Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 11, 2011

Children of Mars, we are


Phobos (which means “fear”), a son of Ares (Mars)

Deimos is the twin brother of Phobos (meaning “dread”) was the personification of terror, another son of Ares (Mars)

 Phobos Monolith Phobos Moon Deimos Moon
Phobos Crater

Stricken Mars probe stays silent

[If control of Phobos-Grunt cannot be re-established, the focus of interest will very rapidly shift to the spacecraft’s certain fall to Earth.

Residual air molecules more than 200km above the planet will generate drag on the probe and pull it down faster and faster – although it could be some weeks yet before there is an impact.

The spacecraft weighed some 13 tonnes at launch – double the mass of Nasa’s recently re-entered UARS satellite.

What is more, most of the 13 tonnes is made up by the propellants unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) and dinitrogen tetroxide (DTO), both of which are toxic.

It was the presence of a large quantity of toxic propellants on the returning spy satellite USA-193 that the American government used to justify its decision to shoot down the spacecraft with a missile in 2008.]

note:  NORAD forecasts that, unless control over the spacecraft is reestablished, it will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere on 26 November.
Mars moon hoax- In 1959, Walter Scott Houston perpetrated a celebrated April Fool’s hoax in the April edition of the Great Plains Observer, claiming that “Dr. Arthur Hayall of the University of the Sierras reports that the moons of Mars are actually artificial satellites”. Both Dr. Hayall and the University of the Sierras were fictitious. The hoax gained worldwide attention when Houston’s claim was repeated, apparently in earnest, by a Soviet scientist, Iosif Shklovsky. – source wikipedia


Those who worshipped Phobos often made bloody sacrifices in his name. In Seven Against Thebes by Aeschylus, the seven warriors slaughter a bull over a black shield and then “touching the bull’s gore with their hands they swore an oath by … Phobos who delights in blood…”(Atsma). Ares’s son, Kyknos, “beheaded strangers who came along in order to build a temple to Phobos (fear) from the skulls.” (Atsma).


According to Plutarch, Alexander the Great offered sacrifices to Phobos on the eve of the Battle of Gaugamela. This was believed by Mary Renault to be part of Alexander’s psychological warfare campaign against Darius III. Darius fled from the field of Gaugamela, which makes Alexander’s praying to Phobos (in all probability asking him to fill Darius with fear) seem successful as a tactic.

Sacrifice to their gods we are. Just lab rats, cattle and chattel to be stricken, decieved, scammed and fleeced. A prelude to 2012? For those with fear and terror maybe. For COTO another illuminati numbered day to a global governance and false flag world. This may be nothing more than the sacrificial offerings for a middle east finale.



  1. Aye! Nothing nefariously heinous today on 11-11-11. Perhaps their ceremonies took precedence. So we wait. But why? Vigilante justice seems so apropos for this time? Lack of targets is not a problem. Why does humanity ignore, rationalize, demonize, and dote on the dailies when Monsters are Among Us?

    • And so I waited for a time to make note of this so I would be sure to be as gentle as possible with my observation:

      “Aye! Nothing nefariously heinous today on 11-11-11.”~Boomer

      Have you re-read this since posting it Boom?

      “Nefarious” means covert or hidden. If it is covert then you wouldn’t be aware of it. Da? So you do not know, and cannot come to the judgment that nothing heinous happened on 11/11/11.

      It may very well be that something totally repugnant happened behind the closed doors of power yesterday, and the ramifications will not manifest until later down the line.

      What decisions were made at the economic summit that was in attendance yesterday will now come about? We already know that they are punking the people of Greece with jackhammers – what is next but a thermate enema?

      Yes, this thing is like a car crash in slomo. We can see it, and yet it is moving like a fly in molasses.

      What will develop with the Penn State scandal? Could that not be another opening of vast lifting of veils?

      We don’t yet know what we don’t know.

  2. If they want FSD, Martial law, check points, gun confiscation, infant pat downs, child kidnapping, fema camp openings, military exercises, no elections, habeas fucktus and more, then lets just piss people off so bad that they cannot control thier rage.

    By George I think you’ve got it!

    • Your angel of light banner is beautiful Puddy dood.

      Why can’t I copy those as jpgs anymore???

      • Are you on one of those Apple Jobbies?

        • No a windows PC.
          USed to be I could right click and chose save image…now I just get the option to save the whole page to file. [???]

          This began at the time I asked for the Rhapsody Blue banner from you..
          did you change your protocol in anyway at that time??
          Maybe it’s something wordpress did>?<

          • That’s a WordPress change. One of those Intellectual Property rights nuggets.

            • Saving us from ourselves…Lol

              They will do ANYTHING to make it harder on us…
              Wonder when we’ll lose a hand for swiping an image??

            • “You can’t own a piece of the spectrum. ~ Adrian Cronauer ”

              Maybe he should check out the newer FCC rules…


              • “Both the proton and electron of a hydrogen atom have spins. The atom has a higher energy if both are spinning in the same direction, and a lower energy if they spin in opposite directions. The amount of energy needed to reverse the spin of the electron is equivalent to a photon at the frequency of 1,420,405,752 Hertz (Hz).”


    • Not sure what you meant by your reply PD. Those people with their eyes and ears open ARE super pissed off! “Who” should WE piss off?

      When I state “vigilante” justice, I don’t mean killing the killers outright. Though that seems appropriate for their crimes. A bounty? How about, mass citizens’ arrests of Bad Guys and Gals, bringing them to local police, demanding justice? Clog the corrupt system with the riffraff repeatedly? Aw, that’s a stupid idea too. They might fight back or their security, and Then, they’d receive field justice. They’d just be released anyways. But that would show the corruption at the judicial level quite well. What do you propose?

      Making noise isn’t working.

      • I think they are doing exactly what they want. It’s to make the norm so stinking bad that any new global scheme will be acceptable.

        The Art of Crap – Sum Ting Wong

        Keep shitting in the house and we will all eventually move to the tent in the yard and appreciate it.

        Hegel – Engels – Dan

        Psy-Ops – D&C – Two Party – Slinky Effect – spirals, not circles – downward transformation from quantity into quality.

        In the archive analysis they will dump the banks, the bankers, the generals, the terrorists, the useless eaters (non-greenies) non-conformists, the viruses for a sustainable utopia. The world is 10% populated, the financial model sustains no taxes, birth rate economics goes in the toilet with all the previous problem-reaction-solution spirals and you have a owrld of janitors and super intendants.

        The idiot masses (because they are) will accept this because the do not understand the negation of negation. What is sold is FSD in a peaceful world after the big bang (human-event) negation of negation after a plague, virus or force of the universe blows once again.

        Survival will be seen as devine by some cosmic cow who now rules under the grid of total IT and the intelligence (smart – matter) and the masses will put on Rome-Greece plays once again. Slaves and Addicts will be necessary for sport fucking and lion food and the super intendants. Then we will see the negation of negation again and it will be the exact same spiral as recorded in the KJV and all history books. And then we start all over again. I Claudius signing off.

        Gravity and Change

  3. Have you kept up with how many missions to Mars have failed?

    That leads me to strange and far out thoughts…

  4. Yes Rogue I am a junior Astronomer. NASA is my watch and barometer. The Russians have tried and failed. About 40.

    Originally the scam was the Nazi’s and Japanese in 1945 THule Industries followed up to the Reds with Phobos I and II which ended in failure in 1989. Since then propaanda and government controlled meme about these moons being sattelites, hollow asteroids or ships.

    This brings the whole enchilada for ufologists to the brink of the rapture event. Such a expensive con and scam that would have fed all humans and changed the technology for real heaven on earth. Instead of the grand chessboard of death and conquest we were given.

    • Junior Astronomer – ah yes. Myself as well. I had a large reflector telescope when I was William the Younger. My Grandfather gave me scientific instruments for most of the gifts I received from him on holidays. I also got a microscope in the coolest wooden case, with another case of slides and such…

      The telescope was an eight inch mirror in a tube about three feet long. I could see the mountains and craters on the moon like I was hovering over it in a space craft. The thrill of it was grand. I was around twelve when I first got it. I spent many nights with my eye to that lens. I had read all the books on Mars and astronomy I could get my hands on all throughout my school years.

      Weird, I got A+ on my report cards for physical sciences the same years I got D’s in algebra…ha ha ha – go figure.

      Do you remember the canals of Mars according to 1950s science books? I made a globe of Mars and copied those canals from photos and illustrations in the books of that era. Paper mache’ over a four-square ball…one half at a time…it was quite a project at around fourteen years old.

      It was a fun and inspiring childhood I had…the world seemed so different then.

      • NOTE: A “foursquare ball” is about the size of a basket ball, but made out of a soft pink rubber….for those who never played the grade school game.

        Do they still have foursquare courts in schools these days?
        Monkey bars, parallel ladders? We had a slide two stories tall at the grade school I went to in Montclair…and the sand pit must have been ten foot deep before the earth under it…a huge sand field rather than a sand box.

        • My son, and the neighbor kids have recently gone on a “foursquare” jag. 5th graders. They use the expansion joints in the driveways to create the 4 squares.

          Yep — cool header PD!

        • I played 4sq, dodgeball and kickball-baseball with those red balls. Pink? more of a dirty red as I remembered.

          • Yes…they came in a few hues – ruddy red to eraser pink. with a matrix of astral stamps as a non-slip surface.

  5. I remember the night of the shock and awe blitzkrieg on Baghdad in 2003.

    I was on the road, on my way to GA moving from San Diego.
    We had stopped for the night early in Barstow, it was March, if you recall.

    I went outside with my parrot Peeper on my shoulder – it was not cold, but a slightly cool evening. I went from the parking lot of the motel into the desert a short way to get away from the parking lot lights.

    The moon was full and high. there was a great ring around it, and inside the ring was a sharper indigo than the grayer night sky out side of a purplish outer edge. It was rather like the moon was in a disk some ten times the diameter of the body itself.

    About two thirds of the way from the moon to the edge of this spectacle was the planet Mars, with a very obvious red color to it. It was very large compared to most of the other objects in the night sky.

    I downloaded a lot of symbolic information that night…it was obviously a cosmic moment pregnant with the horrific future it projected symbolically and psychically. I was driving into novelty personally that night of the beginning of our journey.

    It is hard to grasp it has been more than eight years since that night…even though some of the moments within that time seemed eternity in themselves.
    This world in entirely different than the world was when I left California that day. Like some parallel bardo, as if I had switched the channel on some device and am projected into a surreal twilight zone.

    If nothing else, it has certainly been fascinating.

    • BTW, my ‘sign’ is Ares {grin}

      • That makes you an ornery bastard like my scorpio makes me a contrary and cantankerous fils de pute. Good thing I’m not french too.

        • I’m also an Ares. My birthday is March 22, which, to my horror, is also the birthday of the Georgia Guidestones (unveiled one year before my b-day) It’s also the infamous 322 from Skull and Bones (March 22=3/22.) Eerie!
          My daughter’s name is Arianna, and her nickname is Aries. I chose that name 9 years ago, before the birth of my first child. He turned out to be a boy, so the name was saved until my daughter came along.

  6. This is CCTV footage of the Turkey earthquake. It is eerie to watch it, because there is no sound. As you can see, time to escape to safety is minimal —

    • Indicitive of a shallow VLF-ELF. And because it comes so strong and behind so much interference from another site the dogs and cats don’t know either.

      Normal deep quakes arrive like a train.

      • MAP 5.6 2011/11/09 19:23:33 38.429 43.229 5.0 EASTERN TURKEY – 5 kilometers

        MAP 5.2 2011/11/10 17:25:40 38.430 21.906 6.9 GREECE

  7. Interesting. I have a few of those moments or periods where I have been thunderstruck by my particular point and the specific times. In these episodes I realize things like the color of the sky being different or days when there is not a sound (bird or cricket)

    I feel like everyone is gone and only I remain. Maybe we each have a planet where we reside exclusively and everyone else is a holographic except on thier planet where I am the hologram.

    Anyway, the Thunder is still ready to take us under.

    Pump up the volume boy’s because we are still not listening.

    • Oooh, what an interesting thought! I often wonder if I am real, and everything/everyone else is only within my imagination.

      I like your idea about holographic planets. That could be true…who can say if it is or isn’t? Anything could be possible. Ah, having an open mind is so much fun! (Although it can also be maddening at times, lol!)

  8. Weather Changes — EF4 November Tornado

    • I predicted a string to hit Utah but that never happened. OK got some small quakes and a rare tornado. Vortex from microwave endothermic pulse-plasma. Bounceback maybe?

  9. I have heard that the statue of libertty is really lucifer,a trick played on us by the french iluminati.
    No tricks here. I filed with the commissioners court to give a fifteen minute presentation on “the clear and present danger” we are facing here. I got a letter yesterday they are giving me three minutes to speak. I was so pissed.l may run for office just to force the newspapers to address the damning documents. And then again I might win the election.

    • Please post it in it’s entirety King, and remember the time for the big bang was much less. Hit em with the neutron bomb buddy.

    • Why don’t you present your arguments to a sack of potatoes out in a field on a moonlit night Korn?

      It will make about as much difference.


    Free the electrons!!!!

    ………………….. (.) -help me!

    • Never ceases to amaze me what an unmitigated prick O’Reily is.
      The rest is all a bunch of juvenile sci fi to me…we have had the sophisticated stuff for years. Why bother with hacks like these?

      I’m not discounting a bluebeam scenario – I’m not discounting that there probably are extraterrestrials…

      I can’t discount ANYTHING entirely, other than humanity’s gross foolishness.

  11. Oh those damn Royal Blues and their NASA Clock. IXXI

    Where to now St. Peter? verse

    I took myself a blue canoe

    And I floated like a leaf
    Dazzling, dancing half enchanted
    In my Merlin sleep
    Crazy was the feeling
    Restless were my eyes
    Insane they took the paddles
    My arms they paralysed

    It took a sweet young foreign gun
    This lazy life is short
    Something for nothing always ending
    With a bad report
    Dirty was the daybreak
    Sudden was the change
    In such a silent place as this
    Beyond the rifle range

    So where to now St. Peter
    If it’s true I’m in your hands
    I may not be a Christian
    But I’ve done all one man can
    I understand I’m on the road
    Where all that was is gone
    So where to now St. Peter
    Show me which road I’m on
    Which road I’m on

    I took myself a blue canoe

  12. The Truth is demonstrable in the demon’s trouble when one is tuned to it.

    Their persona is not substantially different than that of cockroaches in human form. The same base desire is there now fed by the imagination and intelligence of the host human, capable of subtle imitation and flattery when conning a mark. This is said in allegorical imagery however, and is not to be taken literally.

    The demon is an artifact of human imagination, not the myth of demons but the demon itself that defines such myth with manifestation of human will. Another lexicon would call the demon by the term, ‘Psychopath’. In manifestation they are the same thing.
    A postmodern deconstruction of the concept is sometimes more valuable as there is in general and common lifestyle a post modern language that we think in. Being able to interpret an archaic paradigm as medieval lexicon into postmodern relevance can lead one to very vague and hazy connection to personal everyday life.

    This seems upon closer inspection to be the goal of organized religion as it has been infiltrated by the very psychopathic types who will grasp at any levers of control over others. There has been a stuggle for theological authority between those more divinely alined and the arrogant power freak since before history, which is seen in the schizophrenic attributes of the ‘god’ that is written of.

    Any who study comparative religions with an open mind will note that there are internal contradictions in all three of the religions spawned in “The Holy Land”.

    These contradictions are actually in no way subtle, and in fact jump out at the discerning mind. They are however shrouded in apologia and mystery for those trapped by dogma.

    It is anthropomorphism to use the term “God” for what can be called “Source” in everyday language. There are ‘human’ aspects of this Source, however they are mindal characteristics and not physical. Now the term mind does not mean the same thing as, ‘brain’ which is again, the physical manifestation in time/space.

    The reason I advise using everyday terms to describe our situation as manifest beings on the physical plane is because that language allows us to investigate it directly rather than by interpretation. The Source is before us, and within us but this can only be known and seen when the veils of the multitude of opinions are pulled aside and one looks directly at each moment as it is. And as it is, “As It Is,” is the meaning of the term “Tao.”

    This is not to say that I am a Taoist. As that is another opinion, a story with it’s own ancient terminology. And ‘it’ – reality, is not anything you can say about what it is like. It is not hidden by anything other than our opinions and expectations. It should be obvious that what you ‘believe’ is before you. That is it right there at every moment. The things you experience are what you believe is actually happening in a internalized conceptualization as self: an individual being in time/space.

    The back-story that you may tell when you give an account of your theology man conflict a great deal with the manifestation you literally stand in. And this is a clue. How is this so?

    What is really there before you, and what is the self looking at and experiencing it and where does one begin and the other end? At your fingertips, at your pupils? The soles of your feet on the ground under them? This is a mechanical view. How does this line up with what you claim as your ‘spiritual beliefs’? I only ask you to consider if the two views are compatible. Is your soul separate from an “inside” that physical machine?

    Or is that machine itself you? If it is the soul manifest, then it is not a machine, it is the soul manifest. If it is the soul manifest, is it not only the machine but the ‘reality’ it experiences? Is not the interactions of the soul with the experience an expression of the soul? How can they be separate, one manifest without the other?

    I am asking you to investigate this yourself. I am not here to answer those questions for you. But ask you to consider them yourselves.

      The soles of feet the feats of souls

      It sure would throw a simeon wrench into their divide and conquer. We can’t seem to shake that big blue monolith tho.

  13. Do chemtrails cause pedophilia or do pedophiles cause global warming. Ask Penn State. They know.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • It’s an unending loop lol!

      We’ve been chemtrail free for a week now. I’ll stare up at the pure clear sky, as if it were a rare sight. It is! When was the last time you saw a pure, clear blue sky?

  14. That Shrub comment is so Bushy. What an idiot!

    • I wonder where Mary Sunshine is?
      Dave Hunter?
      And all the other gatherers of Cotoismisticoidals…???

      • I’m still around, Will. I hope yall are well. (hugs)

        • Oh cool…thanks for dropping in for a howdy.
          Good to know you are still shining.

    • The idiot prankster Dubya was so stupid he couldn’t be trusted in unscripted settings, thus – “As long as I’m the dictator” etc…

      Why do you think he was sequestered to a third grade classroom on 9/11? It was ..”..a trifecta” as he squealed in delight afterwards…also publicly.

      The whole Bush family are stupid, and only succeed through viciousness and connections to Club Vicious.

  15. “Well it’s a gawd awful small affair to the girl with the mousy hair
    But her mommy is yelling no and her daddy has told her to go
    And her friend is nowhere to be seen as she walks through her sunken dream
    To the seat with the clearest view…
    As I ask you to focus on sailors fighting in the dance hall
    Oh man look at those cavemen go it’s the best selling show
    Take a look at the lawman beating up the wrong guy
    Wonder if he’ll ever know – he’s in the best selling show

    Is there life on Mars???”~David Bowie

  16. “This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours.”

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