Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 19, 2012

NORAD: Uh oh!

Report: Unconscious pilot on plane over Gulf of Mexico

A NORAD official confirmed to ABC News that two F-15 jets made contact with the plane on Thursday morning and have been monitoring it ever since as it flies aimlessly over the Gulf. Read more…

NORAD to conduct exercise flights in various locations across U.S.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will conduct exercise flights today in various locations across the U.S. as they practice intercept and identification procedures. Exercise flights are planned for Florida, northern Minnesota, southwestern New Mexico and off the coast of California. Although they are scheduled for early morning, these exercise flights could be delayed due to weather concerns. Read more…


  1. wonder what the pilot wandered into?
    ps Puddy the andaman earthquake report link is phht

  2. hmm, a couple of years back a plane with a pile of passengers heading to a mine site had an air fail? the crew and passengers were out cold or dead.
    that plane flew stright until fuel loss from memory. then it fell down
    so is this one for real? a remote control decoy for their execsise/
    the circling seems weird..but then if a dead/or unconsciouspilots leaning on the rudder I guess circles would be probable.
    its down now, so curious about who what etc.

  3. Do you remember golfer Payne Stewart? Hmmm?

  4. Yea, Payne Stewart is a famous one…used to debunk NORADs BS on 9/11.

    But someone over the Gulf is suspicious as far as what he may have observed…

    Any follow up would be appreciated.


    • Fizzled out. The truth though may never be known. Was he supposed to do a job and never completed it? Who knows anymore.

      Oklahoma City and “A Noble Lie” should supercede 911 as a clearer case that is provable government sponsored murder of women and children.

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