Posted by: jerseyg | September 30, 2011

Let Us All Unite

The following speech was written, in 1940, by Charlie Chaplin.   It never fails to inspire me. 

It was showcased in a film which was, believe it or not, a comedy in which he condemns Hitler and the Nazis titled “The Great Dictator.”   I think all of us could use a little inspiration right about now~jg



  1. Yes…inspiring…deeply inspiring.

    Thanks JG.

  2. Ur welcome Will. Even more inspiring is occupy boston… the commons is packed with protesters! Today OWS protested outside the NYPD 🙂 over 2,000……. I added the links to nyc, boston & chicago’s live feeds in a new post

    • my old home,,, sometimes i wish i were back.
      this is one of them.
      boston was a very cool city but could be extremely cruel where race was concerned. my old inner city home has been converted to multi=million dollar condos. what used to be tuff streets are all yuppies and preppies.
      i digress tho.
      truly an inspiring speech deb, thank you.

  3. Yeow…


  4. My favorite part was when he danced with the globe,genius.

    • Just for you Korny. Best part is when he gracefully elevates onto the desk. lol

  5. I don’t believe anyone has had more despair than I have had over the years about where we are heading. It is something that the cold-hard reality gives to those of us that do not cringe and hide from the truth.

    But as of late there has been rays of hope breaking through the bleakness. Being on the streets a lot of late and talking to just about everyone that will give the time of day has helped to bring about this observation.

    Hopefully I’m not just fooling myself, wishful thinking as we go falling over the edge into the abyss. But I sense it’s not. I still feel that many good people will be flailed in the winds of change that’s coming, but I feel more and more that whomever survives the storm will be the beneficiaries of a better world. One not unlike that of Charlie’s vision.

    • I’ve got that same feeling M. Weird, huh? As things have gotten worse, I’ve gotten more hopeful. OWS is turning out to be something really big. At first, I was afraid it might just fizzle out. Instead, it’s spreading like wildfire all over the country. Next week several more cities join in. Today Washington, DC. That should be the one to really watch !

      Waiting for shenanigans from TPTB. We know they’re not liking this.

      • Maybe not so weird. There’s an occupation movement here in New Orleans going on too.

        Revolution is right under the surface and breaking through. As for now it’s nonviolent. But we can expect that provocateurs will try to take this into a violent conflict. Which will only highlight the tyranny. This is of course the blood of the patriots and tyrants that will water the Tree of Liberty that Jefferson said needs to be watered with. It’s not coming, it’s here. I anticipate that once the economy collapses that is when all hell will break loose. And that too is happening, more likely than not sooner than later.

        • Yea, that’s why so many are becoming aware of how screwed we all are. When it hits americans in their pocketbooks, they pay attention and they really are now.

          When the entire economy crashes…watch out. M, you have to watch the RT vid of Max Keiser w/ Roseanne Barr I posted under occupy wall street live links post.. He’s just awesome & so is Roseanne.

  6. Were a long way from the end of the world though we are in the pivotal transition. Xranformation (age of faith/age of reason) deism to theism to deism through industrial to de-industrial. Evolution to revolution XXransformation to XXXtransmutation.

    What we need is to see the sequel to V Vendetta and then we know what a reality is. I can imagine it. Can anyone else? While standing in line for “peace chip” and a loaf of bread we can all whisper about the world without war and greedy Bush bankers.

    So easy, even a caveman etch it.

  7. PD, what harm does it do to prepare for the worst and hope for the best? I don’t want to live whatever is left of my life feeling like it’s only gonna get worse. If it does, I’m prepared for that(best I can) …if it doesn’t than I didn’t live every day fearing the next for nothing.

    I LIKE that people are standing up instead of cowering in fear of the greedy banksters and corporate warlords. It makes me feel good to see it and support them. If that’s a crime than I am guilty.

    • I’m not damning it, just predicting it Deb. I think peoples energy ought to be exerted where it empowers them. These are those people I hope.

      I cant remember when the day the protest ever changed anything but I do not condemn it.

    • im with ya,deb

      • Thanks Pete. I was watching live when the pigs trapped them on the Brooklyn Bridge and started arresting them. It was so nerve wracking. Like watching an action adventure film. There were over 22,000 just watching on livestream at the time. The night before they protested in front of the police dept. Thousands of them.

        I love the kids and the baby boomers who are out there doing
        this. FINALLY… someone is doing something !

  8. Patrick, we’ve also never seen a protest like this one. This isn’t just our people pissed off about a war, it’s the world’s people pissed off about everything. Solidarity around the globe. When have we EVER seen that?

    Today just amongst internet viewers …there were over 22,000 viewing the protest on livestream all at once. THAT is unprecedented.

    No, this is different than any other protest.

  9. People are talking about getting money out of banks, stocking up on supplies, planting gardens. ALL the good stuff that needs to be done too.

    MSM isn’t covering it, yet it’s growing every day.

  10. YES…something is afoot…

    We are living in interesting times.

    A revolution may be a’brew….that will be a stew…it can go anywhere from that point.


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