Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 22, 2012


The Rule of 72 ~ Our investments are paying off.


Explosions rock Yenagoa in Nigeria

Nigeria imposes curfew in Kano


‘Saleh leaves Yemen for US’


Saudi observers pulled from AL mission

Saudi cleric warns Al Saud regime


France AAA loss, Sarkozy’s worst fear

France's President Nicolas Sarkozy (R) embraces Astrid Herrenschmidt (L), the wife of Education Minister Luc Chatel

Wife of French Education Minister Takes Own Life, AFP Says – Bloomberg


As we begin the perfect year, Heinz Kissinger meets with Putin on Global Strategy for coming world crisis. One initiated by the globalist Genesis program that will provide the mass extermination of useless eaters from the Sudan to the Mississippi Delta.
All other frequencies deflect the hotspots for natural (bluebeam) and man-made conflicts that 66 years of Operation Gladio have nurtured since WWII. The most perfect year 2012 will provide us ten fold what previous ‘perfect years’ offered to the illuminati and dominant minority.
to the information provided in my prediction for 1932, 1972 and 2012, you can get the drift and find the histogram, historical markers and the best perception of what you may expect before the major event.  The map I provide will not be wrong. Eyes on Iran or any other location not shown will be a deflection for the chain of events. Regards.


  1. Well well well, that “Banker’s Manifesto” sure does say it all, doesn’t it?

    Venezuela… are Chavez’s days numbered? He’s already been bio-weaponed.

    “An American Jewish newspaper has boldly suggested that ‘Mossad agents’ assassinate US President Barack Obama, claiming that he is ‘unfriendly’ toward Israel. ”
    LOL.. that’s really funny. No no no… BO is playing his part in the little play. After all, isn’t that what the whole Obama is a Muslim thing is about? I mean look at his name…… Barack Hussein Obama.

    I’m wondering if this means they want to oust him for Mitt or Newt and he really doesn’t get to play president for 4 more years.

    Are you kidding me with those names??

    So PD, no attack on Iran in the near future?

    • “Dink” or “Tripp” could be coming. After Baruck Hussein, anything goes.

      I think nothing but theatre and some minor BS to keep Iran in the sub-compartments of limp brains. Mutually assured destruction at worst would befall the bankster and China would destroy us. China want’s to own us not kill us. The bankers want to sell us. It’s the real derivative scheme in progress since 1994 with the GATT transition to WTO.

      New England MITT cant muster SC but Gecko Gingrich assures a divisive battle and another 4 years. Unless my prediction and the Atlanta Jewish Times come to fruition.

      There’s enough hatred in the south for Barry. Of course they are idiots locked into their own racist and deluded conceptions of who’s who.

      Nothing going in Iran that’s not under their control. Anything happening there not on the script would be a real shock for me. The post on Mossad does make a case for internet censorship, scrutiny on media and though it’s true that Biden, after taking a large crap in his BVD’s would carry the water for Israel, he’s do nothing without committee approval.

      I sleep well with nuclear threats. It’s everything else that keeps me awake. Watching Tom Brady’s face after the game tells me he’s not so happy about four more years either.

    • I read that Bankers Manifesto some years back. The script from the horses mouth….hmmm…”they shoot horses don’t they?”

      What a scene to imagine; Oboomba waking up and finding Bernanke’s head under the covers…”Eek eek I’ma geek” as the secret service takes a leak.

      Something funny needs to happen before I cry…

  2. I’ve been in the same mode of thinking; that the Iran game is a strategy of tension. The only way it could happen is by a big mistake, I don’t think it is planned. Same reasoning: The Money Powers don’t want to end up with nothing but fields of nuclear glass after all their efforts to steal the whole place.

    Strategies of tension are for domestic audiences. The “outside enemy” buffers all national leadership from scrutiny – so this game benefits all, the Iranians, the Amerikans, the Ruskies…the whole field. After all, China is the global template, the model society for the NWO.

    Everything is aimed at the populations, and a grand weeding.

    It is amazing how it is all stage managed. NOW US troops ‘boots on the ground’ in Libya, after the curtains fell on the passion play. Extreme gribbles, now hawking no long john silver, just pop goes the weasel – done deal.

    That was the Jerusalem Post that had the opinion page by the editor that the Mossad should off Oboomba.

    Yea, maybe his shelf life is limited. There are inside whispers that the monkey is ripping at the seams. He may be so overdosed with electro-chemical MK that his brain is fried.

    Gawd, the thought of a salamander wriggling about in the ovulation office makes me wanna vomit…but then, every plastic pet in there since JFK has been a spewtrigger as well….

  3. The Icelanders tell the Bankers to go Wank Off!

    Maybe, it’ll start an echo reverb response? Dreaming…

    • Greece will default and then you will see the price of a human life. About $999.00 in my research.

  4. That strategy of tension wore off us older dudes and dudettes after the Cold War. What history of any psychopath ever included self destruction? None.

    I agree. Iran plays the soveriegnty, the face of the WOT which is an illusion as we know. But even for the mesmerized in terror it has to have a face or facade that they can apply.

    There’s the real terror. This is the point where people realize that they have to create a false front. This is accomplished by their incessant BS about the sanctity of a life. While they aid and abet the slaughter, infantcide and poverty that kills millions they focus on singular micro events of manslaughter that they lilely assisted in.

    This real terror for them is when the human spirit says I don’t give a shit anymore and it’s me or you. The sliding scale has to handled with careful consideration. Extremism is when the sane come to this point on the chessboard. Sacrificing the pawn is the risk they take now.

    Amazingly, this information from NDAA to Libya is in full view, displayed in images and broadcasted on multiple frequencies and the dormouse is still asleep. Proactive to their deaths or enslavement and reactive to none of this.

    Tussocks of COTO minds are the last line against them. Iraq was a clear signal that Iran and Ahmadinijad is a player and looking for his place in the pecking order once it is done. The scriptwriters made Iran an issue when those with brains began to see the obvious.
    Zionist run and funded by Saudi’s.

    We may be at odds with Mexico or Venezuela but we would not stand for China going there and killing a million plus under any circumstance. Saddam, Gaddafi, they knew and the people know. The extremists are those who know, period!!

    JFK was a chia pet that went rogue. Wilson was as was Truman and Eisenhauer. Nothing could convince me of any other than Harding and Jackson who were not choir boys either but were not mercenaries for the ruling minority.

  5. Zionist, NWO Pig Puppet Gingrich

    Gingrich’s faltering presidential campaign was completely resuscitated by a 5 million donation from Las Vegas casino king and super-Zionist Sheldon Adelson.

    (According to Wikipedia, Adelson is currently the 8th wealthiest American and 16th wealthiest person in the world, with a net worth of $23.3 billion.)

    Rising from the ashes, Gingrich now has won the South Carolina primary and has a decent chance of becoming the Republican presidential nominee.


    Also, a Georgia judge has thrown out the White House petition to quash the subpoena ordering Oboomba to testify as per citizenship…

    Strange forces align…something beezer is working in the shadows.

    As obscene as the Oboomba, the thought of having the bad guy from the movie ‘Dune’ floating about in the White House is even more disgusting.
    Gingerbread Grinch is like Jabba the Hut in a bizman costume.
    I want to spit just thinking about it.

  6. I can’t give these primaries one ounce of credence. Like watching NBA and referees. What a farce. Adelson? Must be out of the Jack Abramoff Tom Delay camp.

    • Well…if something does happen to Oboomba, that would leave pie pan-brain Biden in the drivers seat for a time…what a looneytoon lagoon that would be.

      That would likely lead to a GOP win in 2012 – if the Demo’s would follow precedence and run Bite’me’man. Of course they might juggle the raging bitch Hellery into position…

      Who knows? It’s a long shot to be sure, but there ARE strange goings on behind the Oboomba scene. If he’s cracking up, as some insiders have talked about, there could be a big game changer on the horizon.

      • Remember Mossad assassination is put into the mainstream frequency to cover the truth. JKF mossad?
        Please sheeple!

        The Queen Bea ordered it. The Vatican assassins and new templars do this work. Rothschild is above his pay grade to order such things.

        This is the largest of the D&C conventions. Islam-Judeo Xtian. Even the athiests agnostics can get on board this one.

        Remember Laugh-In? “Here come da judge, here come da judge” Joos and Pigmeat Markham.

  7. *****


    This one is straight forward and to the point…lays it out on the table.
    It should be kept in mind that the people have the same deck…”all options are on the table.”

    Let’s face it – they are going to have to juice us with a plague or they will have half a million people sticking their heads on pikes.~\\][//

    Translating Zero Hedge: Your Wages Will Be Cut In Half

    “The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

    Accept that fact and move on to the solution.”

  8. On tornado watch here – and the lightshow and kaboomba is already here.

    I’m shutting down.

    Rogue1, over and out.

  9. The trick is to convince everyone that the ‘Market’ is the lifeline. Like any body the nerve center of the life and health of the organism. Without it healthy the body slowly dies, organs suffer and death will occur.

    This is the same program for human assets as well. All they are doing is reducing the fiat in what would be a bloodletting which then in the ‘Market” reduces the human assets. The remaining human asset will oblige the human asset correction in order to receive the needed transfusion of fiat back to them.

    That’s apparent with the gawdy exhibition of wealth that people like Jay-Z, Holyrood starz, Mitt and other Wallstreeters like to parade into the psyches. ” You want this, peon? Just kill for it”

    Mitt likes his wetbacks and greenbacks

    • Exhibit number 1. Greed and Hubris.

      I’m so sick of these sicko’s….They should be stacked up ass to face and sewn together.

  10. flash kaboom here too all night long. sheet lightning here on the terminus of the red-blue line kapweeng.

  11. Cap’n Kirk is bringing the Enterprise into the Ironic theater so the moosheads can decommission that baby and blame it on the Iroonians…so jussa maybe baby the nookywerx is gonna come down anykahooty – if snot, they sure playing better theater than ozzie and hairy it.

    If they got containership on this nimrod, they can juice the Mid East and put a feather in their cap and call it Alabama.

    It’s hard for the sane to second guess the lunatics….

  12. Here’s My Story Sad But True

    Design masquerades as Diagnosis.

    Pretense is dressed as Reason.

    The Masses are Deceived.

    Maniacs rule the Planet.

    Dogmatic science is the new Religion.

    Domestication is distinct from Civilization.

    And Culture is just the scum grown in a petri dish.



    “Cannabinoids may cause anti-tumor effects by various mechanisms, including induction of cell death, inhibition of cell growth, and inhibition of tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. Cannabinoids appear to kill tumor cells but do not affect their nontransformed counterparts and may even protect them from cell death.”

    …The potential benefits of medicinal cannabis for people living with cancer include anti-emetic effects, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and improved sleep. In the practice of integrative oncology, the health care provider may recommend medicinal cannabis not only for symptom management but also for its possible direct anti-tumor effect.”~National Institute of Health

  14. I did not mean to exclude Colombia from the discussion/Map

    January 2012 suspected members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) attacked a radar station in the city of Cali in the Cauca province. The rebels used homemade missiles and a gas cylinder to damage the radar installation. At least one police officer was killed and three others were injured in the attack. The radar station allows the air force to monitor drug trafficking in the country and also provides coverage for civil aviation. The damaged radar station will take several months to repair, and the chief of civil aviation stated that flights may be reduced and delays are expected, especially at the Cali Airport

    • You sure it was FARK? Coulda been CIA, their the biggest drug runners in the Americas.

      • FARK run by OWS Universal. Al-Qaeda espanol.

  15. News out Today:

    Senator Rand Paul was prevented from flying for refusing to be felt up by TSA goons.

    A US Senator…WTF is going on. Who do these fuckheads think they are?
    yea yea…rhetorical.

    Night of the Long Knives approaches…I think it will be obvious, and in no way covert. The “powers that be” are out of the closet. It’s fuckin’ Gestapo time USA.

  16. Over 10, 800,000 guns were sold in the US in 2011 – and I am of the opinion that the bulk of these guns were bought with fighting back against the “government” in mind….

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