Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 28, 2012

Woolsorters from the Ragpickers

Inhalational anthrax is also known as Woolsorters’ or Ragpickers’ disease as these professions were more susceptible to the disease due to their exposure to infected animal products. Other practices associated with exposure include the slicing up of animal horns for the manufacture of buttons, the handling of hair bristles used for the manufacturing of brushes, and the handling of animal skins. Whether these animal skins came from animals that died of the disease or from animals that had simply laid on ground that had spores on it is unknown. This mode of infection is used as a bioweapon.

Throughout history, the most dangerous form of inhalational anthrax was called Woolsorters’ disease because it was an occupational hazard for people who sorted wool. Today this form of infection is extremely rare, as almost no infected animals remain. The last fatal case of natural inhalational anthrax in the United States occurred in California in 1976, when a home weaver died after working with infected wool imported from Pakistan. -Wikipedia

Stakelbeck on Terror – Biological Terrorism the Next Big Threat?

Notice the Tags Tags: al qaeda, Biological warfare, featured, iran, north korea

                                                       WATCH VIDEO

Ms. Lopez says that to her knowledge the perpetrator(s) of the post 911 attacks were never found.  Didn’t she get the script on Bruce Ivins? The perpetrators were the Sci-copaths from Ft Detrick, the CIA-Mossad and Dick Cheney.

This recent frequency by the National Terror Alert MSM is so transparent. It ties the whole enchilada up. Iran, Syria, North Korea, Homegrown Lone Wolf like a Bruce Ivin and a chance to test out CONPLAN 3501 and 3502 will get exercised this year and expect it to happen in Chicago but the London Games are never out of the question.

Wouldn’t this just make the Pedophiles at the Pentagon wet with dreams of invasion and get Obama more feathers for his war headdress. Maybe a new MittCharlie Brown? The Bilderberg meeting will likely sort this all out for us thank goodness. It’s all just too much for my fluoridated pineal.



  1. Ron Paul recently stated (see Infowars clip) he is concerned about FF’s.

    True to form, ole Oped says they no longer accept 9/11 articles:

    Just ran across that a few minutes ago.

    • Too hot, they must be and Kall is afraid his nylon pink panties could ignite.


    • 33 heads of states.

      Refer to Garden Plot, OPSEC, the SPP, SOA objectives. As I predicted last year the meeting would be an issue. CUBA is an obvious focal point.

      We have made mention of the constant and unyielding position of the committee. My Canadian friends who have visited Cuba over the years have indicated the embargo and financial assault have led to female doctors moonlighting as prostitutes to feed their families.

      The Cold War scam is over, why Cuba? Ask Russia. They know why. What does Cuba know about EMR, Cancer, history etc.

      We can thank Argentina, Chili and Paraguay for keeping the committee from Garden Plot execution false flag. We can thank Serge Monast who was murdered and we can thank the free press Canada folks for reporting.

      I knew the meeting would collapse, I know the committee will force financial terror in South and Central America, ENMOD ELF tactical strikes and as predicted near anarchy for several countries like Guatamala, El Salvador, Honduras.

      We may have dodged a bullet for this year but I doubt it will change the date, just the logistics.


    • Wow. How obvious. The brazen and open operations have to confirm the hour of the time. The police state Einsatzgruppen has no fear for exposure.

      Certainly 90% of America will never even know who Briebart was, the terms of his poisoning and the same for the coroner. We the 10% or so must asume we will be worm food in the Garden plot of good and evil.

      If the SOA-SPP continues to become a problem, the change in leadership will likely happen. Mormon connection in South America already operate as the SS in function, mind control ideology and purpose [objective]


      Let’s keep an eye on Carlson. He must know the poop on this scoop. And it aint on the Buffet.

  4. the recent carryon over monkey flu on a flight inbound from Africa..
    seems some gifted person could inspect the woman and give her an all clear after they scared the crap outta the rest of the plane by holding them on plane for some hours…uh huh suuure.
    just a small start on the fear raising agenda.
    the jocky bomber got you all intrusive pat downs + scans,
    wonder what theyre planning now?

  5. after reading the list of BIOweapons and other nasties SOLD to iraq and other nations BY the USA govt..
    the above clip blaming korea and russia is pot /kettle/ black and then some.

  6. That was the wmd in desert storm. All US, French or Israeli military trade. The fact that anyone can spout this bile shit is unbelievable.

    Khashoggi, Moosa, Marc Rich, Soghanalian, Victor Bout and the traffickers that work for the MI6-CIA-Mossad have made a killing from a killing from a killing.

    The Perfect triad.

    Sell to ally – Sell to enemy – invade and plunder /_\

    R.O.W. $$$
    N.W.O. IMF promissory Note
    Puppet Regime
    Drug trade
    Extraordinary rendition
    al-CIAda training

    Then start the whole process over again. You can milk these teats several times.


    SAN FRANCISCO — When Google first revealed in 2010 that cars it was using to map streets were also sweeping up sensitive personal information from wireless home networks, it called the data collection a mistake. On Saturday, federal regulators charged that Google had “deliberately impeded and delayed” an investigation into the data collection and ordered a $25,000 fine on the search giant.

    25K? What a fookin joke.

    If anyone still buys this garbagio it confirms bluebeam success. Mass memory dump, EMR lobotomy and cognitive overload.

    What a quaint little deflection of the greatest Data Mining and collection effort ever perpetrated. It’s hard to accept the fact they know how many times you flushed your toilet yesterday.

  8. Sitting on my homepage was this, this a.m.:

    “Obama, Clintons deepen political and policy ties
    By JULIE PACE Associated Press The Associated Press”
    Sunday, April 29, 2012 10:40 AM EDT

    There are many sordid implications from this “alliance”. The PsyPaths just cannot keep their claws out of positions of power, control, and money. Incestuous lusters where there is “never enough” to sate their appetites.

  9. No shocker there. Clinton is still under Bilderberg thumb. Considering the people who had to be silenced through his reign of terror.

    Does anybody who watched MSM and the Obama treasonous statement to Medvedev even understand the real meaning? Missile defence my friggin ass. Nuclear stockpile mumbo-jumbo. Star wars baby, the race for space and real estate.

    “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” Medvedev replied.

    After your rigged election our rigged elected leader can barter for a bigger piece of the pie. Transmit that ELF Medvedev!

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