Posted by: kornisking | October 25, 2011

U.S. Foreign Policy Condensed

This is too ugly to post.

He felt it. Are you feeling it? Domestic policy is the same.  So Sam Walton cuts health coverage to his useless eater employees. They are feeling it. I feel like shopping elsewhere. Hitlery Clinton has a good belly-laugh at all of it. Hell aint half full. Mitt says “corporations are people!” Rick wants to sodomize us with a post-card. Herman says 999 (thats 666 inverted) and its all topsy turvy. Barak Hussein Embalmer says” the troops are coming home and I dont need no stinkin congress.” Some ass-hole says Syria is next. Rangers lead the Cardinals 3 games to 2.  We are all going to lose this world series.





  1. There is a theme to this “policy”, and it is foreign to civil societies around the world. The domestic policy mirrors it, and humanity sinks further into the manufactured waste.

    These beings don’t represent humans, they represent corporations.

  2. Gad damn Sam – Walton that is.
    That goes for the rest of the turd pile mentioned and unmentionable…

    “Obama’s the embodiment of evil, an inveterate liar, a serial killer, and war criminal multiple times over.”~Lendman

    And he joins a cast of hundreds of other Amerikan leaders from the “Founders” to today.~ww


    Military Police State Amerika – the Wave of the Future

    Construction could start Oct. 31 on the Kansas National Guard Armory, followed in late November by a maintenance shop. Both projects are slated to be completed in March 2013.
    If all the pieces fall into place as expected, the center would be the nation’s first homeland defense center merging city and county public safety and the military, officials said. The Kansas Highway Patrol is also trying to join the partnership.~The Wichita Eagle 10/25/11

    US heritage is merely coming home to roost. Remember Crazy Horse.
    Don’t think Amerika doesn’t have it coming.

  3. We know their dream; enough
    To know they dreamed and are dead.
    And what if excess of love
    Bewildered them till they died?
    I write it out in a verse —
    MacDonagh and MacBride
    And Connolly and Pearse
    Now and in time to be,
    Wherever green is worn,
    Are changed, changed utterly:
    A terrible beauty is born.

    — William Butler Yeats

  4. Gee, wonder what sort of democratic-republic we can expect from these guys?

    Most likely much like the one we have here now.

    But not to worry. The evidence is now buried in a secret grave. So secret they don’t even know where it is.

    Sodomy? What’s that? What film? What autopsy? We don’t have time for all this! There’s a nation to build. And more “justice” to be injected.

    Been feeling rather nasty lately, totally out of patience. But I’ve been feeling this way most my life …

    • “Sodomy? What’s that? more “justice”.. injected”~Mr.M

      Yea, you actually answered the question yourself there, aye.

      I too am feeling “rather nasty lately” as well.

      I am totally fed up with the whole bullshit trip.

      • Add me to your “feeling nasty” list M and W. I didn’t think I could feel any more revulsion for these sickos but it was topped with the invasion and destruction of Libya and the brutall killing of Gaddafi.

        • After having his colon and intestines perforated and after the beatings the guy that shot him did him a favor. Remind Me never to go to Libya or Wal-mart.

    • I feel a sort of depression and nausea with a touch of dread. Just living in this cluster-fuck society qualifies one for seeing a shrink. I get inspiration from Your activism M.

  5. If you remember on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, not one single network mentioned that Islamic terrorists killed 3,000 innocent people. It’s like ignoring the 400 pound gorilla in the kitchen. If we don’t talk about it, perhaps it would vanish on its own.~Frosty Wooldridge

    Yea, Frosty Wooldridge is a stinking racist punk. Rense publishes his pigshit text all the time. And since Frosty the Fuckhead makes no manner to contact and give refute to his fevered rants, I thought I would mention it here, despite the odds of him ever seeing it.
    It takes a real stupid shithead to still be buying into that official 9/11 fairytale – and here he is beginning an article, a review of another rightwing asslicker, Pat Buchanan. They should be butt-buddies.

    • I was just listening to Rense and he was talking with Frosty live on air. Frosty, what the hell kind of name is that for a man? What a disgusting human being. For that matter so is Rense. I had to turn it off. Rense really does have the most disgusting people on his show and he invites them back over and over. He gives his verbal approval to nearly every vile thing they speak of. Odd he doesn’t call Woolridge on the 9/11 thing since Rense knows it was an inside job.

      I won’t be listening to any more of his crap. I do like Charlie McGrath and Jim Mars shows and will tune in for them but Rense can go to hell with all his hate filled buddies he likes to chat with.

      • Yea Jayjee, Jim Marrs is a great guy. I met him in San Diego at a bookstore where he was signing. We talked for almost an hour after his ‘duty’, they had a coffee lounge in the store.
        We talked on the phone from time to time…

        A really down to earth nice guy. Full of knowledge.

        Rense is a shameless self promoter…a fad jumper. His site is good as a clearing house for epublications though.

        Glad to have you back kiddo – be careful with that book.

  6. When I clicked on the link you posted Korn, I could’t go any further than the title. How depraved these monsters are. Hitlery Clinton laughs and makes jokes as if it’s a parlor game. To her and the rest of the demons that not only devise such madness but savor it, it is.

    Gaddafi’s death, if it really was him, saddens me. He was human. They are not. They are evil incarnate.

    • When I got that article up, the whole page was blank except for the title, then way down, almost two pages of scrolling, it had a video about the Easter Uprising in Ireland…and the poem by Yeats.

      So I didn’t see any of the nasty stuff about Gaddafi.

      I’m sure he wasn’t a saint, but he gave his all for Libya, and I mourn for Libya and their loss. NATO is evil incarnate…the Empire is as well.

      We are in some weird and woowoo time, it is better to be pissed off than subdued and shattered by all this. Keep your anger, there is a time for everything under heaven – and this IS a time for righteous anger.

  7. Transparency? Yep — everyone but Big Corp and Big Guv, and whoever else that must be “covered up” for “state security” reasons. I scoff at the transparent outlaw
    behavior. Add this to 10 Billion reasons to protest:

    “Established by Congress to investigate and expose government waste, the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan has decided to not reveal its volumes of materials to the public for another two decades.

    After three years of work, the commission officially shut down last week, having concluded that the U.S. misspent between $31 billion and $60 billion in contracting for services in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    But it won’t allow its records to be opened for public review at the National Archives until 2031, because some of the documents contain “sensitive information,” according to one official”.

    • OWS is a creation of Wallstreet

      Deceive the heavens to cross the ocean Prepare too much and you lose sight of the big picture; what you see often you do not doubt. Yin (the art of deception) is in Yang (acting in open). Too much Yang (transparency) hides Yin (true ruses).

      Watch the fires burning across the river (隔岸觀火/隔岸观火, Gé àn guān huǒ)Delay entering the field of battle until all the other players have become exhausted fighting amongst themselves. Then go in at full strength and pick up the pieces.

      • The Fabian strategy is a military strategy where pitched battles and frontal assaults are avoided in favor of wearing down an opponent through a war of attrition and indirection. While avoiding decisive battles, the side employing this strategy harasses its enemy through skirmishes to cause attrition, disrupt supply and affect morale. Employment of this strategy implies that the weaker side believes time is on its side, but it may also be adopted when no feasible alternative strategy can be devised.

  8. Something else to sniff at to see how it smells…

    Benjamin Fulford with Vinny “Clint” Eastwood:

    • What Fulford misses is the excuse to radiate their citizens with EMR Scalar mic/ELF without a registering on the geiger system. If Patricia was there with her Tri-Field, she’d confirm that.

      Tha same for us here chemtrail chaff focused assaults on a daily basis. Running down the batteries of Americans for the coming Harpo-Hopo-Chango………….


    …the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Tonight marks the two-week anniversary of Occupy Oakland. Police have brought in sound cannons and have hit the crowd with tear gas, arresting several.

    -So it begins…

  10. It is my rumble opinionate that all COTOettes should get a copy of this saved to file:

    The 9/11 Consensus Points

    Factual Evidence Contradicts the 9/11 Story

  11. The Assylum for Wayward Rogue CIA-MI6 opium addicts.

    I have no doubt the Committee would like to see a few of our inmates perform for the media on a fat banker boy.

    When the steam has risen to the preferred temperature, the monarcks will arrive for such a show. Circe de Soleil.

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