Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 15, 2012

Pink Slime found in HBO meat locker?

You tube and the CIA googleplex are busy re-editing their  mind control base and leaving no video for viewing.

I’ll try to upload the clip in question and you can decide.



  1. Congress to probe Secret Service prostitution scandal

  2. Goat in the city???????????? As predicted
    Latin America rebels against Obama over Cuba

    * Cuba dispute blocked final declaration at summit

    * U.S. ally Colombia joins leftists over Cuba issue

    * Prostitute scandal embarrasses Obama in Cartagena

    Oh well, in the words of the late Rodney Dangerfield;
    “Hey everybody, we’re all gonna get laid.”

  3. We have reached the end. We stand at the cliff and stare into the abyss. I watch with an acking heart and a mind in rage. I hear of the promise of salvation, but my eyes do not bare witness.

    I want to lash-out. I want to shake those that are not aware out of their complacency. I want to blast thoughs responcible into their graves in the way only the hopeless can. I will let God decide if I was wrong. Not being God I have no other recourse.

    I see no savior. Not on this planet. How do we save ourselves from the radiation coming out of Fukushima? How do we save ourselves from starvation? How do we save ourselves from the hungry hordes? How do we save ourselves from any and all of the Major Extinction Events that are careening or way? How many of us have the means to defend against the onslaught?

    There is no science-fiction I’ve ever read or seen that will match what is unfolding. As I sit here in this coffee shop looking at the people around me, all I see are unaware victims. Bodies waiting to rot where they fall. The stench of death warfing over the land that only scopions and roaches will be able to live in.

  4. How about the news of late? It’s all a test to see when we will go a shootin for these who deserve a bounty. It’s a play of the absurd that Shakespeare himself could never dream up.

    Gotta love them lil’ devils, they don’t make it uninteresting do they michael?

  5. Suspended British Lord Denies Offering a Bounty for Obama and Bush

    Read more:

    Oh Nazir, don’t backpedal now. You just made my day!



    World Bank picks health expert Kim as president

    Oh boy. The ante just went up on you useless eaters.

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