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Voices from JAPAN Stab Our Hearts. We Die or The Machine Dies — It is Our Choice…


by Zen Gardner

Machine -- Meet the Minds & Hearts of Mankind!

“The outrage against nuclear power is totally under reported. Naturally. Who in the corporate media would want to fight corporate interests in a corporately controlled world?

The amazing video {above} is the soul of conscious Japan revealed and well worth the full watch. It’s extremely powerful, lucid, comprehensive, consciously aware and emotionally moving.

All the right stuff.

This is activism at its most profound. Using your talent as a springboard for spreading social and conscious awareness and giving guerrilla type public awareness performances is absolutely brilliant. Just wonderful. We need more of this.

Where are the big names? Cowering for ratings and protection I’d imagine. Forget them. This is a consciousness issue and they’re apparently compromised. We don’t need them anyway. We need responsive souls, that’s all. Souls like you. Our preponderance wipes them out.

Join us.

The awakening continues. Do your part”.

Love, Zen


Comment regarding the video — Re: The Rage Against Radiation

“This is the most important and beautiful video I have ever seen. This young man says it ALL: our hidden history and how we got to where we are, and how we can change it. I am a musician and I will now seek others to help me do exactly as he is doing, no matter what the cost. I will ask if I can use his script and adapt it for the USA. It’s time to wake everyone up and he is doing a beautiful job of it, and I pray this goes viral. God bless the Japanese, they are leading the way out.





    • “the people don’t seem to be totally onboard” but they’re gonna burn it anyway..


      • Yeah, J.G. I’ve read on Rense for a couple months running now, various news items of them “shipping” radiation laden waste/trash to other cities and outlying areas for “burning”? That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard of…disperse it more widely making it airborne. And NO, I don’t think the people are “onboard” with the conceptually insane actions.

  2. No more nuclear power ! Great inspiring video. My heart bleeds for the people of Japan. Cursed three times now by the destructive power of nukes.

    Nuclear power plants should have NEVER been allowed to be built on their island after Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Are you kidding me??!!.

  3. Yes Boom, these Japanese totally get it! I loved their art when it came out a few weeks ago. This is a struggle to keep our planet for the love of life. I will post a bit more comments later when I have time but for now here is a related topic-

    “Dr. S.P. Udayakumar (Kumar to his friends) is a longtime leader in the peaceful resistance to nuclear power in India, as well as a leader in the NIRS/WISE international network. The Indian government has threatened to charge him with terrorism and “waging war” for his role in leading the nonviolent citizens movement against operation of the nearly-completed Kudankulam nuclear reactors in the Tamil Nadu section of southern India.

    He is currently with 10,000 other people protesting near the reactor site. Some are on a hunger strike. Some 10,000 police have surrounded the protestors and reportedly are blocking the media from entering the area..”

    (from NIRS, today)

  4. Thank you for that information Mary. Your comments are always welcome, we’ll look for more from you! We have a loved one in Kagoshima (far south, but the entire debacle is more than concerning…plus the food chain). Got folks in HI, the Northwest U.S., so I realize this is a world-wide problem. A “Man-Made” and Money problem!

  5. Now the Geiger counter is ticking in time to the clock….tic tic tic tic


  6. I worked their for a few years and in Texas for a few. I learned many things about Japanese culture but nothing more interesting than their take on life and death. It’s different than the typical anglo view.

    I love their art as well , particularly the Geisha.


  8. 5.2 Earthquake at Fukushima 3-26-12 —

    3.9 Earthquake follows earlier 5.2 at Fukushima 3-26-12 — Same location, same depth —

  9. “The Children are Sacrifices”


  11. TEPCO Cheapskate Tactics Put Entire World At Risk

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