Posted by: boomerangcomesback | April 10, 2012

Are You Kidding Me?!

Sometimes — You’ve just gotta laugh so hard, it’ll make ya cry.

Just consider the Millions/Billions wasted on the Election Theatre that’s been playing across the Sheep Herd’s screens for months now. For WHAT?! Watch the following short videos, and then you’ll understand why the JOKE is on AMERICANS:

“ Investigation. Election officials advise no ID necessary to register Timothy Tebow and Thomas Brady to vote in Minnesota”.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! That was really ripe! Are you kidding me? OBVIOUSLY not.

Check this JOKE out:

“Poll Workers on Primary Day in Washington, DC offer US Attorney General Eric H Holder’s ballot to vote… to a complete Stranger. Other voting locations in Washington, DC offer to sign for ballots. Eric Holder has said multiple times there exists no evidence of Voter Fraud”.

HAHAHAHAHA! Guess what? This JOKE is brought to you by your Government. Paid for with your tax dollars. (sic).

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  1. NOW…I see just how come youve gotten so many duds elected.
    WTF? kind of NONsystem is that?
    in Aus its Mandatory to vote, you can mail vote, whatever..BUT they have an area specific list called the Electoral rolls.
    you present and give name /address and your name is crossed OFF the list.
    any non votes get checked for mail returns.
    if none eventuate in a month? then they send a letter asking why you diodnt vote
    and you get Fined some 50? for not doing so.
    its annoying..but it means Democracy is served BY the majority having to vote.
    and FRAUD is nearly impossible.
    using deceased is about the only way..and even that can be caught.

    • “its annoying..but it means Democracy is served BY the majority having to vote.” ~ Oz

      Isn’t it a fairly simple matter to stir up 51% of the democracy to support a particular issue of the moment? Especially these days…You got a hoodie yet? 😉

      I honestly don’t know if a just system has ever existed on this planet…not in my lifetime…perhaps that’s how it’s meant to be…a crucible of sorts…

      • if we werent forced to…I doubt 50% would be bothered.
        the its all too hard, I dont wanna think about it sheepies really are everywhere.

        hoodies, well theyre around I guess, but theyre objects of ridicule here. like the saggy baggy assed tousers we also inherited along with Crap music a la usa.
        what used to be called Bogans with the mullet hair tail.
        low IQ hoodlums etc
        once hooded jackets were an athletics thing. now I guess the inference means they get left home.
        even now wearing flannelette check shirts is rife with lowlife connotations but time seems to be lessening that, and rural is a bit different than city.
        the Trayvon( who does??? think up these names?) thing has some airtime here, not much.
        a chicano shoots a black guy. whats new?

  2. In 2004 I once said this exercise is all GIGO. It never sees any light. It just gives them the curves on the vector in order to maintain some semblance of an order in election numbers.

    This data goes into the proverbial “Eagle Eye” data mining cloud and the paper pushing is an exercise in creating the employment numbers which as well are a complete and utter fabrication.

    The energy wasted on an election cycle (FEC) cannot be matched by any other effort. Though the GSA and FDA could run a close second place

  3. This is the freekin limit. What a sham within a sham within a sham. Wake Me when its all over.

  4. This is prima facie evidence WHY the entire election Bollywood Show is a moot point.

    If you surf around even a little bit, and pay attention to government/administration jingoism, one word crops up repeatedly like psychedelic mushrooms in a cow pie (Liberty Caps — hehehe) — THAT word is “FAILURE”. Across the board. By any measuring stick.

    For Instance —

    One commenter points out the following —

    “Wells says:
    April 10, 2012 at 11:16 am

    The TSA is like a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) operation. No question. These disclosures made to Corbett by an ethical former TSA employee tells it all for what it is. Operating x-ray scanners and not even being educated and having to read a manual, a new low. For everyone in TSA Administration it is a win win situation, as in let’s all cash in on the thoroughly bogus “Security Theater”. It is the American citizen young and old who has been endlessly harassed, searched, exposed to x-rays from a PORNO SCANNERS that have had no medical examination and certification. Chertoff is still pocketing major millions off the Rapiscan deal. Napolitano gets to be King or Queen of Security, take your pick.

    It is not a joke anymore. There are other TSA screeners (they are not officers) who have been talking privately. Corbett got an excellent interview that perfectly dovetails with the empiric, scientific and forensic truth. The scanners do not work. Who is prepared to bend over to have the TSA morph into proctologists and cop a feel breast pervs? It is totally insane. The gig is up”.

    Grok the gross Financial Fraud tied up tight like a sadomasakissed-tic lover to Wall Street, Lobbyists, and the D.C. Madam. While taxpayer Johns get to sleep on the dirty sheets, and pay the bill. A new euphemism meaning for “getting stiffed”.

    What was that deal that was signed into law a few years back, where “more” money could be thrown and tied to elections? Like the process and system wasn’t corrupted enough to that point by money and slick willies…

    Grok everything Guv twirling ’round the toilet bowl. “Elections?”, puhlease Penelope! These human goofs in the vids above, probably are moonlighting from their TSA jobs. Then the “moderated” debates themselves, sheesh shinola, then the falsified results, the whole thing is a goof. FRAUDS R US.

  5. That which is processed is not the schemata at hand but the vishnu beings; conditioned, massaged, stroked, poked, poached, and yoked.

    It makes sparkly lights when the eggbeater slurries the skull-bowl pulp. Psycho-Delilah in the sky yea with synthetic lemon freshener pepper spray on sale today at Slave-On Drug Snores.

    Bingo Jingo Tango in a red hot duress over the crest and into the abyss.

  6. Mega Gippos, Rogue1.


    Eric Cantor is a zionist globalist swine. He knows how to fill the Romney-Obama one world order. Clean out any real American Senators and Congresspersons and replace with the foreign interests.

    Election fraud included, stack the deck. It’s all stolen money and theres more where that came from.

    Ain’t that what you said?
    Ain’t that what you said?
    Ain’t that what you said?

    • Love that song, ‘Liar’ by Argent…ever since the first release way back then.
      Some Zombies guys and – is that Peter Green on geetar?

      • Them Fab sixty Rockers stand the test of time don’t they Rogue?
        “No Lie”

        Guitar: Russ Ballard

        • One of my all time favorite one word lines in film is from, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe – Richard Burton, as “LIAR” explodes from his mouth in that magnificent classic stage voice.

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