Posted by: kornisking | March 8, 2012

Slam-dunk Mind Funk

As if things couldnt get any more Twilight Zoney we now must suffer through this latest round of cerebral flatulence from  the public school system

I have some news the poor dumbed-down pubescents can use, there is no USA any longer in existance except in the pea-brains that are in delusion. If there is no habeas corpus, posse comitatus, right to privacy, freedom of speech, private property, religion free from taxation and state control, no right to assembly for redress of greivance and no silver and gold as legal tender then there is no longer a CONSTITUTION. If there is no CONSTITUTION there is no longer a constitutional government.

Then there is the problem of the idiots that take offence at the administrator thinking someone might take offence at someone chanting the praises of a defunct organization. Three words, thesis,antithesis and synthesis. Its Pavlovian dog training without the reward. Someone smarter than you drills you up the ass by way of cathode ray tube till you voluntarily bend over for it at the given signal,same bat time,same bat channel,,,OUCH !  But what should we expect from public education, right ???  DUH.

Then there´s the same old saw “we thank the troops for making us free!” What utter bat-shit crazy crap is that ? The Border Patrol is the only people working to keep Me free but they get no mention. God gave us liberty and free will,its the governments job to gaurantee those freedoms,not send our boys to bum-fuck egypt to start the third world war to make Jesus return to earth (he´s takin a little too long to get here according to the dispensatin folks,maybe they should send him some nitro-methane to fuel the spaceship) Bat shit crazy war hungry zionist dispensaters,jeez wheres the hippies when you need um ? Korn out,,,way way out man, like gonzo beezorch “wheres My legs!” pass me the thorazine wheres my jello cup out. PK Dick had to have wrote this scrip man.



  1. Ho ho ho – Bitchin’ rant Korn my man.

    Loved every bitch-slappin truth of it.

    And ladies, that is not a “sexist term” – it is generally guys who are referred to as getting such potty mouth slaps. So relax, it is of the lexicon of generica.


    • Love your rant Korny. Yea, this is not America.. sha la la la la..

      The more we learn, the more we know it never really was OUR America. It was all an illusion.

  2. Yeah, this drivelly diversion was on the local “talk” radio this a.m.

    People can’t seem to grasp that “colors” and “nationalities” of “other” people (families just trying to make it in this trying world) ARE NOT the ENEMY!

    It seems Obvious that those individuals, groups, corporations, and governments that “use” people against one another, that pit one people against another, that murder, rob, defraud, rape, and pillage people ARE THE ENEMY of The People. Those entities that spray, poison, force, and otherwise injure People and The Planet ARE THE ENEMY. Those that are Inhumane ARE THE ENEMY. Those that Attack People ARE THE ENEMY.

    What a stupid diversion.

    Nice work Korn! It’s too bad you have to point out the Obvious, but evidently folks cannot fathom the trickery involved and executed by psychos and sociopaths.

  3. A perfect illogical negation to a triad that has already synthsized as King Korn points out. What chanting we did during the dialectic at olympiads was part of the cold war empire building process. There would be no interdiction if the troops were shouting this on the battlefield in Iran.

    The NWO NAU assault on the Lone Star State is a special laboratory in itself. I call Texas the battleground state for OWO even though the same shit is being dumped all along the ‘altered states’ of the NAFTA Superhighway and OWO intranet.

    It’s the Texas corridor thru the breadbasket where the last bastion of the Alamo remain. Fort Defiance is in the brain and these students are fully into the mind-control of the corporation and SAISD must be very pleased with the experiment so far.

    RACE WAR-CLASS WAR fine tuning before the collapse. A perfect triad has it’s solution when we kill ouselves while praising Caesar aloud. The minority committee will absolutely wet themselves over this major triad as they have tested in the past from Goliad to the LA riots to Katrina.

  4. Brazil
    On 6 March 2012 a Brazilian court ordered striking truck drivers in Sao Paulo — whose labor action has caused fuel shortages in the city — to return to work. By the end of the business day on 6 March, 115 of the 128 fuel stations that were part of an informal survey had nearly or completely run out of supplies. Panic buying also occurred, as motorists sought to obtain fuel while it was still available. The union that organized the strike stated that it will comply with the court order; union leaders stated, however, that it will take six to seven days for the fuel situation in the greater Sao Paulo area to normalize.

    On 8 March 2012 several opposition groups, social organizations and indigenous groups are planning to launch a so-called “vigil for democracy” to protest the recent signing of a controversial mining agreement. The action will include a protest march that will set out from Pangui in the Zamora province on 8 March and is scheduled to arrive in the capital city of Quito on 22 March. Organizers hope 3,000 people will join the action. They have reportedly not yet received official sanction for their plans but have indicated that the action will proceed with or without authorization. Reports indicate that the government is organizing other actions to counter the protests in Quito on 8 March, including a march from the Arbolito park to Carondelet Palace starting at 0900 local time and a “path of women” action on Plaza Grande, which is expected to draw 20,000 people.

    Police officers dispersed a large crowd of student protesters in Tegucigalpa on 7 March 2012. Reports indicate that security forces fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse hundreds of students who were blocking Miraflores Boulevard in front of the Pedagogic University campus. The protesters responded by throwing rocks and sticks at the advancing police officers. Six students and one police officer were injured in the clashes. Student groups staged the demonstration to oppose a plan to privatize the school. Education activists have vowed to stage further protests at Pedagogic University if school administrators move ahead with plans to withdraw the school from the public university system.

    Peruvian miners are expected to continue staging anti-government protests throughout the country on 9 March 2012. Reports indicate that approximately 1,000 miners plan to gather in Cajamarca in northwestern Peru to protest against a government campaign to conduct a study on mining operations in the rural region surrounding the city. The crowd is expected to march through the city and rally at the Plaza de Armas main square. The U.S. Embassy in Lima warned that many roads and intercity highways could be blocked during the demonstrations. In addition to the protest in Cajamarca, miners in the Madre de Dios region of southeastern Peru have also staged protests this week to demand that the government repeal a ban on illegal mining operations. The miners in Madre de Dios are planning rallies in Puerto Maldonado over the 10-11 March weekend, while the miners in Cajamarca have also announced plans to hold a massive rally in early April. There is a threat of violence in each location, as authorities are planning to deploy anti-riot police officers in both Cajamarca and Puerto Maldonado to monitor the demonstrations.

    • Yesterday in Piedras Negras there was a big shootout downtown. Machine guns,RPGs were going off in the populated downtown area. School was cancelled today and the city is hiding in fear. The traffickers left behind a huge arsenal when they fled the scene. Just six dead at last report. I hope My buds in the Halcones bike club are OK. I miss them but I dont think I will go visit anytime soon. The bridge was closed all day for the fiasco. Where angels fear to tread.

      • Bravery and lunacy are connected by a catch. Model 22, I believe. Better to exercise extreme caution. You’ll have to face off soon enough. I had to dump doctors in Laredo. I cant send my people there overnite.

        I remember making the Coahuila run to Mexico City in the late seventies. It was rough then.

  5. World’s deadliest place for journalists to work: Mexico

  6. Just a quick note to say I read you guys still almost every day and as my hit and run lurking escapades w/o comment reaches to damn near a year….need to say, keep it comin

    love the total disregard for on topicness. so many great tidbits and links and quasi poetic diatribes. i continue to feel at home even non contributing.

    thanks for being here…….a corner of sanity in the madness


    • Come back soon and bring a freind. Galoshes recommended. BYOB.

    • We just need to know you still breath Camus. Glad you are still among the zombies and haven’t bit the dust.

    • Yo Camus,

      Good to know you’re out there “lurking” dude Happy lurkulations and salmonutations er mutations er simulations and be sure to show your calculations.
      Grades issued sometime late December.

      Keep your mind clean.


    Bidens going to make sure the blood continues to run in the guadalupe. Enrique Pena Nieto will replece Calderon this July. That’s bad news for us if it was even possible. He is the Cartel’s President.

    Fast & Furious will thrive. Biden’s a lackey and a pimp.


    The U.S. Geological Survey said Friday that the 5.8 quake struck about 7 a.m. (2300 GMT) in the southern part of Xinjiang region.

    Tremors before the big one that hits Gansu this year.

  9. “There is a level of cowardice lower than that of the conformist: the fashionable non-conformist.” ~ Ayn Rand

    I don’t like her…but I understands what she means in this quote. She might have been a psycho but she wern’t stupid.

    A constant problem, highly intelligent psychopaths.

    Morry out in the yardity with Sherlock’s favorite pipe. O doze gaymza skill and cunning keeps’m running dat ol’ treadmill.

    “Velly vunny,” says Charlie Chan smiling at his yarrow throw.

  10. A “Hello” to Camus Rebel. Thanks for giving a rebel yell here! Continue to walk quietly, carry a big schtick, and whomp em when their arrogance and criminality requires a smack down.

    Be safe. He who would have his bread and water be sure, will buy bread for the travels ahead, purchase a good water filter, and carry a gun. No pun.

  11. Ahhh, another lurker here. Just wanted to say, thanks for the sanity in an insane world. Yesterday I was visited by my electric company while I was at work. They left me a little door hanger TELLING me that I am now on their freak’n SMART METER……..lucky me! No place to hide now and I’m in very rural 03222! goodle it…remote, yet ‘watched’ and my ‘friends’ don’t understand why I’m pissed. Chemtrails killing my garden plans and water, now zapped in the house. Where to hide? Can’t afford to move. Stressing now……….

    • I think smart meters are stupid. And the people who advocate them.And the stink-tanks that dreamt them up. Keep a stiff upper lip and move farther out where the deer and the interlopers play.

    • Hi Ms D,

      I lived in Northern VT for a year. Total surveillance state. Nannyville.
      New Hampshire is not much better. Bush liked it as well as Kennebunkport MN. World Order Central.

  12. Hey Camus.. good to see ya:) Welcome Ms D. Yes smart meters are stupid and not only that, will make us stupid as they turn our brains to liquid. Do you have many neighbors ? Why don’t you educate and organize them and tell the electric company to take their smart meters and shove them up their dumb asses!

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