Posted by: waldopaper | February 4, 2012

Pipe the Poop Shoot


“Code named Project Sigma, this top-secret superyacht was built in 2008 at German shipyard Blohm & Voss GmbH for Russian entrepreneur Andrey Melnichenko

hydrocarbon overlords boat gloat.

Arrrrrgh me hearties… step ye now into the Waldo Chart-room and fix yer lamp on yonder Russian olig-arrrrghs.  Overlay ye with Five Stages of Collapse and ye sea where arrrrgh chip o phouls be headed.

She be no mystery chip, and a crime spree is exactly what is planned for the collapse.  Our own hydrocarbon overlords covet the proud beauty… and Bitch Daniels be ready with the rim job.

They be piping in lap-dancers for da stupor-bowl flush tomorrow, and there be plenty of apparatchik ankle-biters parking they comb-over hair planes for the festivities.  Goons ready to belay any strikers.

Hope the worker/players will STRIKE. 



  1. I’d settle for the hot rod that goes with this liner…Bond…JAMES Bond.


  2. Funny, (or not) the average Amerikan is sweating out how they will put food on the table or pay for their medical insurance and yahoo constantly posts articles touting the most extravagant houses and how a billionaire spends his weekends (Bill Gates). WHO F’N CARES?!! Not me ! Occupy Yahoo “News”.

    • I used to occupy Yahoo news too. But they grew wise to me snarky posts, and banned me. Doubt our overlords care what we say here…but you don’t want to fuck with their mainstream mind control centers.

  3. Yea, Mr O…they sure don’t like we sarcastic types leaving our snarky truth bombs on their pages. Their articles are mostly inane, poorly written and grammatically incorrect. I think chimps could do a better job of writing 🙂

  4. thats truly a fine lookin snub-marine. Maybe we could all pool our ass-sets and pirate the caribbean. I will be crapitan.

  5. I am beginning to think the “Superclass” is just like every other group… (and my years as a “professional demographer” lead me to believe this is the case) especially when you have an aggregate as “large” as 10 thousand. Then, you have to do the comparative arithmetic.

    You’re allowed to lay on your pet US “politician” no more than $10 grand directly. Any more than that, you have to launder it through friends, family, company… or a PAC. $10 grand…that’s about a penny to you or me (there are 100 thousand pennies in $ ten grand). If you can scrape up a thousand bucks at any given time, you are a “thousandaire.” a billionaire has a million times more than you do.

    Get a million bucks to your fave “politician,” and they become your rented puppet. How would you like to “rent” a Senator for a buck? You could “rent” ALL of them for $100. Or fairly own a majority for $120, Would you get in that game? Remember, you have to ante up $1 to get in… and you could “lose”a couple hundred bucks. Sounds like a fun Saturday night poker party to me!

    How many people do you know who regularly drop… or win… a couple hundred bucks gambling every weekend? I don’t know anybody like that… but I have known a few “thousandaires” (ordinary folk) addicted to gambling who were a couple grand up or down at any given time. That was about 2 weeks pay to them… to most of the world, the same amount would be about $20. See where this is going?

    What amazes me is how few of the “Superclass” even bother with that crap. Sure, there are string-pullers like Koch or Soros… but they are a very small minority. Would YOU bother with such piddle when there are helicopters to fly… islands to buy… and don’t forget- some of the most beautiful boys and girls on earth to rent for your most craven pastimes? Naturally, you divert a few bucks here and there to fortify your “interests,” sort of like sending $50 to

    How many whacked-out idealogues do you know… I mean, people who would spend every dime they had to promote an “ideology” like- say- “pro-life?” I have known a few… VERY few. Not all the “Rich Fatties” are pulling strings… they have “other things” to do. Like the fairy-tale prince trying to find the most beautiful maiden in the Kingdom. Anyway, it’s not the money… it’s the Rhetoric.

    For just pennies… over centuries… you can hire mercenary memetic engineers like Bernays to deliver psychological “vaccines” to shape the minds of millions.

    • whoops… typo… it takes a MILLION pennies to make $10 grand. Don’t gotta crunch a lotta nummers in me current occupy.

  6. Humor eases the burden. Another joule in the trough Waldo. Instead I’ll add the occupi version. Onassisclass torpedo should sink like the titannic for reef restoration.

    I will be boycotting it for a movie with the kids “Apollo 18” made for teeveeheads to reinforce the 11 fake mission.


  7. Cool quote in the header Paddy lad!

    Eye believes the Russian Oligarchs understand that quote exactly. When you look at the capability of these ships… or are they “boats? hmmmm…

    PLUS… their compliment(s) of aircraft… you clearly get the idea that these folk understand impermanence… and vulnerability (hey- they’re Russians)… who understand you can lose it all just as quickly and arbitrarily as you can get it all. Our own oligarchs do not seem to grasp that as well… with a few exceptions.

    Do you really believe that Kenny-boy Lay died when “they” said he did?

    • No I do not. Not a chance. One might think the coin was dropped on that nautilus for the end of the motherland scenario.

      You may have seen my post the “Approaching Midnight the 180th degree” where I showed my ass in full color saying when the USSR fell that was the cue and clue that would set off the series of events in queue for America’s transition.

      The Soviets had their problems but they kept the order and maintained the law pretty well. You can’t make an omlette without stealing the henhouse. The Russian Mafia did that efficiently under Gorby boy. It still stands as one of the worst days in my lifetime. I was rather fond of detente.

      You cant complete the dialectic without making a complete mockery out the capitalist system once you have destroyed the socialist collective superpower.

      But you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater by trashing the global military surveillance grid and conglomerate.

      I wonder where the Sturgeon tank is and where you store the Bollinger?


  8. Specialized wankers soaked in “ideology,” and before anybody starts bawling about “activist judges,” we should realize we ALL got the same disease. If I would speculate on the parlor-game of “predicting the Future,” would suspect this speculation as accurate as any:

    Meanwhile, the world will return to a primordial state of natural beauty, opening up to swallow up all other people (those who do not have a strong spirituality based upon the earth).

    And, like Marx, they were probably a century or so off. Meanwhile, monitoring Doughton Abbey while the rest of the phallus-heads are into the stupor bowl. Just compare-contrast the two, and I guess that’s what makes me a fucking “elitist.” Doughton Abbey works if you don’t know shit about WWI. And if you do, it’s even better. This is great Art.

    So now, the stupor-bowl is over. Nary a mention in the official “program” of “right to work” or any demonstration of any kind…. other than the rabble on the margins who may/or not have been ignored by the teevee cameras. Know what? This PROVES that we are a nation of servile ass-licking NIGGERS who deserve our slavery because we do not even comprehend that we are SLAVES. We are worried about out “debt” TO WHOM???

    That’s right– a Nation of servile stupid ass-licking niggers totally unaware of who “owns” them or why… completely complacent and stupefied by spectacle of uniformed mutants crashing into each other… deserves little compassion (if any). Historians will have some… but History will have NONE. She is a cruel and unforgiving mistress. She is cause-and-effect. She is Science. She is Physics. We will die in the trenches like our Grandfathers did with no more of a clue of how or why than they did one hundred years ago.

    Pray you die of “natural causes” before it all goes down.

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