Posted by: waldopaper | November 24, 2011

#occupy for dummies:

It’s much bigger than all that…

…and nobody’s saying Ron Paul is Full of Shit.  

If Ron Paul were full of shit, he would not be in sync with those other guys, would he?   Paul also recognizes the problem is much bigger than all that.  “The bankruptcy of the country and the destruction of the dollar.”  Guess the oceans turning into pisspots and the icecap melting pales in comparison to the destruction of the dollar.  And Noam Chomsky agrees, right?  So there you go, left.  Drop all those “entitlements” and get the die-off started.

Besides, everybody knows that all the brown people will kick it all off with their government-handout plasma screen teevees and welfare Cadillacs.  They’re taking up jobs and smuggling dope and want to march you all out to a collective farm and make you live under a one-world government with Sharia Law and abortions.  And kick God out of all the schools so the poor guy will be working at Dog and Suds wiping trays with his beard.

Some of the collectivist bums in the #occupy movement are all about feeding people and hugging trees.  Some are annoyed about tampering with the weather and spraying unknown toxins into the air, but this reckless spending has got to stop before our creditors repossess the Great Lakes or the Catskill Mountains.  Those dirty hippies better get a job and improve their credit ratings so God is where a true conservative can buy a corn dog, or God can not compete in a free market.

Then He will get mighty sore at all those fags and that could lead to earthquakes and nuclear melt-downs and stuff.  So we better balance our check book before it’s too late because we don’t have time to sweat small stuff like global famine and resource wars.  In fact, it’s going on right now and there doesn’t seem to be a huge problem for anybody who has studied the ins-and-outs of fiat currency.  The Dog and Suds closed years ago because we didn’t cut taxes enough.

Shit.  This is serious. 



  1. What i like about them is they are not making demands of our illegitimate government… at least so far. I wish they were holding signs that said “Go away, we don’t want you anymore, you’re trouble, you’re evil”.

    Help us… save us !!! The phreaks like nothing more than implied consent.

  2. Yes, Wanda. WE the People should publicly Scorn and Mock Them wherever and whenever possible. Continually call them out as criminals, as part of the problem, and as illegitimate and dangerous faux authority figures. It could be cathartic. It would be a method of excoriating them, of removing their “clothes” so they are seen as grotesque lumps of fascist flesh. Yechh!

  3. Is it Howdy Doodey Time? That’s what Wal-Martian ‘greeters’ job is isn’t tit?
    Howdy duty…?
    Now a old fashioned had carved wooden dummy would be a nice addition to my collection plate but I can’t be late gotta integrate that urethane with the mighty spray nozzle and replicate in multiple triplicates so the equatorial Jenny don’t loose a penny. And that’s what it’s been about the hole time, always looking for hole time, or time enough for holes but nobody cooperrooperates and that’s true in spades, or shovels or even bitch diggers. But hell who cares now that James Dean is just some dumb old skeleton and coffee is twenty dollars a fucking pound and everybody has plastic smiley face masks blooming from their privates?

    You ever hear a snake hiss? I never heard a snake make a single fukkin noise ‘cept fer the ones with maraca’s on there tails. I heard a tire hiss before, and that was bad enough…being out in alligator country with a bunch of long haired hippies – and THAT is where we connect with the story above, because we have stretched far and wide since any mention of dummies or steamrollers or rhinos hightailing it…now there is a species where that term {“hightailing”} really fits the character of the anymule and if you aint ne’er yet you lookit up cuz there is no more descriptive time left in this post.

    • A#B is the connected sum of the manifolds A and B. If A and B are knots, then this denotes the knot sum, which has a slightly stronger condition. #X means the cardinality of the set X.
      Examplifoidal: #{4, 6, 8} = 3

      And there you go, all us speracy theatorist get the heebies over the numeral 3, which can be indooblate to 6, and unholysmokers into 9 and the next thing you know you got Frankenstein or der Beast or the AntiNoodle walkin’ his poodle {Blair} see? see? remember Linda Blair…? do you? well do you? Yea and that goddammy spinny head movie all so creepy, and now we goed through the nuther goddammy period of the bushy blair poodle thingy — see what I mean?? do you? well do you?

      And that just means replicants, multiples of multiples of Linda Blair head spinners takin’ over OUR parks, not YOUR parks OUR parks, and now if you wanna park yer ass there’s no space causa all these goddammy headspinners these fukking blairs blaring out the occuchantilly lace and repeato beato like some kinda weird sci fi bunny hop makes big creepy on me – yea just like ol’Linda spinnyhead.

      Whattaya? You no getty? It was just special reflex, nunna dat was true or real – just a goddammy movie you silly vizzijunkies. slow down slow down and just remember with #X means the cardinality of the set X, and that means spinnyheads. Okay?

      • Kill the priest !

        • To pill the kriest, one takes several blue tablets, put in coffee grinder for fine powder.

          Now lay out slacks on firmly seated ironing board, sprinkle blue powder along crease line and use one hot steam iron to press.
          Be renasshured that the crease line will stay firm.

          *Repeat daily for best results.

  4. All that truth Waldo and then you had to scribe that “Schmoebama” and poof, the truth disappeared into the aethers of artifact. The audacity!

    I haven’t been back to OEN to sense the flavor of the sychophants but I’ll bet it’s metallic and acidic. There’s still enough wrong with the right to keep them in denial.

    Ron Paul Reagan and Rand Paul Ayn must put them into shock and convulsions but Al Gore and Rick Perry would kill the message. I hate the teaparty and the little green cucumber sandwiches. It’s a English thing.

    At least Paul would pull the troops and it’s only us that gets killed by our own army. That’s worth getting out of Barrytown.

  5. “…when they tried to hang that sign on me I said, ….take it down.'”
    nah- i aint no barium man.

    went to oen to sniff the brimstone… and lo- a “discussion:” should we publish anything “negative” about #ows? ” wtf? I mean, WTFF??? STILL on planet candyland??? they don’t want to mention the 911 op because it might “,,,alienate the swing voters?” hel-LO???

    You got a gang of psychopaths at the wheel capable of pulling an op like that… and still dithering about “ELECTIONS????” some kinda disconnect here. the genius of #ows is that it targets the REAL power. Paul would not pull the troops… unless he wants to be fish food. the sock-puppets are IRRELEVANT.

    this is about setting up a network for the distribution of food, energy and information… a network that can not be “managed” by the psychopaths. we will deal with them in time… but the networks come first. and there will be a lot of REAL zombies… the ones who can not see the matrix… in the way. economic collapse has occurred. as commercial collapse follows, food will become scarce.

    food water energy information. there can be no “Barriers.”

    • Speaking of zombies.

    • Waldo, I’m all for educating people but in all life there are barriers, some maintained by the people you would like to help and others you have to maintain to keep away the predators. In the end for Timothy Treadwell, a tent was not enough. Not in Kenai anyway. I didn’t say Kenya, Barry or Frank once in this entire rant. The problem with gardening and human scale organic ag, is it takes thinks back to the boerderij and boers or farmers who did this boring occupation for a living. People have been fleeing this kind of dirty job down to like two percent or less of Americans in farming. And in organic farming it would be alot less so it is not like a really popular topic for most people unless they have tried gardening or horticulture and liked it. If people want to learn then there are lots of ways in most communities to get into it but it is sweat equity and not well paid driving out most people. Immigrants take to it better but there are some of us American born who are pretty good nowadays and getting better at the techniques which are more manual to learn. Also our US off grid solar industry is happenin’ with Outback guys making the best inverters around.

  6. Things are on extreme {FFWD>>] ZoooooooooM:

    “First, I am instructing the Defense Ministry to immediately put the missile attack early warning radar station in Kaliningrad on combat alert. Second, protective cover of Russia’s strategic nuclear weapons, will be reinforced as a priority measure under the programme to develop out air and space defenses. Third, the new strategic ballistic missiles commissioned by the Strategic Missile Forces and the Navy will be equipped with advanced missile defense penetration systems and new highly-effective warheads. Fourth, I have instructed the Armed Forces to draw up measures for disabling missile defense system data and guidance systems if need be… Fifth, if the above measures prove insufficient, the Russian Federation will deploy modern offensive weapon systems in the west and south of the country, ensuring our ability to take out any part of the US missile defense system, in Europe. One step in this process will be to deploy Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad Region. Other measures to counter the European missile defense system will be drawn up and implemented as necessary. Furthermore, if the situation continues to develop not in Russia’s favor we reserve the right to discontinue further disarmament and arms control measures. Besides, given the intrinsic link between strategic offensive and defensive arms, conditions for our withdrawal from the New START Treaty could also arise.”~Russian president Dmitry Medvedev 11/23/11 [yesterday]

      • Well Korn…that was only about a minute and a half too long…

    • Will, that’s disturbing news. Jesus.

  7. Ron Cobb: Thanksgiving……..genius

    • Yes, Rogue1, that is genius. But then, it probably “flies right on by” the heart & soul of the sheep with sunflower seed brains. Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Thnx!


  9. the 400 or so skeletons steering the US ship of ghouls (by remote control) could care less if 80% of us were incinerated in some kind of nuke o rama.

    in fact, it will save wear and tear on their serfs when sent out to mine the graves.

    we are on our own and we are all in this together.


    The US is being gutted from the top down much in the same way the USSR was gutted at the end of its life by its elites.

    The Senate is gearing up for a vote on Monday or Tuesday that goes to the very heart of who we are as Americans. The Senate will be voting on a bill that will direct American military resources not at an enemy shooting at our military in a war zone, but at American citizens and other civilians far from any battlefield — even people in the United States itself.

    The worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial provision is in S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which will be on the Senate floor on Monday, November 28. The bill was drafted in secret by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) and passed in a closed-door committee meeting, without even a single hearing.

    In support of this harmful bill, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) explained that the bill will “basically say in law for the first time that the homeland is part of the battlefield” and people can be imprisoned without charge or trial “American citizen or not.” Another supporter, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) also declared that the bill is needed because “America is part of the battlefield.”

    • Every one of these warmongering bastards who have signed this bill or secretly wack off to it in their Congressional Closets are up to their skinny necks in Treason! They are sickening despicable sell-outs to the MIC and every other sorcery bloodsucker that lusts for power, bloodmoney, and control.

      When their end comes, it should be at the hands of those they oppress.

  11. Friday, November 25, 2011… to be a boy born in 1947, merely writing that date down as today’s is seeming science fiction, let alone accounting for the nature of this future place. To be sixty four and find myself in such a mad world, that is yet so familiar to the dreamworlds of my youth – worlds dreamed of by others as well as myself is much like a constant déjà vu, and sense of wonder and astonishment.

    This is especially so as the dawn breaks on dark gray clouds only growing to a lighter gray as the sun rises behind them in the very town I was born in last century.

    And I look out the window at the silhouettes of leafless autumn trees against the morning sky that seems so much to be in mourning. At once so familiar and so alien. To think of all I have been through, all I have seen, the places I have been to come full circle, to find myself here knowing it is a calm before the storm.

    And now the horizon has gone from a pinkish to a yellowish gray as I have written, and I see beyond the stand of trees outside my window there is a thick fog in the fields and the trees beyond just darker smudges of gray. The eaves drip.

  12. Here’s your 99 Percent:


    • Let’s face it…

      The 99% are NOT at #occupy – a percentage irrelevant compared to the whole.

      The 99% are Walmartians and Black Friday Maniacs.

  13. Speaking of Walmartians and Black Friday Maniacs…this made me laugh out loud, as it was AT Walmart, IN Los Angeles, not so far from the Police Mace Spraying atrocity of recent history.

    Plus, this is just so ripe for ripping — People are CRAZY!

    • She’s probably an off duty cop…er a SOW, I guess you’d call it.

      Think of it Boom…THEY WALK AMONG US.

  14. A trip outside “The Cage” provides perspective…

    Providing comparisons of what Freedom looks like, feels like, smells like, etc. versus the reality of the Police State cage is profitable. Proving the absolute “falseness” and incongruity of the rhetoric/propaganda is so easy when you see visuals.

    Something like putting up a photo of StormTrooper “protect and servers” on the left side, and on the right, a photo of some other fairly free country’s local policeman. Caption them. The bullshit factor should scream off the page! I’ll have to think of more depictions like this. M and ZaZa and Puddy would be great at bringing these to our conscious level.

    • Yea…I had that ‘culture shock’ hit me hard when I returned from Morea {Tahiti}…When I got into LAX, and this was the eighties, I was hassled and my baggage gone through, treated like a suspect.

      Going into Tahiti was like a joke and a laugh with everybody throwing flowers at ya…and the tarmac – even at Papeate’ International Air Port smelled like you were in the middle of a garden.

      And then…there were the women. On the beach – Naked, at the club bars topless…and life was just slow cruise for everybody…

      Amerika is twitchy, and Amerikans are nuts.

  15. So, you know, you know ,this new force in American politics and, you know, those organizations You know, this is the richest country that’s ever existed,You know, and so, my biggest advice would be to, you know, in many ways—you know,You know, the Tea Party comes from the same mindset as we do, you know, And, you know, that’s what’s going on with my generation. We have kids who have massive amounts of student debt, and they’re, you know, going to carry that for the rest of their lives, possibly—you know, not if we have anything to do with it, but…you know…you know?

    Yea…I know…

  16. ummm… uhhh… lessee… ummm uh… (informal discourse markers)… so many needle-heads got a burr up they butt about the “dirty hippies” and “lawlessness” however… (formal discourse marker)…

    It’s OK to… camp out on the concrete… get “violent” … defy the “law” … etc etc… as long as you are “SHOPPING.” And this is happening on ONE DAY… not over 3 months. Where are the kops? Oh… downtown watching a bunch of people holding signs.

    How much more fucking OBVIOUS does this have to get?

    • What is THE LAW?


      Are we not consumers?
      Are we not capitalists?
      Are we not the Useless Eaters?
      Let us Shop.

    • Only one dead Walmarter this year. No wonder the Dow continued its losing streak today.

      One wise Smirking Chimp poster who lives in Canada said that living next door to the US was like living next door to a trailer park. I think he was being generous.

      BTW, last year we were in Hawaii ’bout now. I miss the fragrance there too–everywhere you go you smell flowers. Much better than the ubiquitous smell of mold here in the NW. Too bad the Hawaiins are all receiving heavy doses of radiation now. Maybe by next year the flowers will become huge glowing man eating creatures.

      Feeling my typical holiday snarkiness. My misanthropy becomes quite acute this time of year.

      • You one hairy robot then aye O?

        Merrycans can do do and do do can’t they…{Rhectumtorial queestion}.

        Yes…I heard there was even a shooting at a Walmartian slash.
        Whether actually at a Walmart doesn’t matter these are ALL Walmartians that conduct their assholes in such a whoopooping fashion magazine. Add squib for exciting and explosive action.

        • Sorry, I was thinking Lycanthropy


          • Its quite weird and troposophorific to heed the call, and experience such seratonin levels dangerous to one’s existing in this plain plane.

            Funny Existential Point! Rogue One (1) one Won Wan Wun. Two’s not far off…

            Anyways — yeah, kinda sorta weirdness with the particulates. Thought she’d keep em all outside her ‘wire’, and bivouac ack ack outside her stash. Rather be Czar you know?

            Cryptic Crap! Cosmonots in a Collapsing Crime Scene!

            Yeah…they stroll among us.

            The really ironic, funny, and asinine point I’m making here…is I wrote this in answer to a comment up-thread, got distracted, discombobulated if you like that word, perhaps even supercalifragilstickexpealodocious. It must be the increased oxygen from no chemtrails that has caused this brainfartedness.

            Once I read about the one hairy mericans, I figured it was time to go off into the briar patch wit ya…

  17. And… to add one more flapjack to the irony stack… the walmartians are fixin’ to celebrate… you got it- the birth of Jeebuz Crispies. Fish heads… eat em up yum. You would think if these nobs got any stupider, their bb brains would roll right out their piggy nostrils.

    Just got back from our own local #occupy camp. The kids opened a “free store” … like the Diggers. I swear… IF anybody fucks with them… and IF I am still around… some motherfukker is going to curse the day their MOTHER was born.

    But… there is still a significant proportion of stupid-heads who think “the deficit” is a fucking issue… like “money” was real. My question is this: do the lights have to go out and do we have to go through the “zombie apocalypse” before any of these snout rooters pop to basic REALITY?

    I WOULD be a bitter-ass misanthrope (have been for years) TOO… IF I had not (just today… and from the beginning) witnessed how our kids (right downtown) have set up their camp and are maintaining it. They got all the problems #OWS has… but on a 1/1000th scale… so they can handle it (sometimes clumsily) and the kops leave them alone.

    Well, bless the kops and bless the kids (so far). I sense they are going to work it out just fine… unless the stupid-heads (and they are the majority here in krakkkerland) fuck with them… and then… maybe it will be time for that dirty ol bullshit I learned back in the day. Now that I am an old (and almost-dead) fuck… I got little to lose… and am still quite capable of handing the stupid-heads a really nasty surprise.

    Are the stupid-head wallmartians capable of “learning” any other way?

  18. Miss Anne Thrope usually calls on me after I’ve had a glimpse of the screen of the tubular appendage…yes even a sideways glance can somehow ring her number. Makes it itchy in the skull, like fire ants doing a ritual to the music of “Kong Kong” -and I imagine all the wet devils – the Hooman Binx hoobled around in prayer before their altars d’TV. And acidic hormonial tides well and swell into disharmonica bellows. And little bubbles bob about my head with the words, “STUPID STUPID STUPID HOOMAN BINX” spelled out in arrays like skywriters would if they were spurting bubbles stidda smoke.
    The floor is suddenly covered with thin wriggling red asps and I scream out to Anne, “Dance, dance…stomp yer feet…don’t let one shimmy up yer leg, I know you don’t wear panties {cus I steal ’em all}….and then the steam runs out of the digits and the keyboard goes….quite.

    • watching Miss Anne do her snake-dance is an awesome thing… but usually I gotta stagger outside and pee behind a dumpster because there are too many incontinent old fox lined up outside the bat-room.

      Chris Hedges comes to mind.

      OK… so I’ll pee in the hedges… whatever. You gotta be careful so some cop on the way to the pizza shop don’t see ya wavin yer willie. Public indecency.

      usually it is a product of too much beer and careening off solid objects on the way to relieve the pressure. The kops will have none of that shit… unless their pizza is getting cold.

      Meanwhile, the old grumps back in the bar are engaging in some kind of “civil dialogue” unless simply hopping about from foot to foot and wagging they knobby old knees. Where you don’t want to be is outside with the kops and delights and wondering how the fuck you got caught. And still having to piss.

      And thinking about Miss Anne’s Lord of Hooters.

      • Well, fuck my balls. I’m so fucking out of touch, I thought Hooters was outta business. But a quick google produced this…

        Boob worship and Walmartianism. Seems a likely combination of religions for trailer trash amurika. Somebody get me a cheezeburger.

        • Well be be clean outta cheese but we gotsda fruit of the wheeze, all it takes izza sneeez for the dressing to please.

          I wuz never the major rack rooster, I like the shape and fit to the resta the overalls compyzishun. Althomer I knew one Hooter scooter personoidly that had the whole tootifrootie jamboria ta have me down on mykneah and snortin bayyyyyybayy bring it on home ta me.
          But that was in that nuther lifetime back in the lamp century when the rooster wuz crowin and growin all da time. Making me walk wif dat stiffleg limp like I be draggin da foot doncha knownono?
          Betcha do goosey goo…put a lamp shade onit and kawlzit moonshine.

          But don’t dream me of Walmartians no mo no mo no mo…bleeds me eyes jussa tinkin onit.

          • Cotobonics. I’m down wid it.

            Wish I knew how to do it. My schmizzle just won’t drizzle the dribble.

            Whoa. Where’d that come from?

            • Cotobonics…yea, I like that O…you beethar wifit. Gotta rap dat in bearatone.


    Some Walmartian police shit…


    • As they say…’That’s some pretty fucked-up shit.’

      • “The Buckeye police chief has defended the actions of the officers and says that the cell phone footage doesn’t do justice to the entire incident; store surveillance cameras didn’t catch the event on tape.

        Because force was used in the arrest, however, an investigation will open up while the officer remains on the force”.

        Fine choice of words for this obvious case of police brutality — “cell phone footage doesn’t do justice to the entire incident”. No, there was no justice seen anywhere near the crime scene.

        Consider, he was handcuffed with his hands behind his back, so when the “Peace Officer” tripped him and threw him face first towards the concrete floor, the poor victim could not put out his hands to break his fall. So they broke his face with malice and stupid pig behavior.

        YOU Americans — any questions?

  20. Couquamonga – Wet Demon. Hoomen Binx.

    “Unlimited population growth cannot be sustained; you cannot sustain growth in the rates of consumption of resources. No species can overrun the carrying capacity of a finite land mass. This Law cannot be repealed and is not negotiable.” Dr. Albert Bartlett

    The proverbial Cassandra Syndrome: The delusional kill the messenger of bad tidings. Ah…the moral strength you gotta have to know the things you gotta know. Hooman Binx have been generally psycho from the time they left the savannahs. Moderna Binx follows with the same chain of DNA. It is why the terms of political power works. It prays on the species weakness. From wacky tribal cults to global ghoulogoblin it’s the same old shamanic structure.

    Laocoon and Cassandra best learn to keep to the shadows, their prescience is not heeded nor appreciated by the team, and old chief Oogabooga is gonna get mighty sore if they peep up. T’is wisest to wear the mirror mask around these children of the game. They all carry score cards.

    Gobble gobble gossip chortle and ring around the TV. Squatting like sumo wrestlers on tortured couches chattering the daily script and watching the freak show, excreting toxic fluids in their half baked skull oven. Yea, best know the script and chuckle at their banal jokes…when in Rome and all that. Better yet find sanctuary in your solo ashram if you be alight inside.

    “Upwards of two hundred species.. mostly of the large, slow-breeding variety.. are becoming extinct here every day because more and more of the earth’s carrying capacity is systematically being converted into human carrying capacity. These species are being burnt out, starved out, and squeezed out of existence.. thanks to technologies that most people, I’m afraid, think of as technologies of peace. I hope it will not be too long before the technologies that support our population explosion begin to be perceived as no less hazardous to the future of life on this planet than the endless production of radioactive wastes.” Daniel

    Well the showdown looms. Going along to get along finally brought the Binx to the abyss…

    Happy trails are far behind at a fork in the road passed long ago. The sign said, The Twilight Zone, but nobody looked up as they passed with their nose in the leaders ass.

  21. Down with the ass sniffers. Up with the freeloaders. Back and forth with the ambivalent. Get back to real physics by examining the G-String Theory with a Hooters Girl.

  22. Proximate Cause and Effect should be no mystery. They system as root cause is not in doubt. The design and designers are for the most part not anonymous people. Although some are obscured by incredulity, lack of social memory, and time, they are large in the public record, no matter how generally misunderstood that record may be. And now these same forces. Still in power want to prosecute the ‘solution’ to the problem they continue to aggravate. Ludicrous and as obvious as neon on a dark night – pure unpigmented insanity.

    It shouldn’t take a racket scientist to see the scam. But there are those distractions that the Binx slave their asses off to buy…anything not to pay attention and be “bummed out,” of “brought down” by. “Like wow, you’re such a ‘downer’ with all your doom and gloom rap dood…”

    Hoomens with such dialogs might as well have manifest as lithium batteries so their energy can be put to use and then they can be sent to the proper landfill – which is rather their fate at any rate. It beggers the imagination and buggers reason to voluntarily take such a path, and spend all the wrath on trivial nothings rather than the authors of such a ‘fate’.

  23. The Game Is About Done

    It’s pretty-much over at this point….


    Reality must eventually be faced. That day is here for Europe and it will soon be here in the US. We have permitted the lies and stealing — both indirectly and now, as we’ve seen, it appears directly through MF Global — to go on for too long.

    To those Seniors (and soon-to-be-Seniors) and others who say “but we were promised!” and “I vote damnit – you better give me what you said I’d get” respond: The till is empty and your check is going to bounce.

    Occupy Wall Street?

    Well sure, but while you’re at it, why aren’t the Seniors encircling the Capitol and refusing to leave? Why isn’t the underlying truth being discussed and why aren’t the jackals that led to this happening being forced from office and run out of town on a rail?

    I’ll tell you why: Because everyone thinks that they can manage to somehow “get theirs” while “someone else” will take the hit.

    I’m sorry to tell you that it isn’t going to work out like that.

    There has been no enforcement and there is no indication that this will change.

    It will take just one — or maybe two — more events like MF Global and Greek CDS “determinations” before the entire market — all of it — goes “no bid” as participants simply stuff their hands in their pockets and say “screw this.”
    It’s coming folks, and I guarantee you this: Whatever your “nightmare” scenario is for such an event, it’s not bearish enough.~Karl Denninger

  24. Yup. Crime’s been paying off BIG for the slimeys for far too long. No accountability, no justice, one big cess pool of money-grubbing greediness.

    That’s a great picture to consider though — a mighty army of seniors converging on the jackals, surrounding their haunts, and demanding their heads. They jackals surely deserve having their heads handed to them in their hats. “sorry”, and “it’s you people’s fault”, or “its the Iranians’ fault”, or similar blame-slinging ain’t gonna cut it when The Truth rolls ’round, and its backed by the Truth & Reconciliation Committee of millions or tens-of-millions of committed American fleeced sheep.

  25. Hedge your bets here:

    “The race of doom is now between environmental collapse and global economic collapse.”

    I bet we are forked.

    • “The race of doom is now between environmental collapse and global economic collapse.”

      1, 2, AND, 3
      {Oh that’s how elementary it could be…}

      Yea…and there is that third factor; global war, which could speed the whole boat to China and a sunset tzu for the panda in the DC zoo.

  26. Poking up a global war is just about the only way left for the sock-puppets to show their “validity.” The real owners could care less…the ones who pumped up the fake “money,” then used it to buy all the shit they needed. They put it where it is least likely to be destroyed… and if it is- they got more in other places. Exactly who is going to defend their “property rights” when the zombies come after it is a puzzler… no doubt they have thought of that.

    Meanwhile in Gulag USA we peasants are going to find some way around the other peasants who think the problem is high taxes, federal spending and “big government”… instead of food, water, energy and information. You know… the folk who will turn into zombies the minute the lights flicker. It might be fun to watch them raid the fat fiefdoms no longer accepting serfs, but eye aint gonna be anywhere near that shit.

    Slip the walmartians… mulch the fugue state.

    • “..but eye aint gonna be anywhere near that shit.”

      Yea…it’s scram to the ashram. No use playing that one again Sam.

      Buckle up hunker down t’is no time to clown around.

      Keep yer karma dry and the periscope high.




    The manikins are weeping tears as if they were plaster saints in a Central American cathedral. You should only look that good and that’s the point. The forever Botoxed icons which never age; a single expression of timeless indifference on their faces. All these cities and lights are too powerful to deny. That’s real concrete under your feet. People in uniforms are directing traffic. The check out girl is wearing a name tag. The contracts are filled with official terms. Why would anyone lie? They’re wearing suits for Christ’s sake. They got expensive furniture. Look at that potted plant. It’s real. Nothing beats the convincing truth of a corner office and wall to wall windows. If you’re buying, I’m selling. We’re all alchemists here. I can turn the ink of a Mount Blanc pen into blood on the floor of The Congo. I can make a phone call and kill ten thousand people, halfway around the world …and still be home in time for dinner.~Visible


  28. “That’s not a blind man (speaking of irony) tapping his stick. That’s Mr. Apocalypse and he’s putting on the Ritz, with the Wakey, Wakey Truth Machine.”

    gor-blimey! dog-poet nailed this one. me- still crying about Nastatia. a biker chick who played with big cats.. damn… breaks me fekkin heart. i rode a cbr once… took it around the block… said, dam silly way to kill yer old ass. got a sportster instead… had to give it up. but remember what it’s like to live to ride to live.

    i think kismet was a dog poet too.

    • I was just reminded by the use of Hermit Crabs in his title of a most amazing experience on a beach on the Isle of Morea.

      I was laying quite totally naked on a beach towel some ten to fifteen feet from the edge of the jungle. I just happened to glance around for some reason to see a huge red crab come out from under a fallen log.

      Its back shell was at least three feet wide, it’s left pincer was about the size of my hand, but the right one was twice that size. This monster made a little sideways dance towards me – rather gripping my sudden attention. I leapt to my feet that instant and it stopped and just looked at me with those weird eye-stalks waving. It moved towards me a gain more slowly.

      I decided it was time to move a little further out on the sand. There lay a beautiful French girl…also quite naked on a towel. I stopped near and said “hey” and pointed out the crab. She too was impressed, and so we chatted a moment and I dropped my towel next to her and sat down. She had been laying on her back with her eyes closed as I approached. I had given her a good looking over…oh my my.

      She had rolled over and propped herself up on an elbow to look at the crab. I sat down cross legged facing her…I was feeling the beginnings to what might be an embarrassing reaction to her presence and tried to sit in such a way as to avoid that. I don’t know if she noticed, she was real friendly and we talked there for about half hour.

      Ha ha ha…anyway it was the biggest crab I ever saw. Eventually it skittered back under the canopy of tropical plants and palms.

      • dam… all my stories about girls and crabs are a lot different…

        • Ha ha ha ha…good one Waldo.

      • Fun story, Hybrid. But, I was hoping it was going to end with…’and that’s how I met the woman of my dreams.’ At least tell us how you rubbed coco butter all over her. Give us something…

        • Alas mr. O, there is more to the story, but this is a mixed company blog and to tell it right with all attendant detail might be viewed as prurient by the other gender here.

          Let me just say that we ended up spending some time together, and I have a big honkin’ crab to thank for that {grin}.

          And on that other note…I seem to have serial dreams and there is no ONE woman of my dreams. I am best considered a test pilot on that aspect.

          • Lol! Enjoy your “flights”!!

            • I grounded myself some time ago Never…{grin}

              The skill is still there, the burning desire has evaporated.
              The greater the lack of desire, the greater the contentment.

            • However the memories of the flight log are still pleasant.

      • “The older I get, the more clearly I remember things that never happened.”
        ― Mark Twain

        yeah yeah… the blues bar became a tropical paradise and the skivvies were a fallen log where old hermit lurked…

        …then there was this biker chick named Trixie…

        I get it NOW…

  29. Sheeple keep telling themselves…There are no conspiracies. There are no conspiracies. So — there must be no conspiracies.

    This guy thinks there are some noteworthy ones a’happenin:

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