Posted by: jerseyg | March 22, 2012

The American War Machine – Joe Rogan

Excellent video.  Be warned, it contains foul language. Rogan likes to curse.   If you’re offended by that… get over it! ~jg



  1. Joe uses profanity well. Not too much and well placed. It’s a good summary and good visuals to the person that put it together.

    THere’s only two ways to go. Insane or dissociation? No I don’t think so. The yin yang tells the story. All must coexist. They never mix. Just like electrons cruising the nucleus. We just stay totally opposed to their position at all times and plan for the time we are free to eject.

    Martial Law of his “Rogue Scenario” will be aided by total disruption of all resources. Barry Soetoro just signed the final EO of about thirty I have that has incrementally set the mandates for this resource grab.

    Aided by the bluebeam and chemical cocktail they won’t need many soldiers, just the homeland forces and law enforcement with UN peacekeepers at the borders and seas. From the Borders and Seas they can run the drones and surveilllance and assaults 24/7 and operate from the bases internally.

    They want to keep us in, inside, in view, incapacitated.

    That incapacitated part is the one I worry about.

  2. The pot, she is boiling.

    I’ve don’t feared and waited for this time in history. It will be a fearful war we will experience. Hopefully it will be short.

  3. My thoughts right now are all over the place as to what happens next. Martial law has become the least of my worries.

    Already the radiation from Japan is doing it’s dirty work on many of us.

    The chemtrails have been off the charts more horrendous than “normal” for months now which has left so many sick with respiratory, sinus and stomach ailments where I live, to say nothing of the headaches.

    They are microwaving us like popcorn, we can all feel that too.

    Nuclear WW is just around the corner as is their planned pandemic.

    To top all that off, I have a real good(bad) feeling that the Madrid fault line is ready to blow any day now. Talk about nuclear meltdown nightmare and floods! I fear that U.S. Naval map is about to become a reality. Which in that case many coto buddies will literally be under water, including me.

    BUT, I STILL believe the ones propagating all this with their weather and war machines CAN and will be stopped. How ? Human and divine intervention. The illuminati are powerful but not invincible.

    Problem to ponder is, who will be left and how is the mess cleaned up that the monsters created once they are eliminated?

    • “BUT, I STILL believe the ones propagating all this with their weather and war machines CAN and will be stopped. How ? Human and divine intervention. The illuminati are powerful but not invincible.”~JG

      I am with you all the way on this one kiddo…

      The problem to ponder will be pondered until that time is at hand.
      That is the mystery of time – aye?

  4. I received a very nice email from a scientist thru the coto email. He said that before we point to government MIC complex plans we should investigate the major coverup by NASA and the current solar activity.

    The pole shift is more real than AGW. I think he excuses the chemtrailing as the means to deflect reflect gamma w fr.

    I tried to explain my theory.

    1. Solar – planetary alignment – pole shift – other milky way phenom.
    2. increased gamma-xray (this is why your cell calls drop, internet is slow or down, all magnetic fields are askew and machinery, electrical conduit, high tension counduits, strange sounds, atmospheric gases illuminating, etc. etc.
    3. Avoid the physio-psych mayhem that will ensue by terminating the vast majority of inferior minds who would present devastating problems.

    Inferior? THose religious, uneducated, dangerous WMD in the wrong hands, ideologues who reject the new green technocracy that will emerge from the rubble.

    Thesis: FUkushima was planned from the get go. The needed radiation to divert the solar issue. This assumes they have damaged the ionosphere and ozone depletion and expect a breach in the magnetosphere which would send deadly gamma here to make Fuku a mere fart.

    It is consistent with the undisputable fact of the number of DUMBS worldwide.
    Russia, China, Greenland, Antarctica and here. These are COG, Military, but mostly livable, farms and scienctific laboratories.

    The major thieving by the Banks has funded this along with the tax fraud, secret books, DoD budget, drug profits, Money is meaningless after the fact and anyone scheduled to go under could care less about money after the flip.

    Thermo-nuclear war. Not likely? No way Jose. It’s a ELF-EMP-MICROWAVE-GAMMA ladder to the final solution. Anybody holding the money as a safety net is in fantasyland. The hierarchy ruling committee has already divied the real estate and the bankers will be happy to take their interests.

  5. Jersey

    I LOVE Joe Rogan. That man is COTO to the core.

    I have tried to contact him but no dice. Any of you fine folks have a way I can get word to him?

    Hint. It is about advertising for a certain US Senate campaign

  6. Hey Jayjee,

    So you hang out with potty mouth hippies aye???

    Lol…jusskeedink off curse.

    Love this rap by Rogan – potty words and all.

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