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Creating the Collective Dream…”  –TFST

…or you could skip the Earthy-crunchy and just read about my Last Motorcycle Ride and…

Laugh about somebody seriously screwing up.  All those spinning magical money-plates are shards on the floor.  Folks in the reality-based community heard the crash some years back.  Remember in the school cafeteria when applause would break out?  It’s like that.  “Money” is over, Jack.  But no applause.  So you can blow off all that hippie-moonbeam collective crap as a lot of commie nonsense… or you can recognize a survival strategy far more effective than any Mad Max-Elmer Fudd fantasy.

It really is time to tell people who natter and feet about the “deficit” to pack it up their “collective” asses.  They blew all the monopoly money on war-toys and took a big steaming dump on the board.  Now they are telling us the game is not over.  Yes it is.  No time for that now.  We gotta light some fires and cook some food or die in the dark like a bunch of stupid-heads.  Make the energy transportation and information grids public and free…now… and then worry about what-to-call-it or how to “pay for it” later.

Put people to work producing food and maintaining the grids.  People who yak about paying for it need to get a clue about famine and war.  It’s crunch-time, kids.  No time to watch the grown-ups dress up in moms’ clothes and play tea-party.  Their Make-Believe is Murder.   The dancing Manitou  flits on ideology’s grave.  And the screamingly-ironic thing about  green vision is that it is not only happening right now… it never went away. This is not “New Age.”  It was around long before the Old World Order.

We are all eco-terrorists now. 


  1. I agree with the solution, it is just that we seem to be duck taped to the table in front of that Monopoly game board choking on the shit fumes.

    Really, just giving it all away for free is the answer and worrying about growing more potatoes next year is no problem.

    The real problem is the pigs in stormtrooper costumes tuning in to iPods from Hell.

    Well…that’s a deep subject.

    • the pigs in stormtrooper costumes must be kept clear of the roads and grids. we need them to transport food, energy and information. .. the grids, that is, not the pigs… the pigs can be help or be bacon. The grids must be kept “free” as in Liberty-type “Free.” We will all support their maintenance one way or another.

      The middle-men have eliminated themselves.

      • Well Waldo,

        Like I say – I am all in favor of the idea of it. It’s just putting it into practice…you know what I mean?

        It’s not as easy as, “Hey Mr. Porky in armor, please step out of the way, we have business to attend to here.” Any video of the confrontations at OWS show this clear as crystal grapes.

        No, we are talking about war, and blood in the streets attempting to take the grid out of their grasp. You really think they won’t Afghanistan this joint to stop that from happening? All they care about is the garrison – that much is as obvious as the hair on yer chinny chin chin.

        But man o’man ANYTHING can happen, my crystal balls got swiped by the hobgoblin some time ago.

  2. Wow…now that’s some 21st century outertainment…

    Looks like it is amazing in person too from the looks on peoples faces.


  3. “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible”~Stanislaw Lee

  4. green myopia, many speak of how nice.
    too few realise the reality

  5. We are! More than enablers for eco-terror we sit here in front of toxic screens.

    No one wants to trash the tubes and chips or the EM pollution which is killing our sustainability in accelerated fashion.

    The distortion of reality regarding earths requirement for sustainability is only as skewed as the electromagnetic holograms we see in our waking dream.

    But not to worry

    (Reuters) – A raft of bidders including J.P. Morgan is lining up for failed brokerage MF Global’s stake in the London Metals Exchange, two sources familiar with the situation said, providing some solace for creditors.

    • “A raft of bidders including J.P. Morgan is lining up for failed brokerage MF Global’s stake in the London Metals Exchange..”

      Well look – this is the same game Rothschild played after Waterloo.
      Buy it all back, pennies on the dollar. How many times this redux until people get a clue. That is how 1929 panned out as well. All solace for creditors and no solace for ‘creditees’. It’s a round’about and the brass ring is brass, not gold. Up and down the silly clown.

      Look Puddy, we are all here now – this is the technology we have to deal with, it’s that or walk off into the woods. Personally, I’m not a woodsman. I wish I were, and if I ever am it will be a crash course I doubt I would survive. Born into a maze, we seek the exit…and no breadcrumbs lead the way. All that’s left is reliance on our intuition.

      Lets face it, we didn’t come here to stay, we are just visiting here.
      Not one gets out alive in the meat suit. Play the physical game or zone out. Well, zoning out comes soon enough, that mysterious segue is the exit, and no one will miss the stage call.

      Find peace within.

  6. In short, the “house of world order” will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great “booming, buzzing confusion,” to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.

    Of course, for political as well as administrative reasons, some of these specialized arrangements should be brought into an appropriate relationship with the central institutions of the U.N. system, but the main thing is that the essential functions be performed.

    ~“Hard Road to World Order” by Council on Foreign Relations member Richard Gardner in a seminal April 1974 article in ‘Foreign Affairs’ – Volume 52 • Number 3 The contents of Foreign Affairs

  7. Wasted away again…

  8. Number crunching with social security:

    • That’s the frame “they” are trying to gin up: “it’s the corporations” vs. “it’s the government”… “occupy” vs. “tea party.”
      pssssst…. “corporations” … “government” … SAME THING.
      “economic growth” is vaporware.
      Mulch the fugue state.

  9. Here’s some stuff that puts Julius Streicher to shame:

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