Posted by: kornisking | March 2, 2012

Joe Arpaio Conspiracy Theorist

I saw the press conference last night on Mexican TV,it was not on the lamestream.



  1. The shot heard around the world – death to one of three political figures this year will provide a game changer for all people of the United States.

    John, the reality of the Breibart event is one of many to come this year. The reason for my prediction on the fall of a candidate is for the reasons we are seeing emerging.

    The minority committee has two choices. (1) They can continue to mend fences of everyone who is awakening inside the beltway and that will present two separate problems. -or-

    (2) They can change the field in the election field. I have offered two clues without outrightly stating the thing that can get your ass in deep shit, but coto can read between my lines.

    If they opt for (1) it will include the false flag [911 x 10 power] event that will bring NDAA and clear citizen rendition to camps or their deaths (and that includes the likes of us) databased blue forced situational targets.

    If the timeline doesn’t match up, then we will see my prediction and a correction. My vote is for Hillary Clinton over a GOP effort ordered to fail. At least I hope so. (damn, I hate that word)

    • As usual you take the proverbial cake Pudster(yellow cake). The recent FEMA bid requests for camps to be built in 72 hours confirms the floods , tornado or earthquake disasters that will demand relocation according to Agenda 21 , we are using Rockysmellers precious resourses and he no likey. Flooded lands will be condemned ,the houses demolished and the land sold. The homeowner will recieve the dime on dollar minus the cost of demolishing the house and removing rubble. This is the spring of the beast´s discontent. Get your anchor on solid rock or be washed away in the fray.

      • Spot on John. The heartland remains the last bastion other than Texas and certain other pockets but the farmland in a target. These HAARP created endothermic assaults are leaders to the cold fronts. It’s simple science and ENMOD they have tested over and over. It’s no different than you doing a tuneup in your sleep.

        Step by step, inch by inch, they access all areas, diminishing our power. Whether health, mind or materials, they have the control over all. When the lid blows these beltway pussies will run for the cracks like cockroaches.

  2. Yes Ass-blank blank blank plus a certain name is a no-go theater marque no matter how you split your semicolons…but I think COTO knows what you tacitate as of late peeking through the gate…ah such a heavy weight.

    Lol…it’s getting very late.

    Do you then see just a light pass on Purim? That is my thinking…but they could throw a hard-ball instead of a curve-ball – and we’ll all be in fiddle sticks by the Ides.

    The future has this thing about it…aye? Ne’er quite as clear as yesterdays news…

    • Purim on the 7-8 date? Don’t know. The numbers in my system say 14th-19th for event.

      I’m glad you are alive from the storms through Hoosierville. I do expect that Waldo’s krakkerland was spared as well.

      • This particular Hoosierville is like a pocket of serenity while everything has spun around it – could be the terrain – maybe angels…???

        It was kinda fascinating sitting here listening to the ‘air raid sirens’, right out of WWII London while sitting here smokin’ Camels and drinking java hopped up on 21st Century Schizoid World.

        You’re probably right about the Purim dates this year.

        Dunno how Waldo’s section of the farm went…

  3. Rush Limbaugh is pumping up the rhetoric and getting quite nasty. They tabled the “conscience bill” today 51-48.

    Get out there and pay for your neighbors slutty daughters pills. Rush is asking the Ho to video tape her sexipades as payment for his tax dollars. Ouch Rush. You missed your oxycotin today?

    • The idiot-tubes are alive with sufferagette drivel. Rush Limberger has lost his focus. I cant believe I listened to him in the 80s. No accountin for taste or lack therof.

  4. Well maybe all this Breitbart tape talk & death & birth certificate reveal are meaningless because Obama isn’t the chosen one but Jeb Bush is………. think about that for a minute……..

    • I have Deb. I mentioned it in 09 and thought to myself how bad it would have to get before another Bush or Barrel got into the Wight House. Do you think he’ll be there as a VP for Mittski or Newtonian?

    • The guy in this video aught to learn something about the Hegelian dialectic and get off this left-right shtick – no doubt true but only half the story.

  5. O tell ya Puddy, COTO1 should be winning awards for it’s prolific display of artworks, banners and spot illios – your genius is showing.

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