Posted by: kornisking | March 15, 2012


The vid speaks for itself



  1. “There are two types of mentally retarded in the United States,Democrats and Republicans”. Korn I. King

  2. But for the grace of God, there goes Me

  3. I had just read the piece at before coming here. Glad you put it up Korn.

    • Establishment pukes selling out for peanuts ! It makes Me ashamed to be exceptional.

  4. Georgia Texas Colorado Illinois etc, etc, etc, United Kindoms of Fairyland.

    Remember COTO, it’s a brokered convention, election, economy and reality.
    Call your Brokers and tell them that you know.


    P.S. – Always good to have it on the record King!

  5. If Paul’s run this time around is doing anything it’s waking a lot of people up to just how corrupt our system has become.

    What does that mean? Hell if I know. But it’s not a bad thing. Does it mean by 2016 when Rand Paul runs things will be different? By 2016 we’ll be lucky if we have an election or a country. It’s hard to imagine just what things will be like in four years time. So much of any number of things are going to happen between now and then. I’m sure the Illuminati has their plans all mapped-out. But they’re the plans of madmen.

    It’s crazy to know so much and know so little.

    • Political affiliation and caucuses, elections and conventions are a fabricated frequency that in reality just add another data point to our dossiers.

      Datamining politico, medical, socio-eco, history, ancestry, etc….

      It’s all about the REAL ID coming, gang. They have it all. Time to wipe yourself off the grid.

      COTO has targets on their backs but we need not paint it on by our own doing. Anonomous? The real anonomous is the unpredictable.

  6. 9/11: Who Controlled the Planes?

    Put this with the other video exposes on COTO

    • Thanks for posting this one Boomer…I was just considering all of this during my first cuppa java this morning…

      ‘Remote Control’ — and even the possibility of plane switching.

      Note: there IS a public investigation…this video is part of it…COTO is part of it – the perps are identified.

      What do we DO about it? What do we do about any of this post vire ‘government’? Surely not attempt to work within the system as the video that begins this thread shows is an exercise in futility…

      Yabba dabba do…COTO knows.

  7. Another Outstanding Header by Puddy!

    Everywhere we look in past and current administrations we see the most Obvious of criminal misconduct by “gatekeepers”. Pelosi quickly jumps to mind. Yoo. This GunHolder guy in his guise as legal “facilitator”, doing everything to “cover-up” criminal behavior rather than investigate and prosecute it. When will Americans have had enough and demand justice?

    • Great video. I have spent years wondering what grotesque experiments or tortuous bluebeam the real passengers were subjected to when they landed in Cleveland, Greenland or some other
      undisclosed strip.

      Radio control – hologram – missile – whatever….

      It’s an irrelevant pixel on the the OWO demographic of murder and genocide.


    “The Sheriff Has More Power In His County Than The President Of The United States: U.S. Constitution U.S. Supreme Court ~ Quashes Obama’s Claim To ‘Supremacy Clause’ “.

    How to Clean Up the Corruption and Crime Wave in the U.S.?

    America needs a “coalition” of Sheriffs, backed up by Veterans, backed up by The People to arrest, investigate, and prosecute all criminal “gatekeepers” and traitors to lawful, honest, and Constitutional governance. “Titles” mean nothing. All People’s Representatives (especially including judiciary gatekeepers) should be stood next to the Constitutional Totem and “Laws that Protect the People”, rather than corporations and cronies. Transgression means immediate incarceration until a full investigation if finished (by The People). Then, go after the Wall Street, Banker, and Corporate Criminals. Since the judiciary and other “string pullers” would be in custody and no longer stonewalling, actual Justice could then be accomplished.

    This is only a dream. Without such a coalition of the oppressed however, justice will continue to be drowned in the bathtub of corruption.

  9. Imagine that…ignoring the rules and the laws…in AMERIKA????

    Lol…can anyone in COTO believe that a power group would do this HERE??

    “I feel that our voices weren’t heard…”

    Hmmm…Have YOU ever felt that you’re voice went unheard?

    By gawd, I think we have an issue here.

    Call the damn president, I’m sure he will be quite insouciant, and tell you so…
    or not.

    • From the first pardon forward. The hour hand moves indiscernibly to the midnight hour[2012] the news cycle in seconds, the crimes in seconds, repetitiously revolve and the expectation of people for justice, ephemerally in the system and soon forgotten.

      We look to thousands of whistleblower and investigations in the last ten years alone considering that one of the 911 objective was WTC7 to destroy the data and files of the swindles and crimes to that date.

      What happened to the Swiss Bank account info, Banks, money laundering, Congressional investigations? From the days of the Warren Commission to the Gunwalker scandal, not a single management level admin has seen bars.

      They just fade away like all the frequencies of truth into distortion and cointel mosh pits of interference, deflection and cloister under minority security.

  10. Having coffee with psychopaths…

    Waking up to the news, wondering “what next?” has been perpetrated in the dark of the night or the bright light of the day — this is the new reality. When society runs amok and enables the amoker f#ckers.

    “States of Madness: A good case can be made that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and American President Barack Obama are clinically insane”.

    • Bibi is way worse, an unredeemable maniac, but Barack is pathetic and absurd. I think he literally cannot ‘do the math’ on what he is unleashing on the world.

      Barack is a trained jive ass conman (form of psychopath) who studied under the commie Frank Davis, his actual father. Punahou School his alma mater, is an elite private school spun out of the mercantile New England colonies to prepare the global hegemony of the chosen people with a commanding Pacific base. Thurston is a name intrinsic to Punahou, to the illegal US military overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, to the annexation of Hawaii as a military base in 1898 despite no treaty as required by the US Constitution, and to the ownership of Hawaii media during most of the occupation. So you can see how Obama, incidentally Kenyan by birth (he openly admits it on many you tubes) and ineligible to be US President, brought up in Hawaii by a CIA family, who went to the invaders’ private school, has been groomed for his absurd role since the time ‘Ann’ posed nude for Frank on his hardwood….floor. For a psycho like Barry Soetoro who grew up in Indonesia where apparently his parents fingered people for the goonsquad, to wear a Nobel while dropping DU bunker busters on Libya, is just confirmation and another revelation of the method.

      • And how about Shillary Clinton?

        Bro Nathaniel points out the zionist star on the US State Department seal. Apparently the US always was a project of the chosen people and the Great Seal of the US also confirms it with the apartheid at the top of the pyramid. The fasces on the US Dime also show the intention is exactly what we see, a millenial operation, a new order, world hegemony based out of Warshington, and that is exactly as it has played out. By their psycho acts shall ye know them.

        • The New Atlantis…

          Yup Marry, I do believe you nailed it – from even before “Christ’s Dove” sailed the Ocean Blue there’s been a plan for me and you.


      • Yea, we’re seeing the method all around US…

      • Revolting developments for sure. The “man of sin” has been revealed. Fathered by a jackal. This whole thing reads like an Excorsist\dystopian hybrid horror flick.

        • Watch it there bud, I resemble that remark…


  11. Let your eyes flutter with this caffeinated brew and we’ll talk later:

    The headlines on rense and elsewhere bespeak of the “belzebulbs” of this Spring of Thorns. Be careful what and who you touch. Touch not lest ye be touched inappropriately by a blue-gloved TSA drone “doing their job”. Stay home in the garden where its safer or run for the hills. A veritable buffet of diner hash. So many choices COTO?!

  12. From my 2011 predictions to date I have mad a priority of the AfriCON. Gladio south. The mother of all agendas will be the focal point for armageddon.

    Israel, Iran will never see the geo-position that is slated for the dark continent. It is there we will see the revelation of the master plan provided by the master documents and scripture.

    Like the laboratory that was New Zealand, New Guinea, China, the Ethiopian model plays into the same systematic schematic for triad. Divide, conquer and loot via dialectic of need, warrant, opportunity.

    Clooney, Penn, Jolie, the holyrood tools of the minority. Darfur, Ruwanda, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Somalia have been a failure of the incompetence meme for so long it’s a clear reality of truth that the Africom agenda is a fraud from the get-go. No evidence required.

    Gaddafi thought he’d be a player from the start until he saw the Mubarek and Tunisia springs and then he remembered the Suddam Syndrome real clear. Dancing with the devil is hazardous to your health when you presume to lead.

    • “Dancing with the devil is hazardous to your health when you presume to lead |” Or follow.

  13. Ahhhh….those Kony island hot doggies aye???

    So soon after the jingobutane lights afire on the oooootoooobeee our BLOND BLUE EYED “Christian” boy, finds hisself jerking off on the sidewalk in the public eye…say whut???? yup, a FINE “Christian” boy…blue eyes and blond don’tcha know….

    Spurting ‘Invisible children’ all over the sidewalk….musta been kidnapped and drugged up by the Kony islanders and given a special foot long hot dog for that psyop…yup

    Does God have a sense of humor or whut??

  14. A new Executive Order signed on March 16, 2012, gives Obama the power to seize all forms of transportation, food, and any other civilian services including health care, for national defense, as well as to conscript necessary persons for a National Defense Executive Reserve. This is an all-inclusive E.O. that executes total control over everything from home gardens to any form of transportation, to forcing people to work for the collective. Read it and weep:

    The White House

    Office of the Press Secretary

    For Immediate Release
    March 16, 2012



    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (50 U.S.C. App. 2061 et seq.), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, and as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows: [see article or guv site]

    For those who think this new Executive Order will not affect you because you think we are not in a “national emergency,” understand that WE ARE, with Iran as the excuse. Obama signed a “Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Iran” on March 13, just three days before the following E.O.

    • So its official. Who woulda thunk it ? Geez do you think gonzo record gun sales has anything to do with all this ? Saying they take sumpthin and takin it are two different thangs.

  15. Blah, Blah, Blah the executive twaddled, spilling his ink all over his Eyor { King Tut, Tut…it looks like rain, Christopher Robbins }.

    Signing to the Left of me , he’s Signing to the Right, I am…
    Fucked in the middle with you!

    Clowns in the Congress, Jokers playing “God”, They are…
    Setting up for a fall, yeah they’re…setting up for a fall!

    All Hail “Stealers Wheel” and their tuneage, as stuck and plastered upon the colorful baboon ass of the usurpers with their hands down their pants and a leer from ear to ear — G2H.

    • I been tryin to make some sense of it,i can see it makes no sense at all. Prophetic juke box prophesy.

      • Uh, that last part’s redundant Korn…how about; ‘pathetic juke box prophesy’? Or Paleolithic juke box prophesy’? Or ‘plastic boxer shorts on pathetic jukes’? Or….”Hey Jude don’t make it bad, take a sad song and make it blather…”?

  16. I just read the executive order signed into “LAW” *the lawless in charge* on Friday. They plan on TAKING our food, water, energy resources, vehicles, garden/agricultural implements. All for the greater good of our country. REALLY?? The greater good will meet them at the road. I’ll gladly take the bullet before giving them access to my water, food & stuff………….what a bunch of thieves!

    • When we enter into siege or lockdown our basic necessities will be denied us by the hyper-inflation to come. If you aint got the cash it is out of reach. The takedown of the U.S. will be in full spectrum dominance soon. Lindsey Williams has relayed the info that”there will be food but you wont be able to afford it” straight from the mattoids lips. I predicted years ago that what we saw in operation cast lead would be applied to the domestic U.S.. Agenda 21 will be the relocation and prohibition of using “their” resources. Cut the water,food,electricity,fuel,medicine and then the culling of the herd begins. Denial can be from seizure or inflation,or poisoning the air,food,water,radioactice contamination etc. etc. Whatever the near future holds I hope it ends quickly “or no flesh shall be saved” Fear is our greatest enemy. Almighty God our only hope.

  17. “Americans have no idea what ‘they’ are planning for The People”.

    Therefore, You must be planning to “meet” them. Preferably, with one accord, one mind (survival), an armed army of like minded “free” Americans, and an attitude befitting our American forefathers who recognized and could smell psychopathic scoundrels an ocean away.

  18. Assburied’s a broken wreckord, ain’t he?…

    Brain like a stone. Reminds me of a cow. I hope you don’t waste any time on him. He’s a one cow circular jerklar.

    • Actually we already axed him. The reason is the one you cite: doing his one cow circular jerklar — I gotta feeling from what he said before we axed him totally was that he had just been banned at another site, and the one on C2 was shut down just days before he showed up here.

      I’ll bet he’s run out of blogs to post to…he seemed desperate.

      He needs to vanish with the wind……

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