Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 11, 2012

The truth about N. Korea rocket launch

I can’t even begin to spend any time trying to piece together this stinking heap of Global pink slime.  Kim Jong Il is dead and his son is ready to tell the globalists to “stick it.”

The real truth is that this is a Unha-3 rocket designed for  delivering a spy satellite. That’s what got the MIC Complex pink slime panties in a wad. Why? Because the long range plans for space dominated full spectrum rule is in jeopardy if it’s not one of their golden eyes going up.

The NASA/NATO pedophiles can ill afford a rogue eye in their playground. Typical is the rhetoric about an ICBM test.

Find out about North Korea's attempt to launch a satellite into Earth orbit, in this infographic.
Source: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

Whether Kwangmyongsong-3 (“Bright Shining Star-3”) is a weather satellite or communication or even a spy satellite is their prerogative and Clinton should shut her big fat pie-hole. Considering the South Koreans are not even worried about the launch, why the usual lies from the globalists? It’s a potential leak in the world order plan for the space based future of our slavery, surveillance and executions.

She said if North Korea wants a peaceful, better future for its people, it should not go ahead with the launch. She said it would be a direct threat to regional security and violate the North’s obligations under existing Security Council resolutions. SECURITY COUNCIL? What a joke. A band of globalist criminals running the UN and Banks. Obama and his secret enemies list will likely add Jong Un to his hit list.

Watch the video of Saki soaked Clinton in Japan. The cow was drunk.



  1. They should sic Pedo Bear on him!

    • Lost in Translation

      They may have done that just before the conference began. No telling. What happens in Fukushima stays lost in translation. I have very little memory of my Japanese but would love a translation of the reporter. Geishabear!

    • You’re so weird sugarshits…whassa mattah you? You gotta itchy butthole or sumpin?

  2. I purposely don’t try to watch any of the globalist pigs, and I’m sorry I watched this time. This pathetic example of a humane-being is a disgrace. What the hell was that she was doing? How can anyone call that proper decorum for a dignitary? What a joke this country has become. It deserves to fall.

    • It seems to be the joke of the World Order Risk Board. Japans the toilet and butt of the joke. They should have arrested her and got to the bottom of the HAARP event there that caused UNZUN volcano, quake and Tsunami.

      If they had sacrificed her over the shores of Fuku, the ruling minority may have had to regain a little respect. As with Americans we are in the same boat as Japan. Useless cattle and chattel in their scheme.

      It’s the North Korea’s, China’s, Pakistan’s, Afghanistans they fear. Not us or Japan.

  3. Haarp anyone? They were attempting to get an Earthquake in North Korea and instead they send an Earthquake to Indonesia…

    • Every Ionospheric shallow quake results in an antipodal event as after Sumatra there was Mexico. Weeks ago when Mexico happened it again lit off one in Papau NG.

      Are you anywherer near these points Juan Enrique?


    Check links at

    Weather – enmod updates – IHF HAARP – SIHF – EISCAT links

  5. HAARP shoots down Korean Launch

    US aids in hunger in North Korea as they vow to try again and again.

  6. 11 countries exempted from Iran sanctions

    The countries are Japan, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom, according to a State Department statement.

    But not you America, cough up the five bucks a gallon.

  7. Obama, Sarkozy vow to step up efforts to end Syria violence-

    Really? Does that mean they are pulling the french and US mercenaries and al-CIAda out?

    • Saaarko’s allergic to Obammy – Look it’s makin’ him sn-sn-sneeze

      Whew…boogers on 10,000 dollar collars. Aw-fucking-shew…
      Uh bless you child {murderer]….there’s a sin tax in that for you on the cosmic calendar doodooboyz.

      Meanwhile back behind the curtains…

  8. Oh, Hitlery has been hitting the sauce for a long time. Her drunken you tubes are all over the place. Here’s one of her slurring her words really bad a few years back-

    No, it’s not doctored or anything.

  9. Aye Mary, no doctoring needed. She’s a waste of water.

  10. lol…somebody played with the video to make her look drunk there. Pretty convincing! I prefer her drunk actually. What a creepazoid.

    The way she’s laughing in the video PD posted makes her look like a schizophrenic off her meds. They always laugh at inappropriate times too.

    • Hi Stranger. Been busy? You’ve been missed.

  11. 4′ of hail in Texas…earthquakes all over, tornadoes…HAARP

    • (Reuters) – Forecasters are warning of a major tornado outbreak in Kansas and Oklahoma this weekend, with Oklahoma getting a first taste of it on Friday with a tornado touching down near the National Weather Service office in Norman.

      Tornado hits Oklahoma, start of expected weekend outbreak via @reuters

  12. HUNGER GAMES: U.S. cancels food aid to North Korea after missile launch – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News:

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