Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 14, 2012

Baby See Something, Say Something

Announcing the Creation of FEMA Corps


Announcing the Creation of FEMA Corps

During the event, Secretary Napolitano described the program:

First and most important, it will help communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters by supporting disaster recovery centers, assisting in logistics, community relations and outreach, and performing other critical functions.

We know from experience that quick deployment of trained personnel is critical during a crisis. The FEMA Corps will provide a pool of trained personnel, and it will also pay long-term dividends by adding depth to our reserves — individuals trained in every aspect of disaster response who augment our full-time FEMA staff.


USA on Watch – Neighborhood Watch

Veterans Active in Citizen Corps – Aerial Drone reconnaissance ?

Workforce Transformation

Oh yeah and this

FEMA denies disaster aid for tornado-torn Harrisburg

I understand the dynamics at work here. Am I a conspiracy nut?



  1. The dance steps to tyranny are quite obvious.


  2. How about this little Gem just in: Tony Ray Thornton, the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood in Lubbock, TX, was arrested this week for indecent exposure. Thornton was released on a $750 bond after being in custody on Monday over charges that he exposed himself in a local park. The Planned Parenthood CEO was picked up by police at a baseball field inside Mackenzie Park around 3:30 in the afternoon.

    Planned Parenthood’s Tony Ray Thornton Nabbed With Pants Down


  3. Something weird happened in rural NH last night at 6:35pm I ‘heard’ some of those strange sounds again, a low grade type of humming. This morning, exactly 12 hours later, there was a very rural farm & barn on fire. Coincidence maybe………but I’m leaning toward something much more sinister. It was about 8 miles away from my house. Testing, one two three testing……..go back to sleep, never mind… was nothing…..nothing worth mentioning, right?!

  4. Is there such a thing as a remote operation like that?

    • T’is my understanding MsDarlene, that there are tools of “remote operation” for just about any effect one should wish to consider.

      This is after all the sci fi world of the 21st century.

      There are many articles here and on other places found on the web, having to do with the high tech weapons systems that are already known to be active, as well as implications of others that are “classified”.

      Welcome to COTO, it’s nice to see one of our viewers speak up.


    • Focused Microwave will hum in Tropospheric environments. A magnetron converteing to RF energy would hum as a Maser might as well/

      Free electron maser or Hydrogen maser or even a superradiant emission in a burst. You would likely see light though. It may have been a lower range frequency in which case the fire in the barn would have no relation.

      See if you have a microwave telecommunications relay tower near your property. Get a $100 basic trimeter and record the microwave readings.

      They are harmful to celluler processes and DNA.

  5. Scary speaking up sometimes…..I fear I’m already on the radar, making noise about my new ‘smart meter’! I’ve never slept so little, nor had nightmares as I’ve had in the last week since they’ve connected me. Makes me want to crawl under a rock…..with my firearms of course 🙂

    • Microwave ranges are used in radar. You may have been in the zone. So ‘on the radar, would be correct. 300mhz – 300ghz.

  6. “Preparing and planning for expected disaster” So if they are expecting a disaster why cant it be prevented? Unless we are activating a weather mod weapon to flood your home then relocate you ,,permanently so we can “regreen” your hood according to Agenda 21. We cant have the useless eaters fouling up the muckety mucks natural resources. They gotta run around naked in the woods and sacrifice babies to satan and that requires a natural environment to do unnatural things. Shouldnt I be watching sports ?

    • Dunno Korn…I watched sports once and got a hamstring…

  7. Welcome Msdarlene. Do continue to share your thoughts here.

    Stay safe. With your firearms of course.


    See: flaming_red_pill Reply:
    March 20th, 2012 at 10:08 am

    London 1666:


    Wren out of town @ Oxford the week of the Great London Fire that provided him a gateway to immortality in stone.
    Wren was a respected contemporary of Isaac Newton and together they studied opticks and pendulums.



    Fire Chief of Seattle Firefighters ordered to San Fran for a firefighting convention the day before the Great Seattle Fire! MAYOR MORAN FREEMASON MEXICO SUPPORTER has COLMAN BLOCK *BLOWN UP*, causing the fire to rush uphill away from the oxygen-rich Puget Sound (like a whistle through a toothy gap mate!).

    Freemasons rebuild the town.

    History repeats.

    1999 Jan 19 (! see the 911s? lol)) General Electric sells out key defense contracts to the British zombie construct BAE SYstems, which won’t even exist until the following Oct/November.
    9/11/2001 Twin towers and Pentagon struck by unknown weapons. hole in pentagon matches predator missile and twin towers collapse matches Interferometry Tesla weapon of some kind, perhaps the Helicon Wave/Helical wave theory was NOT so crazy after all. Please Youtube “Hutchison effect iron bar” to see a large piece of iron being warped by an electromagnetic field without heat. This is because iron has strangely unique magentoelasticity — rather similar to gold, it reacts to induction with great power (its own magnetism plays a role in this)– therefore inducing certain waveforms into iron or steel would cause any flaws in the metal to become immediately apparent, and to warp dramatically. Like a July 4th Funny Black Snake. SSSSSSSSS…. in this case, the reaction was very much exothermic — after the plasma collapsed 😉

    the NYC mayor killed the firefighters by sending them in right as the building collapsed.
    please google 1980s washington state arsons HTE high temperature accelerant to see other fires where roofs collapsed onto multiple firefighters with no warning at all.


    I wonder what those Nazi fatcats have planned for the new WTC. :(perish the thought. i wouldn’t want to do the dirty laundry of so many old men anyway, don’t go to work there or you’ll cook with their books like the last time.


  9. Alright. I got that up for you Rogue1.

    Listen! I’m pissed. What’s new aye?

    Anyways, I was thinking today, that WE should put up a piece on COTO regarding ” WAR — The Biggest FF on Humanity Ever!”.

    Something to that effect. See Chris Hedges recent piece —
    Published on Monday, March 19, 2012 by
    “Murder Is Not an Anomaly in War”
    by Chris Hedges

    This ain’t news to you and me, but I was grokking on the “actual cause” behind ALL the recent WARS going back quite some years… And it it OBVIOUS that ZERO % of the wars were for defense of citizens, blah, blah, or anything else. ALL of THEM are for Money, Power and Resources, bankrolled by a shadow financier group utilizing faux “people’s representatives” government or more authoritarian forms to “sell” the bloodshed.

    Humanity needs to grasp this Modus Operandi, and band together to cut off the operatives.

    A piece here at COTO might go viral (we can only hope and pray) with a proper presentation of the Obvious!

    I’m thinking a collaborative effort here. This is a rough request for your opinion and thoughts, in an open forum.

    As I consider the last X years of “history” and the present extirpation of Liberties in the U.S. as offensive “expenses” and New Wars are thrown with caution — to the wind, the writing is writ large across the land of the bereaved. WE are responsible for funding (in a way) our own incarceration and the exported death by drones and goons that has nigh circled the earth.

    Bankers and devil financiers are behind it all. The rest of the warmakers are complicit. Will mankind figure out this age old “game”? It has become so Obvious with the Internet providing information — even as mass dedacting occurs at every turn of the MSM screw job.

    What do you say? Who else will present this? Infowars never gets to the important nuts and bolts. No one else presents the Obvious, and Archives it as a Reference for Truth.

    What say you?

  10. Saying Nothing is fine as well.

    • Thanks for the great comments and your posts Boom…I have been real occupied the last week. Sorry I didn’t see these earlier, I just saw your note on Michael’s essay on the last page here.

      I don’t have these things on email alert you see – I have an email anomaly in that it isn’t official with my Rogue icon…a complex woowoo with web biz.

      The Wren thing is fascinating…aye? How far back does this chicanery go – to the mists of times past we must determine.

      And then to add the Seatle fire to the mix of FF Masonic juju is just enough to set the temperature of a well moderated soul on high.

      Thanks for the power breakfast.

  11. My lips are sealed 🙂 As Klink would say “I know nothing!”

  12. Hey Boom,

    One of the interesting things I’ve been up to is an email conversation with Frank Legge, he and Kevin Ryan are co-editors at Journal of 9/11 Studies, you know, Prof. Jones main site.

    He sent me a PDF of an essay on the Pentagon that he hasn’t published yet.
    A whole LOT of information I wasn’t aware of. Some of it very surprising.

    And then we talked about the nuke theory for the towers, which I have never bought. [odd man out here in some aspects…I know..] but anyway looking at it from all the known facts, it is simply not a viable argument.

    We also discussed the ‘digital fakery’ issue, which is controversial here as well. In fact I am in a one sided “debate” on Truth and Shadows with Simon Shack of September clues – I say one sided because I have made a whole list of points debunking his absolutely moronic theories and visual ineptitude, and all he has done is begged the moderator to ban me and silence my criticism. This guy is worse than a moron, he is a charlatan and coward.

    So, I have only been in and out here while this other stuff has occupied my time. It’s temporary, I always come back home to COTO.


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