Posted by: jerseyg | September 24, 2011

The Revolution is NOT Being Televised – But it IS on livestream

Occupy Wall Street in it’s 8th day and growing.  Not just in NYC but worldwide.  I LOVE these people.   The  young people aren’t ALL fluoride heads and it’s damn good to see them out in the streets peacefully protesting.  They know what’s at stake.  Their future.

We are the 99% .  Expect us.

Watch the live stream here:




  2. Hey There Denver Colorado! 51 seconds ago. We’re ALL watching! Are you in the bunkers underground? Tell us what you see, and what you’re doing?

  3. Something is going to pop…

    Can y’all feel it? Like a boil that is over ripe…woowoo curtains are lifting.

    Is it the dawning of the Age of Asparagus?

    Now if God would only drop an asteroid on Tel Aviv….


  4. lol will

  5. Odd… this post and the other occupy wall street are not getting any hits…. WTF! Something is not right here

    • I went to the livestream feed earlier, and was taking so long to load, and went elsewhere…

  6. Come on guys.. we have to talk this occupation up! They obviously don’t want us to

    the cops are arresting peaceful protesters and possibly using chems on them..(not yet confirmed) they arrested the ows media team

    There are over 5,200 watching the livestream right now. The chat room over 800

    According to one protester..cops are smashing faces and people are bleeding

  7. “According to one protester..cops are smashing faces and people are bleeding”

    Well….yea…it’s fucking Wall Street…what right do regular folks have being there amongst the demigods?? The goon squads got to do their “duty” for Howdy Doody poopoopoodie.

    Nazi Amerika shows her dirty undies today.


  8. Mom…who sits in front of boobtube all day long has no idea there is anything going on all W St. Hmmm??? That means it never happened.

    Nope…it’s all apple pie in her world.

    I’m going to Mt. Olympus – fuck this place.


  9. Yea, as it is with most Will ~sigh

    Even coto’ers dont’ seem to give a shit ! This is obviously a REAL protest with REAL people otherwise it would be all over corporate media. Btw, I think Greece was real too along with some agent provacateurs thrown in as per usual.

  10. Check into the stream will… I dare you to try to keep up with that chat ! Makes me dizzy….

  11. Alright, I was able to watch the chat fly by, and see the videostreaming as the guy walked around the block to check out the police activities. 1000 people in the park right now he said. This is a friggin civic “duty” for patriotic Americans if you ask me. You’d make a hell of lot bigger impression taking part in a peaceful protest in the heart of the financial beast, than voting in rigged elections.

  12. The viewer counter is rapidly growing, over 6000 and counting as “tweets” are bringing folks online to witness the police thugs offenses.

  13. It has to keep going… and more people have to come. Couple million should do it. Lessee what happens…

  14. Wash DC and Potamac Maryland are on COTO right now…Hmmm…

    I can’t log onto LiveStream…my browser said no no no. Chit.

    Lets see this go viral.


  15. Thanks for commenting guys. Spread the link to everyone. Amerika has no clue this is going on cause it ain’t on their teevees.

    Bless these dedicated kids and the oldsters too!

    100 arrested..some hurt badly according to one of the protesters who came on camera. They don’t know where they are being held but they were abducted by police in white vans.

    Flashbacks to the 60’s protests…only this time there is MUCH MORE at stake

  16. Mr. Obtuse is watching. Seems king of docile. But who knows, maybe if more show up. I have a dream…I wanna see an effigy of Lloyd Blankfiend go up in flames.

  17. Me too Mr O! Did you see the march this afternoon? THAT was truly awesome. The cops intend to move at nightfall… whatever THAT means.

    No one has an accurate count but there were thousands there earlier today. It’s kinda boring to watch now. Nightfall should be interesting.

  18. 7575 viewers now…

  19. More dancing girls!!!

  20. Blond lady to the pigs…We’re fighting for your pensions….We know that you’re happy. LOL



  23. Yea…I spent five long years in Georgia…what a nut-house. Some 90 percent of the whites are as racist as they have ever been – when you are alone or with a small group it comes out in ‘spades’ as it were…

    The N-word is in no way out of fashion. It is just not so publicly uttered as in the 60s and 70s. And they hate ‘Yankees’ and ‘Democrats’ almost as much as they hate blacks.

    They are put of their minds, still fighting the Civil War.
    Really like another planet that place.

    Too bad, the landscape is beautiful…but the people are unbearable.


    Internet assault building stronger….no shift merlock…


    • Sad to see Activist Post go away. Hope they’re resurrect it.

      Truth is, there may not be much time left to get out of this place. Imagine having to go to court to defend what you posted on your Facebook page. I believe those inquisitions are coming. Not only has freedom of speech died, but so has freedom of thought.

      This is fascism in full bloom.

  25. “This is fascism in full bloom.”~mrO

    Yes…it is bound to get more stinky just in the next coming months.

    Who knows how prominent, or insignificant one has to be to get the woowoo charges from the show-trials?

    Kinda spooky to think upon.

  26. Can’t they take a joke? They already are the joke.

  27. Women corralled in orange fencing and pepper sprayed

    • I just put this up on the top thread. Hadn’t seen your post yet, JG. Revolting!

      • Boom, can’t hurt to post it twice. Let those that come here to read see exactly what a police state they live in. That is, if they haven’t already figured it out.

  28. Cover of NY Daily news article coverage…

    NY Times has some coverage..but not on front page..

    donated some money to Alexander Higgins who is covering event on his blog. (25 bux)
    This is the gut who has been all over Fukushima since day 1.

    • Thanks Brad for the media update. Good on you for donating to Higgins. Fukushima and all the other nuke plants leaking all over the country are what is gonna get us in the end unless they throw an out and out live nuclear attack our way.

  29. NAU Spring~

    We know how the GLADIO boys handled it offshore. It will be no different here. They have mercenaries, Delta’s and Rogue Authoritarians in the wings looking for a ripe mellon to explode.

    I don’t suspect WalMartStreet to be the venue but we see the absolute acceleration of OWO and the election cycle is the fuse.
    ObamaCare will look to a sports venue or travel venue for the assault.

    All peaceful protest will find agents as well. Get your Hurricane supplies together and be prepared in your mind where the line is. This is a Tri-light Zone episode that even Rod Serling would shake and scream over.

  30. You’re Right, Puddy — Twilight Zone!

  31. Tone up Tone up for the Zwilight Tone….kading kadong….kaboing kapong.

    Dem bells dem bells….bellum bells a ringing and wringing the signing of der stinging. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt

  32. “Get your Hurricane supplies together and be prepared in your mind where the line is”

    Yep, definitely. A hard rain is about to fall. Know where that line is.

  33. Listen to Glenn Beck, the fascist who pretends he’s a constitutionalist… to say I think this man is a disgusting slimeball is a huge understatement…

  34. Apparently, Anonymous has identified the criminal “macer” of penned young women — one Captain Anthony Bologna of the First Precinct!

    You can access various links from —

    Just scroll down to read his “outing” of this despicable creature who earns the name PIG.

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