Posted by: kornisking | November 16, 2011

From Ecologist To Patriot (no,you cant be both)

I spoke to Dr. Coffman this afternoon. He was in a hurry to go do a presentation. I stumbled onto his name at a Smartgrid site. I didnt know when I called him with Agenda 21 questions that he was a real long-haired scholar. Below is a small bio. Waldo is gonna love this !

Born in 1943, Dr. Michael S. Coffman received his BS in Forestry and MS in Biology at Northern Arizona University at and his Ph.D. in Forest Science at the University of Idaho at Moscow in 1966,1967, and 1970 respectively. Since then he has become a respected scientist and ecologist who was involved in ecosystem research for over twenty years in both academia and industry. He taught courses and conducted research in forest ecology and forest community dynamics for ten years at Michigan Technological University–a leading forestry school in the Midwest. While there, he published a book on forest ecosystem classification in Upper Michigan and Northern Wisconsin, which has become the standard for classification in the region. He also assisted the U.S. Forest Service in developing an Ecological Land Classification System for each of the National Forests in Region-9.

Until 1992 Dr. Coffman was a manager for Champion International, a leading forest and paper products company in the United States. During his tenure with Champion, he became Chairman of the Forest Health Group within National Council for the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement, a respected scientific research group for the Paper Industry. In this, and other related responsibilities, he oversaw a multimillion dollar research program in which he became intimately involved in such national and international issues as acid rain, global climate change, wetlands, cumulative effects and biological diversity. During this time he was a spokesperson for the Paper Industry for the Media on these issues. It was during this time that Dr. Coffman began investigating the environmental movement and the the blatant distortions of science that were being used to justify sweeping, and very punitive legislation. What he found shocked him and lead him to quit his job to try to expose the horrifying agenda to create a tyrannical world government, now called global governance. It eventually led to writing this book as described in the preface to the book.



  1. I’d been waiting to post this header King.

    I’ll look for the book and pdf if available. But I will say this on that.

    IT’S A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CO2 is how we get O2. It’s how tha planet provides food. Deforestation for Gold, Silver and other minerals for planes, electronics and fillings.

    If eco-idiots want green, plant a friggin tree and shut the F up. IGY exposed the scam and the Gore Whores moved in.

    Meanwhile Greenpeace still wants your money though the Sierra Club and other human asset disposal thinktanks are funding their missions of fear. Talk about the Revelation of the Method.

    Microsoft and other toxic, DU poisoners are busy mining their shiny’s we are killing the planet at an exponetially higher rate than tonnes of CO2 could ever muster.

    Aint no Sunshine when we’re gone.

    The Koch brothers and Gates should be lined against the big Green Monster and batting practice should ensue.

    What the THREE PILLARS represents speaks for itself. Historically everyone should know the BIS, ICLEI and UN. The triple bottom line
    is depopulation at all costs except that of profit and planet.

    GET TO KNOW THE REAL PSYCHOPATHS and screw the greedy bankers. This is all about the technocracy and the new god “A.I. Techno god and the worship of this green slime of asset management.

    • Oh crap ! Did You hear Gerald Celente had his futures account stolen ? He is as mad as a she bear,and rightfully so.

      • He got MF’d by MF’s. MF Global, Corzines Goldman Sachs boys screwed a bunch.

        I hate to say it but Celente ought to practice what Jones preached.

        If you play with crooks you’ll get took. Maybe Barry will send him a book.

        • Yea, I thought that watching that vid…Celente was gambling, playing stupid games with the big boys…serves him right…
          physician heal thine self.

    • “CO2 is how we get O2” -another sterling Puddyism. (photosynthesis)

  2. amen.

  3. Hope y’all don’t mind, but I’m going to post this “right here”.

    Yes, we can all exclaim “What is the world coming to?!”

    Here’s your CHANGE Americans! Courtesy of the Amerikans.

    PatheticMaddeningImmoralFascistPigBrutalityCrosstheLineUnacceptableDisgustingStormTrooperBehaviourPerpetratedUpontheWeakthePoortheInnocentCitizensofaCountryUndertheManagementofPsychopaths! Weep. For IT has arrived in your city. Arise. For you must defend yourself if possible. This grandmother model citizen could not.

    • Thats some screwed up shit dude,word to grannys panties. What kind of animal would spray an old lady ? Pitiful. This should really start some shit.


    Christmas gifts!

    You’ve been fleeced!

    The mainstream media has failed to report on how American taxpayers, who make an average income of $50,000 a year, just gave the millionaire president $6,000 in royalty income because the State Department used your tax dollars to buy Obama’s two autobiographies.

    White House spokesman Jay Carney says it’s a fluke that multiple embassies scheduled bulk purchases of the President’s books, and added that the Oval office had nothing to do with it. (This looks skeptical, at best.)


  5. Which part of current events screams ESCALATION of the Police State in America?

    > Kettling young girls and spraying them in the face without provocation?
    > Head shots with tear gas canisters upon “protesters” just standing silently alone in protest?
    > Obeying orders to ignore citizens constitutional Rights of assembly and protest?
    > Using baton rounds, storm troopers, and tasers to herd the sheeple?
    > Deliberately shooting someone’s grandma in the face with mace?

    We’re seeing either one thing or the other…(1) Following Orders to harm “protesters” without regard to situational morality, or respect for persons, (2) Psychopathic actions by individual “bad apples”. One or the other. In either case, the Police perp should be tazed until he stops twitching. Yeah. To “Teach him a lesson”. If following Orders, proceed upline to he who gave the orders and taze till twitching stops.

    Cops without common sense or a clue should not be “Protecting and Serving”.

    • The Police state will have to tangle with the Vets, Oathkeepers and the Militia’s which are a million strong.

      Then overseas, Military moral goes in the tank and the whole house of cards collapse. Wishful thinking on my part.

      • Make that 1,000,001

  6. If you were standing next to this lady, and it was your mother, should you have been expected to follow police “orders” and not defend her with every thing you had? Any American who stood by without protecting the weak is no better than the cop who picked this senior citizen and hit his “mark”.

    • Pregnant woman too.

    • The woman in the picture is not just any elderly woman, however, as she is well known to Seattle residents. Dorli Rainey is a former school teacher who has been active in local politics since the 1960s. In 2009, she ran for mayor, but eventually dropped out by saying, “I am old and should learn to be old, stay home, watch TV and sit still.” We guess she didn’t learn.

      She just stopped by the demonstration to see what was happening and the group of folks she was with got pinned in [kettled] by the police, she said “almost trampled”….

      Now, picture the dark soul of the trooperdroid that could stick a mace bottle in the face of this old woman…WTF???

      The Second Law of Deuteronomy is alive well in the land of the fleas and the home of the nave.

      If it isn’t obvious that they are doing all they can to enrage and stir a violent rebellion then you aren’t paying attention.

      I remember the teen pushing baby duckies into the garbage disposal and laughing and somebody grabbing his shoulder and pushing his arm down into the disposal blades taking off all of his fingers, the laughter turning to screams, the bloody chaos…and how no one remembered who was close to him when it happened…so many were drunk there….hmmm….somethings just happen spontaneously…

      Whether they will spawn their riots, one day someone will be nearby and a cop will end up dead from slipping on his own shit and hitting his head wrong when he lands. I’ve seen this sort of thing before.

      Now, group think, picture this in your minds. Imaginate it. Now is the moment of power. If the crowd numbers don’t scare them, maybe some ‘magic’ will.

      • ha ha ha. It’s more like the magic will not be happening to the thugs beating and terrorizing people. It’ll be happening to us though, it’s been that way a long time already, yeah?

  7. U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge!

    • Hope springs eternal. I just heard the other day theres a militia down around Tilden Texas. I was getting pretty bummed. Be sure to post any little bit of good news You find, I need it.

  8. If I had been there beside that old lady I would’ve went to jail fighting for sure. I always have something handy!

    • Yea Cody…most of us know human physiology well enough to locate where the testicles are…even a sharp pencil…hmmm???


    Dave Emory mp3 archives

    More info than you could digest in a lifetime.

  10. whazzis? teedippers duped AGAIN?

    …still clapping to keep Tink’s light on, eh? then getting lathered up about the mercenary goons beating people who know it’s oooooo-veerrrrrr… the mythical neverneverland replaced by the “sovereign” boards of directors decades ago, that is. so the suits put on a “patriot” hat an tell ya the commies want yer riding mower… is that wots botherin ya, bunkie?

    psssst… there already IS a one-world “government,” and these puke-pails- the “smart growth patriots-” want to keep it right where it is. do you really think they give a hot-skillet bee-fart about your mythical dragon-land? it’s the same OLD world order telling you little kids in turtle costumes are the spear-head of Mao’s Long March. February is going to seem a lot longer.

    Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain… the greenies with their beanies want to take away your shit… those precious god-given plops you made with your own individual rosebud puckered poo-hole. locally, the ANG just replaced their F16s with A10s… ground-support aircraft.

    Now go get your pop-guns to defend your poo-plops. it’s all about the “sovereignty” you can not possibly have until the growth-heads are compost… which is why they bought up all the mulching machines.

    They play the teepers like a Jooz-HAARP.

    • Hi Waldo,

      You DO seem to have a problem speaking in straight English…
      I get it…but only IN A WAY.

      Code is for spooks, come out and say it so that your mama would get it.

      • “A retired paper industry executive, Coffman is a global warming skeptic, property rights advocate and proponent of the idea that international co-operation represents moves to impose a New World Order on citizens of the world via a system of global governance.”

        Of course the “system of global governance” is already here… has been for decades… the IMF, G-20, etc. etc. Nobody “elected” them. “Global warming skeptic” is code-speak for “willfully ignorant.” apparently he’s been an active green-basher for over 30 years… but so ineffective he only shows up for tea parties.

        even the reds don’t buy Al Gore’s bullshit:

        • Thanks Waldo.
          Now that you have untwisted the nursery rhyme [which is brilliant linguistic razzmatazz, but not communication] I think I agree with you.

          It is a problem of so much confusion defusion and major doses of buttbutter on all sides this issue.

          “Global Warming” is a misnomer, and a historical phenomena [see, Mars too is heating up]. This does not however change the fact that humankind has shit in his own plate. Despoiled his own habitat.
          Arguing from your own single point interest will never allow for a panoramic view of the real problem, and how critical it is.

          If it weren’t the same parties and influences that led the charge to rip the planet apart for “resources” that are now proposing ‘solutions’ I might give them more credence…we do need some clear water.

          • not a “single issue” at all… just a label… like a Halloween costume… sometimes ya gotta wear a label or they won’t let you in to the Hootnanny.

            So I am neither a Socialist nor a Capitalist… I’m a Green. That’s usually where I’m coming from… which means I gotta put up with all the “Al Gore” bullshit. It’s just a label that happens to fit best right now.

            Yep- clean water… and clean food. Pretty basic. So if “patriot” means shitting in the skillet some more… count me out.

            • I said ‘single point interest’ Waldo, not referring to you, but referring to those who only have their own vested interests in mind when struggling against some balance with nature.
              It was aimed more at Korns point of view than yours, if you read me as I meant it.

              Those who are so homocentric in their view as to discount the real human interest it serves to keep the net of life intact are the ones shitting in their own plate ultimately. Do androids dream of electric sheep?

              Just as liberty is only viable when balanced by the responsibility to others liberty, so is the uber-responsibility to a clean and functioning natural environment a common interest.

              I won’t speak in labelesque here. What is a “patriot”? Is it only one who sees to his/her own self interests? I doubt that this is what the early agrarian American society thought. They were too soil-wise for such a view, they were to close to the earth for such mischievous thinking.

              This “libertarian” thinking is NOT in our actual heritage, it is from the Austrian political philosophers, not home grown.

              Today the term “Patriot” is no less Newspeak than the rest of our postmodern language.

              • So I got the Russians and maybe the chinese coming to enforce Agenda 21 by herding all of us into prison-cities with 10 families to a toilet in a chinese style 14 story apartment building with govt monitors watching My every move,no air-con and forced labor. Thats not a green issue but a RED issue. Mankind in his self-agrandisement thinks he could have a long-term affect on this planet. This planet has had nothing but disaster and upheaval since the beginning, long before our presence. All we have built or become will turn back to desert sand or peat bog. One Jellystone eruption will put thousands of times the pollutants that pitiful humans might create into the “biosphere” all talk of environmentalism or sustainability is fantasy. Liberty will give the faggot freedom to pack fudge and the green weeny freedom to plant trees and loath themselves till kingdom come. Liberty enables, Malthusian pantheism fosters myth and divides the eaters enabling the Fabians to conquer.

                • “Mankind in his self-agrandisement thinks he could have a long-term affect on this planet.”

                  Korn, that is simply unmitigated horseshit. Mankind has already had long lasting effect upon the planet, and this is not a Malthusian assertion, but simple fact, and in fact the result of Malthusian agenda for the historical uptick in planetary destruction.

                  I am certainly not against liberty – but our conceptions of it differ.
                  Liberty has the flip side of Responsibility, and reason proclaims that this responsibility is to attend to good husbandship to the earth.
                  And this has NOT been attended to.

                  The fault lies with all who have gone along to get along with the bullshit system. Industry on the scale we have today is producing the excess shit…Industry on the scale we have today is not necessary to the survival of the people, it merely gives the rulers their high towers.

                  Reckoning comes, and our opinions will have little to do with how this plays out because we will face mayhem and chaos.

                  • In a couple million years there will be no trace of mankind on the planet,if it is here and has not been obliterated by an big ass asteroid,the kind of thing that COULD actually leave a lasting mark on this dung-ball. You take way too much on yourself thinking your species might have some lasting effect on this gyrating funny-farm.Concentrate on throwing off the yoke of tyranny.

                    • The effect of this species is lasting enough if it ends the matrix of life that supports this species.

                      I certainly speak not to lasting unto eternity as this species Korn.
                      I certainly speak not as an apology of tyranny sir.

                      I speak to the garbage pile smothering and choking at this very moment – much of the poisons purposely spread as we constantly refer to here on these very pages, the genetically modified seed crops that are spreading into the natural vegetation, the livestock that is overdosed on vaccines, the daily plastic flush into the landfills and leaching into the soil with all the other postmodern carcinogens>>THIS is a systemic tyranny beyond any political realm, it is an imposition upon the soul of the very planet itself.

                      Sure Korn the ball of the Earth can last eons in one form or another or it may end in collision…that is a strawman argument having zip to do with the points I am making.

                      I suppose you never topped the hill going into Barsto and looked down into an area that looked like a WWI battlefield that had just been gassed – the smog from LA travelling there and collecting in the valley before the mountain.
                      And you may not have ever visited Upland CA at the foot of Mount Baldy. This is an old wine country than now more resembles Mars than any human terrain. The stench of the smog unbearable, the stinging in the eyes blurred with tears…and this was as early as the 1980s.

                      I suppose you don’t believe it when the reports of rivers and lakes being simply dead – no fish, nothing can live in the waters because of the shit and pollution dumped for decades.

                      And of course there is the radiation from the nuclear industry, and the chemtrailing, and virtual re-terraforming of the planet by these “industrious” types.

                      Of course none of this is going to have any effect on nature…??

                      Sure nature can adapt to anything, and has for eons, but not as a habitat for the human species. We evolved along with the habitat. If we force transmute that habitat, we commit suicide.
                      That is exactly what is up now.

  11. BTW, the Shitty of Lumdum is here again…it’s a daily thing for them…

    • theyre looking for their stuff:-0

      • Yea Oz,
        I read about the US Marines buying all the Brit’s hovercraft toys.

        But they sure aren’t here…unless Puddy has a landing strip hidden on COTO somewhere.

        Tried to post this earlier, but the web got pulled out from under me…it is especially twitchy on the web today…freezo several times. WTF??

    • I have personally witnessed exactly what you described above in CA, Rogue1. 30 yrs ago, it was terrible. One would ask themselves why anyone would choose to live in such a polluted place? Answer — because many had nowhere else to go. When you drove up out of the mustard gas to Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead, you could look back down into the valley and marvel at the degree of air pollution caused by the smog. Same for L.A., getting up into Bel-Air and the short mountains separating Santa Monica and the Fernando valley, you see what an ashtray the people live in. Very, very sad. The San Fran valley was once a fertile valley of farmers and orchards. It has been concreted over for years now.

      • If the big three would follow My advice and build a one liter convertible sports car that runs on LP we could fix a lot of that smog stuff.And it would be fun to pedal. Make all in city trucks burn LP or LNG. I have the solutions but I dont have the financial support to bring about My utopia.

  12. Hey Rogue1, look at this shit here huh? Yes, that’s right folks — “” — Your resource for Propaganda. Its easy to Explain Away every damn one of those pesky issues that pop up in your face like a Claymore Mine. Don’t let em blow your head off! Use disinformation to disengage from reality. Watch FOX Skews — Fair and Balanced. — Your Protectors. We never sleep, so you CAN Sleep like a sheep. Baaahhh…”

    • “Numerous unfounded conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks continue to circulate, especially on the Internet. Some of the most popular myths are…”

      Read more:

      Ha ha ha ha…”unfounded”….yea. Well umner, huh and all that.
      “Let me assure you that the man behind that curtain does not exist, just look the other way and listen to the voice of the Mighty Oz.”

      All of us here know the real meaning of “unfounded.” And we know which is the most ludicrous conspiracy theory of them all.

      It is remarkable that anyone would believe the shit this government says at this late date. But there are such fools by the millions, waiting in line for rupture.

  13. btw- I ran smack into the “smart growth” knobs 20 years ago… in the “geothermal industry” (the company manufactured water-source heat pumps). The “smart growth” apologists actually made a somewhat logical case for clear-cutting. I’m sure they could make one for genocide as well. They are not stupid.

    I just dismissed them as green-washers for profit maximization. They nattered on about “green capitalism,” which is an oxymoron in the lexicon of the present day.

    • “…a somewhat logical case for clear-cutting.”

      There is “using” logic, and there is “standing to” logic.

      The first is the con-mans technique, and anyone who has ever heard Orin Hatch speak on the House Floor has heard and seen too much of such.

      The second is to attend to the rational in an argument, rather than playing rhetorical games to “win.”

      Yes, “green capitalism” is like trying to play catch dead dog.

  14. Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel…dual computer arrival about 15 minutes ago.

    And just what interest in COTO might our Zionazi friends have?
    I wonder? Mossad koshernostra’s? The Hasbara squad thinking of making a landing or hitting with a worm?

    Give Palestine back to the Palestinians and go back to whence thee came usurpers, thieves and jackals.

    • dam will-man… bein kinda harsh on the juiceters…

      • Not as hard as they are and have been on the rest of humanity.

        The so-called “state” of Israel is a fraud – and absurdity in every aspect. But it is not simply that state, it is the power that brought such an absurdity into being.

        And you should know well by now I am not talking about the joooz, but a vile structure that uses them as pawns in it’s game {our lesser brethren} as they are called.

        Why go round this merry yet again Waldo?

        • no intent to go on the polka-go-round. just if dey wuz mouse-odd, dey wooda used “hide my IP.”

          • Assumption is for angels mine frynd.

    • They are here after finding out I just bought the last Soupy Sales 45 RPM copy of ” Do the mouse”

      • Wow…you got the very last one Korn, really?

        Can she bake a cherry pie?

        “No, but she can sure make my banana cream.”~Soupy

        • I came across a real mother lode of 50s country and 60s bubble gum the other day. I am getting ready for when I find a jewk-box.In the last episode of Prisoner there was a kick-ass collection of juke-boxes,one of the perks of being a fat.

  15. Strange medieval post industrial feudalism lies just ahead…

    According to so many web economists the sheet already heet the fan with the MF Global scam that just went down – a harbinger of total systemic collapse. And you are there. Here, no matter where, you’re there.

    One World Poopy Party.

    Don’t touch that dial, the collapse will not be televised. They’ll be showing Lassie reruns.

  16. Heneghan updates on the players and depth of MF Global:

    • Ah jes, those Mawthar Fawkar Global’s and the big whamboowie.

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