Posted by: boomerangcomesback | April 27, 2012

Lift Your Glass to the Icelanders!

Well…there ya go. People on a far away frozen rock stood up for themselves, and manifested the gumption, courage, and righteous anger to protect themselves from predator banks and the politicians in their pockets. Just goes to show you, PEOPLE DO HAVE POWER! Who tells you you don’t have any power? Oh, that’s right. The banks, pocketed politicians, and their owned media whores. Who “believes” TV, Radio, and Rags anyways?

White House threatens to veto student loan bill

Threatening? Like vetoing CISPA? Like "grudgingly" signing the NDAA? Like?...

By ALAN FRAM Associated Press The Associated Press
Friday, April 27, 2012 11:08 AM EDT

Would we expect anything different? Right/Left Paradigm actors playing “good cop/bad cop” again. Pelosi’s there gumming up the game as well. What a Crock o’dial reptile ‘fest.

House passes CISPA bill

Like WE thought it wouldn’t? The Actors are sporting a “Boehner” there, playing the good cop/bad cop “game” rerun again. Just ’cause they rotate the “Actors” doesn’t mean WE don’t see them all with their pants and panties down ’round their ankles. Rense kindly put up the listing of how Congress voted:

Good thing elections will be coming up, aye?

Oops! The Hits just keep coming don’t they?

Hey! What’s this picture of over at

"Lie, Lie, Like the p Residents Before Me -- I Approve This Message for Release"

450 Million Dum Dums for HLS, Russian and other countries’ troops being trained in America, Bernanke and Geithner and the rest of the reptiles wrestling over the scraps of the “Homeland” formerly known as the non-corporate United States of America.

There’s so much more going on daily, but you’ll only find it “offline” in the alternative news. ’nuff said for the moment.



  1. I did not see your image Boom.

    The best way to get OCCU-PI headed in the right direction is education. From EU to Canada to Brazil the tuitions will bring the movement for socialist red team fireworks.

    Interest rates? Really like these students in debt at an average clip of 27K is more like 40K with easy credit card. Sold into slavery at 6% and 20%. What do you have in your wallet? An IOU for nat’l debt of 180K if you breathe.

    The horses are at the final turn and the homestretch is here. Pack it in and don’t think you have a backruptcy option. That’s only for Corpo-personhood.

    Imagine the psych and liberal arts majors flipping pink slime under golden arches and you get the picture.

    • I thought you saw it…and appreciated it enuff to puff it up some more. No problem.

      How’s about the c-grads flippin off the Pink Slime perpetrating people’s representatives?

  2. Barry t& COMPANY fought for the reauthorization of the Patriot Act and is now lobbying for an extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act has balked at CISPA? What a charade.

    What CISPA does they were doing anyway. They just want legal cover now and no legal wrangles/fees from the remaining constitutionalist minded entities.

    PROMIS’s PROMIS’s and the backdoor boys want to come in the front door now. What nerve!

  3. SCYTL or Skittle must be piped directly to Bilderberg. They must have grown tiresome with waiting for the fix or having to watch Blitzer and Pooper-scooper.

    Hyman Roth: What I am saying is, we have now what we have always needed, real partnership with the government.

  4. Cowardly Speaker Boehner resisting Contempt of Congress for Holder (Fast & Furious Updated)

    Two party bullshit. Boehner you crybaby pile of pink slime.

  5. That’s enough to freak any folks out. It could be anything, but these days, probably Bad!

    Thanks for your comments and info.

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