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Patent No. US 7,413,145 B2,+Inc.%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=kMyaT4LvBoK3twe-3OCmBA&ved=0CDQQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=inassignee%3A%22Evergreen%20International%20Aviation%2C%20Inc.%22&f=false

Evergreen Unmanned Systems is a leading provider of support for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The firm has a proven performance record for both the ScanEagle and Maveric platforms, with more than 10,000 hours of flight time operating the ScanEagle. The current service offering includes: training, logistics, operations, payload integration and testing to a range of government and commercial customers.

VT Group, the U.S. arm of UK-based Babcock International Group PLC (BAB.L), delivers customer-critical services to the Department of Defense and government agencies. It currently supports aviation missions through maintenance, training, logistics and high-level program analysis. For the past 12 years, the company has delivered support services to the Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) including AH-64, UH-60, OH-58 and CH-47 platforms. The acquisition will enable VT Group to extend its aviation support capabilities in fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft and missile systems to the rapidly-growing UAS market.

Evergreen will be the exclusive training and service provider for Maveric UAV

The aircraft’s size and ability to be launched within minutes makes it a perfect candidate not only for military purposes, but also for border patrol officers, forest and wild land firefighters, first responders and many other civil entities.

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  3. They might be dispersing things, but those are not the chemtrail planes we are seeing everyday. Those planes are NOT REAL planes. Evergreen air does not have millions of planes to cover every city and town in the world. What you are seeing everyday are LOW ORBIT ION CANNONS (LOIC)! Coincidence, I know, but there is a big connection between chemtrails and Anonymous. It’s the same entity, in fact. Legion….


    I’m wondering what you’re trying to say there SS?

    • I’m saying that chemtrail planes are ion cannons, not real planes. Last night after I said that somebody slashed the car seats in two of my cars. Maybe it is not related….who knows, but I was hacked by Anonymous, and then I started getting harassed by Chemtrail planes, black helicopters, and other “alien/demon” aircraft, over my head every single time I walk out the door! There is a connection, or they are the same thing. Hard to understand, but true. There is a leadership, and it is exactly what they describe. Demonic, and not human.

      • You got problems then there elp ss. Where in general are you located? And why do you suppose you’re being picked on?

      • What’s your take on focused ion energy laser from the vaccum, plasma, scalar and 911?


    1988: We don’t know when the CIA uses us. 2006: We know our planes aren’t used for extraordinary rendition
    In April 2006, Evergreen denied that its planes had ever been used for extraordinary rendition:

    “Evergreen President Tim Wahlberg, commenting through a spokeswoman, emphatically denied any company involvement in the program when contacted Wednesday about Amnesty’s allegations. Evergreen founder Del Smith stood by the denial in a letter published in today’s News-Register. He points out that the company hasn’t flown passengers since 1995.”[5]
    However, back in 1988 Smith gave a rather different impression about how much Evergreen knows about when and how its planes are used by the CIA:

    “Smith said he normally wouldn’t know if or when Evergreen did anything to help the CIA. ‘I want to make it perfectly clear — I believe in their cause,’ Smith said. ‘I think America needs it, and it worries me that we’re in a decline. And I think that we’ve done more for the world than any other country in the history of man on Earth. But I respect what they’ve done. And we don’t know when we supported them and when we didn’t — as a contract carrier.'”[1]

    Alleged terrorist worked for Evergreen – but when?
    In 2007, former Evergreen employee Russell Defreitas was accused of involvement in an alleged terrorist plot to attack New York’s JFK airport. Media reports gave conflicting dates for his service with Evergreen subsidiary Evergreen EAGLE:

    Portland based KGW-TV “…obtained public records that indicated Defreitas worked for Evergreen from July 2000 to May 2001.”[13]
    According to Newsday, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly “…said Defreitas last worked at Kennedy in 1995 as a baggage handler with a subsidiary of Evergreen…”[14]

    The junk bonds bailout
    In 1992, Evergreen issued $125 million in junk bonds, but in 1994 financial pressures forced it to default on them.[15] By 1996 it was facing the prospect of bankruptcy. The company was eventually saved from filing under Chapter 11 by a $400 million bailout organized by William Repko at Chase Manhattan Corp. Evergreen’s lawyer was Jay Goffman of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.[16]

    Evergreen exec: “No easy answer” to The Oregonian’s investigation
    The high water mark of press scrutiny of Evergreen’s operations was probably “The Evergreen Story”, a major nine part series of articles in The Oregonian in 1988.[17] The series’s authors, James Long and Lauren Cowen, traced in sometimes exhausting detail the personal and business connections between Evergreen and the CIA. According to a 1999 article in another Or
    egon newspaper,

    “[Evergreen’s Vice Chairman Ron] Lane says that in retrospect, the series raised questions that had “no easy answer” and was ultimately of no consequence to the company.”[18]
    The library of the University of Texas at Dallas holds a collection of James Long’s interview notes and other primary research materials for The Evergreen Story.[19]

    Freighting missiles to Israel
    According to media reports in 2007 on the alleged plot to attack New York’s JFK airport, terrorist suspect Russell Defreitas

    “…wanted to attack the airport because in the early 1990s he had seen missiles being shipped to Israel while he was working for Evergreen International Aviation.”[20]

    Evergreen denies CBS report about gun running to Central America
    According to the Associated Press in 1984:[21]

    “CBS News, in a report broadcast Sunday, said airlines in Delaware, Florida and Arizona have flown CIA missions to Central America several times. The network said one mission took place on April 9, 1983, when Southern Air Transport of Miami carried 22 tons of small arms to a Honduran military base on a propeller-driven Hercules transport plane with a special crew… Also listed in the report were Summit Aviation of Delaware and Evergreen Air of Tucson, Ariz. In McMinnville, Ore., vice president Donna Nelson of Evergreen International Aviation, parent company of Evergreen Air, said the story was ‘totally an untruth.’
    “‘Wherever they got their news, we don’t appreciate the customer damage that such a devious type of reporting causes. We’re going to serve them with a letter. If they want the facts, they should get them …,’ Ms. Nelson said. ‘We don’t have fixed-wing aircraft hauling artillery into Central America. We have one helicopter involved in some power line work there.’

    A mysterious in-flight death

    In February 1989, Evergreen pilot Dean Clinton Moss died while flying from Utah to Texas. The Texas pathologist who examined Moss, Dr. Ralph R. Erdmann, never determined what caused him to bleed internally to death:

    “Erdmann said in his autopsy report that Moss had suffered ‘acute hemorrhagic gastritis’ — sudden bleeding into the stomach — but Erdmann pointed out that this merely stated the obvious. ‘I couldn’t come up with a reason why a young man in otherwise excellent shape — I mean excellent, an athlete — suddenly would bleed to death and have it in his stomach,’ said Erdmann, who is board-certified in both forensic and general pathology. ‘I’ve done over 8,000 autopsies, and this is only the second one I blanked out on. It’s very frustrating.’ “[22]
    Coroner L.J. Blalack of Lubbock County, Texas, sparked controversy when he ruled the death was homicide:

    “I can’t go into the evidence specifically because an investigation is in progress… It’s a question of collective evidence from everything surrounding the situation. I can rule that a death is from natural causes or that it’s accidental or that it’s suicide or homicide. For the last three weeks I have been getting information from different sources, and I reviewed it and talked it over with our police department and pathologist. And I made a decision over the weekend.”[23]
    However the National Transportation Safety Board disputed the coroner’s ruling, according to a later report in The Oregonian: “‘Obviously, we don’t think it was homicide or we wouldn’t be in it (instead of the FBI),’ said Dr. Dennis Shanahan, a pathologist with the safety board’s Survival Factors Division in Washington, D.C.”[24]

    And Erdmann himself was sceptical it was homicide, telling The Oregonian “…that homicide wouldn’t be high on his list of possible causes, although the death is still unexplained.”[24]


  6. Money Talks Louder than Anything — its Evergreen.

    That’s quite a dossier there on Evergreen. Everything, but the real juicy stuff that gets lied about everytime. “EverLies” used to cover up allegations and unsightly inconvenient “stuff” that sticks to the shoes of the boys and girls in the shadows.

    The only thing I got from “Sugar’s” points was that Evergreen would just be a spoke on the wheel of the world-wide chemtrail despoilation program. On that I agree. But the Patent & the Tanks & the Plane are a Picture Pointing Directly at Chemtrail Weather Mod Culpability.

  7. 4/27/2012 — Cloud of depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and West Coast USA

    Also, the severe thunder storm and enormous amount of rain that just rolled over me, follows several days of chemtrailing, and I say, HAARPING through today, as the clouds formed that “ripply” striated look we’ve become familiar with…

    • Don’t get wet. It’ll make you sick.

  8. Many people said foreign troops do not train here and will never be an issue on American Soil? I provided proof in 2000 and now they just admit it.

    US Calls For Russian Airborne Troops To Take And Hold Denver Airport with American Weapons. .40 caliber or .223

    good piece reviewing the New World Order capital and extermination point ground zero.

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  11. Patent Office Weighs Patent Secrecy for “Economic Security”

    How typical a move. National Security, Corporate Security, Defense Security, Patent Security.

    It’s all Criminal Security, nothing more.

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