Posted by: waldopaper | March 30, 2012

Modern Slavery

The Treyvon-George Thing 

I got a morbid sense of humor these days.   -wp

Like the whole Trayvon thing... how fucked up is THAT?  Well… it’s a political microcosm.  Colliding stereotypes.  A fucking fashion war.

First… the scene… a “suburb” of Orlando– a blight raised out of the swamp by Disney simulacra about 30 years ago.  Now the characters:  Trayvon… already on the cell-phone for 400 minutes that day talking to “a 16-yr-old girl” back in Miami…  (if we find out the chick is “white,” the boogers will be falling off the table-bottom like butt flakes) and finally finds time at half-time during an NBA game to go buy… Skittles. Oh yeah… “Trayvon” is “African-American.”  Big surprise there.

Then there’s George Zimmerman… an armed snitch wanna-be cop raised by an authoritarian father and a Peruvian mother who calls 911 to report open garage doors and… oh yeah… “…black youths doing things.”  You really don’t need a PhD in social psychology or to be a master playwright to plot this one out.  The gnarly part is figuring out how George can hold a pistol and a cell-phone at the same time… but maybe they both were on headsets.  At least the kid was.

The whole thing would have been funny if George would have shot his SUV’s badly-engineered exploding gas tank attempting a cop-show quick-draw while on his cell phone and melted all the plastic yard-Santas… but instead he managed to kill the kid.  Woah.  Not funny.  Trayvon and George… a typically silly-ass American story with a very un-funny ending.  Now the medium gotta do their speculum on the simulacrum.  Quick now… try to fly with whichever character you identify.

Neither!” says withered old waldo over in the corner.  Both these diddles shoulda put down their toys and read a fukkin BOOK… instead of watchin bukka-baw and playing hall-monitor.  And think about this:  all the “black youths” whose parents can’t buy them Skittles and cell phones… and all the porgies with “issues” are ka-pweening around out there with 9mm i-pods in their high-water pants and hoodies.  Ain’t that a fucking scream?  Just wait until you see as many of the noobs packing as we see them now yakking.

Is there a fucking “app” for that? 



  1. I like it cuz I’m getting it straight from you Waldo…I haven’t paid any attention to this wanky-dribble twat-whack — but have seen some headlines.

    What you are saying oh so poetically is that this society is psychotic…

    By golly, there are nails and there are hammers and you just hammered a nail home…or wuz that a home-run?

    Depends on the ‘Metaphor Chooza Spinwheel’. They are made like those white plastic circles with a smaller inner circle for doing conversions. And so I mix da metaphor by ripping the axle pin outta my Chooza, and make bambooza for the formulate.

    So in Amellika issa a big ole “here we go loopty loop” wit the chuckers and the poopscoopers. Whether issa game or memorex will be a question on tomorrows quiz.

    See y’all then.

  2. 9 Ways to Heal the World by Shopping???

    Let’s Shop??? Oprah dope da doprah magazine?

    Yea, thassa sick sense of humor fer certaintine Waldoroo…

    hehehe…good gawd y’all…Amellika woowoowoo…ho ho ho

  3. Bravissimo———-)

    [Bravo Tango Charlie], Maestro Waldo. COTO aint gonna OWN it, OCCU-PI it or OFFER it as anything except the continuation of the beta mind frequencies of the social engineers at OZ. Another Plectrum for the Spectrum.

    [Bra]vissimo. DD+!

    Made for two big boobs. Reverend Al in ‘D’ sharp and Reverend Jesse in ‘D’ Flat. Like the master switch in the B-thing, the simulataneous ON switches go to work creating a massive force on the GORE ground internet and in the aethers frequencies to create the Din.

    [Bravo] n. 3. a daring bandit, assassin, or murderer, especially one hired to steal or murder for another.

    Southern Poverty Law, ADL, NAACP, FBI, CIA in concert with MSM to orchestrate the movements in the Bravure.

    [Bravure] Bleue Beam, ouverture les trois brasiers

    Movement One – 1st amendment – Accelerando, fortissimo followed by eternal fermata

    Movement Two – 2nd amendment – in measures and stresses the triple beats of hegelian three quarter ticks marked by signatures

    Movement Three – 3-10 – Accelerando, fortissimo, subito, a grand crescendo to quasi niente

  4. Black hoody, white hoody, hispanics shooting at blacks. It’s almost a cliche.

    • Dig the beat and the lyrics, Dick.

      Himey/Black step on the crack and break the back. The inner orb of the WOT. Farakhan, the tool, can take this SPLC/ADL to the tenth.

      Khazar Judeo-Islamic frontal assault works as well at home as it does abroad.

      Tie it up and and set it on fire.

  5. Woe be to the mind-controlled “Freaks”. Yes! A “Change” is gonna come. And for some it has already arrived. The faces, souls, and bodies of humanity are being changed into ___X___.

    Hold your breath — for the “Shocking” photos revealed on the following link will make you shake your head in wonderment at the idiocy we’ve arrived at.

    And Then, (like the Zimmerman kid, drunk on the power of his gun and a “block watch badge”), these creatures are placed in ‘power’ positions to wreak havoc among humanity.

    And they know not what they do.

    Because their brains are mutated like the rest of them. They perceive themselves and their notions as beautiful and comely, strong and righteous — while their delusions grow exponentially along with their foolish wickedness. “Creatures” for leaders.

    Yechhh, is all I can say, as I shake my head in wonderment.

    If you dare:

    • Janet Napolitano’s, Elena Kagan’s, and Janet Reno’s faces…

      Velly scelly…ichicapoo and tylered too.

      And then there’s CHAZ…a twat turned dick…makes ya sick.

      What was that term Boom…she had an “adadicktomy”? Ha ha ha ha.


      • I was thinking of the other old one –

        Did you hear that Oprah got busted for drugs? They looked up her dress and found 80lbs of crack.

        • Haha hahahahahahaaaaah…hilarious Casa…

          where da hayk yoobin???

    • Release the KAGAN!!!!

  6. There is a new remix of Don Henley’s DIRTY LAUNDRY out…

    A freind just sent me the iTunes version…it kicks… and the guitars are really sizzlin’ on this one.

    Apropos to the sauce here.

  7. Is that tune on youtube as a video or what?

    The point I was raisin (hehe) with these pseudo-people is that they obviously (to me — my opinion) make bizarre decisions in their personal, and professional lives. Yet, they are foisted upon the general populace in key “decision-making” positions.

    Reno had a lot to do with Waco, and other morally-depraved decisions. B & C Clinton (psycho-mutants) also played their deadly parts in that horrific event. I’m not sure the populace groks this “problem”, and where the “bizarreness” is creeping in from…

    We’re seeing a ramping up of the masses being juris-dickted to by completely pathetic and twisted creatures. Big Sis in charge of HLS? Put Chertoff the Frankenfuhrer in the mix too, and we get a really sick fasxist fubar control matrix. That goons and ghouls sign up to animate the frankenmachine boggles the mind.

    El Gruppo Poopo.

    Just saying — Weirdness and Werewolves coming out of the woodwork.

    • He sent me an MP3 of it…I don’t know if it’s on YouToob yet.

      It’s a remix, and I’m not sure if it just came out or if it’s been out a while of what…but it is a lot hotter than how I remember the original.
      Like I said, the guitars just sizzle on this one, Luther, and whazzis name, Rocky Mountain way guy…

      • Rocky Mountain way guy…Joe Walsh…that’s the guy, some hot gweetar player yup.

  8. For Puddy…and anyone in Arkansas: Whatzit?

    • If they expect the fires I predicted they may be trying to do control burns to lessen the loads. Firebreaks and accesses.

      But I believe they will start them purposely to raise CO2 levels for another HAARP event and the Carbon boys will be on the move once again.

      They will also destroy life giving sustenance for all of us and GODS creatures.

      I stand firm that half of America may burn this year.

  9. No secret what steroidal hormones do. With the lesbians it’s obvious and what the effeminate effects are to the men who take the phrma designed to kill the colesterol and testosterone in the food and drugs they consume. It’s a disgusting phenomenon and I tell my doctors they should let the men die of heart attacks naturally versus the fake fats and CH2 reducing drugs they prescribe. It’s a scam.

    Man boobs, big swollen nipples and their wives undergarments. What a joke.

    Go eat raw meat and drink raw milk. Tell your doctor to take the statins and shove them up his ass. Die like a fucking man.

    • I don’t have a Dr. to tell ye shovin’ thing…but I will surely die like a man. Why the last time I wore a dress was….???

      Oh yea, on Halloween at the Rainbow in 1981 – I was the envy of all the girls…Lol
      It was some designer dress my girlfriend owned, turns out it was all the rage that night.

      Funny the crazy shit we’ll do in public when we’re younger…and pretty.

      • I’ve tried to be both a mother and a father to you.

        “Oh yeah, well then go f**K yerself ya great raving Nancy!!!!!

      • Some like it hot? Bosom buddies? OZ?

        Remember the “You’ve come a long way baby…to get where you got today?”

        Well Sweetheart, now your friggin lost. What you gonna do now? I know I’ll grow whiskers and run for office. I’ll change my name to Borgia.

        Lucrezia McEvil, Baby what’s your game? Modern Slavery. What else?

  10. Hmmm…sure a lot of visitors from The United States [no city] at the moment.

    I just dropped in to see what condition my fan-belt was in…

    Oh, that is a belt I used to wear back in the day. It has a snippet of every girl’s pubes that I have been with – except the ones who shaved there.

    Of course that isn’t true at all. But it IS April Fools day, and that’s my scuse for makin’ shit up.

    Back to the hard pavement:

    Richard Lardner reports for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, March 15, 2012:

    A Freedom of Information Act request made by the Associated Press, the Pentagon says it has no records — not one photo, not one video, not even an e-mail — of bin Laden’s death.

    Government officials have openly discussed details of the mission [to kill Osama bin Laden] in speeches, interviews and television appearances, but the administration won’t disclose records that would confirm their narrative of that fateful night. The Associated Press asked for files about the raid in more than 20 separate [FOIA] requests, mostly submitted the day after bin Laden’s death.

    The Pentagon told the AP this month it could not locate any photographs or video taken during the raid or showing bin Laden’s body. It also said it could not find any images of bin Laden’s body on the Navy aircraft carrier where the al-Qaida leader’s body was taken.

    The Pentagon said it could not find any death certificate, autopsy report or results of DNA identification tests for bin Laden, or any pre-raid materials discussing how the government planned to dispose of bin Laden’s body if he were killed.

    It said it searched files at the Pentagon, U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa, Fla., and the Navy command in San Diego that controls the USS Carl Vinson, the aircraft carrier used in the mission.

    The Defense Department told the AP in late February it could not find any emails about the bin Laden mission or his “Geronimo” code name that were sent or received in the year before the raid by William McRaven, the three-star admiral at the Joint Special Operations Command who organized and oversaw the mission. It also could not find any emails from other senior officers who would have been involved in the mission’s planning.

    On August 6, 2011, three months after the supposed killing of bin Laden, 22 members of the exact same Navy SEALS Team 6 who had conducted the Abbotabad raid all died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

    Dead men don’t tell tales. So, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum…

  11. Living in “surreality”.

  12. He went out as he came in. OBL was a black sheep son of a son of a bitch. He lived and died by soft assassination in 2000 after creating the CIA propaganda reels. Along came Timbo OSSman who gave the face an energy and the CIA gave it a force.

    Thanks to the Development of the black op Zapata by MaGog and the cunning of Darth Cheney, they carried the water of creative management for the WOT as well as any other previous system engineers of the evolutionary hologram.

    Their approach to conflict internal and external is pretty sound as we see by the sheeple they have trained to use toilets. Dump and Flush systems management where the sheep eat what they flushed previously.


    This is the anthropological progression? The missing Bigfoots (fill in the blanks) with cointel and enforce with mind control and a philosophy of ego(t)ism will provide a resolution for all the flock at some point. Time to jump to the theoretical plane and contemplate it’s purpose for us. COTO beligerence should be indentified as a condition where we are not satisfied with the PTB’s relativity and our point on the plane.

    This means I must always look at my theories as previously stated as complete bullshit or if true, what purpose and energy can I take from it to continue to the absolute zero point.

  13. The black community in the US is reacting in a strong way to this incident… which may (or not) cause some puzzlement among the occu-pi. Not so mysterious, really, as it was with the detachment from the “anti-war movement” over 40 years ago. What ignited cities in 67-68 began with the brutal (as usual) suppression of a community gathering in Detroit… and within days the “ghetto” part of cities all over the US were on fire. Whatever the motivation or result… it got “their” (TPTB) attention.

    “It’s all about the munny” is a giant “well-DUH” to black folks… as is the brutality of the “ruling class.” Many white folk who labor (literally) under the delusion that they are “participants” in “the system,” are waking up to the idea that they all just niggas like everybody else. Will they burn down their suburban gated communities? Not likely… as they still think they “own” their houses and birdbaths. Besides, this is exactly what the FATs have been preparing for the past decade ot so.

    It’s a trick within a trick within an illusion within an enigma within a paradox… like the fabled matryoshka doll with no known end. Timmy Ossman… the “mastermind”… no whoops… it’ Kahlid whatever… …and the show goes on without the least bit of skepticism from the people who believe in talking snakes and other magic tricks.

    Mebbe one key is in the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688… including (but not limited to) the Jooz taking bets on how the boyz would make out with their great armies of toy soldiers armed with the new boom-sticks… fed by a heady concoction if ideology and looting.

  14. This whole Zimmerman/Martin story is too ridiculous to be believed. A skinny kid with skittles and ice tea attacks a burly man carrying a gun(????) and it’s the burly man with the gun who says he cried out for help because he was attacked by the skinny kid? REALLY??!!

    Gotta have been setup and staged by the nazis.. the old divide and conquer routine is getting a bit played out, isn’t it? And why are their propaganda passion plays always so LAME?

    It’s reminding me of the Jessica Lynch propaganda bs and the babies being thrown out of incubators fabrication…….round and round we go…..

    • Happens when gunz is part o yo bling.

      And young black gangsta rappas is just the tip o the iceburg. The REAL gunz-is-bling is being done by the krakkers who have been stashing rifles and ammo since the “Clinton gonna take yer gunz” era…

      …which aint gonna do them no good whatsoever when they come up against the scalar weapons and drones the pigz and their mercs will be using. swish-blades vs. cannons. and driving most of it is booga-booga…


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