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Nuclear Terrorism: Secret Science and America’s Cowboy Nukes

Space Age Nuke Use Proven, Not Just in Battle But Terror As Well


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Over the last few days, Bob Nichols, Jim Fetzer, Lauren Moret and Christopher Busby, published articles conclusively proving the use of nuclear weapons in Iraq. 

Their research did not come from cruising internet websites but from traditional grunt work journalism, working sources within the scientific and weapons community, some with the highest imaginable security classifications level.

We aren’t talking about Depleted Uranium, dangerous, a genetic nightmare and certainly carcinogenic, but actual nuclear weapons.

We have the hard proof, we have discovered samples of highly enriched, 95%, weapons grade Uranium 235 in Iraq, in the people of Iraq, and since then we have found nothing but a wall of silence.

We have clear and well established contacts inside Livermore and Sandia Labs, where designs of nuclear weapons entered new unheard of generations, new unheard of capabilities, over 20 years ago.

Anything you think you know about nuclear weapons is false, their size, their “output,” or the restrictions on their use.

We also have access to the unpublished “dark research” from the Reagan era Strategic Defense Initiative, (SDI), that was meant to produce a “space shield” for the United States.

Some of the experiments, some that went dreadfully wrong, involved the use of nuclear weapons as “spark plugs” to produce X-Ray and microwave energy capable to disabling “flocks” of MIRVs (Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles) the new tiny hydrogen bombs that fill the nose cones of missiles, or other less obvious delivery systems.

While researching such things over the past 5 years as a journalist with a defense engineering background, nothing unusual in that, I came across a number of scientific developments that even I understood. 

If I can understand it, imagine what a really talented 15 year old could do?  Any parent with a home computer knows exactly what I am talking about.






  1. “What we have learned about particle physics in 30 years makes an atom bomb such as the one we dropped on Hiroshima as primitive as a Roman chariot.”~ Lauren Moret and Christopher Busby

    Hah…the popular perception really is rather like the people living in the Matrix [film] – they still think of nuclear weapons as on the same technological level as the Japanese bombs…quite silly in fact aye?

    The fact of the 1970s era Davy Crockett nuclear bazooka with a payload about the size of a watermelon, should give some sense of the probable miniaturization’s of the modern era.

    While nukes are interesting to discuss, the whole of physics, not just particle physics should be seen as of such advancements…that is, into the era we would call “sci-fi”

    What I have read of the nano-thermites is only one example…and that is public knowledge – not TOP SECRET.

    As the Chinese call them – MAGIC WEAPONS.

    So if all of this isn’t enough to experience a fear meltdown – maybe we could start talking about REAL magic, and the darkness of Satan and how we are all under the influence of THE BEAST and OMG – ALL is lost, and maybe it would have been best if mankind had never existed…hey – why don’t we all just fucking kill ourselves aye???

    Of course the last paragraph is sarcasm – it is past time we begin to grasp our personal and spiritual powers and leap beyond such fear and habits of thinking.

    Who we are and what we know is just reflection, afterglow…of what we begin with.

  2. When speaking of the PLASMA grid you can connect all the dots. Nuclear WMD are so passe in their technology that they are off the GW scale. Just a danger as laymen can make dirty bombs.

    It’s all about the after research, the effects and the reproductive and genetic mutation that each experiment produces.

    I can surely believe this attack in Iraq as I know they were also supplied with an EMP pulse assault as well that incompacitated them to mentally deficient gel bags. They pleaded for relief and as you know “Slam Dunk” was confirmed.

  3. I’ll tell you this though – I don’t like Deagle. It is just an intuition. Whether it is that he has stared into the abyss for so long it has leached into his soul, or whether he is a self promoting liar, picking up information readily available on the Internet at that time…I cannot say. But I don’t like him and his boasting arrogant delivery.

    I have a pretty full understanding of scalar weaponry and it’s potentials…and they are indeed utterly horrific. One of their most horrific byproducts is the degeneration of the physical and psychic body and the induction of paralyzing fear.

    This is a state of mind – one I INSIST that we have spiritual control over.

  4. “Is Thomas Malthus relevant today? Are his predictions of mass human starvation caused by overpopulation true?

    In 1798, Malthus said, “The power of population is so superior to the power of earth to produce subsistence to humanity that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race.”

    According to the World Health Organization, 18 million human beings die of starvation around the planet annually.”~Frosty Wooldridge

    Wooldridge should read CRITICAL PATH by Buckminster Fuller for a proper thrashing of Malthus, rather than the stupid strawman arguments he presents later in this article.

    First of all the 19th and early 20th centuries were driven by Malthusian theory – it was in no way ignored. It was in fact Malthus and the Royal Institute that drove the empire that created the mercantile insanity that is causing the very famine spoken of by the World Health Organization.

    What we have here again is DESIGN masquerading as DIAGNOSIS.

    It is the technologies driven by Malthusian theories that have created this dog eat dog world, one in which agrarian societies were crushed and destroyed for their resources, and added to the backers dole as they could no longer feed themselves. This is the Malthusian system yet today manifest as the euphemism “American Empire”, when it is in fact the Global Empire of the the Zionist Banking clans.

  5. Forged in the fire of a bond market inferno, the shadowy so-called Frankfurt Group has grabbed the helm of the 17-nation currency area in a few short weeks.

    The inner circle comprises the leaders of Germany and France, the presidents of the executive European Commission and of the European Council of EU leaders, the heads of the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the chairman of euro zone finance ministers, and the European Commissioner for economic and financial affairs.

    Europe’s new politburo met four times on the sidelines of last week’s Group of 20 summit in Cannes, issuing an ultimatum to Greece that it would not get a cent more aid until it met its European commitments, and arm-twisting Italy to carry out long delayed economic reforms and let the IMF monitor them.

    In a tell-tale recognition of the new ad hoc power centre, members wore lapel badges marked “Groupe de Francfort.”
    U.S. President Barack Obama attended one of the meetings.

    How does one tell that this whole story is bullshit PR?

    Because all of those in attendance at this so-called “politburo” are puppets, “faces” of the staged theater. The ones making the decisions are, as usual the bankers and their agents. Scattered quips and whispered yada in “open microphones”…who writes the scripts for this kind of wanka-doodah?
    Hack Kurt Vonnegut wanna-bees – it’s ‘Satire d’Officialle’

    Life imitating science fiction.

  6. You are invited to tumble down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of ALICE.

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