Posted by: boomerangcomesback | April 6, 2012

Could This New Info on 9/11 be True? You Decide.

Dimitri Khalezov, the first person to directly link Mr. Bout´s arrest (in 2008) to 9/11, a crucial piece in this puzzle:

The Gamut:
A Russian “Granit” missile with a thermonuclear warhead penetrated 6 rings of the Pentagon and failed to explode, due to a malfunction, thereby sparing D.C. from incineration?

What? No Big Plane Boss?

What? You mean it couldn’t have been bin Laden flunky monkeys pulling off this highly sophisticated, massively compartmentalized and audacious assault on Americans? Killing all of their Constitutional Rights subsequently via legislated Freedom Bombs enacted by real terrorists?

What’s a Scape Goat? Blame Bout, aye? War by Deception?

Here’s a Most Interesting Read, providing some Shocking New Information regarding 9/11, the Pentagon strike, Putin, and other hidden alliances and allegations. Discernment is advised of course. About page 8 is where the Pentagon revelations are discussed.

Read the PDF at :

The AP reporting on Bout can be contrasted with the info in the above PDF:



  1. Traffic Feed — 12:40pm. City of London & United States of America.

    What? This info is already “out” on You can’t put “jack” back in the box when he’s already escaped.


    • Not horseshit. Miracle Whip.

      Knife Hidden in Jar of Mayo Confiscated at NY Airport

      Read more:

      The knife was plastic the Mayo was C4. Ha Ha. What horseshit!!~

      • Look at that photo of a phalanx of sad looking SOB’s.

        Remember when flying somewhere was kinda fun?!

        Look how this Transpo “Security” “Administration” blueshirt “guard” has corrupted the act of moving about in a supposed “free” country. Under the guise of “keeping you safe”, and “preventing terrorism”.

        Let’s itemize it — break it down boys & girls:

        1) Paid for with your own tax dollars.
        2) Lower life form humanoids “doing their job” On You.
        3) Blue shirts, black slacks and a belt, silver clam shell shields, I.D. Badges, epaulets, official looking arm patches, black ties for the male versions, optional for the dyke versions, last name “tags” to humanize the creatures, take control attitudes and desensitization training to view travelers as cattle, with every one a potential “terrorist”. Boxes of blue gloves for groping grannies, grampas, children of all ages, anyone at all that their fallible “machine” tells them needs a feel up and pat down.
        4) Tasers, guns, cuffs, batons, mace, etc. and other goon squad toys for the more macho security-trained versions, concerned with detention, subversion, pacification and police-type “measures” to quell potential threats.
        5) Cattle-like “styles” for reducing the herd down to single file for “processing”, examination, possible probing, irradiating and x-raying.
        6) Expensive metal detectors, very expensive irradiating machinery ( stock owned by Chertoff, former TSA frankenstein “head”, dual Israeli citizen with demonic demeanor ) — TSA Body Scanners Set To Be Exposed as “Giant Fraud”, magic “wonder” wand hand-held metal detectors.
        7) Conveyor belts for shuttling citizens shoes, “limited and highly regulated” personal carry-on items.
        8) Much expensive signage instructing prospective passengers of the Laws they must abide by to travel on commercial transportation which They get to pay for with their fiat dollars.
        9) Constant blaring “instructions” coming from speakers — adding to the overall gulag imitation environment.
        10) The cold hard facts that Americans have been collectively forced into a “control system” under the guise of “protection and security”.

  3. Why — I am Flappergasted that you, the Rogue1, would call “Horseshit” on this elaborate oration, when “Bullshit” might be the properly applied Shit for the Shitcom? C’mon! {grin}

    Can we not readily believe a former Russian hierarchy member of Mr. Khalezov’s cailber? “Dimitri Khalezov is a former Soviet commissioned officer of the “military unit 46179”, otherwise known as “the Special Control Service” of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the Soviet Union”. Other notes on his notoriety as an insider for Russia’s Atomic program are on the first page of the PDF.

    Can we not believe the Goobermint’s “story”? HeHe… If my eyes don’t deceive me (they don’t), David Copperfield couldn’t squeeze a jumbo jet through that wee little round hole in the side of the Pentagram, shown on pg 11 of the PDF. G’s-Story? Get out the pooper scooper and heave ho!

    You’re well versed on this subject Rogue1. Tell us why “Horseshit”. Cut through the horseshit to the Truth.

    This piece by PCR about Jim Bowie and an Indian “False Flag” is a nice little “story” when we think about connivers and psyops. They’ve been going on since time began:

    • Yea Boom…I can just picture Cheney the greatest suicide bombers of all time telling the “young man” to let the craft coming into the Pentagon come on in…

      …”hehehe…I’ll blow this whole town away”–Cheney

      It’s another red herring – this case has dozens of them now.
      I don’t believe a word of this guys story, the Bout is an innocent man and has never sold weapons.

      Dimitri is a former nuclear intelligence officer of the 12 Chief Directorate of the Russian armed forces. And I would wager he is in business with Bout – another arms dealer.

    • Pentagram readies trials for bus drivers and order takers.

  4. Dimitri is a former nuclear intelligence officer of the 12 Chief Directorate of the Russian armed forces.

    I would go further, I would propose that Dimitri is working directly for the US and this is another attempt to widen the field of 9/11 possibilities to infinity.
    Just like all the KGB officers after the collapse of the Soviet Union who came over and said, ‘Yea, it’s true, we were the ones behind the hippies and all the guru bullshit in the 60s” — go bark down that trail a few years ’till you come out the other end a skinhead tattooed chipmunk on crack.

    There were NO fucking TERRORISTS on 9/11 – it was a systemic hit by mostly US and Israeli operatives. All this counter spin is bullshit.


  5. From the flag work on Feedjit, I get the distinct feeling I am being shadowed by the shitty of lundumb…

    Why, It gives me the willies….ho ho ho he he he ha ha….

  6. Alright Boom, you’ve got your choices of who to buy your 9/11-mobile from:

    CIA Pilot, John Lear

    Dimitri Butcraknev, Russian Spycranker

    Gordon Duff, Military Intel veteran

    Who claim that the plane could not have penetrated the outer facade.


    Frank Demartini, structural engineer who knew the engineering specs of the towers inside out:
    Frank A. Demartini, on-site construction manager for the World Trade Center, spoke of the resilience of the towers in an interview recorded on January 25, 2001.

    “The building was designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it. That was the largest plane at the time. I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jetliners because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door — this intense grid — and the jet plane is just a pencil puncturing that screen netting. It really does nothing to the screen netting.”
    Demartini, who had an office on the 88th floor of the North Tower, has been missing since the 9/11/01 attack, having remained in the North Tower to assist in the evacuation.


  7. You mean a knowledgeable non-partisan structural engineer mysteriously “missing” at “ground zero” — versus the NIST whitewashers? Hahaha! I reach into the box of Krackerjackoffs, and pull out a boxcutter autographed by 19 amateur “terrorists”, and I toss it into the toilet with all the other junk that came out of the same box. I see that the Krackerjackoff box has got pictures of very famous smiling personages of interest, sloganeering and warhawking their favorite memes. A circus of Krusty the Klowns with their mugs plastered all over a Krackerjackoff box, packed full of moldy “surprises”.

    None of it surprises me.

  8. I have been IP flooded for the past month. Sometimes I cannot even log in. I run two IP addresses and they have them both now. Norton isn’t enough to catch the trojan. I have emails coming from them after they stole my address book. I get them from family asking me to download the most vicious stuxnetskys.

    Have to run Linux now. Two phase projects.

    COLD WAR REDUX because the WOT Arab Gladio bullshit is getting so weak. Getting the Veterans and Baby Boomers back into the Cold War Nuclear mindset will help kindle the fire.

    This was a predictable frequency and Putin is in his last hours. China will be increased as well as a new bio threat or cyber terror option. Not like they couldn’t activate a real financial death nell at any time if they chose to.

    • Like I mentioned next door, my flag said I came in from Bremen, Georgia this time…???…now I been to Georgia as y’all know, but I ain’t ne’er heard of this place called Brenen. But I have came in from Maycancan, and Atlantis, and parts of Flada, and from Illinois noise makers, and you can call me jack and you can call me mack and you can call me frack and you can eat my snack and round and round the mulbully bush the flunky thrashed his wee hole…

      But at least the shitty of lumdumb isn’t stalking my toodybaker at the momentum.

      • { laughs & smiles} . Of course Russia was here too.

      • This time I came in from Decatur, Georgia…man am I ever the jet setter…an Irish Jet Setter by jingo…the airwaves are full of us.
        Got the Mojo risen…er…I guess that’s tomorrow…

    • Nice stuff there. Fittingly ethereal.

      Welcome to COTO and thanks for the “like” Douktris.

  9. Yoiks…I spoke too soon…the shitty of lumdumb just checked in between the time I wrote and posted this note. Well wowzer mackjackaroons money makers, whatcha doon here across the pond??

    Say something in the clipped British yankcent for us pissers-on-ye Union Jack. Howzabout 2 cents worth o’yer turd?

    \\][// Esq.

  10. WHo needs to be treated?

  11. Damn, if this story about Russian intrigue isnt’ a load of crap! Talk about elaborate 9/11 diversions. The truth is that too much of 9/11 truth has been slipping out and they can’t control the flow of info anymore. SO they have to reshape the info and change the story to fit THEIR needs. Govt op all the way.


    New Cold War? Let’s see how many buy this nonsense.

    • Yup Jayjee…it’s squddlesquat…and we get what for…another mind splatter…

      That’s why we is COTO in the know, ho ho ho…

  12. Yes, Americans must ask the Hard questions, and demand answers from the faux “People’s Representatives” — and answers must be given.

    Kirwan is continuing to ask some Very Important questions:

    The faux PTB don’t want to be challenged, don’t want to have to answer for their deeds, actions, and inactions…but THAT is unacceptable. Soon, I surmise, we’ll have our answers one way or another.

  13. This is the best article I have read on the Pentagon to date, long and complete analysis – well worth the time to read:

    The Pentagon attack is a fantasy

    On September 11, 2001, we were told by the U.S. government that at 9:38 a.m. on that day, a Boeing 757 jetliner impacted the building at a speed of approximately 465 knots after executing a 330 degree turn for no apparent reason any sane person can think of, as the building is highly distinguishable from virtually any altitude above 2000 feet for several miles. The official story has the flight path just to the side of the west wing of the White House, which in any person’s estimation is a significantly more important target than is the building that houses the military managers who run the Military Industrial Complex. We were also told that nobody could have foreseen this type of attack, even though just a year earlier, a drill was held, and a nearly identical B-757 American Airlines plane was flown by Chuck Burlingame himself, as the Pentagon ran a preparedness drill to simulate such an attack.

    >>The Pentagon building consists of 12 inches of concrete, 8 inches of brick, and a facade of 4 inches of limestone, which is a very porous stone. ‘The Catchers Mit’ due to recent renovations which added several inches of KEVLAR armor to that face of the building to protect the occupants.

    >> “Identification Friend or Foe” aka I.F.F., which uses a special MODE 4A feature that only military aircraft use, whereupon special encryption. Additionally, a mission specific MODEX aka SEDSCAF number for each plane is assigned and if it does not meet the PLAN OF THE DAY for the area, IT STILL IS NOT GOING TO PASS MODE 4A MUSTER. It would be shot down. No “if”s, no “and”s and no “but”s!!!! The proper MODEX / SEDSCAF NUMBER is what enables an aircraft them to penetrate prohibited or military restricted airspace such as that which surrounds both the White House and the Pentagon.

    There are several echelons of protection which allegedly all summarily ‘failed’ us on Sept. 11th., 2001, and allowed an unidentified plane hurtling towards Washington, D.C.’s protected airspace, long after the First targets in New York had already been seriously damaged. To be honest, it is simply not possible for virtually every one of these systems to have been overcome by 19 guys wielding no more than box cutters. It took a lot of sabotage or unplugging on the ground to do that.

    Dennis Cimino, A.A., EE; 35-years EMI/EMC testing, field engineering; FDR testing and certifications specialist; Navy Combat Systems Specialist; 2,000 hours, Pilot in Command, Commercial Instrument Single and Multi-Engine Land Pilot, Eastern Airlines 727-200, Second Officer

  14. The Cabal members and complicit human appendages must hate it when Obvious Truths are pointed out, incriminating a whole lotta “higher ups” and “tip toppers” as the treasonous scum they are…

    They must know that a great many Americans know for a fact exactly Who these murdering traitors are, no matter what the MSM spews, no matter their titles, no matter the bogus honors they bestow upon one another, no matter their stolen wealth, no matter the public face they show, no matter they still jet around on private and U.S. military planes, no matter they are guarded by braindead goons just “doing their job”, no matter they are still unarrested and charged with the heinous crimes they have committed… They are Guilty as Sin — and WE KNOW IT!

    And the consequences of their black hearts and dirty hands will surely crash down upon their heads and black souls, with a fitting punishment for their crimes. In this life or the next. So wipe that psychopathic smirk off your faces, for You are Made Men & Women! Nothing is more Obvious.

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