Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 25, 2012

EVAN: No Batteries Required

Happy belated Presidents Day.

Yes, thank you. Belated is always a joy when in the distortion of finite minority time.

I was getting messages all day. Massive energy.

It was debilitating wasn’t it?

Killer. I laid in the Faraday for much of the night. I had the same issue the last two days as well. I can hardly handle the force needed to reject this assault.

The transmissions from the minority AV are way up. The angles powering are at maximum and there is an indication that the unified field is driving the massive energy flux. You’ve likely been sick or at maximum stress for the entire month. You were on target with F-Wave M-Response. You can feel the gravitational effects and the weaker interactions. While the EM and ionizing radiation is ramped up, the frequencies of the audio-visual variety are there as well. It’s a symbiotic benefit for the ruling minority. I see gravitational disorientation, strange sounds, EM pulses, plasma phenomenon and other atmospheric testing.

I expected such and what we see in Syria, Eurozone alpha-beta, stock market waves, doomsday prepper forces, election Hertz, war drum beats, Fear frequencies are extreme and add all the superficial artifact like Oscars and nike bluebeam. What a joke. “Just kill it.”  I remember the Nike 1990 frequency when energies were actually forces to kill. “Just do it?” Sure. It can. Even the weaker forces added to the stronger EM variety can move the majority to such extremes. Blacks were killing each other for jackets and shoes. How sad were those events? Now the race , Islamic and pro-life frequencies are peaking for election cycles. It’s all about the energy this year. One, who owns what, two, who controls it and three, how will it be used to affect ‘The Agenda.’

Al Gore used it. Global Warming CO2 , Carbon 12, 13 and 14 are a matter of electron ejection, EMR, ionizing solar trends, deforestation and all technology involving magnetic interference and the anthropological effects may represent as little as the 0.03% of the increases they publish and transmit. The Global warming aka climate change aka agenda 21 and 22 are just a deeper single frequency designed in the equation of the final solution. The energy is plus or minus. From the fossils to to the green, the Dow to the Carbon Exchange, the EMP and EnMod,  like a Lorenz model in chaos, they have an order for the three. It’s an order of geo-political, financial and sustainability in a timed sequence of unforseen events. Your black swans are white.

Genesis 6. Full Spectrum Control of all energy atomic and subatomic, renewable and non-renewable They’ll giveth and taketh away. Like Japan, Fukushima, there was a specific reason at the top of the triad that has never really been identified.  When the big blue omnibus of  Mind, Body and Soul is unleashed, the Japanese may have had the benefit of certain dietary benefits which needed addressing by the triad or tetrad of nuclear meltdowns as in the Laboratory frame of another planned event.

They pretty much have the market on the human energy. What percentage of the mass of humanity is not directly wired into the grid? It clearly from the proportional perspective confirms each cycle you are less free from the grid than you were in the previous cycle. What the technocracy takes is the fruits of your kinetic energy and replace it with forces that deplete your potential energy reserves. This is no different from any other non-renewable source. They profit, you just exist or sustain or perish.

Sustainability. I hate that word. It’s limited, finite, ambiguously false in the agenda context to resources in nature and those in the paradigm of the alchemists. Zero point is not only the most powerful state of being from a personal unified field but it is exponentially increased in a communal or tribal complex. Obviously the network they have created is not only a fabrication in itself but the validity of the complex and the organism itself may be a fabrication. This is where the EM, AV grid excels in deception and distortion. What is seen and heard on the grid emits electromagnetic waves unlike human speech and action which emit none.

This smog and pollution is the largest health issue for human physio-psycho health. Along with ionizing radiation GMO, vitamin and mineral deficiency the CO2 issue isn’t even in the same class of magnitude. Who the hell cares if the oceans and temperatures rise. You gave the quote recently from Catch 22, a dead man cares not who wins the war.

That’s right. That’s the context of quote for myself. I do not care any longer about the inevitable. It cannot happen fast enough for me. This form I reside in is a meaningless vessel like the USS Enterprise which is making it’s round as a casus belli for WW III. Though the vessel is being decommissioned, the nuclear cores will live on. Fukushima will live on, so shall I, as will you my friend.

Regardless, no one plans for it. No one expects it. Preparation is mostly about the psychological effects. Death or a major transition to a life of disease are real now. The facts and data support exponential increases in cancer, brain diseases , diabetes and organ failure.  So you think that’s the casus fortuitus for acceleration to forced world war?

I think it’s deflection for bluebeam and the current G^6 agenda. It’s a triad for economic collapse and global financial remodelling. A triad always has three benefits. The second is the distraction off the final objectors to One World Order. Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and the remaining Africom. Russia and China are just playing the part of decoy. The third is the black and blue of oil and gas, the artificial and fabricated oil price redistribution of wealth in supply demand that Saudi Arabia and other producers in OPEC pull every cycle. Libya was the same, Kuwait, UAE and the whole lot.

The financial collapse comes first followed by another false flag and big payday. I think it will be an EMP that blows the grid in major sectors. Though the COG operations will never be damaged, the infrastructure for us will be devastating. After the financial tanking, the minority bankers and insiders will be all over the tech stocks for the companies needed to replace the infrastructure. Hardware, Software, Networking, chip processors, transformers, smart grid and communications companies will excel through this time. Why did J.P. Morgan buy all the copper?  Why is Silver the best buy now?  That’s my tip this year. The hell with my Superbowl prediction.

Again the triad will have the benefits and solve the problem. It will further weaken the US sovereignty, opening the door for martial law, open possible foreign agendas or alien intelligence agenda for global governance, provide newer and advance panopticon and surveillance technologies in the replacement process and create another huge redistribution of wealth. The usual R.O.W. where we are poorer and they are richer. No one went to prison for short selling airline stock and they will not for long buying. Unlike the carbon market, this one can’t miss. And you should always assume no bid contracts, insider trading and congressional tipping to insure cooperation for four more years.

That appears like a sound theory. It matches previous cycles doesn’t it? I’ll make this observation. You can find conflicting information and opinion on whether war is good or bad for the economy. The people suffer, austerity, higher prices, shortages and death while the corporates and their financiers flourish. Therefore the markets are benefited. The military market thrives and even segments of the people may benefit. If the reality of the long war was really known it would become clear that the economy does not benefit from war except those in the 1%. If your economy is run on Pepsi and WMD, you are eventually going to have to face the logical fallacy. WW II was the example of this fallacy. It was the fabricated effort of a long depression cycling. The long war has no financial recovery, just the final redistribution before the cashless global economy is realized and then the left right paradigm changes for good.

The final transformation of the six transitions. The abolishing of personal property, inheritance, family, liberty, sovereignty and religion in exchange for safety, technology, free wifi, GMO, free health care death panels, total surveillance, sterility in forced contraception, carbon taxes and all the hope you carry. Such a deal! Or if you are insane you can opt out of the reality of OWO. Defiance is freedom, zero point is inevitable at some point. It’s a mystery how long the plebes will accept the mark of the technocracy until the truth of the Meritocracy and the intentional farming of the class of dumbed down depowered drones who occasionally get to run the gauntlet for a pair of Nike Foamposites comes fruition. 

This is just the anthropological realities of this physical world Dunne. These on both ends of the spectrums are what they were meant to be. If they pass the zero point for a pair of sneakers or a place in the void where the minority dwell, then it is meant to be. You have to view both as tragedy. Neither can be or should be hated or despised, when you have been given the power to make the connection. COTO and other truth seekers should continue to preach the knowledge, defy the angles, expose the distortion and dangers, build consensus on the common denominators. The fractals and chaos are your friends and their power, controls and order are the effort to reduce you to the predictable.

It may be hard to get COTO and others beyond the hatred for these criminals and death administrators even though they may be under the same type of manipulation and forces as the sheeple. I have hated them for years.

Don’t get me wrong. The hatred is natural. You may hate the message or frequency but not the messenger. You also may take into consideration that they are empowered by it. That would make a difference would it not?

For me it would. I’d rather make them irrelevant, tokens and patsies. Ridicule and exposure of policy, action or statements by exposing the truth or purpose should piss them off sufficiently when defiance is included. Knowledge and the conspiracy word really makes them angry and energetic.

Indeed it does. If you are forced to continue to pay the taxes to them for your own funeral. Make them spend it elsewhere whenever you can. That pisses them off as well. They think it belongs to them and they treat it like it’s theirs. Their ego’s are no different. Irreverence and irrelevancy are as damaging as anything to egos. Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Make them fear you.

That’s a great quote. Who said it?

Ha! Yoda, I think.

That’s typical. It wasn’t a politician or leader.

No but it is about the dark side. Close enough.



  1. I was just over reading some Truth Fare at . There is much to digest in the Financial, Economic War, Financial Survival, etc. columns. Pretty stark picture, quite accurate, splits the seams and exposes the nasty looking varicose veins of the naked scammers preying upon humanity. Who can stop the rain?

    • I had no idea they were running Doomsday Prep programs all over. SOmeones cashing in on that. Look for the timeline historical heuristics graphs and charts. Who’s seeing the trend reversed in economic terms.

      Are they really underestimating the G20. What was the Bilberberg decision on the euro? Was it really discussed in 1954?

  2. A 12 part video series (they’re not long) on Khazarian history, coming up to the present. Skimming through, and stopping at places that grab your interest and eye (for instance, Bush Jr. AND Obama wearing yarmulkas and praying at the Wailing Wall? What? Hmmm…) will raise your eyebrows and intelligence factor. Starts off dry in parts 1 & 2, then gets really juicy from 3-5, including snippets on 9/11. A Conspiracy? Noooo, really? They wouldn’t? Could They? One must judge for themselves. Mind Control raises its ugly skeleton head as well. How’d we get Here? Where WE ARE right now? Connect the dots, smell the bloody trail. Found this initially at Vatic’s blog. I’m only through the 5th vid, and it moved me to post this.

    Starting Point:

    • Ask yourself why the DOW is cruising to 14k. Why all the Reagan and Kennedy issues are on the top of the charts?

      Obama and the tetrad. Universal catalysm in a black swan scenario. That’s the Soros plan. False Flag for the Blue team and the chance to kill the Soros plan.

      From Israel to Japan, the paybacks are a bitch. The reds are vicious and the liberal mercenaries have no empathy simpatico. Just the philosophy of global elitism.

      The blue team will start with the oil to counter the market surge. Red counters with going into reserves. Blue counters with false flag, while red counters with black swan. Several back and forth until the election proves blue is unelectable.

      Then the game changes dramatically. The paradigm change is realized after the financial collapse. I’ll predict a final DOW of 3k before it disappears for good. un-Real Estate. The ultimate winners of the games for this opympiad will be driven from the UN. The new leaders are unknowns, the unelectables but at that point it’s not a vote.

      When looking at the national debt, look at the public and private. private debt in the Governments business (14tr) and Public debt (40tr) and realize that public debt is foreign owned banks central to the IMF and World Bank. Past the point of no return is the thing you do not hear on MSM fr.

      Remember the Mafia works in the gov. judicial, exec, legis and private sector. Either party can achieve the same result/goal through different and undetectable conspiracy. It’s only as the cycle tightens and quickens that the obvious becomes mor apparent.

      The appearance of opposition, hatred and warring between the teams is always amplified when the goal is is in sight. A thinking person who reads can easily see that the blue team has prospered more thru Obama than Bushkin and the people in the dark still cling to one or the other who care nothing for their affiliation beyond the energy and force they use to power the transformation.

      The only chance we have is that of the resistor(er) in the mechanism. Power up and store it, folks as we will need all of it.

  3. Where is everybody? I hope you are watching these vids — because your future may depend on your knowledge of who is your foe. Certainly, the world’s children’s lives will depend on their ability to isolate “friend” from “foe”. So it goes…

    • I’m watching… 🙂 Thanks for posting it.

      I’m on video #7…so far my intuition combined with my ability to still (somewhat) criticaly think, informs me that a lot of truth is available within this series.

      Does anyone know of links to Egypt and the Khazars?

      • Habirus becomes Hebrews?

        It was Moses who came back from Egypt and killed thousands of Canaanites, many of them his relatives by intermarriage. This return to Palestine of the Habiru National establishes the Mosaic Law or Second Law of Deuteronomy, based on theft, plunder and homicide. This is the legal basis they are claiming for Israhell. Some scholars believe these people worship Sirius not Sun. Sometimes it is Saturn or Satan they infer.

        The first law was peace, brotherhood and divine fulfillment. It was sun worship as the source of nature’s ‘money’ the food.

        After the Pharisees and the dispersion and the boot from Spain around 1500, some of the chosen people got back into England in the 1600s with Cromwell. Meanwhile the Khazars simmered revenge on the Christlike heathen brotherhood back there in the Caucasus. From Canaan to Khazaria, there is a racial break but the Khazars were Deuteronomists who maintained the schizophrenic discipline. They tended to mind control their jews in ghettos in Eastern Europe. Alot of them migrated to the US in the late 1800’s to set up American operations for Habiru National which they sealed with the Federal Reserve Act beginning the era of World War, taxation, Communist revolution, and zionist hegemonic strategy. This is the shit Albert Pike was talking about comin down maybe on Purim. You might have heard that the Bolsheviks were jews from New York…these are the Khazars who venged themselves on the Russian people, Christianity, and the Tzar, who had been remarkably fair with jews in Russia. Well, we have been remarkably way past fair with talmudism here in America, letting it take the keys to the vault in 1913. And look what we got with this phony 9/11 Deuteronomy terror war targeting Islamic lands for the jewish state. COTO knows from the airbrushed Mossad vans who did 9/11. Dancing Isaelis, indeed.

        • Thank you Mary. I appreciate the info.

          Viva COTO…may it grow exponentially.

          And to the COL:

          You are forever accountable to the
          TRUTH whether you face it or not.

    • You’re right Boomer, this is the crux issue today. Thanks for posting this video. I hope someday to see zionism arrested. Like the torah jews in the video said, Israel should not even exist, it has no legal title to more than seven per cent of the land in Palestine as far as the records show. After Deir Yassin, 9/11, we are sick of zionism.

      I recall that right after the killings on the Marmara, Rob Kall back at OEN wrote an editorial proclaiming he was a zionist! Can you figure out why 9/11 truth got marginalized and the crew booted now kids? The funny thing is Kall never booted me, even though I always openly felt free to talk about judaism.

      You really cannot argue with mind controlled people though.

    • I watch these things from the sidelines, probably like many. I can scarce comment on things i am still trying to figure out. Here’s a for instance, and by coincidence, it was on the link at the end of the video you posted…!

      My question is this… what is the deal with Ahmadinejad? We get shown pictures of him making the baphomet hand signal and get told he is part of the NWO, but every time i hear him speak, i hear the voice of humanity? What’s the COTO take on it?

  4. “We who are about to fly dilute thee.”~Spartigass


    • Wise words from Spartigass. Before we leave, remember,

      Diaper backward spells Repaid. Think about it. ~ Marshall McLuhan

      We can affect a change and leave their spoils for naked truth.

  5. word I hear is watch out for the date of Purim.
    also a CME event on the 24th feb is due to hit earth approx 26th.
    I have noted radio drop out yesterday and raging headaches- sudden swing from reasonable temp to 38C again also. barometers crazy down here.
    also noted Dow hit highest in bloody ages,
    precursor to a huge fall coming right up folks. theyve suckered the mugs in and now will profit take and leave em holding empty bags.
    I dont Hate the scum on top as much as loathe em.
    and find them peurile and stupid if they think they can win over the billions.
    we may take some shit, but we sure can also give it back:-)
    its the little things that count, non compliance takes their time and effort, a lot of little non compliants makes a major situation for them.
    dont buy their wares or memes.
    block snoopware and avoid windows 8 and android.
    back to basics 🙂
    dont give em any info, thats what they use to entrap.

    • Thanks for confirming Laurel. It’s bizarre that others are not feeling the same. I don’t know whether to be concerned for those not caught in the enormity of the scalars right at this time. I personally am most acceptible to the suffering I have had since the change and can confirm that it is accelerating.

      What is outside the the realms may be debatable but from my perspective the zombie arguments inside the realm is undebatable. Those without the consciousness must be operating in the void or shadows are feeling nothing or experiencing no phenomenon.

      Whether their physical involvement with the alchemical properties of mind control or the total obfuscating of their senses for some reason, there are so many strange occurences happening to the collective as if being exploded at the same time the world is imploding.

      Awakening may be true for some, but others may going into the realm of total zombism as well. Reverse social engineering, post-industrial concept attached to a genetic-technological leap while the majority in the pool are asleep at the mercy of the currents.

  6. ps puddy.
    where? did you get that version of rockabye?

  7. Mind controlled indeed. There’s no doubt anymore as to the nature of the game and what’s in a name. APOPHIS, the chaos of
    ZION-THE PRIEURÉ DE SION Eater-up of Souls. The latter day Rosy Croix and Freemasons. From the first crusades to date these truths are revealed by numerology.

    All the planets repesent worship for these klans. Whether Orisis or Sirius they have their purpose and trajectory. What happens in NASA time is a point in minority time here on the Cartesian anxiety grid.

    The war on the body rages unceasingly, while the mind remains imprisoned. Never has a thing been tortured to the degree of the consciousness by the Grand Masters. The lingoloids and EM controllers can attack the body and mind but they can’t kill the soul.

    Best we learn to travel to zero point and leave the body and brain to the worms, to the vultures.

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