Posted by: kornisking | April 18, 2012

Secret Service investigates pedophile (takes one to know one)

San Antonio, Texas ( from Sinister Experience)

A spokesman with the University of Texas at San Antonio was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy on Friday. David Lee Gabler is the school’s associate vice president of communications.

Alamo Heights Police say they discovered 47-year-old David Gabler and the young boy in a parked vehicle at 2:15 a.m. near a local park. The officers had noticed “movement inside the vehicle” and became suspicious. While attempting to find out what the two were up to, investigators reportedly found evidence inside the car revealing that the two had engaged in sexual activity.

According to police, Gabler met the alleged victim in an online chat room. He picked up the boy at his home and drove to the nearby park. David Lee Gabler, 47, the school’s associate vice president for communications

A search warrant was obtained for Gabler’s home and officers seized computers, cameras and digital media with assistance from the U.S. Secret Service. The Secret Service will conduct a forensic examination of those items.

In the meantime, Gabler was released after posting a $70,000 bond. Gabler has also been placed on leave, pending an investigation, said Christi Fish, the UTSA associate director of media relations. He has been employed by the university for 17 years.

Before joining UTSA, Gabler spent six years at Trinity University as the assistant director of public relations. END

I thought the Secret Service protected the highest level criminals and investigate counterfeiters in competition with the Federal Reserve, but what the hell do I know , right ? The times they are a changin. It is a trademark of fascist regimes to project a facade of morality while simultaneously they drop bombs on kids  in Up-jackistan. Korn



  1. Dont come knockin when da SUV is rockin !

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  3. Yeah what’s up with that. Secret Service Revenuers are treasury agents and puppet protectors. Waht the hell are they doing in a peadophile case unless Gabler has a deep connection to the government child abduction program for snuff sacrifice and sexual slaves.

    It appears the mention of the SS is to help untarnish their image an anything but a pack of mafia running numbers for the banksters at the FED.


    • Untarnishing, who woulda thunk it? I just thought maybe they were branching out,or over-stepping,or usurping,or maybe they just wanted the kiddie-pics for they own collection.

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