Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 11, 2011

Factor 9 – Factor 11


Christmas Disease Hemophilia Factor IX deficiency

Among many new technologies with Recombinant DNA and gene therapies there are some silver linings but still this science is the military complex property and patenting human beings, their genes, secret cloning experiments and other scams provide ratiocination to the world order UN eugenics programs and the transformation of the human genetic codes necessary for a reinvented man

Along with stem cell ethics and gene patenting from human cells without their consent, we can now assume the sum of all fears based on the financial and military agendas we have witnessed. It’s a wide wild west and the technology and medical PhRMA ponzi’s have yet to peak.



  1. gee that will upset the merck etc crowd if their stuff becomes pass’e.
    couldnt happen to more deserving mob really.
    I read the BR1 and 11 genes got re grabbed by the bioboys:-(
    obviously far more at stake than ever.
    Love the header Puddy:-)

    • Thanks Ozzie.

      Revisiting a story from years ago. “When science goes wrong”

      Indiana Track Runner Max Truex [Parkinsons]

      From the book Chapter one

      Messing with the CREATOR GENES is not advised. Yet we can assure ourselves nuclear holocaust would be a humane option compared to what these psychopaths could unleash.

      • after hearing about Exosomes via a short item on radio last week and pt 2 this week,( ABC National Science show) ANY foriegn material ie bloods let alone genetic tampering, absolutely no way!these little buggers are our very own prions.
        the bug that gave my immune system the irrits and changed my life is with me for good, I cant donate blood etc, YET our licences here are now ASSUMING any accident victims AS donors for organs you have to OPT OUT, and they dont make that easy, I texta No Organ donor on the back of all my licenses, and hope some bugger actually reads it.

        re the above links, yeah they rely on people being desperate to offer themselves for trials. either super ill or broke and needing funds.
        the chaps in UK that died from a supposedly stage 2 animal tested ok antiarthritic..seems it was fine….for mice, not so for humans.

        • I wouldn’t assume your wishes would be protected. Gonzo politics, patent abuse, intellectual property and the whole system just wreaks of profit over ethics.

          Whether Michael Jacksons doctor to Max Truex neurologist, these guys are just amateurs compared to the psychotic Dr Moreau’s in the IMC Complex.

          Scary enough to force your friends to cremate you before they can get you to the morgue.

  2. ‘singularity’

  3. Brilliant picture of the BRAVE NEW WORLD ORDER develops here “every day…it’s a gettin’ closer goin’ faster than a rollercoaster…”

  4. Gingrich sure fits the bill for NWO technocracy. Radical and erratic are my adj for this globalist megalomaniac. They love ego at Bilderberg. Even faking humility is frowned upon.

  5. Two vast errors, 1.“Might is Right” and, 2.“Ends Justify Means” – haunt this planet like a specter.

    1. Might is not right. Might is simply force and as such is neutral in itself. The issue is whether the force is aggression or self-defence. So the matter of right and wrong is a moral issue decided by rational argument.
    Aggression is a wrong. Self-defense is a right. This is a long standing moral law throughout the entire career of humankind. That an aggressor will cite that “Might is right,” is merely apologia, and excuse, and an affront to reason.

    2. It is self-evident that, Means define Ends, and can therefore not “justify” any wrong or criminal act that has brought about such ends. Ends resulting from criminal activities are crimes in themselves, for they benefit the criminals using such means.~ww

    • “And this is because injustice creates divisions and hatreds and fighting, and justice imparts harmony and friendship; is not that true, Thrasymachus?”

      • Yes, a most fascinating discussion. Thanks Ko.

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