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The Irony of Our Modern Reality…

Terrorists are as Terrorists Do… This article points out the culprits who are Obvious as a TSA “Agent” with his/her hands stuck down your pants grasping your very private JEWELS. Or your wife, your daughter, your grandmother’s groin. Get it?!!!

This really sick joke is being played on the entire American Population. And you can see that it is only getting worse — REALLY FAST! — as new tyrannical paper tiger legislation pops out of the ass of the guv monkey daily.

When Americans (and the World) decide to turn the tables, put on their blue gloves (’cause you’re entering a rotten, stinking, sewer) and DEMAND to SEE what’s going on in every Bureaucrap’s closet — ONLY THEN! Will WE ALL REALIZE WHAT A FUCKED UP SHAM HAS BEEN PLAYED UPON MANKIND!

Enjoy the following with Kirwan pointing out the Obvious Duplicitous Agenda and Actions of some very, very sick slimeballs.

Killing the Future
Posted on March 25, 2012 by Kirwan
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Torment & Laughter tend to trip not so lightly through our everyday lives as reminders of the variety and the pleasures that ordinary life is made of.

Our ‘future’ was once such a gleaming possibility, in the not so distant past, that it actually seemed possible that we might have a chance to live ‘in’ it as ourselves and enjoy it, not only for ourselves but for our children as well. Then somewhere along the way we let paranoia, ignorance and greed take away even the possibility that was supposedly inherent in the lives we had each chosen to live.

I saw this begin in the nineteen-fifties with my first exposure to the national-paranoia that was known as Communism. This was the Petrie-dish in which the Outlaws played out their fantasies of global-domination through terror and the latent fear of anything that was not familiar. This had come directly from the imprisoning of the Japanese Americans during WWII, which also crushed the Constitution (for some) but not for others. The government apologized decades later for what was done to the Japanese who were interned as enemy-aliens – but that damage was done and it was capitalized on when the RED-SCARE came along after WWII.

During this period (of the global fear of Communism) millions of sleeper cells were supposed to have existed, and millions of enemy agents were supposed to be hiding in the USA, just waiting to attack this country or to sabotage us from every possible angle. As it turned out there were NO PHYSICAL-EVENTS, to warrant all this absolutely national paranoia. This nation spent tens of trillions of dollars, for over fifty years to protect this country from an external attack from the air or the sea, as well as the land—but absolutely nothing ever happened: UNTIL 911, when the US and Israel attacked America on American soil. So on the one day when the entire Air Defense System of the USA, under the command of NORAD, did NOT WORK; we were magically attacked by people without a country or even weapons of their own which were somehow able to defeat our super-sophisticated defenses, defy interception by the world’s most powerful Air Force, and succeed where no one else could even dream of going? And today eleven years after that event the government that FAILED us then has still never explained this to the public who paid not just for 911, but for all the wars that were generated directly from that attack!

The RED-MENACE evaporated when the Berlin Wall came down; and humanity world-wide was supposed to have gotten at least a decade of peace, to celebrate our freedom and that victory. Instead the New World Order unleashed the invisible-TERRORISTS to threaten and enslave the entire planet.

Way back in 1964, when I was doing an expose on LBJ, long before computers were even a wet dream there were over 6,000 security agencies in this country (a huge number for such a peaceful time). Today every post-office box that calls itself a business or an agency has its own SECURITY FORCE (because of this mythical wave of TERROR) that has seized the world and continues to hold the whole planet hostage to a phantom-force. (1)

In America today we are now under attack by our own government; and everything is in-place for troops and tanks to begin patrolling the streets and highways of the whole nation. But since we don’t have the troops or the tanks to do this job—yet, this version of Marital Law is only another paper-tiger, for the moment. When Obama introduced us to his “Peacetime-Martial-Law” he tried to explain it as being “needed” to maintain order during some mythical emergency that he says is imminent. That might happen, but in the meantime this government has demanded that the entire nation surrender all its rights, its property, its jobs and its people to the Police-State that has taken over the Republic. Why would Americans surrender to the government that is supposed to protect them from any force, “either foreign or domestic” – all the things that any foreign invader would also have demanded from a captured “America”? The point is that if there is no difference between what some nomadic general would demand and what our own so-called government has now demanded from all of us – then why do we tolerate this so-called government at all! (2)

Everything in America today has to bow down to National Security: Apparently there is no other subject that can ever be considered as a reason to do anything here, anymore.

7 of Spades -- National Security

This is what Defiance & Submission look like: We need to decide which one it will be for each one of us in the next few weeks, because what is about to happen to us is completely intolerable and it borders on repeating what the Spanish Inquisition did to its own people. The Inquisition was supposedly necessary to root-out Heretics, but in the end it destroyed the then “supreme” Catholic Church and ended the viability of Spain as a global power. Americans need to start building their own public-gallows in front of every federal office building in the nation in preparation for the very public trials of everyone involved in this national treason against the people and our Republic.

The public’s response to what has been happening has gone through many phases beginning with disbelief, moving on into denial, then pessimism and now finally into a semi-panic about “what to do!” The problem with this is that most chose to skip the unmentioned realization which most have now had to finally accept: The Government of the US is making WAR upon all Americans and the rest of the world as well, each and every day, 24-7 – and they are simply USING national security as a cover for their massive crimes against us all. Let’s review the facts.

The government maintains that there are now millions of terrorists hiding inside the United States, just waiting to attack this country and to kill Americans. “Hundreds of thousands of “sleeper-cells” exist nationwide, “just waiting to strike down Americans.” This paranoia has been multiplying by the hour for the last eleven years.

So, How did they get here—all these millions of “TERRORISTS” that somehow were able to deceive the 64,000 TSA Agents (perverts, thieves, and sexual predators), or the millions of national security uniforms that supposedly contain officers in them to catch the bad guys? We have the entire Department of Homeland Security that has not done jack-shit since they were founded. We have ICE (Immigration, Customs Enforcement) and INS, (Immigration & Naturalization Service) who have turned US borders into a one way sieve – to allow in over 20 million people without papers, IRS, ATF (Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms) that has armed the Mexican Drug Cartels to the teeth.

Oh and of course we have the world famous FBI, operating out of the J. Edgar Hoover Building (named after a man who wore pink women’s panties under his suits and was best known for blackmailing every president he worked under).

It was his bogus agents under the direction of the current FBI Director that failed to notify or stop 911 in the first place – BEFORE ANYTHING HAPPENED.

Suit of Smarmour

Then we have that illustrious line of Attorney’s General, beginning with the first fake AG that Bush brought on board, J. Edgar Ashcroft – a totally insane freak who spent $8,000 to cover up a Department of Justice sculpture because he thought she might offend some sensibilities. Here’s what he and his policies looked like in 2002. Now all that garbage has come back to haunt us because today all those dirty little secret programs are exploding – it’s all coming true!

“The American Big Brother surveillance state has grown exponentially over recent years and it does not look like it is going to be slowing down any time soon with the new guidelines which allows private data on Americans to be held when there is no suspicion of them being tied to terrorism for a whopping five years.

Keep in mind, Internet service providers just announced that they will soon be engaging in the largest digital spying operation in history, along with the National Security Agency (NSA) building a behemoth data center to process information, which could include just about anything.

Now the NCTC is getting even more power from the Obama administration, something akin to the George W. Bush-era “Total Information Awareness” program which was supposedly partially shut down by Congress.

For those who are unaware, the NCTC was established by Presidential Executive Order 13354 in 2004, and later actually codified by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. They are in an interesting position given that they report directly to the President and to the Director of National Intelligence, while following the policy dictated by the President and the National and Homeland Security Councils.” (3)

But we also have millions of all kinds of supposed law enforcement “officers” that use their jobs to beat people, to torture some and taser others and kill at least few hundred every year with absolutely no consequences for the offending thugs. We have snitch programs, Nazi Youth Corp copycat programs, spying being done in bathrooms at workplaces, and in public spaces: These unhealthy and perverted assholes are everywhere and they want to know every thought or idea you have ever had, and to obtain that they are willing to use any extreme to get what they are certain contains vile and evil plans made by ordinary people – against their supposed-government.

Apparently even the government has realized just how filthy and treasonous they have become? If that ever gets out then ordinary people will begin to do what they’ve been accused of for the last eleven years—and with good reason, because this government is as criminal as it is unjustified in anything that has their name on it! And now government is backing the privatization of the entire US prison System by Corrections Corporation of America: Their only real competition will be from the FEMA CORP CAMPS! (4)

And if that’s not enough for you take a look beyond our shores at all the wars we already started and the financial meltdown (in the Quadrillions) that is about to explode internationally – our time as a nation is almost up: What do you plan to do about any of this shit; have you even planned on having a FUTURE! One thing is certain without a spine; no human can exist for very long…

Jim Kirwan

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for the links below }
1) Oklahoma – The State of the Nation 1964

2) Misusing Martial Law

3) National Counter Terrorism Center gets insane new power over private data on Americans

4) Private Prisons a Recession Resistant Investment Opportunity – video

All images are © kirwan, all rights are reserved (unless otherwise noted).
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  1. Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.
    Enjoy yourself while you’re still in the pink.

    I watch the the sunset and the raging storm that is approaching, as fools dance all around me. Haplessly and helplessly witnessing all my efforts in vain crumble before they even take root.

    Don Quixote only had his windmills to fight. We get the real ghosts.
    Hell approaches and the lights are flickering in Tinseltown. Soon they’ll be out, and the only glow we’ll see will be from the funeral pyres.

    Even the dim sense what’s coming. Like critters sense an earthquake. But still, they have no idea of the magnitude of the events about to rip normal asunder. They’ll stay glued to the end, too the blue-lights wonder, sure as can be that “this” time they’re not being lied too.

    I’ve heard it called “normalcy bias.” And even with history as proof that it can happen here, that it has happened here, I fear these fools will keep on dancing even after the music has stopped, before they raise a hand to stop 14-billions-years of evolution being flushed down the drain.

    God I pray I’m wrong.

    • Wow, Michael, that is poetry. Dark poetry but poetry none than less….and I pray “we’re” wrong too. With all my heart and soul.

    • Hey M if You get up San Antone way come by and have a beer or some house vintage. E-mail for googley map.

  2. Thank you for your sentiments, LaughnMatter.

    Yes, the “Writing is on the Wall”… only most choose not to look at it, or don’t or can’t understand it for various “reasons”. For those with understanding, it really is like watching from a cliff, the approaching tsunami piling up it’s destructive force, ready to sweep the sleeping, the unaware, the foolish, the too busy too notice crowd, the innocent and guilty alike, AWAY. It is like they cannot and will not hear the warnings of impending doom.

    Yes, we pray we are wrong. But, the signs do not point to anything but Disaster.

  3. I tried to post this as a new article but for some reason I can’t add the video. What the hell is going on with wordpress? I’ve been having problems for the past few weeks with posting stuff and have given up.

    The video posted below (finally!)illustrates their agenda quite clearly dontcha think? I can’t bear to think about the mass slaughter about to happen april 1.

  4. Jim Kirwan’s rant is spectacular and I am emailing it to all my contacts… the awake and the brain dead alike.

  5. I for one am glad to be here at this time of reckoning, and just hope I can hold out personally long enough to see our victory – because I believe with all my heart and soul that is what there shall be, a final victory over this insane evil.

    Lament not, but trust in the source of all that is.

    • Amen, Will !

  6. When the WOT and false flags have been exposed to this level and when the awakening begins to take hold, the ruling minority meets and the Medvedev/Barry show begins to take shape.

    Linking Russia with the Iranians, Syrians and “dem damn arab killers” brings the old cold war threat back to the baby boomers.

    I, like Kirwan and some of us here know the “under the desk drill” We grew up with it. I posted the article on Propaganda and explained that I walked out of my history class in high school, the year they offered up AMERICANISM vs COMMUNISM.

    I’m not the brightest bulb on the marquis but I knew back then the cold war was a scam. Unfortunately we didn’t have the internet and kind of video and reporting capabilities. Therefore the vast majority of the populace were buying into the MSM which had been co-opted by the GE’s and Westinghouses. The Cold War remained a viable conspiracy until the Soviet empire fell.

    Now they are going to intertwine the WOT, Soviet Threat, Muslim-Socialist Dictator and the Red Scare-Blue Beam to earmark anti-government corruption coto-ites as the targets of a new McCarthyism.

    That brings in the NDAA, FISA, Rendition, FEMA and the rest of the MICC complex into the fold of the big enchilada. THough it will be tasteless, constitutionallly modifed [CMO] full of gas, covered with government cheese, and provided on the dollar dollar menu with tax, the American Sheeple will be gobbling it up.

    Putin laughs. You got what you deserved, pigs.

  7. Since you brought up GE — I rec’d this info via email from a friend. A large swath of unemployed, under-employed, and robbed Americans can see the Obvious Agenda here, going back to GATA, WTO, UN, and other treasonous organizations and legislation forced upon Americans like the Obamanation they are…

    “Keep your eye on Waukesha, Wisconsin, because their biggest employer just moved out.

    Thanks, Jeff, you’re a “real” American; give Barack our best.

    General Electric is planning to move its 115-year-old X-ray division from Waukesha, WI, to Beijing, China. In addition to moving the headquarters, the company will invest $2 billion in China, train more than 65 engineers, and create six research centers.

    This is the same GE that made $5.1 billion in the United States last year, but paid no taxes-the same company that employs more people overseas than it does in the united States.

    So to get this straight: President Obama appointed GE CEO Chairman Jeff Immelt to head his commission on job creation (job czar). Immelt is supposed to help create jobs. I guess the President forgot to tell him in which country he was supposed to be creating those jobs.


    Please pass this information to others and
    think about it before you buy a GE product”.

    The Agenda IS the complete destruction of America as a nation. Who can doubt this at this point?

    • Whooosh…all gone.

      Yes, but…but…it ain’t on TV, not without the context being spun into a cotton candy cone.

      Golly lollipumps Batman, where’s yer signant beam when we need it?

      “Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy”…just gives me goosebumps.

    • Here’s a good start –

      Committee Approves Bill to Freeze Job-Killing Regulations
      Washington, D.C. — The House Judiciary Committee today approved a bill to provide immediate relief to small businesses and freeze the implementation of significant regulations by the Obama administration. The Regulatory Freeze for Jobs Act of 2012 (H.R. 4078), which was introduced by Congressman Tim Griffin (R-Ark), puts a moratorium on new significant regulations until the national unemployment rate stabilizes at or below six percent. The bill was approved by a vote of 15-13.

      House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), an original co-sponsor of the bill, today praised the Committee vote.

      Chairman Smith: “The Obama administration has quickly turned the United States into a regulation nation. This Administration has adopted an unprecedented amount of costly new regulations, which hinder small business growth and stall job creation.

      “According to a study by the Small Business Administration, regulations cost the American economy $1.75 trillion annually. We need to encourage small businesses to expand, not tie them up with red tape.
      “Unfortunately, rather than add much-needed jobs to the economy, the Obama administration has only added job-killing regulations that burden businesses and stifle economic growth. In 2011, the Obama administration’s agenda had over 200 ‘economically significant’ new rules, each of which typically affect the American economy $100 million or more each year.

      “The Freeze Act gives small businesses a much-needed break from new significant federal regulations until the unemployment rate stabilizes at six percent. The Act encourages job creators to make the kinds of investments that will jump-start our economy and gives them confidence about future regulatory actions.
      “The Freeze Act helps lift the burden on small businesses and frees them up to spend more, invest more, and produce more in order to create more jobs for American workers.”

      H.R. 4078 is narrowly tailored only to stop unnecessary regulations. The bill contains reasonable exceptions for significant regulations that are necessary to protect health and safety, for national security, to enforce criminal laws or to implement trade agreements. Information on today’s markup of the Freeze Act can be found here:

      Background on Regulation Reduction Bills: Last year, the House of Representatives passed three House Judiciary Committee bills to help reduce the impact of burdensome regulations on small businesses and the economy. The Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act (H.R. 10) requires Congress to approve regulations that have an economic impact of $100 million or more before they can be imposed on the American people. The Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act (H.R. 527) requires federal agencies to identify and reduce the costs new regulations would impose on small businesses. The Regulatory Accountability Act (H.R. 3010) places permanent restrictions on regulatory agencies and restores accountability by requiring openness and transparency in the regulatory process.

      Chairman Smith sponsored both the Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act and the Regulatory Accountability Act. He is a primary cosponsor of the REINS Act. “

  8. Then THIS as of today —

    Looking back, to the Bush, Jr. fiascos and on back further we can see a straight line agenda of Destruction of all of the foundations of America — legal, social, political, military, economic/financial, religious, manufacturing/business/entrepreneurship, environmental, and on and on. Their “success” at achieving their destructive goals is as impressive as it has been rapid. That Americans have not arrested the entire lot of the betrayers of this country is truly amazing. The time cannot come too soon, and I assert that it WILL come. Brazen Treason is out in the open in broad daylight now, taunting and terrorizing “The Sleeping Giant”.

    • How timely behind the amnesty for Carbon Carpetbaggers.


    “It is ironic that under the New Empire the citizens of the empire are extracted of their wealth and liberty in order to extract lives from the targeted foreign populations. Just like the bombed and murdered Muslims, the American people are victims of the American empire.”~Paul Craig Roberts

    –This is because the “American Empire” is a misnomer, and a misconception. It is a global empire of the Money Power, and the US is simply the garrison state for that empire; the New World Order.

    AT THE CROSSROADS: America 2012: What Would George Washington Do?

    American Exceptionalism? The only thing exceptional about America was the Declaration of Independence. In my reading of deeper history, it appears to me that many of those who signed that document were hypocrites or con-men. Many, if not most were slave owners. The government they created went on to commit genocide against the original inhabitants.~ww

  10. The Cold War is still alive and well… and there are plenty of cold warriors here in krakkerland blazing away at “big government” and “socialism.”

    Except there IS NO “government” (that derives its power from “consent of the governed” not “divine right” — as Scalia wrote)… it’s GONE. “Socialism” is an empty word… used as a tool for the Randian “privatization” of everything.

    Been reading the website… now THAT’S what GREEN is all about… food/ water/ energy/ information. As long as we keep the revolution peaceful… we win more cops, soldiers… and yes- even DNR troops to the cause.

    What “cause?” Food/ water/ energy/ information. If we cannot produce and harvest our own… we are slaves… relegated to a debt/ paycheck servitude ruled by the “financial” paper-shufflers.

    Energy. Environment. Economy. Peace.

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