Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 1, 2012

Another Soetoro Assassination?

Andrew Breitbart took the podium at CPAC Friday afternoon, introduced to the stage with Rage Against The Machine’s Guerrilla Radio, and revealed to the audience he had “videos” of Barack Obama from his college days. “I have videos, this election we’re going to vet him,” Breitbart disclosed to raucous applause. “We are going to vet him from his college days to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.”””

NO DOUBT!!! An EM assault, poison or hospital staph  staff infection.



  1. Obama Murders Breitbart to Silence Damaging Obama Videos

    Whooooooppps! U-toob already got this one.

    • Obama has openly admitted many times he was born in Kenya, from when he was running for Illinois Senate to becoming President.

      The Bnai Brith people who discovered Barry decades ago must be laughing their asses off at the moronic Americans swindled to the max by an ineligible conman. That photoshopped birth certificate was rich. BO’s real dad Frank reportedly wrote a porn novel about a teen, whom he named Ann. Reportedly the subtitle was “My Life With Gash”. Ann poses nude in the photos we have all seen on the internet, probably snapped at the time of the little bastard’s conception.
      But what could Breitbart tell us that Wayne Madsen and Webster Tarpley have not already?

      An illegal President…the whole country participates in a swindle.

      • ** President Obama’s Selective Service card was most likely a forgery, revealed by an examination of the postal date stamp on the document;

        ** Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by airplane passengers arriving on international flights originating outside the United States in the month of August 1961, examined at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., are missing records for the week of President Obama’s birth,
        including the dates Aug. 1, 1961 through Aug. 7, 1961.

        –Sheriff Joe

        • That’s why we have to view this whole charade as a facade to the program that will eventually mean the transition. In plain view for the purpose of Divide and Conquer.

          Let’s get down to the meat beneath the skin. We have a choice. IN or OUT! In some cases there may be no choice as it may be a matter of the DNA, the self ID that is just unable to accept the transition because there is no fear, no conciliation or ability to conform.

          I’m sure by now they have a far more sophisticated means to the Taxonomy of those to reducate or integrate and those who are classified outside their domain.

          There’s no secret to the agenda. At least I hope there is no one coming here to post of comment that do not accept this regardless of their affiliation as in or out.

      • Unless it was outright treasonous talk or the real Barry Soetoro is not BHO.

        The real deal is what and why it happened in the grand scheme and is the groundwork being laid for a commitee staged false flag coup they plan to orchestrate to have all TP, Libertarians, Patriots made criminals.

        The Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL and FBI could handle this program.

  2. Connect all the dots and conclude that he is neither a muslim or a christian. He’s not even an athiest. Connect the CIA, Al-qaeda, FBI, SPLC, ACORN, Communist Party, ADL, Harvard, Black Panther, Weather Underground and extreme left wing/right wing covert domestic programs operating under the guise of Islamic extremism, sovereign militia movement, white supremacy [KKK], black militant and lone wolf radical labels.

    Just as the post war Nazi smuggling into the US, the socialist, islamic, hispanic agenda to smuggle these radical “change” based figures have been done much the same way under SB visa programs into the think tank, universities and corporate nests where they are trained, positioned and used in planned intelligence events by the globalists operating from the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]

    From the time of the Church Committee hearings in the 70’s the agenda is to control and subvert the authorities and FISA and other homeland surveillance are mere tools to run interference for potential leaks to the globalist plan for national or sovereign destruction. The assassination of Breibart is just another of the fence mending policies of ones who may expose the deeper players and include the DoJ also includes the DEA, U.S. Attorneys Offices, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives who mainly operate the Drug operations which tear the fabric of our resisitance and provide ample covert funds to operate the whole corrupt foreign and domestic agendas.

    The hearings provided additional information and techniques used in propaganda and election manipulation from years of experience in South America and Africa which have now been implemented successfully at home.

    Even George Soros may not be privy to the final analysis of the 2012 election based upon the need for only top level controllers who may use any or all of the tools in this years election. The Class Warfare, Race Card Agenda and factions that have been put into place here for years are prepared to go into action in the Paradigm ‘divide and conquer’ for an event that in conjuction with financial or EMP/unnatural event could fully provide the final solution for a final election, assassination and conversion to global governance and NDAA full spectrum FEMA rendition.

    Read the Russian history and NAZI brown shirt campaigns for a refresher of what the frequencies and assault will be like.


  3. PD — Why would he “announce” he has video/tapes? That’s a recipe for a wipeout. Why not just put the damn things up? And, in the event of his untimely death, also have a means to have the info divulged? I’ve also seen too many whistleblowers have their whistles blowed, and their sensational info dies with them…what’s up with that?

  4. No. I have not watched the videos you posted above. Ain’t had the time. Just sat down at the computer, and I’ve got other fish to fry. I’m going off the common sense retort. This was on the radio snooze today, and yeah, suspicious is the word. Yet, the result is open to interpretation. Yeah, we Know Obama is a plant, like a bush, a ficus with thorns in the bighouse pot. A real thorn in the side of liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What’s new about that in the political realm of the last X years? Is this guy’s expose’ weighty enough to turn the heads of the sheep? You tell me. Every freakin day we see mafia style BS spread liberally across the planet.

    • I agree with Boomer. Something just doesn’t feel right here. Breitbart obviously knew the power he was dealing with. Why would he fool around by announcing a future date for releasing this damaging video? I mean, at the very least, he knew about the NDAA didnt he??!! The man wasn’t stupid or was he ?

      If he really had a damning tape, the smart thing would have been firstly to make copies and distribute beforehand to reliable, trustworthy allies in various locations. Second, he should have made the announcement of the tape in his possession the same day he released it.

      This story is just weird and I smell a rat. Is Breitbart REALLY dead? OR Is this some sort of convoluted setup for more divide and conquer bs by the ptb? Is Breitbart really dead at the hands of an Obama hit squad? If he is……he died of his own stupidity!

  5. Whether he did or did not, he made an error in the length they will go to assure 4 more. The question is where we are on the timeline for transitional events of the third kind.

    I believe we have less than 4. I expect 911 to the 10th power will occur no later than 2013 and a global charter for governance in place by 2015.

    There is no more pressure that can be applied without the lid blowing. The reality of the financial collapse has already happened. It’s string and tape holding it together. What Wallstreet to mainstreet thinks is irrelevant. You don’t accept the market indicators as real anymore do you Boomer? I don’t. No more than I do the primary indicators or delegates. It’s all BS,

    The pressure cooker has hit the max and it’s just moments away. I believe.

    • “The pressure cooker has hit the max and it’s just moments away. I believe.”~Puddy

      I vas juss sayink the same sing to my friend and confident Mr. Veri this velly day.

      I do believe we live in the proverbial “interesting times”.

      There is something scrunchy about where all of this seems to lead…
      I mean there are several layers of context that we are immersed in at this time. Some aspects of the currents are material, and some are psycho-spiritual in nature with some of it between. It is almost Tolkien in a certain sense.

      I don’t see that we are dealing with a Sauron in Obama – no he is just a marionette of a jester – trivial theater for the enchanted masses. Such widgets are replaced every four to eight years. Entertaining spinning Newspeak in the jolly Mythicon. We feel and see the movement in morphic field – this projection of Maya is only distraction.

      The battle space is your own consciousness – there is your target of focus.

      • Yep Willie, Interesting is an understatement for me. I am in total stupefying awe of what I see and more bizarre is the billions who can’t percieve the electrifying Elephants surfing the wave of change. Oh well, it’s likely only a wipeout will shake them out. I definitely do not have to travel to Disneyland to see the epcot future nor the dumbo’s drop.

    • Purim coming up in a few days. And Kirwan mentioned something else-

      “On March 8th the FBI plan to shutdown and scrub 4 million computers for an alleged DNS virus. You do not have to be paranoid to think that either a war or a false flag Gulf of Tonkin type of attack on an American ship near the Iranian coast would best be staged at a time when the computers of 4 million anti-war and anti-Zionist activists are shutdown.”

      • Thanks Mary,

        Yes I have read of the March 8 shutdown…

        We’ll see if it actually takes place…only 6 days away…

        I too would expect BIG DOIN’S in the realm if the web goes down then.

        And yes…Purim…a nasty date all throughout time:

        Purim, literally means “to bring to naught, to break, or to crush.” it is on March 7-8 in 2012.

        • I hope we pass through this time. And what good is hope.

          • Mary, the opposite of hope is hopelessness which equals depression and death of spirit. To prepare for the worst and hope for the best is, regardless of what some here believe, is what keeps us going. All of coto has hope that we will survive in some way shape or form or they wouldn’t be here, Period.

  6. The Texas Department Of Public Safety (gestapo) are on Jones´ case trying to get him removed from networks. This promises to be the “spring of the beasts discontent”

  7. I like this review of Anton Lavey’s “Invisible War”

    I express my beliefs openly that the rantings of those who are deemed fringe, insane or supposed murderous villains by the PTB are generally much more. These individuals amy represent the result of much truth and reality coming in volumes that have detrimental effects to their health.

    On Anton Lavey’s “Invisible War” zonaras writes;

    “”The Apocatastis: We are living during the time of a great apocatastis, the Greek term for the return of all things that have been lost and the revelation of all things at the end of time.”
    The apparent thesis of Adam Parfrey’s APOCALYPSE CULTURE is that all insane, mind-blowing and utterly bizarre ideas, theories and behaviors will be manifested and then the end will come. The book, published in the late 80’s, is a collection of essays, short stories, articles, rambling tid-bits and other odds-and-ends from a variety of authors. The prevailing themes in APOCALYPSE CULTURE could be classified as conspiracy theory, paranoia, schizophrenia, apocalypticism, surrealism, ultra-anarchism, nihilism, libertarianism, anti-materialism, Luddite, anti-establishment, occultism, Satanic, and egotism.

    A number of the essays stood out. “Infernal Texts” is a collection of quotes from various sources about man’s total worthlessness and the need for a massive upheaval to eradicate the false social order that is now in place. “The Invisible War” by … La Vey is about how constant sensory bombardments upon human beings in the modern world constitutes a collective genocide against humanity. “The Cereal Box Conspiracy” details the negative effects of sugar breakfast cereal marketing towards children, how it takes advantages of their inner fears and sexual ambiguity. “From the Mark of the Beast to the Black Messiah Phenomenon” is about a Christian researcher’s theories as to who the antichrist is, and the antichrist will apparently be a black man who will be worshipped by Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and others the world over. “Eugenics: the Orphaned Science” presents the pro-eugenics position, and gives quotes of famous people who argued for improving the biological stock of mankind through selective breeding. “The Christian Right, Zionism and the Coming Penteholocaust” is an especially disturbing and interesting study examining the relationship between militant Israelis and their Christian fundamentalist supporters in the US. Their goal is a ‘Greater Israel’ in the Middle East with a rebuilt Temple and Jewish control of most of Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebannon. This is supposed to be a part of Biblical prophecy, according to the fundies, and it is necessary for this set up to occur before World War III begins and Christ can return. “Vengeance in Secret Societies” studies how secret societies in world history used violence and terrorism to further their political goals, starting with the Assassins in the Middles East during the time of the Muslim Caliphate. “The Call to Chaos” by James Shelby Downard is one of the most ???–huh things I’ve read–something about a magical bottle at the test site of the first nuclear bomb and it has something to do the the cabalistic/Masonic uniting of the mystical male and female sexual energies. Speaking of nukes, the last essay, “Meditations on the Atom and Time” will blow your mind as it relates how the nuclear bomb has achieved godlike status in our collective psyche.

    An important lesson to be learned from APOCALYPSE CULTURE considering the popularity of US meddling in Middle Eastern affairs today: “It is an ancient belief of black magic that manifesting the presence of the diety required sacrifice of human victims. It was also believed that the life energy of the victims would increase the potency and longevity of the sorcerer. A mass sacrifice might even confer enough energy to make the sorcerer immortal. Could this be the reason among the circles of the Christian Right, that the Penteholocaust, the sacrificial burning of death, will invoke Christ the vampire and render his disciples immortal.” ~~~

    Anton Lavey, Charles Manson and others in this realm have openly indicated the class-race war. There is no doubt the “silent war” has been the playing out of gonzo capitalism for the pleasure of the winners while the losers have continually been relegated to the planned “Welfare State”

    The Welfare State is one of both entitlement and marginalization. Designed to slowly develop over generations as to become a fixture in accepted status. As the divide as grown methodically both at home as well as other industrialized nations and emerging economies, it has created the silent ordnance, a powder keg needing only the right time and fuse to trigger what Manson. Lavey, the Beatles and other prophesized in books, essays, poems and song.



  9. Stockhausen — Hymnen HYMNEN COMP N22 Lesson one in bluebeam

  10. It strikes me as Obvious, and I must point out, that this entire facade, or edifice to be built/created by this clique of religionutz — is being built directly upon Destruction. One might call it Creative Destruction, but destruction none-the-less. So, to me, it is like this inhuman and totally bogus fiat debt concept. Get wealthy, build, grow, expand, based on never-ending exponential growth in debt. WTF? None of these maniacal plans have any staying power or longevity. Destruction in built into them. It IS their DNA.

    Anyways, you’d think this “flaw” would be obvious to the “creators”, backers, puppets, hangers-on, and such like, but evidently not. I suppose psychopaths can’t “get” that they and their thoughts and plans are chaotically, pathologically, and assuredly insane exercises in futility. In the end…all they do is destroy everything they touch. Maybe that’s why they’re so fucking mad? Nothing ever really works out for them in the long run. It’s guaranteed.

    • Libya before and after NATO-

      They started that destruction on Purim last year.

      And then there was 3/11/11..

      • I like Morris108. Plain talk.

  11. Saturday would be a 3/3/3 = 3/03/12.

  12. March 14-19 – NASA CLOCK 2012 50yr mark of nuclear-Transit 4A 1961. US Nuclear threat and foreign terror events possible.

  13. Lately many voices have been getting silenced in one way or the other. Judge Napolitano and Pat Buchanan both were fired recently. And now we have this very probable assassination. One would be far worse than naive to believe that governments don’t silence descent, and our government is not immune by a long stretch.

    So we know these things. We know that our government has morphed into what may be the biggest hypocritical government of all times. At least tyranny when practiced by North Korea is honest. They make no bones about silencing descent. They have no elections to rig.

    So we know we’re living a lie. That everything we have been lead to believe in, that the entire American Apple pie is rotten to the core. What are we going to do about it? After you get over the denial, the shock and anger, what do you do?

    Knowledge without action means nothing. Once you’ve accepted the truth of the situation going about life as though it were normal is henceforth impossible. Too bury yourself in denial is a form of insanity. One that many take, but popularity makes denial no less an insane option.

    Do I have any answers? None better than have already been expressed by those more note worthy than myself. I’d say call your so-called representatives. But with them being the ones overwhelmingly passing the DNAA, the Patriot Act, and calling for the opening of the hundreds of FEMA Concentration Camps, going to them for help is akin too looking to Bernie Madoff for investment advice. The same can be said for the so-called law-enforcement authorities and our propagandized media.

    Yes the shock of how far the corruption and lies go can drive a person into denial. What is taking place is insane. Those charged to represent us not only do not do so, but have turned themselves over to people that would do us harm.

    We now find ourselves in a situation where even the very job we hold is actually contributing to our own destruction. Working at a gas-station when we now know that “free energy” machines can be made cheaply now becomes abhorrent. And what kind of courage does it take to walk away from your job? I was told recently that you could make up to $10,000 a month hauling tankers out of the refineries in Louisiana and Texas. And even as bad off as I am right now, knowing what I know kept me from doing so, yet, I thought seriously about looking into this offer. But, what if I already had the job? Would I have the ability to quit if I had a mortgage and a family? If you work at Wal-Mart, or even in many cases of the medical profession, you’re contributing to your own, and mankind’s destruction. Many jobs are connected in one way or another to being a paddle in the boat that is heading for the falls. And even though we know that the captain of this boat is insane many don’t do what is absolutely necessary. Take your oar out of the water, knock the captain overboard and head for shore.

    It’s a crazy situation and one that doesn’t look to get any better anytime soon. It’s a fact that even in the best of circumstances when this system collapses that millions will die. Perhaps even billion. Or that we may not as a species survive at all. Nearly even aspect of our lives is stretched to the limit, and if anyone of them breaks we’re only 15-days away from cannibalism. And none of these things are a matter of “if” but “when?” When the monetary system collapses. When the food-chain breaks. When a pandemic is unleashed. When they start WWIII. All of these things are seemingly out of our control.

    And how many of us are fully prepared for a worst-case scenario? How many of us have underground shelters that could survive a biological war? How many of us have even the basics to survive the shelves going bare? During the days following Katrina people were killing over a bottle of water. How many even suspect that anything is wrong, and suffer from “normalcy bias” and simply believe things will keep on going as they have in the past? What happens when the lights go out? If an “electromagnetic storm” were to hit, which occurs about every 75 to 100-years, and knocks out even one portion of our electric-grid, and suddenly we have not only no power, no transportation, we have 100 Fukushima’s on our hands, with absolutely no way to stop the melt-downs, then what do we do?

    Do say the situation is dire is an understatement. Insane hardly comes close. But what do we do? I feel it’s in our power to turn this around. We got ourselves into this situation, so I have to believe we can get ourselves out of it, no matter how hopeless it may seem. The point is those of us that care enough have to do something. Each one of us have to make-up for what’s lacking. Every effort counts. I don’t know what those efforts are outside of the ones I’m taking from the knowledge I have gained. I know that as much as possible I have taken myself out of the game. If the others in this boat haven’t upped-oars, I’ve at least jumped-ship. If the powers-that-be kill someone that would tell the truth, than a hundred, or a thousand, or a million of us need to take their place. If they’re killing us all anyway with their corrupt system, what do we have too lose? And I can’t help but believe that once we reach that critical mass, that this madness would stop. And that mankind would have a chance too not only survive but thrive.

    • It’s good to read your words and your soul again Mr. M

      Thanks for them – you always touch me.

  14. Thanks M — Cheers!

  15. Great points Michael. You sum it up nicely. There’s no way to protect yourself from being a Breibart or a New Orleans victim. It all comes down to preparing your spiritual armour and facing it defiantly versus surrendering your pride and convictions.

    When you study the Russian, NAZI and other government killing citizens events, it is better to die in Tiananmen Square in the Gate of Heavenly Peace once than a thousand times in slavery.

    Side note:

    I quit watching sports, just for reasons like this. This is pathetic, especially for the people of New Orleans.

    • Yeah, the Saints aint so saintly after all.

      Like you I don’t give a fat-crap what sports team is doing what. When I do happen to watch a game, like most that have broken through the looking-class, all I do is decry the mind-control and morphing of the militarism of the entire event. Sex and violence. Big sellers.

      And of course this is the headline news now in the city. Stupidity is the target.

      I assume most of you have watched the documentary THRIVE. I thought it pretty well done. There were some significant points that I think could effect all of us in the near future.

      One being the inevitability of the release and knowledge of cheaply made “free energy” machines. There are several countries that are moving forward with this technology and once this Genie is out-of-the-bottle and gets widely known, short of them starting a world-war, I can’t see how the cretins can stop it. And this would blow-away their entire house of cards.

      I also was blown away myself on the segment about the crop-circles.

      The awakening is happening, but it is a race against very little time. There are so many things that we could be exploring. So many things that could be healed. So many discovers. So much joy to experience. I simply refuse to believe that it will all be snuffed-out by a portion of our species that lacks the human compassion to love.

      I want to stay around another 20-years or so if for no other reason to see how this all turns out. And who knows? By that time we may have the ability to live another 200-years. But if I don’t, if the butchers cut me down, at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing I went down swinging.

      Forgive my lingering on the subject of death, but I had another good friend pass this week. That makes four in 2-months. And all four of them were such unique individuals.

      His name was Charlie Smith and he was a one-of-a-kind. He was a lobbyist. And at one time was considered one of the most influential men in the state. I meet Charlie 35-years ago when he was selling his poetry in Jackson Square. There is a nice little write-up about him in the Hayride, if anyone cares to read about him. It hardly covers the many sides there were to this man. He truly was perhaps the best communicator I have ever meet. And as influential as he was, he was totally unassuming. An odd mixture of flamboyance and grace. And although we didn’t agree on all issues we were close friends. I was constantly trying to educate him to 9/11, but Charlie was so amerced in the political game he simply couldn’t break-through to the other side. I wanted so much to get him past his denial because of his influence with the power elites in the state. Hopefully he knows the truth now.

      • Thanks for your thoughts, Michael.

        “I want to stay around another 20-years or so if for no other reason to see how this all turns out ”

        That is the part that makes it so real and compelling, we have a stake in everything that ever was, small though we are as an individual microcosm of nature. To not talk about what we have learned, not even in our own circles like here at COTO, would be to miss alot of helpful insight or at least comfort. I get sidetracked with farm work sometimes and fall off pace but I’m still with yalls.

        . “The deeper you go, the higher you fly. “-The Beatles

      • Sorry for your loss Michael. I believe Charlie has found the answers now. He whispers “Michael was right”
        I have lost many in the last five years as well. Tis the Season it would seem.

        I think we all want to see the future. It’s revolving and tightening into a vortex of rapid happenings. Mary quotes a great point.

        We have no idea the expanse of this mystery but the yin yang is infinite and the more we peel the layers of the onion, the more tears we shed. But thats a small price for the truth in my opinion.

  16. And then…there was H.R. 347 making free speech a felony.

    [The three American patriots who should be honored and revered for holding fast in their sacred pledge to preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by voting Nay on H.R. 347 are Paul Broun (R-GA-10), Justin Amash (R-MI-3) and Ron Paul (R-TX-14). God and the American people thanks you.]

    My, how has the world spun? Those in the “know” have known these days would come. Now, WE have arrived at that predicted time. A time when your “conscience” should be listened to, as without it, you are lost. Delusions have taken hold upon humanity, and holding onto truth and “reality” (if you can find it / discern it) is a revolutionary act. The wise will know — the foolish and fooled will not understand. So it is, and has become…

    • Well, looks like I have to make-up some more arrest warrants for Vitter and Landrieu and go out and serve them. Not to mention the Congressmen that vote “ya.”

      Let me see if I can be the first one arrested for breaking this law. That would be cool. Maybe this is what I was born for? Too be the first arrested for breaking H.R.347. Really. That would be an honor.

      Okay! First thing Monday morning. I’ll start working on the arrest warrants now.

  17. So good to see you M 🙂 I agree with everything you’ve said in your comment above. I totally share your optimistic pessimism. In other words, no matter how dire things appear, don’t give up all hope as that’s what the “monsters” would like us to do. They want us all to just throw in the towel and say it’s hopeless and march dejectedly off to the camps whispering our prayers quietly in our heads as they subject us to god knows what.. Screw that! I’ve seen that movie and the ending sucks! We gotta go down fighting evil not submitting to it even if it kills us in the end and probably will.

    I have seen the trailer for “thrive” but when I went to watch it on youtube it had been taken down(copyright issues) which kinda bothers me considering it’s the proctor & gamble heir that produced it. But I hear it’s excellent so wtf.. You mentioned the crop circles which fascinate me too …. have for years. Anyway, I just ordered the dvd so that I can watch it and pass it around to others. Thanks for reminding me of another thing on my to do list.

    Take care you fellow loony toon 😉

    PS: Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I will read the article about him.

  18. Not to stir the pot but what do the other COTO think of this flap-

    • Wow Mar, thanks for posting, I just got online about an hour ago and haven’t seen this.

      Hmm, as I’ve posted on here already, something is just not sitting right with me regarding the Breitbart story. I can’t even decide if he’s really dead but I do know there’s more to this than meets the eye.

      Now this!? I don’t know what to think really. Jones has been accused of being Israel’s bitch for years. He RARELY says anything negative about Israel and when he does, he always phrases it in a way that excuses them by his explanation that all countries do nasty things too.

      Is this true or is this just another smear Alex Jones campaign by Jones haters? Who the hell knows? Like I said before…. I’m getting real sick and tired of trying to figure out all the spy vs spy convoluted plots.

      Ok, I’m off now to read more of this new wrinkle in the Breitbart mystery…..

      • The triple-cross is the hardest TRIAD to operate. It requires mind control for the administrators and handlers. Otherwise they would never know as well.

        It was a real problem in WWII. Had the Nazi’s perfected it, they’d have won the war for global domination. China may be the master of it now. North Korea is their laboratory.


    Shit hits the fan blog — suspended? Figures.

    Bummer…how will we know when the fan’s full of shit now? heh,heh.

  20. Mary, I am 50-50 on the lethal dose scale of Alex Jones. I personally feel the Israel thing puts too much focus on a group of people who are victims as we are in the eyes of the world.

    I would expect no sovereign victim of NATO not hating all of us. But the point of zionism as the focal point of the committee is sound. It’s just twisted to claim joos only as the Khazars and DNA has been moved around to every religious, ethnic and geopolitical center of the world.

    Jones’ luck to date is suspect. Like an artist, your work is really shit until your dead. I have to work in that model personally. What’s your spidey sense of it?


    “Is this getting too weird or what???

    Condolences to the family.



    It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Steve Bridges. His passing comes as a shock to all of us. The cause of death is not known at this time, but we will publish more information as it becomes available. Steve brought joy and laughter to millions and was a great inspiration to all who knew him. He will be sadly missed. Our prayers go to his family at this time”.

    • Holy crap… he’s dead??!~ I just posted on here and emailed a bunch of his skits out about a month or so ago……. WEIRD that they say cause of death “unknown”.

      There have always been presidential impersonators. Why would they feel the need to kill this one? (if that’s where we’re goin with this)

  22. See his impersonations of Clinton, Bush jr. at

  23. So we’ve got Holder stating his “purpose” about administration-sanctioned assassinations —

    Cannot any diabolical deed be “rationalized” with chicanery? Well then. Let us not confuse righteousness with evil…for either can be cast as the “other” depending on the castigation?

    Something has to give here; and it must accompany common sense. This double-mindedness dialectic is not confusing at all when you apply reason and common sense. It is seen simply as chicanery and obfuscation of “reason”. Drive a stake through the heart of this Evil, for it is a Plague upon mankind.

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