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9/11, The argument rages

“[1] The FDNY is not in your “truth movement,” [2] and they disagree with your “piddly little ‘Office Furnishings Fires’” crap, as do the videos and other eyewitness accounts. [3] Are all of them in on the plot too, along with 200+ NIST engineers and countless others? [4] You have no evidence except for a column cut with an oxyacetylene torch, [5] no perp or plausible motive, so you resort to misrepresenting the owner’s PBS statement, [6] and secretly blowing up hi-rises in Manhattan is so absurd that it’s beyond impossible.”~Albury Smith, government stooge
Here we have a quick procession of 6 separate points in one single paragraph, mixing a blend of contexts and blurring it all together as if it actually makes sense as a whole.
To address these 6 points:
[1] The FDNY is not in your “truth movement,”
What is the context for the use of the term, FDNY {New York Fire Department}?
Agent Smith seems to mean the official organ itself. But in a larger context the “fire department” is composed of thousands of individuals that may have such a variance of opinions as to make the assertion that they have no sympathies, spoken or reserved as to the veracity of the official story, that such an assertion becomes an example of a sub set of Argumentum ad Numerum. This fallacy occurs any time the sheer numbers of people who agree to something is used as a reason to get you to agree to it. As it is used here, these “sheer numbers” have no statistical proofs, and one is left to assume that all of the members of the fire department toe to the official story line. Thus the logical fallacy.
As to the FDNY itself as a department of the New York City government, there is a conflict of interest, as it cannot officially disagree with the employer due to complex and powerful political considerations. The FDNY then, is part of the structure of the system of authority being appealed to in Agent Smith’s argument. This argument is a proclamation that it is proper for an authority to police itself. As is shown and will be showing, there is evidence that destroys the official story, which means that at some higher level at the interface between the FDNY and the political apparatus of the city government there are indeed those willfully covering up the truth.
This then introduces us to the issue of “peer pressure” and the tacit ‘conspiracy of silence’ from the fear of loosing ones personal livelihood. It is well known that there were implicit gag orders put upon the members of the fire department and other first responders in the aftermath of the event.
But the peer pressure assumes itself in most instances simply do to the assumption of a ‘standard line’ being taken from the top authorities. Some testimonies taken of the first responders have such dialog as, “well, at first I thought I had heard a bomb go off. But now I realise it must have been other concussion sounds in the collapse…”
It is rare in such institutions for someone to insist on being the ‘odd-man-out’, or to speak up and become the dreaded ‘whistleblower’. Most people have a very well taught understanding of the personal troubles that can ensue if one does not ‘go along to get along’. Culturally this is one of the strongest lessons one learns in life.
This is a mixed conundrum of assertions. As illustrated in the discussion of [1], the “they” who “disagree” are an unknown quantity. That the official stance of the NYFD would certainly qualify as “they” who “disagree”, their veracity is in question for the reasons stated above.
2] “and they disagree with your “piddly little ‘Office Furnishings Fires’” crap, as do the videos and other eyewitness accounts.”
As for the “videos and other eyewitness accounts,” this is an assertion based on a cherry picked selection of videos and eyewitness accounts. Taken as a whole, all of the videos and eyewitness accounts shows there is a controversy presented, that when taken together shows evidence that overwhelms the accounts chosen by Agent Smith and the sources he relies upon.
[3] “Are all of them in on the plot too, along with 200+ NIST engineers and countless others?”
This rhetorical question falls squarely into the class of ‘Argumentum ad Numerum’. Plus it asserts the false assumption that “all of them” have any knowledge beyond their particular job description that would give them the perspective of the higher authorities for whom they work. This is one of the attributes of a technological system based on compartmentalization of knowledge and access to it. This is very much the same sort of system of hierarchy used in the military and the system of “the need to know”. If it is outside of ones department there is no compelling ‘need to know’ and such knowledge is considered a ‘distraction’ from the subject’s job description. The same sorts of penalties are implied here as in the situation of not ‘going along to get along’. This is all well understood within a corporatist system, whether articulated within this context or not.
So, essentially Number 3 is a rhetorical trick of inserting cognitive dissonance into the argument.
[4] “You have no evidence except for a column cut with an oxyacetylene torch..”
This assertion is directly contradicted by the prior FEMA report:
The FEMA report, in an appendix written by three professors at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. This appendix reported that a piece of steel from WTC 7 had melted so severely that it had gaping holes in it, making it look like a piece of Swiss cheese.
When asked whether it had carried out tests for explosives on 911, NIST said it had not. When a reporter asked NIST spokesman Michael Newman why not, he replied:
Because there was no evidence of that.”
When the reporter asked the obvious follow-up question, “How can you know there’s no evidence if you don’t look for it first?”
Newman replied: “If you’re looking for something that isn’t there, you’re wasting your time . . . and the taxpayers’ money.”
This argument put forth by Newman is not only circular logical fallacy , it is obviously disingenuous and a willful lie. It is pure propaganda.
What explains the chemical evidence of thermite, an incendiary material found on the ends of steel beams and in the leftover dust? FEMA documented in Appendix C of its BPAT Report “evidence of a severe high temperature corrosion attack on the steel, including oxidation and sulfidation with subsequent intergranular melting.” This is clearly not a feature of gravitational collapse, or of hydrocarbon fuel or office fires. NIST summarily dismissed this key evidence when they took over the investigation.
[5] “no perp or plausible motive, so you resort to misrepresenting the owner’s PBS statement,”
This is a reference to Larry Silverstein the owner of WTC 7 who declared intention to ‘PULL it” on an interview on PBS. The controversy over this statement has run deep, but the simple assertion that Agent Smith’s opponent in the debate this dialog is drawn from is a ‘misrepresentation’ is a bold one – which must ignore very clear common usages of syntax and twist them into strange forms to deny that Silverstein did say what he said in clear language. Claiming it has been ‘misrepresented’ is the actual stretch in interpretation.


  1. You can expect HybridRogue1 to lambast this twisted Smith’s foul spewings. I don’t even like to waste time on this Obvious shillshyster. As with all other toilet bowl leavings of this asshole, I dispose of them quickly and efficiently — Flush em! Sometimes, it takes 2 or 3 flushes to disappear the doo, but its gotta go…

    • Thanks Veritible1 for posting.

      Let me explain to the others that I sent this to Veri to post on C1, on the actual thread where Smith posted this nonsense. But Veri said, he couldn’t get the page to come up. So he posted here.

      There is a fellow named Roger Morris arguing with Smith, who has really taken him to task and given Smith the opportunity to write this garbage, and has made counter arguments to Smith that highlight the truth that leads Smith, into more and more absurd arguments.

      Watching this, I thought it would be beneficial to offer an epistemic argument based on deconstruction of framing.

      This might be seen as COTO 101 over here, but at ragmop’s site, there is no one minding the store.

  2. Well, this is from a larger essay I am writing dealing with issues of language and propaganda.

    This is just part of a larger section dealing with ‘Appeal to Authority’


    “If it’s not in the 9/11 Commission Report or NIST or ASCE, it’s not part of the official story. If it’s not part of the official story it must be wrong.”~First stage in the assumption of an appeal to authority.


    I have since, added to where the above left off:

    This should now be addressed with some care.
    Exact quotation:

    “I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.”~Larry Silverstein

    Agent Smith has made the argument {with myself personally} that the “they” in the last sentence of Silverstein’s statement is “obviously” the NYPD. I have already addressed the contextual problems of this argument in my previous remarks. But would further point out that the only people identified positively in this phone conversation is Mr. Silverstein himself, and the fire department commander. The fire department commander may indeed ‘represent’ the NYPD as a top official, but it does not identify who the “they” were who “made that decision to pull”. Who was involved in this decision other than the commander and Mr. Silverstein?

    We surely aren’t being led to believe here that a consensus was drawn from all of the firefighters in NYPD. Surely there were merely key people making this decision, and the fact is they are not identified. We might suppose that the mayor and other political players were involved, perhaps even the technicians who planted the explosives used to “pull” the building.

    It should be mentioned here that as a further ‘clarification’ Mr. Silverstein’s pubic relations spokesperson claimed that what Silverstein meant to be pulled was not the building itself, but the firemen in the building. The problem with this is that there were no firemen in the building for several hours before “we watched the building collapse.”

    Further, if we look carefully at the linkage of, “they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.” It is clear to any lucid mind that the “pull” had to do directly with “the building collapse.” Thus any dispute over the term “pull” as one used or not by demolition experts is based on rhetorical gamesmanship.

    Clearly Mr. Silverstein inadvertently let the cat out of the bag in this PBS interview. What has followed has been an attempt to erase this admission by all manner of scurrilous techniques of language manipulation.


    • Since we know, and have seen corroboration from “demolition experts” — like the Euro guy video interview for instance — we know that it takes quite some “time” to (1) plan, (2) get the right “team” to wire, place, etc. said “explosives”…Silverstein’s statement tells us he “knew” with foreknowledge that Bldg. 7 had been pre-wired, to be detonated and imploded (into it’s own footprint). Obviously, the “other party(ies)” that were “in-the-know” also had foreknowledge. To think that the building was primed, wired, etc. the same day as WTC 1&2 happened to be hit by planes and suspiciously also fall into their footprints (albeit, with powderfication? from gravity collapses straight down?); this “theory” that you can just “pull” a building because you think it needs to come down is B.S. The “other” interesting and relevant facts like the $23 million dollar or something police/cia headquarters there that Guiliani opted “not” to hang out in that day adds to the B.S. rank “fishyness” of the debacle. The German dude who headed that HQ has some interesting alliances and history as well.

      Really. Is there ANY reason anybody should trust Silverstein? NIST? Guido Jewliani? The Jewish guy that haplessly insured all the WTC buildings bought shortly before and for a song by Silverstein? The Jewish (read this as Khazar here) security firms for the WTC, and Jeb Bush’s dangle? Anyone with a brain that starts thinking about this entire sordid FF has to start saying to themselves, “you know, what facts and dots really back the Official Mythical Story?”. That fish story is rotten to the rib bones.

  3. There is an aspect to the Pentagon case that I want to address as well.

    This aspect is that of the FDR {Flight Date Recorder} allegedly found in the Pentagon.

    This data has been through several analysis by various parties in the past years. At one time it was determined that the data ended at a point just seconds before the impact time alleged for the air crash. The earlier analysis determined that the plane would have been to high to have hit the Pentagon, and seemed to strengthen the ‘fly over’ theory.

    The newest analysis comes from researchers at Journal for 9/11 Studies. Their conclusion is that there was an error in the above analysis, and that indeed the FDR data indicated that the plane would have been in a proper trajectory to hit the building.


    There are issues. One of them is a glitch in the date the FDR data file that was downloaded was created. This is explained below:

    A flight data file created by the downloaded Flight Data Recorder information of American Airlines flight 77 was created on Thursday, September 13, 2001 at 11:45pm.

    However, as reported by USA Today, Pentagon spokesman Army Lt. Col. George Rhynedance reported that the FDR for AA 77 was recovered on Friday, September 14, 2001 at 4am, 4 hours and 15 minutes after the creation of the AA 77 FDR data file.

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Searchers on Friday [say they] found the flight data and cockpit voice recorders from the hijacked plane that flew into the Pentagon and exploded, Department of Defense officials said. The two “black boxes,” crucial to uncovering details about the doomed flight’s last moments, were recovered at about 4 a.m., said Army Lt. Col. George Rhynedance, a Pentagon spokesman.

    So this would indicate the data file was created BEFORE the black box was “found”.

    The AA 77 FDR file was contained within a May 2008 release obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request of the National Transportation Safety Board.

    HOWEVER. And this is the crux of the whole issue:

    Only if in a court of law under oath when chain of custody of the FDR is argued will the date/time of the file become a possible issue.

    And by the same token, only when chain of custody is proven will the DATA ITSELF be viable evidence.

    Again, nothing is proven – but only asserted. As with every instance in the 9/11 case, there has never been positive proof of chains of evidence.

    Relying on this data, is in fact relying on the trustworthiness of the governments word. Any determinations as to the validity of this data are again – based on hearsay until the issue of the chain of evidence is established beyond a reasonable doubt.

  4. The airplane parts weren’t consistent with the plane said to fly into the building. Where were the passenger bodies, remains? Just like the Pittsburgh “hole-in-the-ground” with no remains? What about the expert pilots saying “they” could not have pulled off the maneuver in “that” jet, at “that” speed? What about…all the rest?
    What about all the camera recordings that just have not been released “to protect us”? HaHaHa!!!

    Are you trying to bring this up again to convince the dull, the sleepy, the sheepy, that they’ve been suckered? We’ve went over, and over this so many times. Why not link to the previous posts, and that particularly lengthy bit with Smith on C2?

    I’ve got chemtrailers spraying the F@ck out of my sky overhead, and all around today, and into this evening. It is quite Obvious those are not contrails. Do I really need to convince anyone? If they’re still asleep and ignoring the Obvious, they’re part of the problem. They’ll be voting for Sanitarium or Romulan or Obama (Again! I’m Aghast?!) in the next “pre-wired” election theatre. Here’s my finger — pull it.

    • “Why not link to the previous posts, and that particularly lengthy bit with Smith on C2?”~Boom

      Surely you haven’t forgotten that kuntaloonoodle expunged all of my commentary on those threads? They make zero sense with Assbury and Assfillet making remarks to and about me…the threads are almost entirely left with the shillworx…

      • I do however have several of those threads saved to my personal files – they might someday be posted on C1, but they are exceedingly long…perhaps they could be posted in sections.

        I just reviewed one last night. I am looking for good shill dialog to add to my thesis on profiling stooges; examples from false argumentum.

        Although this is drawn mainly from the 9/11 topic, the larger implications and illustrations of the Newspeak delivered by such agenteur is applicable to our total situation.

      • I guess I understood the piece was transferred over here on a sidebar. Too bad it is not.

  5. Its the same old malarky that they have been feeding us for years. They hid the USS Liberty fiasco. They covered up the JFK hit. They covered up the Tonkin lies. This is a “house on a fucking hill” what arent you people not getting ? God´s country. Manifest destitutes.” God will bless those that bless Israel” You wid us or you Mitt da terrorists. Have some yellow cake and stuff it in yer pie holes. Muslim sypathizers.

  6. Thought you guys would like to check this out. Let the fireworks begin

  7. The ‘Long War’ was named appropriately. The War on Terror went global on 911 and there is no way the propaganda tower will ever create anything but confusion and lies. Albury Smith is an ancient babble on from that tower.

    Hey Rogue, Deb was wondering where you went. You went down the black hole known as A.S.S. again. 😉

  8. Yea…everything we speak to here begins with the key paradigm changing event. There is much here in these pieces from Kevin Ryan that make all the connections, historical and post event. We actually get views of some of the agenteur that have direct interlinking interfaces with central control.

    The html articles especially:

    Kevin Ryan’s new website is

    • DogPoet says about the video I posted below:

      “Disclaimer; it appears that the video with the judge is a clever cut and paste and not part of the judge’s program, which did seem a tad unreal to me but I’m too damn hopeful for my own good. It does seem highly improbable that Fox would ever let something like that pass out over their 100% Zio-Ogre controlled networks. So please be informed. I don’t feel like reshuffling the whole post. I just don’t have the time today anyway, so let this stand as clarification…”

      A commenter to his post lists the following link to the “scrolling video” of Napolitano. Reader discretion always advised:

      But then, Peasant Discretion is Disaster Preparedness in the face of Liars Lying Their Lying Asses Off…so-to-speak.

      • Sent your info underground one over to agent ass on C2. Be interesting to see what kind of rectal indigestion he gets from that. Hope it disturbs the f@ck

        • Who’s info V? Joos Info? Ryan’s info?

          That Agent Smith guy is unflappable and impervious to logic, like Major Tom was on $@!!&%++snews. Their jobs appear to be to push disinfo even when it sinks immediately to the bottom from it’s lead-assed illogic.

          Every meme but the Truth is their aim and butt-buddy.

          If one has the time its kind of fun to joust with them, but it never goes anywhere but the outhouse. They are of the personality type (or job description) which dictates they may be standing in a foot of water in a downpour under black skies, thunder and lightning — and they’re going to profess that it is definitely NOT raining. So there ya go! Drop a hot electrical line into the water they’re standing in to prove your point, and be done wit it.

          • Well we know that. We’re just looking for the 10,000 volt switch but it is fun to watch him squirm. Personally I’d like to drop kick him back into the turnip patch and end the C2 posting but that’s not my call. I’m game to let agent and Roger have at it til the second coming which maybe next week by some peoples reckoning. Wish the wicked witch of the west didn’t boot Willy off of C2

  9. Dog Poet’s latest post at discusses the recent suspicious Banker Resignations world-wide, and links to the following:

    which links to Judge Napolitano’s video — “All the proof in the world that Israel did 911”:


    “You also refuse to accept the fact that hi-rises can FREE FALL without damage from explosives, as many floors in real C/Ds do”~Agent Smith

    >This statement is not even a form of argument, it is simple bullshit. Every single adjoinment in a highrise must be disjoined in an implosion-demolition. Anyone who has ever studied the blast sequence blueprints for a demolition knows this. FREE FALL is impossible without removing impeding structure. [Adjoined]

    “No, Roger; you’ll try to change the topic to Afghanistan policy, which wasn’t affected in the slightest by a predicted, non-fatal ~5:21 PM collapse of a burning building…”~Agent Smith

    >At this point Smith reached the point of utter lunacy. ‘Afghanistan policy’ is predicated on the pretext of 9/11. It is time to review the PNAC document again, as it lays out the whole strategy for the imperial invasion of the Middle East, and in fact implicitly calls for a pretext such as this “new Pearl Harbor” that 9/11 became.
    The agent’s postings become increasingly unhinged from reality as he floats through the black empty space between his ears. This is an attempt to erase known history.

    “Only a “trickster…playing with words” would play down the seriousness of “normal Office Furnishings Fires,” and continue to lie about Dr. Sunder’s statement after it was fully explained to you. Once again, the new phenomenon was not thermal expansion of steel beams, but the factoring of that expansion into a structural engineering report on steel-framed building collapses in fires.”~Agent Smith

    >Smith says the “new phenomenon was not thermal expansion of steel beams, but the factoring of that expansion into a structural engineering report..”… BUT, it is the factoring in of that expansion which is the fantasy of the whole issue here – as it is understood that such expansion is impossible without concurrent expansion of the concrete. It is established by NIST’s own testimony that it did not “add heat” to the concrete in the software instructions, but only added heat to the steel. This is the crux of the matter right here – the fire that supposedly heated the steel, had to have heated the concrete it was attached to in any real life situation, as both materials are effected by heat to the same expansive degree.

    No one is “playing down the seriousness of “normal Office Furnishings Fires,” What they are doing is pointing out the physical absurdities claimed by NIST.

    Again we are faced with Agent Smith playing the part of the Mad Hatter at his table in Wonderland, setting out his arguing teacups.

  11. Same shit as before, Rogue1. The guy is predictable as Hell is; as the destination for Elite Predators. There are many descriptive names that fit this character Assberry. And you’ve come up with many!

  12. Recent posted info:

    “Revelations about 9/11 Oral Histories”

    “The 9/11 Solution: The big clue everybody missed”

    “Magic Thermite and the 9/11 Fairytale” from an April 2009 Smoking Mirrors post:

    “The Unspeakable Truth of 9/11”:

    I wonder why all the posts on Fourwinds10 today?

    • “I wonder why all the posts on Fourwinds10 today?”~Boom

      9/11 is in the cosmic mind cuz another false flag looms and everyone clued in is catching that vibe.

      Millions of people are aware that whatever the new “attack” on Amerika, whenever it comes, will be the work of the system itself…
      And none of those people will buy whatever the official line is.

      Another thing to note here is, my friggen browser says I cannot access Fourwinds. I wish I could check them out, but I ain’t allowed in that part of town.

  13. That’s strange, you can’t go where ya wanna? I’ve got computer issues today too, and won’t have them solved for awhile. Conflict between Microsoft programs, wouldn’t ya know? Their autoupdate screwed up my outlook, and I’m dickering with electronic virtual snafus…, like reality ain’t got enough of it’s own problems, aye?

    • A Microsoft update killed this computer at one point – took days to fix it. I don’t do updates at all, and have had zero problems with the computer since. However…

      I am running windows explorer 6…which will not load some of the upgraded sites with all the little looney buttons like twitters, and adstack, and followmefacebook, and the thousands of other gimmickoria gumballs they have screwed up the web with…


  14. rogermorris | February 24, 2012 at 4:56 pm |

    Reply to Assbury:

    The failure of the studs is because NIST turned the heat OFF the concrete in the model albright. And it must be a very IMPORTANT moment for the creatio[nist] scenario : critical break initiation sequence : otherwise the boffins wouldn’t have bothered doctoring the data to DO it. without stud break the whole nonsense is revealed as it is. Naked invention. Its actually just animation.

    Curious how you run. You state there is no evidence of molten steel temperatures recorded one post after being told “FEMA documented in Appendix C of its BPAT Report “evidence of a severe high temperature corrosion attack on the steel,including oxidation and sulfidation with subsequent intergranular melting.” This is clearly not a feature of gravitational collapse, or of hydrocarbon fuel or office fires.” and will also clearly suffice as ONE record of melted steel temperature.

    Your ‘probably lead or aluminium’ sunder bullet point…do you mean the EVAPORATED lead temperatures recorded ? or perhaps molybdenum microspheres at 4753º or maybe the 150x more than usual iron microspheres found in the dust by LEE group and Harrit/Jones? Spheroids explicitly and forensically the result of explosive thermitic reaction spraying molten iron into the air?

    And ‘aluminum’? is that reference to the aluminothermics in reaction creating heat enough to form molten steel in the pile and reduce a 47 storied 81 vertical columned steel frame high rise to a steaming pile in 6.5 seconds +., 2.25 seconds at FREE FALL?

    Now Roger is the man to stuff the shill in the can.

  15. “I was trained as a soldier too, and you’re a total disgrace to the US Army I served in.”~Albury Smith to April Gallop – May 3, 2011 at 8:27 am

    “Sunstein co-authored a 2008 paper with Adrian Vermeule, titled Conspiracy Theories, in which they wrote, ”The existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks to the government’s antiterrorism policies, whatever the latter may be.”
    They go on to propose that, ”the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”, where they suggest, among other tactics, ”Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.”~Griffin

    “The powers that be not only try to control events, but they try to control our memory and understanding of these events, which is part of controlling the events themselves.”~Michael Parenti

    “If NIST actually had a real natural explanation here they would have proved it with a physical test. They didn’t.”~Tony Szamboti

    “We do not need to endlessly discuss hypotheses that have been ruled out by empirical data.”~Dr. Steven Jones

    “No thermal expansion or material degradation was considered for the concrete slab, as the slab was not heated in this analysis.”~NIST

    “NIST had said: “differential thermal expansion occurred between the steel floor beams and concrete slab when the composite floor was subjected to fire.” The “composite floor,” by definition, is the steel beams made composite with the floor slab by means of the shear studs. So NIST had clearly said, in stating that the composite floor had been subjected to fire, that both the steel beams and the concrete slab had been heated.”~David Ray Griffin


  16. “The forensic investigation of explosions typically aims to determine who had the means, opportunity and motive to accomplish the explosive event. When that approach is taken with the WTC, we can see that those who had the greatest means and opportunity also had the greatest motive. For example, we’ve seen that certain tenant companies that occupied the WTC towers not only had the opportunity, but they also had the means in terms of access and expertise, to place explosives in the buildings. We also know that the security companies that were responsible for planning and implementing the security plan for the towers, after the 1993 bombing, appeared to have benefited from the attacks. Additionally, the companies reviewed were connected to each other through certain powerful people and organizations, and had all done major work for the Saudi Arabian government.

    In addition to the actual placement of explosives, those involved would need to cleanup any evidence of explosives remaining at the site. Certain people had the means, opportunity and motive to destroy such evidence at Ground Zero, and that something was being hidden after the buildings fell. These facts are reviewed in light of the knowledge that the debris was considered highly sensitive and nearly all the steel evidence was quickly destroyed. Additionally, although security at the site was intense, safety management was lax or nonexistent and human concerns took a back seat to the goal of rapidly disposing of the evidence. Other curious facts include that known criminal entities were hired to accomplish the debris removal, and that evidence was stolen from Fresh Kills landfill with the approval and coordination of FBI agents.”~Kevin Ryan


  17. “All you apparently have is personal attacks on me, hybridrogue1, and the topic here is still April Gallop’s lawsuit. I’ve been “ID’d as a shill” on practically every 9/11 truther-run “forum” I’ve ever commented on, along with being verbally abused, called names, threatened, and banned, and it’s very obviously a desperate resort to avoid discussing anything intelligently.”~Albury Smith

    >No, the truth is Smith, that what you characterize as “discussing …intelligently,” is a rhetorical filibuster that runs in circles and never ends.

    The reason you are “ID’d as a shill” is because you are a shill. You have the perfect profile as defined by Cass Sunstein for one of his agents to stir cognitive dissonance into any conversation on 9/11. All of your arguments are based on nothing but appeals to authority.

    You insist that the NIST Reports are real and accurate science, when in fact they are doctoring the data , proving they are nothing but politically motivated self-contradictory cover-up operations.

    You still cite the 9/11 Commission Report that is even disavowed by many members, including the co-chairs. You simply repeat all of the lies that the official bodies have told in the face of years of revelations of evidence to the contrary. In short Smith, you are a stooge for the government story, and any sane and lucid observer knows this within moments of reading any of your bullshit.


  18. albury | February 24, 2012 at 9:31 am |

    “Veritable1 blabbers ignorantly: “This statement is not even a form of argument, it is simple bullshit. Every single adjoinment in a highrise must be disjoined in an implosion-demolition. Anyone who has ever studied the blast sequence blueprints for a demolition knows this.”

    You obviously have studied nothing, but you’ve certainly mastered “simple bullshit.” Read and learn:
    Almost all of the “adjoinments” are disjoined by gravity, not by explosives, and C/Ds also have periods of free fall. Duh…”

    ‘HowStuffWorks’ is elementary – beginners explanations for kids. Their page on ‘Explosive Demolition’ is typical of this. Assbury citing the page is typical to his jejune understanding of the process, and one can see the false assumptions he has made based on this simpleton explanation.

    He obviously thinks that a charge at the bottom of a column simply unseats it, having no other effect on the structure than this. He obviously has no appreciation of the pressures involved in such a blast, that blowing the lower end of the column will send a strong shiver throughout the the entire structure, wanking the column at an angle at such force as to break connections to any cross members attached to it. These pressures effect the rest of the structure as well, shattering concrete and masonry, water pipes and electrical wiring grids.

    At the end of the article on HowStuffWorks’, it is implied that the term ‘implosion’ is not the same as it is used in other scientific aspects. This is not true. The pressures created by these demolition blasts do create a vacuum inside the closed space of a building causing them to implode inwardly upon themselves.

    Agent Smith does himself a great disservice in showing just how little he understands the basics of a subject in which he claims such expertise.

    • Gravity has an effect in any situation in which something falls. The issue here is the removal of material so that gravity can do it’s work unimpeded.

  19. The NIST WTC investigations prompted 40 revisions in the 2009 and 2012 I-codes, Roger.”~Assbury

    They have also prompted revisions in classical physics, as well as the principles of the scientific method. Also they have revised the approach to fire investigation, leaving out the clauses that demand tests for explosive residue in any scenario where such is a viable explanation for the cause of a fire or building collapse.
    As building 7 showed ALL of the characteristics of an explosive demolition, the fact of NIST ignoring this probability is a criminal act of breaking coded procedure.

  20. It’s such a thrill to see Alberry shill he’ll linger until his brains are goo

    ‘Tho he’s a fart and keeps farting up hill he’ll keep puffin’ until your weary too.

    The wind from this windbag reeks like gas in a swamp

    And all that he seeps and leaks is a hysterical stomp

    When his ass parts better run for the hills as far as you can from Alberry shill.


    Because this is how some 70 to 80 percent of Amerikan’s “think”:

    “… neither of us is stupid enough to claim that al Qaeda suicide hijackings and crashes were “inside jobs,” and that NYC hi-rise collapses were the reason for the nearly unanimous congressional resolution to invade Afghanistan in 2001..

    Seriously, do you people ever THINK?”~Assbury


    Wow…what planet??? What planet is this from?


  22. The 9/11 Event has been a pivotal point in America’s history. It is a “jumping off” point, a crossing the Rubicon point, where the secret shadow government cabal of the ALL CAPS UNITED STATES OF AMERICA accomplished a coup against the American People and (as can readily be seen) Constitutional Law, Individual Rights, Accountability for Crimes of Politicians and their Cronies, etc. And this momentous Crime has spread it’s collateral damage through-out the world — to innocents and others abroad.

    The Science of the “physical” crimes gets thrown around in the wash of truth and lies. The Liars like Albury use media, etc. to suffocate the victims whenever truth floats to the surface of the barrage and mountain of lies. The People, in America, and abroad, are the victims. The evidence for motive, for who profited is naked in front of everyone if they care to look at the hideous creature. The cover-up is blatantly Obvious, the misapplied forensics scream out “I’ve been abused!” The non-applied forensic methods and removal of evidence scream out, “Gross Tampering with a Crime Scene!” The paltry expense allocated for investigation and the NIST whitewash insult the integrity of our entire country, and the abilities of our vaunted, and highly expensive investigative agencies. Whitney Houston’s fete probably cost more than the shriveled dollars thrown at 9/11.

    That Trillions have been made by theft, by war, by bloodshed based on this 9/11 Lie Pivot — requires humanity, not just Americans, to root out the “REAL” criminals who committed, and protected, and profited off The Lie!

    Where WE the PEOPLE stand now with the ruins of America falling down around us, where WE the PEOPLE of foreign lands occupied, killed, and abandoned to the schemes of demons lie in their graves, attempt to stay alive in a world gone to Hell, contemplating their missing limbs, their missing loved ones, their missing culture, and their missing countries…WE the PEOPLE KNOW and can point to beginning of miseries. WE KNOW it is not US who is to blame. WE KNOW that death and destruction, torture and tyranny in a thousand forms, come from those whose hearts endorse these depraved and inhumane actions.

    WE SEE who has and is profiting from “the sickness”. WE SEE who advocates in their political rhetoric on the camp-pain trail more of the same.

    When WE LOOK into our hearts WE SEE empathy for our brothers and sisters, anger at the injustice, we FEEL their pain. With these observations, WE KNOW WE are not the Cause. Because inhumanity comes out of the black recesses of the inhumane heart, and WE can scarely understand that dark blackness. By NOW, WE KNOW that our ENEMY is not a country of families on the other side of the world whom we do not understand, yet we know they are hurting even worse than our pampered fannies in America. They are reeling from the blows. WE MUST KNOW that WE are being pitted against each other by “another”… the Enemy and Instigator of the inhumanity.

    It will behoove US to not show up for the wars that are created for our undoing. No “thinking” American in their right mind can possibly be “for” more insane warring in the Middle East or anywhere else. Consider — if what we’ve just seen in the last few years, and this last spring and summer up to this very day, represents in any way, Democracy in action, Freedom and Liberty shared abroad, while we LOSE IT ALL BY DECREE here at home — then WE nor THOSE ABROAD can afford it.


    Here at COTO — WE KNOW the WHO! And WE KNOW THE WHAT! And the question of WHY? does not even matter, for it is epithet, and the perpetraitors wear the name with ignominy. I just hope humanity will take back their world from the demons, and hold accountable this class of treasonous traitors to humanity. May HELL rise to meet their FALL, and may it be SOON!

    • Beautiful and eloquent mine Boomer. Powerful.


  23. I like British humor. Right now, I like any humor. Enjoy!

  24. Good one as always Boomer, If you don’t mind, I’m posting this over for a buddy to read. He’s a little flustered right now and this should keep him in that state for awhile longer.

  25. A telling “chart” is pictured of the Presidential Candidates under the banner. Go see it. The votes for tyranny are depicted quite clearly. The right/left “choose the loser” meme jumps right out at you. Any confusion about what these folks represent and stand for vanishes with the realization of their naked black hearts.

    Is this an “election” campaign? No, it is pre-wired “selection”, an IED waiting to explode the last vestiges of Freedom in a Republic under Attack. Can any other logical conclusion be arrived at? Can it be explained away with political debates and rhetoric? Can the blatant attempts to sideline Ron Paul and what he espouses be shit-canned as oversights? Of course not! What you see is what you get. You get more of the Same, wrapped in the “Change”, and it is Obviously against everything in the name — America — for which it stands. The game is rigged. And Who’s to Blame is right there before us, and in the shadows pulling the strings madly to bring about the fall of The Republic.

    Thus, when I see the theatre of the macabre, the colossal expense of funny money used to sell this circus, I see mountains of elephant doo heaping up stinking treasure for the elites and cronies. I see no patriotic Stars. I see Stripes of many lashes upon the backs of already beaten down American Slaves. Will there be a Revolt? X_______X. If not, we will get the next dose of clap from the syphilitic sylphs acting as if they care about America and The People. The diseased can only spread more of their disease, unless The People are immunized. How can this be accomplished? You start with the head, and you work through the body, infusing antibodies to combat the virus. America is sick, but it does not have to remain so. Don’t shake the hands of the diseased, nor breathe their poisonous air. As we have seen, Death rides the pale horse of spreading democracy. We look around at the countries that have recently received their “dose”, and we grok the picture. It ain’t pretty. The promises and rhetoric have proven false, in fact Dangerous. The facts cannot be dismissed. The collateral damage and intended damage cannot be explained away.

    “Oh say can You See?. By the dawn’s early light. What so proudly we hail, at the twilights Last Gleaming… “

  26. Ho ho…I can tell you this, it has been a very bad day for stooge-monkey Smith.

    Not only has he had his balls handed to him on a plate on the C2 thread, but he was shown the door without ceremony on another 9/11site.

    Of course he remains oblivious, leaving yet again some weak flaccid remark to Roger just awhile ago. I oft wonder if Assberries might actually be a software program – an actual shitbot.


    • Assburied;

      Quite an amazing specimen when one thinks about it. Military…

      I wonder if he is MK.

      Roger thought he might be a Gulf War brain casualty…it could be deeper and stranger than even that.

      Our very own Manchurian tick-tock man…?

  27. He must be a mind-controlled bot fly, spewing his disgusting spittle upon Truths, hoping to turn them into shit which he feeds on to fuel his putrid soul? How else can he live? He is a traitor to humanity. As you say, maybe he is not human. Most probably. Certainly a mutated version with no natural abilities for logic nor empathy. Quite predictable, as you have discovered. Reptilian in his single-minded pursuit of raising the False Flag of Figments above the Standard of Truth. But, his FFF is shot full of holes as every able man or woman can clearly see. Yet, he sallies forth, stumbling and bumbling like a robotic hemorrdroid. A painful pustule coursing with blood — with the moniker of AssBerry imprinted on his blistering hide! Ugh. Such a disgusting creature of the nether regions. Some might sigh under their breath, a shithead. Or shout into his face — a shyster ye be! None, shall sing his praises, but pity him for the blight he be…

    By the way, the Zionist Conspiracy videos (1-12) I posted on the Evan thread above are quite good. They get better on as you go, climaxing with Aaron Russo, and Ron Paul stating the Obvious.

    It is better to be armed with all manner of armaments, than to be a derelict sporting a hair lip and a telling tic.

    • Does Assburied dream of electric sheep?


  28. I will keep posting some of the jewels [calcified turds] that the dingleberry stooge puts up on C2:

    “What’s especially stupid about the explosives “theory” for the towers is that 236 of the 283 columns in each one were IN PLAIN SIGHT, and it’s very obvious what happened to them.”~Agent Smith

    Again the stooge speaks from his anus.

    It is a fact that not a single “column” in those towers was visible.

    These structures were constructed in a “Tube” design, which means a central core of box columns, while the face is a construct of “puzzle pieces” that link together in a flexible bonded interlace. It is the floorpans that link the inner columns to the outer skin or ‘tube’ of the facing.

    So what is “especially stupid” about shillmonkey’s remarks is that there is nothing about them that is even remotely true.

    What has become increasingly obvious is that Assbury Shillshit is desperate for a forum that will allow him to continue spinning his bullshit.

    Why else would he spend so much time??

    – Almost a year now [Posted on April 28, 2011], on a site such as COTO2 ,which has such a slim chance for any traffic by those naïve enough to fall for any of this hogwash Stoogeberries is spraying.

    He might as well being humping his dog’s leg for all the benefit it is doing for his agenda.

  29. “Why would you dig up an old and discredited “revision” that was undoubtedly planted by some dishonest 9/11 “researcher,” not American Airlines, instead of the current article..?”~Agent Smith

    “..undoubtedly planted”?? – and just what makes it ‘undoubtedly planted’ Smith? Because it doesn’t fit into your story line.

    The revision was “planted” by American Airlines, as is shown in the article that brought this revision to light. It may be beyond your investigative technological skills to understand how the IPS of the revision was traced to American Airlines, but it is explained in detail in the article.

    As to why we might “dig up an old and discredited “revision”…well, because it has been revised yet again to blend with the official-story does not mean the first revision is “discredited” – it just means it was sheep dipped. Intelligence operatives are busy all the time cleaning up stuff like this on the web – you know that, you are part of the same type of operations.

    If you are so certain the plane that crashed into the tower was Flight 11, show us where the serial numbers of the aircraft are found and on which piece of the aircraft it was identified from, plus the chain of custody from the find to the forensic verification.
    ______________________________From the wiki page in question:

    * Two American Airlines [[aircraft]] were [[hijack]]ed and crashed during the [[September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack]]: [[American Airlines flight 77|Flight 77]] (a [[Boeing 757]]) and [[American Airlines Flight 11|Flight 11]] (a [[Boeing 767]]). >>Although these flights were daily departures before and a month after September 11, 2001. Neither flight 11 nor 77 were scheduled on September 11, 2001. The records kept by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics ( do not list either flight that day.

    Also of interest on the same page is this:

    In the wake of the TWA merger and the roughly concurrent September 11, 2001 attacks (which claimed two of AA’s aircraft), American began losing money. Carty negotiated new wage and benefit agreements with the airline’s labor unions, but was forced to resign after union leaders discovered that Carty was planning to award handsome executive compensation packages at the same time. St. Louis’ hub was also downsized afterwards. [same wiki page]

    This information is interesting, because it JUST SO HAPPENS that there was a situation prone to confusion within the airlines on September 11th – just like there were WAR GAMES going on that day. The possible opportunities of piggybacking some shifts in normal routine are obvious in such instances.

    This is why the assumption of “coincidence” to explain away such items of information should be avoided in such investigations.

    Those who pay attention to such things will remember that even on the day of the event, there was rumor that these two aircraft had not been in service. So it isn’t simply a matter of the wiki page info – this rumor has been persistent from day one.

  30. The question is raised: how do we know who made the changes to Wiki? Everyone logged on to the internet does so from an IP address. In this case, the IP is that of American Airlines. It’s traceable.~Len Hart
    My own WHOIS lookup as well as my Google search of the IP address proves  conclusively that it was –indeed –American Airlines that made the change. It is, therefore, American Airlines that has said that neither Flight 11 nor Flight 77 were in the air on 911.
    My look up returned the following:
    WHOIS –
    Location: United States [City: Ft. Worth, Texas]
    OrgName: American Airlines Incorporated
    OrgID: AMERIC-112
    Address: P.O.Box 619616
    Address: MD 5308
    City: DFW Airport
    StateProv: TX
    PostalCode: 75261
    Country: US
    NetRange: –
    NetName: AANET
    NetHandle: NET-144-9-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-144-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    NameServer: DNS-P1.SABRE.COM
    NameServer: DNS-P2.SABRE.COM
    NameServer: DNS-P3.SABRE.COM
    NameServer: DNS-P4.SABRE.COM
    RegDate: 1990-10-31
    Updated: 2002-06-27
    RTechHandle: OG60-ARIN
    RTechName: Gelbrich, Orf
    RTechPhone: +1-817-931-3145
    RTechEmail: ************
    OrgTechHandle: ZW72-ARIN
    OrgTechName: WARIS, ZISHAN
    OrgTechPhone: +1-817-967-1242
    OrgTechEmail: ************
    # ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2008-06-29 19:10


  31. albury | March 2, 2012 at 10:48 am |
    “If no one cares what I think, my little ASGS Stalker, why are you trying so hard to enlighten me? Have you sent a communique to the Pakistani government yet to inform them that your hero wasn’t living in Abbottabad last year, because he’d already croaked? Be sure to copy all of the other governments in the world, and all legitimate media.
    Please note that your link doesn’t question the fact that bin Laden was offed last May, [1]only the disposition of the carcass, [2]and the investigations into Saudi complicity say nothing about US government involvement in the al Qaeda suicide attacks of 9/11, your imaginary WTC explosives, faked planes, hijacker patsies, etc.”

    {1} So, “only disposition of the carcass”

    – that is the ONLY lie…is it? If here is one lie to a story, others are reasonably suspected, simple common sense.

    {2} “.. say nothing about US government involvement..”

    – “The reason for this cover-up goes right to the White House.”~Graham

    You are not an idiot Assbury – so you are an agent and a stooge.

    I would propose Assbury, that ASGS is not trying to enlighten you – that is obviously futile, as you are not unaware of the lies – you are here to promote the lies.~ww

  32. What’s going on???

  33. Well…that’s better – WTF??

  34. Another update on the shill biz:

    “The bottom line here is that NIST HAS a computer program and publicized results..”~Assbury | March 7, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    -No, the bottom line is that NIST has a computer program and has publicized the results, but hide the input as to how those results were achieved. NIST withheld 80 percent of the data from the FOA docs requested – exactly the data that would show the inputs into their computer program, using the spurious excuse of “Public Safety”.

    This is the same “national security” dodge that is used anytime the government wishes to conceal the facts from the public for the last 65 years.

    “There’s nothing “secret” about the software they used, *and the input information is all readily available, so show us what a real investigation looks like.”~Assbury

    -This is an outright lie*, as per the notation above.

    “We are, however, withholding 74,777 files (approximately 80% of all responsive recoreds.) The NIST Director determined that the release of these data might jeopardize public safety. This withheld data include remaining input and all results files of the ANSYS 16-story collapse initiation model, break elsement source code, ANSYS script files for the break elements, custom executable ANSYS file, all input and results files of the LS-SYNA 47-story global collapse model, and all spreadsheets and other supporting calculations used to develop floor connection failure modes and capacities.”



    So…C2 has become the last refuge of the shill-monkey stooge Assbury Smith. It is obvious that this fuckhead warmonger sonofabitch has been left out in the cold everywhere else, or he wouldn’t be soaking this thread for all it’s worth.

    [460 comments as of today – March 9, 2012 on an article posted in April of last year AND stripped of all the comments of yours truly by the so-called “moderator” – I had close to 100 posts on this thread before Kuntalooni excommunicated me.]

    And what does this say about the “administrator” – supposedly coto? No this is not the tactic of real coto, to give the only refuge to a government toady.


  36. Looks like another COTO member has been axed at that fake coto2 site…

    But it also looks like the comments box is taken down as well…

    Kuntananda sure is a prick – for a dickless lesbo ho…

    …ho ho ho she she she ha ha ha…

    • You’re right, we’ve been rendered dickless on C2. So much for an open forum. I know why she’s mad at me for all the fun I had on her posting on ChazPumpUpBono. Penis envy is deep. Still doesn’t take care of the DNA thing though, even a brain transplant won’t alter that.
      “Na Na Naa Na na”, I got one you want one.

      • Boomer had the best one though that went something like this.
        “You know about an appendectomy”
        How about addadictomy
        That posting has also been eliminated, some people just have no stomach for good comedy.

        • REALLY?? She even axed a good ol’ funtime post from Boomer.

          Anyway…on the good side of it – that thread is dead for anymore shill biz…about fucking time, I say.

          “addadictomy”…Ha ha ha ha…that IS good.

  37. Assbury,

    You say:

    “I think it’s time to investigate some of the bizarre and absurd claims made by Richard Gage.”

    My response is that I think it’s time to investigate how it is that NIST has gotten away without censure, with publishing so-called ‘scientific’ reports that contain obvious self contradictions and falsification of the scientific method – in other words the publication of that which is obviously scientific fraud.

    I think it is also time to investigate why ten years after the fact a certain stooge spends so much energy in apologetic argument for what is an obvious criminal syndicate posing as a legitimate ‘government’.

    Now, the first and most glaring issue with NIST is that they did not fulfill their mandate to explain the complete global ‘collapse’ of the twin towers. As NIST itself has admitted, the analysis they made was only to the point of “initiation”, or “poised” – what was ‘initiated’ and ‘poised’ for is left to “the fact that the towers did collapse”.

    This is not only dissembling bullshit, it is insulting dissembling bullshit.

    So one thing that will determine the amount of time you have available on this forum is to be gauged by how much intelligence-insulting dissembling bullshit you try to lay on us here.

    You should, for a start, go through the many postings I have already made here on the thread, and in the body of the text that begins this page, and consider whether it is in anyway to your advantage to continue here at all.

    You understand, our history is long – we have covered almost every issue you have in your satchel and I am very low on the patience scale with you from the get go here.

    Note and keep it well in mind, YOU are on trial here, not Gage, Griffin, Jones, Ryan, or anyone else who has been seeking the truth of the 9/11 event.

    I shall consider some of your questions as per relevance, and answer accordingly.


  38. Assbury,

    Note my comment on March 7, 2012 at 3:13 pm.

    You have been rebuked. What I posted there is indisputable fact.
    What is your excuse?


    • Aw Roguester, I think he’s got to go back to his debunker buddys and get a new spin. He told Roger on C2 to get a new hobby. Me thinks he does.

  39. ” The 425,000 cubic yards of concrete used in building the World Trade Center
    World Trade Center Facts. Fox News Top Stories

    “A single tower consists of 90,000,000 kg (100,000 tons) of steel, 160,000 cubic meters (212,500 cubic yards) of concrete and 21,800 windows.”


  40. Hehehe…here thar be dragons….

    ..aye Smallberries?


  41. Seems there was something weird about the room temperature pyroclastic flows to only burn off door handles and engine blocks out of some of the vehicles blocks away. Strange days indeed as John Lennon put it.

    • Veri,

      The URL to the Dutch debunking site are all arguments against the Judy Wood woowoo, and have nothing to do with our arguments.

      I want to point out that the term “Pyroclastic” is used in the science of geology and oceanography. In geology where the term first began use, it had to do with the heavy particulate churning plumes from volcanoes – and indeed “pyro” means hot. But the term is also used in oceanography to to describe the same physical attributes of particulates in a fluid medium, the heavy particulate churning plumes caused by the collapse of undersea sand dunes caused by earthquakes are in every way analogous to the physical attributes of the pyroclastic plumes and flows generated by an eruption.

  42. “Why blow up any of the concrete floors to make a steel-framed building collapse?”~Assbury

    –The concrete floors being attached to the steel-framed building naturally get blown up along with the steel.

    “What video did Box Boy and your other “researchers” use to get 6.5 seconds for the WTC 7 facade collapse?”~Assb

    It doesn’t concern me, that the building fell at all concerns me, there was no reason for it beyond demolition.

    “When are Box Boy’s “800 engineers” going to model the tower collapses, since you find it so significant that NIST didn’t?”~ass

    The question is irrelevant – the significance of NIST putting out scientific fraudulent reports is substantial, as it is criminal.

    “Watch out for those room-temperature “pyroclastic flows.”~ass

    The term “pyroclastic” has to do with the nature of particulates in a medium and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with heat.

    Now, you have one more chance:

    Note my comment on March 7, 2012 at 3:13 pm.

    You have been rebuked. What I posted there is indisputable fact.
    What is your excuse?

  43. “Gravity will turn some concrete to dust, but HOW and WHY do you turn 400,000 yards of it to fine dust in seconds?”~Assbury

    Why it is done is to destroy the building – how it is done is with explosives. The buildings were destroyed deep into the basements as well, so this above grade – below grade argument is just one more pump of dissonance into your game.

    Now, I have answered you for the last time until you answer me.
    Why did you lie about NIST making all of the information available when it is proven that they have not?

  44. Duh Huh, maybe there was something really hot in the roiling cloud in the room temperature pyroclastic dust cloud. Dunno man, what I do know is that there’s much more to this story and too many misconceptions, and deceptions to hang your hat on any rack. There’s the whack jobs on one side, then there’s the assholes like you on the other side that feel you have to cram your bullshit down everyones throats because it’s official you and the rest of the dorks that you buy into think that’s your sworn duty to do. Go fuck yourself assbury, let’s cut this prick off got tired of him on C2. 477 comments and almost a year of trying to reason with the shill’ll do that to you.

    • Either way is fine by me Veri.

      I don’t see that Assbury will ever be anything than he has already shown himself to be, a lying shill for criminal authority.

  45. Assburnt says:

    “Gravity will turn some concrete to dust..”

    Yes and by extension you are obviously noting that there was indeed too great amount of materials turned inexplicably to dust – not just concrete, but glass, fibers in the carpets, plastics and furnishings.

    Thus a ‘gravity collapse’ does not explain the aftermath.

    That is a check mate.

    But you will never admit it – but just go on tooting your flatulence like some kind of character from a Kurt Vonnegut story.

    There are only two issues you are invited to speak to here.

    ONE is the issue of why you blatantly lied as to NIST making all of their input calculations available to the public.

    And TWO is to answer for yourself. What is your compulsion to make apologetics for that which is such a blatant lie? Why does your entire MO match that of a government stooge if you are not in fact a stooge?

    You mew these weak assertions that all you want to do is have reasonable conversations on the subject. This is clearly not the case, all the deceptive techniques you use – and hypocritically blame on others – is readily obvious to anyone who is familiar with this case.

    Now Assbury, answers to ONE and TWO and nothing else.

  46. Assbury,

    I gave you clear instructions as to what you were allowed to post here.
    Again, you pretend to ‘misinterpret’ my meaning and answer a question I did not ask, and then spill more of your wanking bullshit on the page.

    I told you to explain why YOU LIED. I didn’t ask why NIST lied. In this matter they didn’t lie – they simply have hidden the input data under an obvious spurious excuse, essentially telling the public to “fuck off”

    “There’s nothing “secret” about the software they used, *and the input information is all readily available, so show us what a real investigation looks like.”~Assbury

    -This is an outright lie*, as per the notation above.

    Further you ignored my second question entirely.

    It is therefore decided:


    Any further remarks you make will be s summarily removed with
    extreme prejudice.



  47. As per the Terror War inflicted on the world by the Empire:

    “America the beautiful is an illusion only young children and fools believe. Ugly war theater wickedness reveals its true dark side. Its victims attest to how monstrous.”~Stephen Lendman

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