Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 13, 2011

Astral Pyramidal Electromagnetic Xenolith (APEX)


There will be an astral event or atmospheric anomaly centered in south america involving bluebeam and EM scalar technology and a Christian awakening campaign that will involve Rome and the Vatican signalling the transition to G6. The call for giving up all property and wealth and looking to sacrificial living under the NWO. Pagans, UFOologists, Spiritual con men and prophets will emerge like cockroaches from a condemned building.

Huffing and Puffing from the Big Bad Wolf and Committee Jackals

Morocco will be the site of a terrorist event. Oujda or Rabat will be the venue for a ship or plane event. Greece will see one as well in the form of a HAARP attack and building tragedy. As common as these events are under the committee trauma campaign [WOT], the bigger event for media will be another major bridge failing and collapse. Where is unknown at this time but south of the equator is likely.

Japan, Gulf of Mexico, Chile, Christchurch – Astral Pyramidal Electromagnetic Xenolith (APEX)

In April I was messaged to post information regarding the science of Simon Day and the Cumbre Vieja scenario which was published pre 9/11/01 in August I believe.  On May 30, 2011 they re-hyped it across the grid.

In 2005, the BBC created END DAY

Scenarios-source: wikipedia

Below are the various catastrophes depicted in the order they occur in the film:


In this scenario, a volcanic eruption on the island of La Palma triggers a massive landslide wherein a sizable portion of the island collapses into the sea, causing a massive mega-tsunami to race across the Atlantic ocean and strike the east coast of the United States, inundating most of New York City, but leaving many buildings intact.


Killer Asteroid

This scenario begins with a mysterious ‘missile attack’ in a remote area somewhere in the Middle East. The ‘missiles’ are soon revealed to be small asteroid fragments, the advance guard of a much larger asteroid on a collision course with Earth, threatening Berlin, Germany. The asteroid is located and an attempt is made to alter its course using nuclear ICBMs. The attempt fails, resulting in the asteroid being broken into hundreds of smaller pieces with the biggest piece then impacting and obliterating Berlin.


Global Pandemic

In this scenario, a mysterious virus similar to SARS or influenza is unleashed, wreaking havoc as it spreads at a phenomenal rate throughout Europe, the UK, and North America, prompting many countries to enact martial law and close their borders in a frantic attempt to quarantine the spread of the disease, but are unsuccessful.



This scenario is based on the supervolcano beneath Yellowstone National Park erupting, incinerating everything within 100 km and releasing ash into the atmosphere which cools the Earth. This segment has only aired in the UK. This scenario was explored in depth in another BBC docudrama, Supervolcano.


Strange Matter

This is the only scenario in which Dr. Howell reaches his laboratory unhindered, with people protesting, and shouting,”STOP THE EXPERIMENT!” outside. Upon arrival, he and his colleagues initiate a highly controversial experiment using the world’s largest particle accelerator. The experiment quickly goes out of control, resulting in the creation of a new type of matter called a strangelet, which begins to consume and destroy all matter around it, starting with New York City. The phenomenon wreaks havoc on Earth‘s weather systems and atmosphere, and eventually leads to Earth’s off-screen destruction.

While I have been watching the recent El Hierro (The Iron) Volcanic eruption, it does lend itself to the Moroccan event. You should view the pictures at this link.

The recent Greece quake only supports another event there in lieu of the financial situation. The massive energies are focused in the Atlantean areas and if you plot the pyramidal and Xenolithic coordinates you have the areas of focus for the 2012 transitional event.

 Ignatius Loyola Donnelly’s map showing the supposed extent of the Atlantean Empire is one of my favorite maps. From 1882 this really lays out the coordinates for antipodal and Antediluvian points of the Illuminati.

Other points that are aligning are El Paso Texas, Toledo Ohio, Caledonia and Fiji.

May 11, 2010




    “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation.” (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations)

    “The United Nations is the greatest fraud in history. It’s purpose is to destroy the United States.” (John E. Rankin, a U.S. Congressman)

    “The age of nations must end. The governments of nations have decided to order their separate sovereignties into one government to which they will surrender their arms.” (U.N. World Constitution)

    The first president of the United Nations General Assembly, Paul-Henri Spaak, who was also a prime minister of Belgium and one of the early planners of the European Common Market, as well as a secretary-general of NATO, affirmed, “We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all the people and to lift us up out of the economic morass into which we are sinking. Send us such a man, and whether he be God or devil, we will receive him.”

  2. Sounds to me ye be searching for who that “Man” might be.
    [???] + [???]

    Rumor has it he is adult today.

    Ah humans, their tales are abundant.

    • Well they don’t want another committee, as they already have a perfectly good one now. Just the one to pull it all together.

      Incompetence by design-chaos by committee and then the sheeple cry “Bring us one who can make it happen”

      Barry was the chump change. Now it’s time for the ‘real deal.’

  3. David Spangler indeed wrote those words in a book he wrote.

    However he is not the Director of a “Planetary Initiative” of the United Nations, and Spangler has never been an official of that body.

    He is a new age guru and ‘mystic’ and has been involved with NGOs that are connected to the UN in such a way as they “recognized” but have no official connection, powers or political influence.

    The impression that Spangler may have stood before the UN assembly and made such remarks is a misrepresentation via rumors and stories they made up.

    • Again, as for the Paul-Henri Spaak quote:

      I can find NO references outside christian sites regarding the validity of this quote being said by this Belgian NATO Secretary General.

      • Who you going to believe?

    • Spangler

      Greenpeace, The Sierra Club, Zero Population

      Transformation guru for the FindHorn Foundation, one of the points of light for OWO and UN global Central.

      He did speak it before the UN.

      Not that we can’t trust the Googleplex and Snopes Law huh?

      We are in the battle
      Gog – Magog or Armageddon for non believers

      NASA clock time – Daniel 70th week

      If you have the right balance of politico-KJV conspiracy timelines you will come to the realization of the forming of the ten kingdoms. The EU will be reconfigured for 10 through the Germans in the euro-mark the 10 kingdoms of the confederacy. Israel’s time for change is here and the point of the header and this post is to tell you all that the tsunami-oceanic event I am predicting for 2012 is not the end of the world but the end of liberty and self-determination.

      It will be what you might call the Leviathan biblically or for the NWO Luciferians and rest of the TV tranced masses it would be simply the release of the Kracken.

      I’ll bet my ranch on this.

      • “He did speak it before the UN.”~Puddy

        I have no doubt who Spangler is or what his agenda is.
        I just can’t find a citation for him being an official of the UN.

        If you have the citation for the assertion that he spoke before the UN then publish it.

        “Who” am I “going to believe,” you ask. I don’t believe ANYBODY.

        I am especially dubious of quotes that float around the Internet, all with the same wording, begin…and end, with no citations.
        >By this I mean the quote has […] between two stanzas, meaning other words had been in between the dotted line and have been skipped. If a quote from a larger piece were authentic, it stands to reason larger and smaller sections would be used by several of those citing it. We do not get this with the “Dangerous Quotes of Satan worshipers.”

        I am especially dubious of these born again xtian sites that are stretched from near to gargoon with the very same prattle on each, as if repetition repetition makes it true.

        A lot of it seems but a step away from John Hagee, Pat Robertson and that ilk.

        You know I am convinced that bad jazz is afoot, that is not what I am arguing against – I am saying that perhaps the kitchen sink is a bit large for the stew pot. Every little details that seems to make the case isn’t necessarily true – or even necessary to make a strong case.

        • Only the hand that erases can write the true thing – Meister Eckhart

  4. As allways very in depth and pertinent chief. Food prices are spiking here. Denial is running rampant. I get so demoralized fighting these bastards.The Kool-aid has been well charged with reality eraser.

    • I have no worries for you my friend, a watcher can tell the time without Big Ben. I have stated for two years that each day you must store a seed, buy a bullet and a bandage.

      For the body that is. For the soul, storing energy like gasoline is essential. Depression like the black plague has covered the earth.

      The NASA clock has told us the skies are darker, (CH2trails)
      They have told us that MARS is MELTING. It’s thawing for war. Phobos and Deimos are alive.

      The Pyramids are active. Sacrificial death in high gear. Central Africa, a bloodbath. Middle East War will arrive as the Ides of March. A leader will die and the FP will emerge.

      Zeropoint is critical as the fear, stress and despair will be thick enough to cut with a knife and provided through Bluebeam, Bluelight, Blue Brain Salad Surgery and BlueGene.

      “Neptune Spear” a perfect segue.

      C’mon friends, start ramping up the big picture. They are laughing at you, putting right in your face while they fuck your children.

      • Deja Vu RedBlue Von Rompuy-stiltskin

  5. I have followed and agreed with your intuitive based analysis for a long time Puddy. I am still with you on the general gist of all this.

    There are those aspects of the tale that is just too familiar from the TV Evangeloids that tempt a flare in my sack of really acks.

    I think it would be more honest if we admit that our ‘theories’ are no less “New Age” than Alice Bailey or Elvis Costello…this is the fricking 21st century, as new as an age can get. Anyone with “psychic connections” can be accused by religious purists as being “of the devil” – including you and your EVAN template.

    When I try to explain my visions to my born again christianoidal sister, it is always, “Your channeling the devil” from her. So she would have the same reaction to Spangler. Do you get where I am going and where I am coming from here my friend?

    We have been over this before, but I will remind you – “Lucifer” is mentioned but once in the New Test, and that is in relation to the Naz.
    So what is the tremble and quiver over the name or the concept???

    Lucifer as Satan is as new age on a Christian level as any other twirly dance.

    Lucifer means “bringer of light”, nothing else.

    I have not and will not buy into the idea that there is some cosmic evil – that is, beyond the imagination of humanity. Good and Evil have to do with the judgement of material beings subject to pain and death on this plane.
    I see it as nothing but projection to frame the universe in such a perspective.

    Ting Tang walla walla bing bang…\\][//

  6. Or less

    Rock on!

    • Bizarre…yea…”bring on the donkey,” a phrase one might hear in a Tijuana sex show club.

      Not being raised on a farm the idea never occurred to me, Lol.

      I suppose the guy does have a point as far as the severity of the punishment for such things…hanging?? WTF?

      Libertarians can be a bit ‘far out’ in their thinking. Aye? But victimless crimes should be reviewed with some sort of sane criteria beyond the Bible thumper mindset, that much is for sure.

      It is not the Libertarians that shake my tree – it is the Tea Party lunatics…


      Rep. Allen West, member of the Tea Party Caucus, says, “cuts in Pentagon spending that would be required if the congressional supercommittee fails to reach a compromise would “gut” the U.S. military and leave Americans unable to protect and defend themselves.”

      The Florida Republican also warns that “the clock is ticking very fast” toward Iran becoming a nuclear-armed threat, and says the United States should “absolutely” support the Israelis if they launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.~NewsMax

      What an incredible dolt this guy West is. The same lunatic “Christian Right” jizzball as all the rest of these new Tea Party Republicans-idiots one and all. Of course the Obamabot Democrats are just as full of shit. What a fucked up country is Amerika.~ww

      • When in court he can say he had consensual sex with the donkey as he is a horses ass. Libertarian killer. Oh well free will includes losers.

  7. I’m only reporting the illuminati here and care not your religious or anti-religious perspective. Sychophancy is for the dumbed down in either camps. Psychic has never been used in my postings. As I clearly lay out it is all before the eyes and ears. The shadows are where the predictions come and they are just theories.

    The eyes and ears are subject to the distortion, deflection and interference. Lucifer is the light, the light is the power, the sun is going away soon enough and they and only they will provide what light you will have.

    The light is no more than the frequencies needed to control the IQ, GDP and IT of a population that will continue to decline.

    Remember the idiot GW Bush traveled to Botswana he was in good company.

    I’m not selling bibles here just reporting and it correlates to the one of the most accurate conspiracy pieces ever written. What you believe is not as important as what they believe or pretend to believe.

    Does anyone think the EU CB logo and Bin Laden Neptune Spear trilogy isn’t perfectly timed for the evangelists zionist agenda.

    I’ll let you all make the predictions (see the sines) and report it. I believe there is an energetic evil and it does radiate across the sphere. From where it came and from what is sources is debatable but I know they suck our energy and they are currently running full power.

    Being retired or stationary may be easier but those who are still inside the grid are feeling it.

    I love the numbers, they always clue 11-22-33

    Sun’s 22-year magnetic interval since the Sun’s magnetic poles reverse with each cycle.

    Let’s see, let’s block the suns radiation 22% and reduce the CO2 33% and then we can have 11% survival rate. I’ll call this Luciferian, Satanic, Criminal, Psychopathic or Hegelian but it changes nothing in the numbers.

  8. The effect was first spotted by Gerry Stanhill, an English scientist working in Israel. Comparing Israeli sunlight records from the 1950s with current ones, Stanhill was astonished to find a large fall in solar radiation. “There was a staggering 22% drop in the sunlight, and that really amazed me,” he says.

    Let’s get this global living thing under control. Vampires?

    For the dimming masses, Light a candle.

  9. My only answer to this is that all is in flux and nothing is determined.

  10. This is more thinker than my brain i am.

    • Ne’er can tell till…thus spak sperience.

      Fer masef ’tis.

  11. hybridrogue, “Lucifer is mentioned once in the New Test.” That may be so but devils and demons is certainly covered pretty well. Anyone who believes the “devil” is not involved in new age affairs couldnt possibly believe the NWO is coming as the whole one world currency and one govt is all bible,”New Testament”, prophecy being played out here in the new age.

    • “That may be so but devils and demons is certainly covered pretty well.”

      Yes Cody I realize that – my point is that these devils and demons are accredited to Satan – not Lucifer…it is new ages gooblespunk that confuses the two.

      And some on the ‘new age’ spectrum used the term Lucifer to mean the spiritual light – in total sincerity, as that light has been known for centuries for what it is, and that is the Source.

      So in that way Satan will indeed be under the control of Lucifer, as a power to bring forth the true inner beings of the souls manifest on the physical plane. This is what the Apocalypse is, the lifting of the veils on each of our private inequities which will be proven to the eyes of the whole world. It is happening already. The worst of them are those in the spotlights.

      It should be obvious to any who have thought deeply on these subjects that Satan is merely a tool of God – NOTHING happens without the energy from the Source.

      Omnipotent…consider that concept, for that is the power of the Source. Do you actually think anything gets past it without sanction?

  12. Satan will be responsible for the NWO coming into play and is also playing the largest role at gettin the NWO in full spectrum. Lucifer will be the boss if u will of the anti-christ which eventually will rule this one world govt. The elites all are going about the business of Beelzebub as we speak so we better just admit it to ourselves and prepare to fight against this evil (NWO). Atleast we need preparedness because it is coming just like everything else the Bible promised and predicted thats ALL come to be! I will open up and read and listen to a spiritual book with such a perfect track record!!!

  13. Well said Puddy< I know there is evil everywhere. I am not a Bible thumper but I do pride myself in knowing the book well because it is a very intelligent source of 100% factual information. It calls the devil "the prince of the power of the air" meaning his evil is everywhere in everything just waiting for some illuminati pedofile pagan psychopath to come take advantage of the evil that is out there. 70% or more of the things yall cover on this site is referenced in some way or story in that book. Dont be afraid to read it sometime and you might just learn something new.Puddy is right regardless of our beliefs some kind of evil is definately at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have read the Bible Cory or I would not discuss it.

      You say, “100% factual information.”

      If I were to list the contradictions, then you would have to chose which is “factual” and which is mythos.

      I’m not going to go that far here. This isn’t nursery school and as adults each is entitled to their own opinion.

      Nice to see you commenting again Cody.

  14. “But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell. Moreover it shall come to pass, that I shall do unto you, as I thought to do unto them.” – Numbers 33:55

    • Yea…I get it, an early genocide at the beginning of all this would have gotten rid of some lousy gene pool. And now “God” is going to have to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.

      Ever heard of Samael? It sounds like him counting in Numbers to me.

  15. Satan’s domain of thorns and the negative vortex=Thorns are used to designate the administration of the fifth and final cycle of discipline to a nation.

    • “The trees went forth on a time to anoint a king over them”

  16. yeah I,ve just been back in tha shadows still been on board thanks for noticing man. I have just decided three kids should make me even more focused on exposing this “leading the sheep to the slaughter”. Nice to chat with you guys again, always look forward to checking out my coto heads!!

  17. I’m yet to find a lie in it anywhere?

    • I didn’t say “lies” Cody, I said contradictions.

      Two opposing assertions cannot both be true.

    • there was a rant in the Mitchell News Journal this week that said “I’m gonna call my congressman and tell him to vote no on Obama’s jobs bill as it stands to spend 1 trillion dollars” what do you guys think about that.

      • what do u mean contradictions from the old to the new test. because things were different under the old law.

  18. can someone tell me: I watched a video today showing chemtrails and there was the normal two trails coming from spray nozzles on the wings but then there was a center or middle flow of chem. that would only come out every now and then or in spurts? Is that the extra concentrated poisen or what?

    • Maybe it is some sort of catalyst Cody…but not being in the chemtrail biz – your guess is as good as mine…??

  19. dont mean to be so corny sounding but no shit it looked strange

  20. Amazing proofs of Israeli van that exploded on 9/11 as the police were arresting them…the fucking thing exploded on G. Washington Bridge…
    All of this totally covered up afterwards..

    • Puddy, it would really be great if you could get a freeze frame of the Urban Moving van with the illustration of the towers and plane on the side and make it into a jpeg.

      • I’ll put that order in Willie 🙂

      • yeah man good vid, the wife is really into this

    • There’s a ton of incriminating evidence right there in the video. Naturally, the “authorities” made sure accountability was non-existent. Accomplices? All ya gotta do is look around and up-line. Gee, could there be a conspiracy here? Duh. “Great Job Bush Whack!”

  21. any more thoughts on the attack on Iran possibly being a prob. now???

  22. Recusal seems to be a lost concept in post modern judiciary:

    Judge Who Set Unsecured Bail For Jerry Sandusky Is A Second Mile Volunteer

    Judge Dutchcot is a volunteer for Sandusky’s group, The Second Mile. Sandusky turned himself in the morning of Nov. 5, a Saturday, at Judge Dutchot’s Centre County office.

    Prosecutors requested $500,000.00 bail and that Sandusky be required to wear a leg monitor. District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, however, ordered that Sandusky be freed on $100,000 unsecured bail. She ordered that Sandusky be freed and pay nothing unless he failed to show up for a court hearing.

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