Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 27, 2012

Wikileaks, Stratfor ‘Shadow CIA’ emails

WikiLeaks releases first 200 of 5m Stratfor emails

WikiLeaks has released the first 200 of a cache of 5m emails obtained from the servers of Stratfor, a US-based intelligence firm. The emails originated not

The Guardian

WikiLeaks Releases –

“On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.”



  1. I have VERY good information this was a contract job. The mission was
    contracted by the MOSSAD. In essence, subbed out under contract. The
    last few hits have been subbed out. I also have VERY good information
    that the Iranian physicist hit was also a subbed out job. More in
    person at the T meeting Tuesday, can’t put anything in writing.

    Sean Noonan wrote:
    > Ah, that makes more sense. That daily mail story was pretty sensationalized.
    > Looks like Melman is doing his job. I enjoyed his article on the matter:
    > Fred Burton wrote:
    >> No, I made no statement. Forwarded Yossi the link to the story and that
    >> was his response.
    >> Sean Noonan wrote:
    >>> Was your statement that the arrest was over the Dubai murder? Brodsky is
    >>> wanted for the passport issue. The Sherrif of Dubai, Lt. Gen. Dhahi
    >>> Khalfan Tamim (remember him?), has said they have no interest in the
    >>> suspect unless directly linked to the murders themselves.

  2. Re: OBL take — quick response needed

    Sam Kent & Halliburton

    Re: [alpha] sourcing insight

    Re: INSIGHT – VENEZUELA – Update on Chavez’s health, power struggle, etc. – VZ302

    New-tern Info…

    Hey new-tern Robert…

    Here are a few things you’ll need like an FSU sweep list, & the GV client list… also below is the list of readings for you to start on. I’m sure you’ve read some of these, but it is the comprehensive Eurasia list to make sure you’re drinking the same Kool-aid as us 😉

  3. Sweden
    WikiLeaks smear effort to reveal Bildt as US ‘spy’

  4. Re: [CT] INSIGHT – Mexico – ICE Hit – US706 [Los Zeta-Cartel]

    “As the ICE agent who survived begins to provide more details, the tactical operation and motive of the attack will become clearer. Still, we are left with the question of why the gunmen did not kill both men, not leaving any witnesses if they did know the two men were U.S. agents. However, this insight from well-placed U.S. federal security sources indicates that the agents may have been targeted because of their status as U.S. federal agents, a possibility which we are continuing to explore.”

  5. Brazil
    CONFED REMINDER – Brazil Wish List



    Chevron: Short-Term Options Play With 130% Potential Profit


    “This is why you’ll see Chavez investing a lot of time and money in
    developing the militia. They’re his best insurance policy. The more of a problem the militia can create on the streets, the more the military elite will hestiate before acting against him or his potential

    The intent of the ley de precios is very simple. The money laundering schemes in food, pharmaceuticals, energy parts, etc. etc. have gotten worse./ Completely unchecked. This price controls law is the government’s way of controlling opposition campaign spending. Very straightforward – they have the legal justification to intimidate corporations into cutting back their support for the opposition, or else, their company is taken over. This will allow the state more control of the private sector.

    (side note) – we were talking a bit about a recent PdVSA-Iran joint
    venture. They shifted their main base of operations from Caracas to
    Ankara, though. This has become a trend lately, where a lot of Iran’s sanctions circumventing oeprations in VZ are quietly being relocated to Turkey. Part of Turkey’s balancing act with Iran.

    these were the main points. will update with more..little fuzzy from
    wine right now.”


    ETA – Euskadi Ta Askatasuna


    Re: Insight–for internal use only–On pain of agony

    Kissinger believes that the Israelis are in a panic and will attack Iran. Erdogan has made it clear to him that he plans to break with Israel at some point and reorient toward the Islamic world. He intends to be their leader. Paul Volcker regards the Greek crisis as potentially a mortal blow for the EU. He would like to see an IMF tranche. He also said that Nicholas Brady is behind both this and the Volcker principles Obama adopted. When I asked Brady how he expects to get the the U.S. to go along with an IMF bailout, he shrugged and said they won’t, but that’s the only choice. Volcker is now doubtful the Euro can survive. Brady is convinced it will. Kissinger thinks Volcker and Brady are missing the real crisis which is in Iran and potentially Russia. Volcker also says that the Bank of England and the French will go along with the Volcker rules on an international basis–that is returning to a variety of Glass-Steagal. The Japanese will do whatever is said, and in Germany only Deutsche Bank really makes decisions. Sarkozy told him he would come in. So there may be an international convention on restructuring banks under way–Volcker is pretty careful in what he says and doesn’t promote himself more than the average bear, so this may be the case. Nick Brady thinks so too.
    Total confusion on situation in China, but more on Obama. They don’t understand who is running China policy. The decision to meet with the Dalia Lama strikes them as particularly bizarre. But China is the least of the discussion. It is about Greece and Iran. China is kind of an afterthought.
    I asked Tim Reed who ran Resolution Trust Corporation during the S&L crisis under Nick Brady whether a new RTC would have been better as a supplement to TARP and he agreed but said that Paulsen was so panicked he wasn’t thinking and Bernaecke and he were just responding.
    One sense I’m getting here is that the American elite, along with Europe’s, China’s and just about everyone but Russia’s his suffering from three problems: First, none are really aware of the political pressures on other elites. Second, they completely misunderstand the alienation of the publics, three, except for Volcker, they think this can be handled by the elites among themselves. We have a crisis of the elites, in my view.
    I get to hold forth in an hour or so, and I’m going to argue that Iran is going out of control because of the elite crisis. No decision making is going on and the decisions that are being made won’t be supported in the public. The only country that is acting decisively and can do so is Russia.
    This is for our own internal use. This must not be published or discussed outside Stratfor.

    George Friedman
    Founder and CEO


    “Documents released by Wikileaks on Sunday also include a purported memo from Friedman to his staff detailing how Stratfor was partnering with a Goldman Sachs veteran, Shea Morenz, to create its own hedge fund.”

    List of documents > Release Stratfor Hedge Fund Entity – StratCap

  10. Keeping an eye on the 40th (+-1)

    A home-grown staged event will rival Columbine and Virginia Tech and will occur in a northern midwest state and it will elevate the small arms treaty and gun control campaigns to new levels of unconstitutional activity never seen before. Zionists nationwide will condemn the constitution and admitting call for its transition to a world constitution being crafted in the UN complex since 1999.[mk]

    Chardon Ohio 41° 34′ 45″ N, 81° 12′ 16″ W

    Columbine 39° 35′ 59″ N, 105° 0′ 39″ W

    This should be one of three. Others will be in one of these US cities. Thay may also be locations for siesmic or lone wolf events

    39°59′N 82°59′W Columbus, Ohio United States
    39°57′N 75°10′W Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
    39°46′N 86°09′W Indianapolis, Indiana United States
    39°45′N 104°59′W Denver, Colorado United States
    39°31′N 119°49′W Reno, Nevada United States
    39°17′N 76°37′W Baltimore, Maryland United States
    40°48′N 96°40′W Lincoln, Nebraska United States
    40°45′N 111°53′W Salt Lake City, Utah United States
    40°43′N 74°00′W New York, New York United States
    40°27′N 80°00′W Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States
    40°13′N 74°45′W Trenton, New Jersey United States
    41°50′N 87°39′W Chicago, Illinois United States
    41°49′N 71°25′W Providence, Rhode Island United States
    41°45′N 72°41′W Hartford, Connecticut United States
    41°35′N 93°37′W Des Moines, Iowa United States
    41°08′N 104°48′W Cheyenne, Wyoming United States

    HAARP, Siesmic or terror event locations worldwide

    39°54′N 116°23′E Beijing People’s Republic of China
    39°52′N 32°52′E Ankara Turkey
    39°29′N 0°22′W Valencia, Valencian Community Spain
    40°38′N 22°57′E Thessaloniki Greece
    40°23’N 3°43′W Madrid, Madrid Spain
    40°20′N 29°08′E Bursa Turkey
    41°54′N 12°29′E Rome Italy
    41°54′N 12°27′E Vatican City Vatican City
    41°48′N 129°47′0″E Chongjin North Korea
    41°48′N 123°25′E Shenyang, Liaoning People’s Republic of China
    41°43′N 44°47′E Tbilisi Georgia
    41°39′N 0°53′W Zaragoza, Aragon Spain
    41°23′N 2º11′E Barcelona, Catalonia Spain
    41°03′N 28°98′E Istanbul Turkey

    Statue of Liberty NY NY – black swan – terror event
    Clinton Nuclear Generating Station Clinton IL – grid/quake
    Thessaloniki Greece – civil/military action
    Madrid Spain – terror explosion
    Al Qamishli Syria – staged terror massacre

    Olympic Park London – EMP
    Gansu Pr China – Earthquake
    Central Chile – Earthquake
    Melbourne AU – Fire Disaster

  11. A Great Unveiling is at hand. Is it not? The panopticon begins to twirl like a kaleidoscopic, and we see inside glimpses becoming clearer and clearer, of the machinations behind this fraudulent system. Yes, Apocalypse is here like a hurricane.

  12. I’ve concluded there are two parallel waves. Holyrood and Holyshit.

    The streepsheeple float in this blissful FM while COTO travels the AM wave constantly reeling to the changes and terrain. Though the Oscar Mayers are transmitting in sirius the Grundigs just mozy through the chaos with no static at all.

    The oscar goes to Obama for his performance as a Christian in Judas II, “The Apologist”

  13. “The oscar goes to Obama for his performance as a Christian in Judas II, “The Apologist”~Puddy

    I’m sure his acceptance speech will be…uh…memorable…he he

  14. THEY crowned him “prince of peace”. Soon thereafter he went on the warpath. The double-mindedness is Obvious to tens of millions around the world. “Oh, you’re sending in the drones, military, and materiel for ‘peace-keeping’ purposes?!” Thanks for straightening that out.

    Next model in line for the vaunted “prince of peace” prize is none other than a certain Mr. Bill Clinton. The arrogant insanity of these nimrods is breathtaking to behold! No matter. Justice will surely get ’round to it’s cleansing work.

  15. Bill Maher and the big money people are coming forward to bankroll the Transformation.

    FACT: The change will happen in his next four years.

    Hillary Clinton smells blood in the water and can barely contain herself. She now blurts out the winners of ‘Tragedy and Hope’

    There’s no doubt now. London will bring down the EU and Obama the US. Canada, Australia, Japan have no choice.

    The activists from any camp thinking they can stop, let alone, alter this juggernaut are friggin dreaming. If you have ever felt ‘shut down’ in your life, this will exceed that state of mind by a reality of complete paralysis.

  16. Hillary? Do you have to blaspheme?

    So what do you suggest?

    • I suggest a stiff drink and a hardy guffaw – a middle finger in the air to let it stick in their craw.
      And when you finish doing that…
      Sing to the dog and radiate the cat.

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