till we can get a mold for 3 and one-eighth inch balls. The sound is glorious,,its like,,,,,victory.

  3. Yes, I’m in the mood for a melody!

    • That kid is a hoot !

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