Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 24, 2012


I’m far beyond surprise or shock at the lengths the .gov go to openly show their asses in the transformation and destruction of the sovereign and family core. A major segment of GENESIS projects is to destroy any semblance of the Nuclear family by replacing it with a concoction of extended caricatures and logos, associations, brainwashing mind controlling techniques and integration of global identities. 

Here are some highlights of the NCTC matrix.



Have some fun with this little active X control.






Monsanto for kids?

How they expect the kids to solve these puzzles under the influence of brain cell death technologies is a mystery to me.




    Absolutely Pudster, we are literally living in a science fiction movie now…


    Suppression or repression? The panoptic state is a pressure cooker strategy. Suppression, the self induced pathology leading to neurosis, is imposed by the artificial social medium of panopticsm.
    Individually it can be labeled as suppression, however on a societal scale it is designed, therefore the result is repression rather than suppression.

    The majority of people are gullible and week minded. Their minds are like cushions, keeping the impression of the last ass to sit on them. It should be grasped that in a high tech scientific dictatorship, ‘culture’ is simply the scum grown in a petri dish – all aspects of life are manipulated, thus the pandemic of normalcy bias, and it’s “Grand Coincidence Theory”.

    Alas, modern culture is no less based in superstition than any other known to cultural anthropology. There are mind numbing taboos, and voodoo-logic to vast extents. So it turns out that the problems of cognizance aren’t based so much in ignorance, as much as in knowing so much that simply isn’t so.

    Communication amongst ourselves is a difficult thing to accomplish. This is no mistake of happenstance either. The purposeful creation of a virtual ‘Tower of Babel’ is by high design. The compartmentalization of ‘specialists’ and specialized lexicon creates a technological cast system, each speaking their own languages. In such a social medium, few are entirely conscious. Most are, in practical terms unconscious {TVZomibies – the “Sheeple” etc.}, and those who are conscious must live somewhat offset from this society to remain in psychological balance. In other words it is an emotionally painful experience, one that many times leads to a world of loneliness, and ever vigilant caution.

    Allegorically it could be said that those who are conscious are in and living an ongoing episode of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’. If the zombies really get that you are fully human, there can indeed be great danger. It is therefore true that at times this lack of any real ability to communicate can be a blessing. If they really figure out who you are you may end up lobotomized in some fashion if they get their hands on you.

    I’m checking in from Jonesborro GA…Lol – WTF???

  2. Agreed. Complicating the systems insures detachment, apathetic acceptance, negative emotions and habitual vacuums.

    Habits are formed early as are interpretations. Motor and sensory stimuli are as powerful in the k-5 class. Now we know the critical neurons in this period are determinants of long term outcome.

    Children now have to face the hurdles we never did. From a cultural vacuum of meaningless pursuit, instant techno games, loss of family structure, assaulted by the whims of the projectionists they are delivered empty factoids. If they are to ask the critical questions, the zombified parents who themselves have created the habitual vaccum, brush them off for they, themselves have mental shutdown.

    A vicious cycle of prefrontal cortex atrophy, chemically castrated, are on habit mode. These are much like the old burn images on the old TV test patterns picture tubes. They accept the concensus because they are too embarassed to admit they don’t know squat, nor have interest in the work, feel threatened when you attempt to disrupt their habitual wiring. These zombies operate on these ‘burned in’ wiring and synaptic fusions that execute without the slightest thought.

    The kids will look elsewhere for the information that will form the process for beliefs and behavior. It is in these kids closets online and the transformer movies they will learn about sex, self defense, respect, ego, image and idoltry, politics, and these will become the etch-o-sketching of their future.. Child politics are much like what we see in DC. Bullies and weaklings center stage, disfunctional, corrupt and oppressive.

    We need to break the cycle of this downward spiral.

  3. In other words it is an emotionally painful experience, one that many times leads to a world of loneliness, and ever vigilant caution.

    Interesting hybridrogue1………exactly describes my state here in NWO central……..hiding, painful & lonely. YUP.

    • Dearest MsDarlene,

      Feel lost and lonely no more.

      You have found COTO, and we embrace you as a fellow seeker of truth and reason.


  4. Speaking up in ruralville only makes me out to be a physco, and I still need my job…… hush, hush it is. Even attacking the smart meters here is turning out to be futile.

  5. I am posting this excellent article here for everyone’s contemplation. Putting personal bias on the shelf, and groking The Truth is essential to coping and survival in our current terrorist State. By the way, great comments and insights above.

    • The Saman Mohammadi piece on Prison Planet is wonderful Boom.

      I have been reading Mohmmadi at his own site for quite awhile. He is an incredible writer and full of great wisdom.

      Thanks for turning us on to this one.

  6. Important Affidavit by John Lear, regarding “planes” and 9/11:,_Son_Of_Learjet_Inventor.html

    • Before buying into the Lear story Boom, you should read counter arguments. Only then can you come to your own unbiased opinion.

      The problems with Lear and the ‘no-plane’ crowd are legion, and complex.

      Take the character who is said to have ‘designed’ the ‘shaker system’ for Boeing – is he actually an aircraft mechanic who understands aircraft engineering? No, he is a software engineer, who simply translated the engineering factors into computer language – he didn’t design anything but a software package based on his knowledge of code – not any knowledge of the aircraft engineering he was translating into code.

      There are, as I said, grave problems with Lear’s assertions. I could give you a rundown of these problems, but they are complex and would take several pages of information to detail.

      Let it be said here and simply, the Rules against flying these airplanes at such high speeds in the lower atmosphere are statutory, not structural….an analogy would be like saying you can’t drive your car 120MPH on the freeway because the posted speed limit is 65MPH.

      Boeing 767 560 mph at 700-1000 feet altitude.

      Simulator Proves “Impossible Speed” was “probable” for Flt 11 and Flt 175

      By John Bursill – Licensed Avionics Aircraft Engineer, Boeing 767/737/747 Series

      1. The aircraft were seen to make those airspeeds on September 11, 2001. This has never been questioned by any peer reviewed paper or team of experts, so it stands as fact.

      2. The aircraft were well within their structural limit of .86 Mach by a margin of .12 Mach or approximately 14%; flying at maximum of reported speed of .74 Mach.

      3. The simulator test carried out on an actual certified Full Flight Simulator (the best available), in a fully accredited pilot certification facility, showed that the 767 aircraft can reach an airspeed of .86 Mach in a flat trajectory at approximate sea level. It was also shown that .89 Mach could be achieved in a similar shallow dive as seen made by AA11 and UA175 on 9/11. These results show far greater speeds possible than the required official airspeed of 560mph or .74 Mach by some 16% at the minimum and 20% if the actual flight conditions were simulated in a shallow dive.

      4. Considering the large margins demonstrated here, we can now conclude that the “Impossible Airspeed” stated by John Lear et al. is false.

      A full flight simulator that takes into effect the aerodymamically abilities of the aircraft in different conditions including ground effect:


      “c. Effect of aerodynamic changes for
      various combinations of drag and thrust normally
      encountered in flight corresponding to actual
      flight conditions, including the effect of change
      in airplane attitude, thrust, drag, altitude,
      temperature, gross weight, center of gravity
      location, and configuration.

      n. Ground handling and aerodynamic
      programming to include:
      (1) Ground effect–for example:
      roundout, flare, and touchdown. This requires
      data on lift, drag, pitching moment, trim, and
      power in ground effect.

      w. Aerodynamic modeling which, for
      airplanes issued an original type certificate
      after June 1980, includes low-altitude level flight
      ground effect, Mach effect at high
      altitude, effects of airframe icing, normal and
      reverse dynamic thrust effect on control surfaces,
      aeroelastic representations, and representations
      of nonlinearities due to sideslip based on
      airplane flight test data provided by the…”

      –Flight Administration Regulations are one thing as per ‘safe flight’, but crashing a plane into a building is not ‘safe flight’ – and not in fact well beyond the structural integrity of the aircraft as some may have been lead to believe.

      I would add that personally I see it as possible the plane wasn’t a standard 767-200, but a military 767 under remote control autopilot. Either way I think real airplanes crashed into the towers.

      Federal Aviation Regulations

      “Operating Limitations:
      [NOTE: Not Structural Limitations]

      Sec. 25.1505 Maximum operating limit speed.
      The maximum operating limit speed (VMO/MMO airspeed or Mach Number, whichever is critical at a particular altitude) is a speed that may not be deliberately exceeded in any regime of flight (climb, cruise, or descent), **unless a higher speed is authorized for flight test or pilot training operations.”**

      **>>–This is obviously a statutory speed limit law – but the very last sentence proves that higher speeds are possible if “authorized” – so the statutory speed limit is not, even as considered here, a physical speed limit for this plane.

      • I defer to your study on the subject Rogue1. I grok the complexities and subtleties you’re describing. What is your belief of John Lear’s statements then…is he providing disinformation with an “experts” analysis? What would you say his agenda is?

        There are many theories to debunk. The gov’s is the first to collapse by it’s Obvious fiction. Where are you on this subject with planes, no planes, piloted planes, auto-piloted planes, etc. If you don’t have the time to address it, just quote or point to some of your other excellent analysis gone over beforehand. Cheers!

        • I am not sure how Lear got involved. Perhaps like many he just realized the whole story is bull and wanted to take a shot at it from his perspective. I wouldn’t accuse him of being driven by any other agenda but his own ego, a “legend in his own time” as it were. These types of self image are often enough to lend to boastfulness that isn’t well thought out, which is often accepted uncritically by others. Once that die is set…it’s kind of hard to back away and say, “hmmm…wait a minute, I didn’t think this through”.

          Then add to that mix a person like Morgan Reynolds, who I do believe is a disinformationist of the worst and deepest kind…
          He comes along and takes Lear and touts him as a great hero for speaking out, and all the other rhetorical theater that is Reynolds’ specialty, and we have Lear in a ‘situation’ if he should have any second thoughts.

          Of course, this is just all my surmising. Lear may have something big to gain by splitting the movement. I have no idea. There are countless possibilities unless one is able to reveal some actual inside fact as to what is going on in the backrooms of the Reynolds camp. Remember, the Mighty Wurlitzer has a mighty budget…it could just be bought testimony.

          But like I said, I am in no position to make such allegations.

          • Thank you for your comments Rogue1. You’ll have to excuse me for jumping the smoking gun…I thought I had stumbled onto some “new” info. Flitting around reading a bunch of stuff quickly. I put it up Here, knowing the exceptional BS COTO “Filter” would serve it’s purpose (and do some the distillation work for me).

            If I had just looked at the Date of the affidavit (2008), I would have probably clued in a bit more.

  7. An easier to read pdf of the Affidavit is here:

    And THIS my fellow Americans is an incontrovertible “Smoking Gun” analysis pointing it’s barrel directly into the face of the gross LIES of the Criminals who perpetrated these Crimes against Americans and the World Populations!

    ALL who have been complicit in the Crime & Cover-up of 9/11 Treasonous False Flag Atrocities must be rounded up, arrested, and prosecuted — as Justice and the blood of the murdered demands. Investigate & Prosecute!!!

    • By the way Boom,

      The info given above in no way disputes that 9/11 as a false flag operation. However considering Lear’s testimonial as “incontrovertible” or as a “smoking gun” is simply not the case.

      Lear is part of the Judy Wood, Morgan Reynolds psyop, he has joined with them to spread disinformation that will eventually be proven utterly spurious, which is meant to give the Truth Movement a black eye – or those in the movement who have blindly followed this red herring.

      The criminal system that pulled off 9/11 is no less culpable using the real and verifiable evidences compiled against them, which is legion.

      • I’m following you Rogue1. I’ll just slip that smoking gun back into it’s holster for the moment. Yeah. There’s no way to get around the FF reality.

        • Buy the way Boom … or any other COTO,

          If you would like to read an ongoing “argument” between yours truly and Simon Shack of September Clues {digital fakery} – as well as and including comments from one of his lackeys, I will leave the URL at the bottom of the page.

          Be aware that this page has some 220 something comments, on various subjects until almost 3/4 of the way down, where I finally engage Shack, after trying to avoid getting into his bullshit “analysis”. You might even just scroll to the bottom of the page and work your way up to get to where the juicy parts are…

          My last comments still under moderation at this point {the whole thing is moderated} are these:

          March 26, 2012 at 6:30 pm
          Dear Simon Shack (aka “septemberclues”)

          You ask:

          “do you really think anyone owes you prompt responses”

          Given the matter at hand, I should think that you would recognize that you owe it to yourself to come up with the goods that your lackey has advertised {prematurely it seems}, were to be the next coming attraction.

          Your other questions are irrelevant until you yourself can confront your own findings in light of the rebuttal put to them. Why is it you keep trying to draw us away from the work you claim to be so proud and sure of?

          I am sure that if Mr.McKee feels that I am abusing his blog, he will make that point directly to me.

          You know how it is Shack, the “heat” – the “kitchen” etc…if you can’t bake your pie, I will understand.


          March 26, 2012 at 6:59 pm
          Another point Mr. Shack,

          It is glaringly obvious why a discussion such as this is taking place somewhere other than your own blog.

          Is it not?

          You wouldn’t even let Mr. el Once join in on your reindeer games, although he was {too weakly} supportive of some of your ideas. If you try to assert here now, that I would have been tolerated beyond my very first comment at Sept.Clues, anyone reading this exchange will see that as an outright lie.

          Quit trying to game us here Mr. Shack, put your cards on the table or fold.

          At the beginning of this thread you were trying to get me involved in looking closely at your work, to draw me into some commentary on it. I didn’t want to, I avoided it for some time as the dates will show in the documentation here on this page. Now that I have put in these “countless hours” as you say, addressing your so-called “analysis”, you pretend that you are being unduly “attacked”, and overwhelmed with “pseudo-intellectual drivel”.

          If it is “pseudo-intellectual drivel”, Mr. Shack, prove it. Your whining that it is drivel is in no way a substantial argument countering anything I have said here.~ww

        • And that URL I promised {grin}:


  8. LOL, but totally out of my depth here. It seems to me sometimes that everyone talks in riddles. I don’t look too deep into some of the stuff cause it’s damn depressing! Then when you discuss it, it’s like I’m a kid, and you’re talking over my head 🙂 I’m definitely into truth & reason……hence why I have my own garden and rural property (but they FOUND ME with their damn dumb meter) and well, we plan on protecting what’s ours. It KILLS me to see people eating CRAP that ain’t food, watching chemtrails that nobody else sees, taking ‘pills that don’t cure ills’, vaccines and watching zombie tube. I’m not that naive I guess. I couldn’t recount one damn lie from the history books taught in school 30 years ago….good thing I didn’t pay attention! I’d be a sheeple too!!! I guess I just never fit in with the mainstream crowd. Been a rebel my whole damn life 🙂
    But even though I feel like a junior COTO……’s good to know that there are real live thinkers out there that aren’t owned or oblivous.

    • That is totally alright MsDarlene, it is a real sign of intelligence to say. “I don’t know”.
      I despised history in HS too…Lol It didn’t make any sense to me why we were supposed to know all this stuff, they never made it clear, they just threw out a bunch of dated and made us memorize them. No rhyme nor reason to any of it.

      I also had a strong intuition that they were lying about something, that this was some sort of conditioning, having more to do with following their rules than teaching me anything.

      It wasn’t until after school that I came across George Santana’s famous dictum, “Those who fail to learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them.” Why didn’t any of my mediocre conformist “history teachers” mention this wise bit of knowledge?

      I always wanted to know what was really going on, because the story I got from the grown ups was obviously insane and didn’t add up. It wasn’t until I got out of high school that I began to really study…Lol, ‘history’ was the only way to find out how we got here, because you can’t really know where you are at unless you know how you got there.

      So you have the biggest base covered, you have the intuition to tell there is a big lie going on, and you have chosen to tune out and go your own way. At this point that plus your own curiosity is all you need….and of course your means of self protection.

      Spend enough time here, and you will begin to pick up the gist of some of these deeper conversations – follow the ones that perk up your own interest.


  9. “Dutchsinse Vindicated! Stanford University Releases Weather Modification Document”

    See this link as well, with a pdf:

    • Like the aerial vaccines and sclar chaff, we knew they’d have to leak some cointel. It’s been here for thirty years. Weaponized and tested everyday. Murderers and torture perpetrated by the psychopaths with no regard for the damage. Like an adolescent with a new BB gun, carnage will soon ensue.

      Quick lesson: on Dutchsinse

      Square waves are universally encountered in digital switching circuits and are naturally generated by binary (two-level) logic devices. They are used as timing references or “clock signals”, because their fast transitions are suitable for triggering synchronous logic circuits at precisely determined intervals. However, as the frequency-domain graph shows, square waves contain a wide range of harmonics; these can generate electromagnetic radiation or pulses of current that interfere with other nearby circuits, causing noise or errors. To avoid this problem in very sensitive circuits such as precision analog-to-digital converters, sine waves are used instead of square waves as timing references

      The sawtooth wave (or saw wave) is a kind of non-sinusoidal waveform. It is named a sawtooth based on its resemblance to the teeth on the blade of a saw.

      The convention is that a sawtooth wave ramps upward and then sharply drops. However, there are also sawtooth waves in which the wave ramps downward and then sharply rises. The latter typesawtooth wave is called a “reverse sawtooth wave” or “inverse sawtooth wave”.

      In physics, scalar fields often describe the potential energy associated with a particular force. The force is a vector field, which can be obtained as the gradient of the potential energy scalar field. Examples include:

      Potential fields, such as the Newtonian gravitational potential, or the electric potential in electrostatics, are scalar fields which describe the more familiar forces.
      A temperature, humidity or pressure field, such as those used in meteorology.

      Vector fields, which associate a vector to every point in space. Some examples of vector fields include the electromagnetic field and the Newtonian gravitational field.

      Scalar waves, lacking transverse polarity, are generated in a totally different way and cannot be received with a normal dipole antenna, the antenna used in all of our ordinary electronic receivers. electromagnetism does not allow for scalar waves and accounts for transverse electromagnetic waves only.

  10. The EM spectrum sine-sq-saw-tri- tranverse. the plasma pulse, the scalar longitudinal all encompassing human-earth-vacuum/space. Everyone effects one effects all. psychoenergetic, health, environment. In space scalar provide unlimited energy as dilation/inflation down to the double helix. Good energy and bad energy.

    Guess where the focus of NASA, SRI, MIT, DARPA and the rest of the bottomfeeders is aimed? Interferometry aimed right at our friggin heads.
    Cover your dipoles kids.The boogeymen are getting ready.

    When the scalar chaff and dumbsown aerial vaccines stop, were dead.


  11. Thank you for your scientific and common-sense description.

    Are you offering any “specials” this week on Faraday Cage Cranium Hats?

    • Something funny – I mentioned on one of these threads just a few days back that I could hear the ‘sizzle’ in the still of the night, like ‘pink noise’….
      I don’t hear it lately since mentioning that…?? How to decipher what that means, I have no idea…

      Hey, it sure turned green fast – spring hath sprung, the Dogwood and Cherry Trees are blooming… it’s a beautiful local time. Dandy Lions are out hunting the Dandy Gazelles…’till fuckin’ Lawnmower Man shows up with his killing blades…{fuckin’ humans}

  12. Interesting that you’d mention the sizzle in the middle of the night. I hear it too, though I think of it more like ‘gray matter’ than pink noise. I heard it last night, just before the winds took off today. Coincidence? maybe/maybe not….

    • The “Pink Noise” I made reference to MsDarlene, is produced on an analog synthesizer’s ‘Random Noise’ generator, which sweeps a spectrum of various wave forms. Sometimes it can be set to a background ‘sizzle’, when boosting an intensity level of what might be heard as a wind-like setting. Other settings can sound like, ‘surf’, or even distant crickets…etc…

  13. Used for “balancing” the room for recording. EQ and all that. (pun intended — EQ = Earth Quake). Pink Snoise. Not a “natural” sound around in nature.

    • Hey Boom…I could swear you pit this link up on COTO sumwherz:

      I wuz gonna combentulate onit but I can’t find the thread it was on.

      Anywayz lottsa really good info on the thread.

      It’s just too bad the guy putting it up is an obvious swastika wearing Nazi. I could hear the Reich keich yike under his breath in every word.

  14. Wow…I have never seen the flags on the live feedjet adding up so fast as has taken place in the last half hour I have been up here…

    A Kazooooooooooooom of traffic at el COTO.

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