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Strange Sounds in the Sky – Rumblings & Vibrations (Day & Night) Part II

Last February, I posted this article regarding a strange, loud, rumbling noise I heard in the sky over my house.  I searched the internet and found that someone had posted a video with the same strange sound that I had experienced.   Since I’m still getting comments on that post 7 months later with people experiencing the same type of strange noises, I decided to do a little more research.

Strange sounds, rumblings & vibrations are being heard & felt all over the globe.  No one seems to have an explanation for it, least of all the “authorities.”  Watch the videos posted here and draw your own conclusions.  The sound in Kiev sounds like Godzilla rampaging through the countryside.  Those in Windsor, Canada (couldn’t find a video of the actual sound) actually feel the earth vibrating and are pressing for answers which  includes filing a lawsuit since no viable explanation has been forthcoming.  The weird compilation of sounds from an isolated area in southern Sweden are eerie as hell.   The Florida video is especially strange because just before the sound ends there is a white flash.   Then there is the same sound that I heard, in the video from N Bergen, NJ but in that one the sound goes on for a very long time.  The rumbling I heard lasted for only a few minutes, stopped and started again…3x’s total.

What is going on here?  There are many theories but no real answers that I have found.  Is it the military working on those underground tunnels?  HAARP? Nibiru/Elenin? UFOs?  Or is it Project Blue Beam’s trial run for the big event?  (my personal guess).

Watch the videos and hear the strange sounds heard round the world.  If you’d like to take the time, please post your own thoughts and experiences.  If you haven’t heard any of these strange noises yet, stay tuned, I’m sure they are coming to a town near you very soonThe numbers of people reporting these creepy occurrences are growing exponentially~jg


NEW VIDEOS (posted 1/14/12)

WHAT THOSE “TRUMPET SOUNDS” SOUND LIKE TO ME….the tripods from “War of the Worlds” & other assorted Monster Roars


HAARP HUM  (this is what I think I heard in NJ)





UPDATE – Clintonville, Wisconsin rumbling & shaking 3/19/12




  1. totally bizare. That’s not anything I’ve ever heard.

    but I will tell you that for the past 3 days helicopters have been flying low over my house.

    I’m heading up to the lake house for the wknd (no internet access). I wanted to let Patrick know that last wknd, as Irene headed north, there were absolutely no chemtrails in all four counties that we drive thru to get to the lake house.

    I think the winds must’ve done something, or prevented them from doing it. Normally, it’s every wknd.

    and — what a wonder it was at the lake house with a clear night sky in that rural county — there were so many stars! It was so clear that I could see two arms of our spiral galaxy — I haven’t seen that in 15 years (back in rural Georgia).

    I don’t look forward to more chem’d skies. Last month when I caught a respiratory infection, I felt pretty sure those chem’d skies had something to do with it. Maybe weakened my immune system. who knows.

  2. Rady, it’s been the same way here. Skies that are normally gray w/chemtrails every day, were blue w/normal puffy clouds. The night after the hurricane the sky was filled with twinkling stars. A sight I haven’t seen for a very long time. I almost cried I was so happy to see them.

    I don’t doubt you were sick from chemtrails. People around here are sick year round with stomach ailments, sinus headaches and allergies.

  3. As the illnesses go, my sister in eastern washington reports almost daily onslaughts of heavy chemtrails (I confirm same…I lived there before moving to upstate SC; a number of airforce & army bases in the area).

    She reports people are always sick with respiratory ailments, stomach issues / stomach flu, vomiting, diarrhea, general malaise, etc. A circular sickness seems to continue endlessly.

  4. Wierd! I had posted last year the shofar Bluebeam for the Jews and Chrisitians. The first one sounds like it. The others I think all are related to EMP assualts a resonnance fr. response to any particular land area depending upon crustal makeup and lithos.

    • weird how the dogs didn’t seem to be reacting to the sound in that 1st video, eh? usually animals react to EM changes

    • Yea PD, the Kiev one does sound like a very loud and exaggerated version of that horn. These sounds are bothering people planet wide.

      At least the people in Windsor are trying to do something about it since the vibrations have them unnerved. I’ll be following their story.

      With all the unprecedented msm talk of alien sightings and invasions lately, my guess for most of the noise is it’s more of a Project Blue Beam rehearsal going on world wide.

      If you don’t believe me…listen to the tripod sound from the Tom Cruise remake of War of the Worlds. Sound similar to what they heard in Kiev? I didn’t mention this in my post because I wanted to see if anyone recognizes it for themselves…. but you gotta hear it!

      AND….with all our weird weather….earthquakes & hurricanes, tornadoes, vibrating earth… is THIS what they have planned for us next?

  5. Definitely Rady. I also found it odd that the lady was taking her baby out for a walk during that horrendous noise. Apparently, this has become background noise for those in Kiev?!

  6. Right on ladies. Deb remember the Time Machine original
    Sirens for feeding time! [2:00]

    Remember: You and Rady are Delicacies to the Hillwitch Saltsuckers

  7. my daughter heard the same rumbling here in Owego,NY about a day or two after the earthquake. She woke me up thinking we were having another one. It went on for around 20 minutes and she said she felt a slight vibration under her feet at the same time. It happened between 4-5 a.m. and we have never heard anything like this here.

  8. Hi Maggie. Welcome to the club of strange sounds and vibrations. I know there was an aftershock felt in Va after the quake but no one else reported feeling anything like that in NY that I know of. 20 minutes is a long time for an aftershock anyway so it’s not that.

    It also seems that the majority of people who hear these weird sounds and rumblings report they go on for about 20 mins……..

  9. Well, what if it was like the end of days? I’m not forcing any ideas here, but I’ve been wondering about that for a while. Plus, the one in Kiev had this super bright light coming from behind the clouds :S

    And it’s this one

  10. Hi Raya, thanks for commenting & posting that video which I didnt’ see.

    Did you watch the Florida video I posted? If you did, you noticed at the end, right before the sound stops, there is a flash of light. Odd isn’t it?

    There are all kinds of theories, end of days is one of them. Earth shifting is another. However, I tend to believe it is the govt program known as Project Blue Beam. They can create an alien invasion or the second coming of Christ or any other religious figure simply using holograms and sound effects similar to what we’ve been hearing all over the world. I posted the video of the sound of the tripod from the remake of War of the Worlds in the comments above. It sounds almost identical to the sound heard in Kiev. Coincidence? I think not.

    Why would they do this? To finalize their control over the population of the world. Everyone will turn to their govt to save them when the aliens attack which means they can enforce any type of draconian laws they want in the name of keeping the citizens safe. Sound crazy? Well, those noises are pretty crazy too. Ever think you’d ever hear anythings so strange happening in cities and towns all over the world?

  11. hey JG ~ I’ll bet the popularity of this article reached Before Its News:

    check this out

  12. Thanks Rads. Strange how people all over the world are hearing these creepy sounds and yet no one has come up with a reasonable explanation yet.

    There will probably be many more articles like these. I think this post has generated more interest than any other one I’ve posted. That’s gotta tell us something about the universal nature of the rumblings. When you hear it, it’s unnerving.

    • we were just discussing fluoridated water in some nazi camps but not in Sobibor — where a mass of prisoners stormed the guards and escaped.

      so, all these chemtrails and strange sounds… maybe we should escape? maybe we’re too fluoridated to do so?

  13. I’m game. Only problem is that it seems there is nowhere to run to.. Any ideas?

    • venezuela

  14. Sept 22, 2011 over Central NJ I heard a tumbling rumbling sounded like something falling from the sky it lasted 5 minutes and sounded like a strange plane maybe lingering 5 ft above my head

  15. Kristie, did the sound stop suddenly as if the engines of the plane turned off?

  16. it’s called The Hum, apparently

    Excitation of Earth’s continuous free oscillations by atmospher-ocean-seafloor coupling

    The Earth undergoes continuous oscillations, and free oscillation peaks have been consistently identified in seismic records in the frequency range 2-7 mHz, on days without significant earthquakes. The level of daily excitation of this ‘hum’ is equivalent to that of magnitude 5.75 to 6.0 earthquakes, which cannot be explained by summing the contributions of small earthquakes. As slow or silent earthquakes have been ruled out as a source for the hum (except in a few isolated cases), turbulent motions in the atmosphere or processes in the oceans have been invoked as the excitation mechanism. We have developed an array-based method to detect and locate sources of the excitation of the hum. Our results demonstrate that the Earth’s hum originates mainly in the northern Pacific Ocean during Northern Hemispheric winter, and in the Southern oceans during Southern Hemispheric winter. We conclude that the Earth’s hum is generated by the interaction between atmosphere, ocean and sea floor, problably through the conversion of storm energy to oceanic infragravity waves that interact with seafloor topography.

  17. Most of these sounds are much more than a hum. These sounds range from the noise that a huge aircraft would make hovering over your house to sounding like godzilla or the tripod from “war of the worlds”(kiev) to the earth actually vibrating to the sound of drilling in Windsor Canada.

    I’ve also heard the “hum”. If you listen in the wee hours of the morning when all is can hear a very gentle background hum. I think that’s the not so melodic hum of the emfs……….

    • I don’t nec’ly agree with their conclusions. “the Earth’s hum originates mainly in the northern Pacific Ocean during Northern Hemispheric winter, and in the Southern oceans during Southern Hemispheric winter.”

      To me, another conclusion could be HAARP.

      I have never heard The Hum — so I find it interesting that just now scientists are attempting to describe it.

      When i did a google search of The Hum, I found sites saying that people have heard it for 1000s of years. Yeah, right.

      I suspect this is anthropogenic in nature, probably from our aberrant psychopath population.

      • The Hum is NOT the same phenomena as these sounds. Its a totally different subject. I gathered many videos in one spot of this phenomena, along with another post from another blogger. You can find it here:

        There is such a thing as proven prophecy for example. I have a special post on skepticism on that site above for many that have to have some type of scientific proof. Its called Symptoms of Pathological Skepticism by Beaty take care

  18. Just found this… add this to the pile of weird sounds heard round the world.. again..not a hum but a trumpet !! Tropicana Field, Fla during baseball game..

    • i don’t hear the sound they’re talking about

      • I hear drums from when she’s talking to when he’s talking — nothing else

  19. It kinda sounds like wind howling or godzilla roaring, others say trumpet.. ! lol

  20. wish someone could remove the drums and the voiceover … some techie out there must know how to do that

    • hey, I found a video without the drumming sounds

      • That’s a nice clean version. That’s a creepy sound.

        So is this one that some hikers recorded in Colorado before the same quake. Btw, Benjamin Fulford said that the quake was caused by nukes being set off in those underground tunnels. Going only by this video, I’d have to say i believe him.

  21. like, “oooooh”


    that’s the sound?

  22. wait….rady… u hear drums???? I don’t hear drums..are we talking about the same vid? the baseball one?

    • yeah, there are drums being played in the background of the news broadcast which crosses over into the baseball video, and goes on while the baseball announcers are talking.

      • it’s a repeating beat:

        dut dut-dut-DUT-dut

        dut dut-dut-DUT-dut

        • but, okay, i do hear a woooooh sound

  23. that would be it

  24. btw, I’m a drummer. so I hear those sounds more than any others, usually.

  25. Tennessee, US: Neighborhood terrified by mysterious shaking

    Adrienne Hooker doesn’t feel safe at home. Her Blount County neighborhood has a problem – it shakes.

    For 2 days, the house rocks every few hours. It can sound like an explosion.

    She describes it like this: “Tiny earthquakes, makes the whole house shake it makes everyone wake up if they’re sleeping.”

    They’ve called the U.S. Geological Survey, but no earthquakes have been reported.

    They thought it might be construction at a nearby house, but the Blount County Sheriff’s Office checked. Another dead end.

    The “what” isn’t all that important, they just want it to stop.

  26. Canada: Windsor officials say Zug Island may be source of mysterious buzzing noise

    Zug Island seems to be the source of a mysterious noise that’s shaking windows and keeping Windsor residents up at night, Canadian officials said Thursday.

    A two-month investigation by seismologists from the Ontario Environment Ministry traced the source of the noise to within roughly a half-mile of the island, officials said.

    “We have seen the results now and the results are conclusive that the source of the noise and vibration is … in or around Zug Island,” said Teri Gilbert, a spokeswoman for the Canadian agency. “We did a considerable amount of work to determine whether there was a source in Ontario and we couldn’t determine that.”

    Complaints about the noise started in March and have steadily been pouring in, officials said.

    “It goes through some sporadic bursts. Sometimes you can hear it more prominently than other times,” said Al Maghnieh, a city councilor in Windsor. “It’s something that’s been disturbing quality of life for residents in southwest Windsor.”

    Since Canada has no jurisdiction over Zug Island, officials have reached out to River Rouge Mayor Michael Bowdler to find the source of the problem and fix it.

    “The mayor has confirmed to us that he’s taken the information seriously and he’s developing a plan to pinpoint the noise,” Gilbert said.

    Strangely enough, some residents on the U.S. side haven’t felt or heard any of the noise.

    “If it’s constant, I might not even hear it,” said John Gascoigne, 63, who lives less than a mile from the island. “You always have noise here. You just get used to it.”

    However, other Detroit residents said the noise has been around for years. “When it rumbles, it shakes the whole house,” said Deborah MacLeod, 57, who lives near the island. “It sounds like a train passing by.”

  27. USGS says no earthquakes recorded on 9/22, so what shook the Santa Cruz County jail so hard that its tiled floor broke up?

    see pix at

  28. Thanks for the updates Rad. I bet there are hundreds of stories like this. If I didn’t have a full time job I’d spend hours a day looking for those stories.

    Seems there is eirdness everywhere you turn and no freakin’ explanation for any of it. What’s the deal with Zug island? Why do they think that’s where it’s coming from..what’s there and why don’t they find the hell out !

    How can all this be going on all over the world and no real investigation into the causes? My theory is they know and have been told to keep quiet or else.

    • yep, they’re doing something underground, I think. But what the hell could explain that ghost noise? lol… that is too freaky

      A tad off topic, I was once inside an enclosed sports arena — a soccer game. And the crowd was screaming so loudly for so long that we must’ve hit the perfect harmonic pitch because the steel girders started to scream back at us.

      I shit you not. The entire crowd became mute and we all looked up at the ceiling, thinking it was going to fall on us.

      They even reported it in the paper the next day. Because of that, I am convinced that if we had not stopped screaming we would have brought down the ceiling just like Jericho’s walls were brought down by sound.

  29. lol..rady…behold the power of the sports mob united in one voice !

    • what if we all screamed at the White House or Congress — for, like, 20 minutes at the top of our lungs? Could we bring their walls down?

      mobs are powerful, heh, heh, heh.

  30. I think we should try !

  31. I’m joining this conversation a few months late – I only just became aware of this fthru ex-ghost hunter Brian Harnois on facebook – he posted a new video from Costa Rica whcih happened on January 9, 2012.
    I flippantly said it was from Jurassic Park because isn’t it located near Costa Rica? Then for some reason, I went to youtube and started checking into this. It is f’ing freaking me out! I’ve not heard these personally – but it’s very crazy.
    I’m not terrifed or anything like that, well, to be honest, a part of me IS concerned. The trumpet-like sounds in Kiev are un-nerving. Yeah, the Bible-thumpers are quoting on youtube about the sounds being the “trumpets of the endtime” and one person said it sounded like rusty gates opening – the gates of hell?
    I’m kinda like when I watched The Exorcist the first time – like I KNEW it was a movie – I knew it was fiction, yet…
    I feel kinda silly, I’m a budding paranormal investigator, and am admitting I’m a bit freaked out.
    I was telling my husband about it – he’s not concened, he says it some kind of atmospheric thing. But WHAT thing?
    Now a couple of weeks ago – there was a newsitem about “mini-earthquakes” in Ohio and people are blaming hydro-fracking. –
    II’m going to put forth a theroy – don’t know if this makes any sense – and I’m not saying this is causing ANYthing – but you figure – for over a hundred mankind has been taking oil and natural gas out of the earth – what is being put back IN? Are there cavities left behind? If these thumpings are coming from the ground, are those cavities collapsing?

    I’m subscribing to this blog, because altho there is science “fiction” quoted here (I love the reference to “The Cookbook”) – remember – today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact.

  32. Welcome Ruth… thank you for subscribing.. Please join in our discussions. Yes, these sounds are extremely disturbing and freaky. There are all different sounds heard all over the world.

    Just in Cost Rica alone there was the Kiev sound and a weird loud thumping sound. It actually made their tv news unlike here in the U.S. where it’s been totally ignored. I’ve posted some new videos above regarding Costa Rica and the Isle of Wight..

  33. There was a recent one in Conklin Alberta it’s on YouTube strange noise in Conklin Alberta

  34. Thank you so much bear! Have you heard any of these sounds? Are you from Canada? I am posting it to the list now 🙂

  35. Blue Beam is very unlikely.. But underground tunnels absolutely NOT….. Though the Underground Tunnels was Something David Wilcox devised up but it is so far from the truth its sickening….. Nibiru very likely along with Spiritual reasons. Does the Sound of Gabriel’s Trumpet hit the bell…. The also fallen Anunnaki return of the kings with little k, well its much more likely then the underground tunnels or Project Blue Beam anyway.. Nibiru is a proven reality. Besides this, lots of folks do like to write off supernatural, paranormal, or spiritual more times then not. Denial is a funny thing this way.. I especially would eliminate Project Blue Beam from the conclusion, something that is spreading around like wildfire on the net recently. Its a nice skeptical scapegoat.. I wrote a post on May 6-2011, Weapons of Defense To Thwart ‘Alien’ Attack. Faked Holograms, Malevolent ETs, Benevolent Portals.

    You can locate it at: ..

    No doubt there is otherworldy activity going on, NOT as in underground bases being destroyed. Anyway, all the signs are there to read if one wants to see them.

    LOTS of folks throughout the U.S. are experiencing the strange noises in the skies just like all the other countries. It is for sure worldwide. Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio (I’ve experienced myself with), Missouri, New Jersey, Florida, Wisconsin, California, Colorado, to name a few, this is in response to the person that stated that it does not seem to be happening in the U.S. If you do your research you will find a slew of videos and posts to the contrary.

  36. I know the strange sounds are happening in the U.S. I’ve heard them myself in NJ. I first posted an article on them here a year ago of which I posted a video someone had shot that sounded much like what I heard that night.

    I’ve also posted the strange several videos above from all over the world including the very odd one from Florida that ends in a flash of white light.

    There is no definitive answer as to what it is. No one knows for sure but everyone has a theory. There are underground tunnels built and being built. I’m sure you’ve heard of those under the Denver International Airport which run for miles and are still under construction? There are drilling sounds heard as well as booms and rumbles which have people thinking some sort of underground explosions in those tunnels being constructed all over the world.

    The strangest sounds to me are those “godzilla like” noises.. Some call them the trumpets of the apocalypse. They were heard this month in Costa RIca (video posted above). It’s possible it’s a gearing up to Project Bluebeam. The MIC doesn’t like having technology they don’t use and it would certainly have the masses calling for their governments to protect them.

    As for me,. I have an open mind about what it could be. Could be ancient aliens, angels blowing trumpets or Mother Earth letting us know she’s pissed and about to explode.

    As far as the supernatural… I’ve always been a believer in the spirit world and other dimensions along with those ancient aliens. Which of course, makes it that much more complicated when trying to decipher just where those sounds are originating from.

    Btw, the majority of the hundreds of hits I’ve had this week on this post have come from Canada.

    • Navajo called it chichin or evil fey. Black magick…the sirens song

  37. I’m from Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada. I haven’t heard the sound yet but I know some people who have. My Bf showed me some videos at 4 in the morning, think i could sleep after that? so I’ve been doing nothing but research. My boyfriend said something about polar shift today, so I started looking up that. With all the crazy weather and natural disasters that are happening more frequently I do believe that’s what’s happening. If this theory is true we will be coming up to what the Mayans call the “dark rift” which is pretty much the transfer over a line where our sun and earth line up with the black hole in the center of our galaxy. (No we won’t get sucked in, it’s happened before) this line has a strong gravitational energy that is suppose to change our poles when we pass over the line. Now if we’re approaching this line wouldn’t there be strain on the earth perhaps causing this creepy vibration, because of this strong gravitational energy?
    That’s my thoughts on that, you don’t have to believe them or anything. It’s just simply me putting what I’ve found out there for those who have questions too. I’m not saying this is what’s causing the creepy noises and vibrations, it’s just a simple idea I stumbled across. Thanks.

  38. Hi Ashley !

    Thanks for posting your well researched and thought out comment. I think your opinion on what’s causing the sounds makes a lot of sense to me. It really does sound as if the entire earth is groaning under some extreme pressure which is what makes me think pole shift. (Although a lot of our crazy weather has been produced by HAARP and geoengineering with chemtrails.)

    . Good for you for being so young and having such great critical thinking skill. Most of the hits we’ve received on this article have been from Canada. Seems a lot of Canadians have been hearing the sounds or know someone they trust that has. But there are people from all over the world checking in.

    If you find any interesting videos or have more thoughts on this subject I hope you’ll come back and post them here. In fact, feel free to join in on any discussion here. We’d love to hear your view on things. Take care:)

  39. Ok so I am new to the noises. I live in Fountain, Colorado. I thought what I heard was a traffic jam or wreck. Then a friend posted a video that was like a wake up call! I got a headache watching it. I will be toting my camcorder from now on. BTW, we recently had a strange plane “crop dust” our town. I can see Norad from my backyard. Choppers are flying around right now and it is 11 at night.

  40. I live in northern California (east San Francisco bay area) and heard this “trumpet” sound late the other night with my wife. It was something we’ve never heard before and sounded similar to the one posted in this video:

    It was almost identical.

    My wife saw a post on one of her baby forums, and then we started looking this oddity up. Can’t say I’m not a little freaked out.

  41. when these ‘sounds’ were first heard i didn’t believe any of this i just thought it was some sort of an government conspiracy of the the bluebeam, but then i went to visit my mom who lives on the Oklahoma Kansas line i woke up to a strange roaring like type sound like the one in Kiev (but im convinced ONLY A FEW PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY HEAR THESE SOUNDS) im not going to go off on what the russians have recorded because they have certain nuclular power more than we know iv been told. i talk to my grandmother about this a lot she says she knows the end times are here im no bible thumper either but i do believe in the faith of God the bible where im wrong is i also have the alien theory as well but my grandmother has always had this wierd prophecy like-type thing as well im waiting to hear the sound once agian now that im back home in missouri i live in a small town next to an airforce base so my town may try to cover this up

  42. I have been hearing strange noises in my area too, in the south part of Houston. For about a year now, I have been hearing these strange “construction-like” noises, usually only at night. It’s like someone is rolling around barrels and hitting trashcans or something. sure, there is construction further down the road, about several minutes away, but who would be doing construction at night? and this was before they started the construction on that rail line. it doesn’t sound like the nearby train rumbling either, but from the other direction. I remember hearing it one day, early morning, while walking to the bus stop and saw nothing. it’s so loud, I’d figure I would, but no. It sounds different from these noises. like I said, more like construction noises. it happens in the winter too. don’t know what it means, just weird.
    Additionally, for the longest I could remember, there have been these strange rumbling “stampede-like” noises also. I always thought it was a earthquake when I was a kid (lol) but the ground never shook. Still don’t know what it is to the day.
    One more thing: maybe this chemtrails stuff explains why I always asked “Why is that plane flying wayyy up in the sky? Who the heck flies that high?”


    I would posit that this ‘world wide’ phenomena is one that 99.99 percent of the people discussing this have only heard these sounds on their computers while watching YouTubes.

    It is an Internet sensation. That doesn’t mean it is a real global sensation.

    I hope that it is granted, that with the technology being used to promote this phenomena, it is acknowledged that ANYONE with a camcorder and some simple digital sound design tools can make one of these videos. And I would assert that it is simply a ‘copycat’ phenomena more than anything else at this point.

    I am not putting this in the ‘Certainty Box’ – but the longer this goes on the more dubious I become. Hysteria is a common communal activity for the human race.

  44. Not true Rogue. I’ve heard that rumbling sound myself just last year when I posted my first article on strange sounds. I found nothing in my local tv news on paper regarding it but had two friends at work who had also heard it. I went looking online and found other people had heard the same sound and had their cameras handy to record them.. Too bad I didn’t have mine handy that night..

    Of course there are people hoaxing the same sounds in videos. But if you watched the vids I’ve posted, you’d be a little more convinced that it’s not just some huge internet psyop. People are really hearing these sounds all over the country and world. The Costa Rica sound was covered by a news station there.

    If it’s a hoax it’s bigger than just people on the internet. It’s coming from those with access to some very powerful sound elements. I’m still banking on bluebeam rehearsal.

    • We’ve discussed the sounds I have heard as well.

      I will still posit that the vast bulk of people have only heard this on their YouTubes.

      I have watched many of the videos – none of them is anything but pics and sound that can be created digitally. I remain dubious as to the bulk of these.

      When something REALLY happens we will know it…everybody will know it. Until then…..???

  45. Oh no doubt we will all know sooner rather than later. I think these sounds are just the orchestra warming up before the curtain goes up.

    • You may be right Jayjee,

      There is that chance that these are bluebeam tests – if so, it should prove to be quite a show, in surround sound no less.

      And if it turns out to be celestial, it will shiver our timbers no less.

      It certainly feels like the calm before the storm…

      Does it not?

  46. Always strive to keep an open mind – but not so open that your brains fall out!

  47. There needs to be some kind of support group or therapy sessions for this crap!! (NO offense). Having heard the exact same sound as described in the original blog, I was relieved to find someone who heard the same…Not sure if that is good or bad, but time will tell. On January 4th, 2012 at 11:15 PM, I heard what sounded like a stalled semi/jet/train engine hovering over my house. When I say hovering, I mean it sounded stalled or stuck in one spot. My dog who barks at EVERYTHING became oddly quiet. After about 15 seconds of terrifying sound, it left. But 3 minutes later it was back and lasted for almost 1 minute and was louder. It stopped as quickly as it started and my dog went into histerics!!! I have never heard him growl or bark in such a manner and I was too scared to get out of the bed to see what it was!
    I will never forget that sound as long as I live because sure enough, my daugter and I both heard it last night AGAIN (01/24/12). She was terrified.

    Okay, so back to the support group. Help! This has become a real pain. All I do all day for a MINIMUM of 3 days afterwards is say “listen”, “do you hear it”, “what’s that”, “wtf”, so forth and so-on. It’s nuts-so!! I hope whatever it is, doesn’t come back or moves on elsewhere. The intelligent life in Kentucky is few and far between and if e.t were to take one of us, he would be less than thrilled with our knowledge of the human race.

  48. FYI… I was a pro sound designer in Hollywood. The monster groans and roars were often made using metal scrapes that are recorded and pitched and processed.

    Godzilla (new) was certainly made with this sound of metal fatigue and scrape recordings.

    No conspiracy, just letting you know.

    • Thanks for your expert opinion. I was thinking along those lines 🙂

  49. Had distinct impression, after shiver of terror, of testing of acoustics.
    Perhaps it is time to test the acoustics.
    Perhaps it is time to test.
    Perhaps it is time.

    Tea time and cake time and listening to the springtime

    in your step.

  50. I have heard the one in the video “The Hum” for the last couple of years in central KY. It begins usually after dark and before midnight and lasts well into the morning. My wife does not hear the low-pitched, vibrating hum. I have gotten used to it and it does not bother me because can’t do anything about it.

  51. Omg, this os creeping me out! Im literally hearing the noise now. IS THERE AN EXPLANATION?

  52. Hi: I and my neighbor are hearing what we term “thumping” sounds. This has been going on for some time. It is not originating in our houses as we’ve investigated everything that could cause it, but outside. But, when you go outside you cannot hear it. When you’re inside, you can. We have an underground aquifer that lies beneath the land in this area and also a gravel pit about three miles away. We can definitely hear the blasting coming from the gravel pit and the sound is definitely different from these “thumping” sounds. he best I can describe it is as being like a “whomp” sound. It’s almost as if you’re in a hollow chamber, somehow…

  53. a wise friend of mine posted this; ACTS 2 : 19 And I will cause strange demonstrations in the heavens and on earth~ blood and fire and clouds of smoke;
    The Bible is full of prophesy, they have all come to pass….the time is close for His return and the Earth is groaning.

  54. I am in Victoria, Australia and I have been hearing a deep, long rumble nearly every morning (quite early) and most nights (quite late). At first my husband thought I was imagining it but then we had an earthquake and the rumbles have been going ever since and now he hears them too! No, it’s not planes or any otehr air traffic, it’s a deep rumble sounding like it is coming from the depths of the earth!

  55. Thanks for commenting Kylie. I don’t know if it makes you feel better or worse to know that you are not alone in those creepy rumbles you are hearing. At least you know you aren’t crazy. That has to be comforting, huh? 🙂


  57. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and heard these sounds last night around 1:00 am January 3rd, 2013. I was laying in bed and kept hearing what sounded like a train, the sound continued to get louder and louder until it was impossible to ignore. I do not live anywhere near train tracks, so this was quite odd. By the time I had bothered to get up and see what it was, the sound had grown very faint and practically inaudible. I have yet to see anyone else post online about the phenomena, but I noticed someone exit out of a vehicle on the intersection that my house is near. I am almost certain that they heard it as well, judging by the amount of time they spent at the intersection. I’m quite confused as to what this sound could be, but i have heard of this Hum all over the internet now. Could anyone have a possible explanation for this?

    • Same here but mine was around 3:00 a.m.
      Where did those sounds come from?

  58. Hi Bristy, thanks for stopping by and commenting. The hum we attribute to emf-electro magnetic fields. It’s strange you mention hearing the train sound. I was at my daughter’s house a few weeks ago and heard the same thing,…no train tracks nearby. She said she’d never heard that before. When I went back the following week, I heard it again. It’s one of the oddest things I’ve ever experienced. It was very loud and unmistakeably the sound of a train. I have NO clue what that was.

    I guess we need to throw it in the pile with all the other strange noises people are hearing, recording and commenting on from all over the world.

    If you hear that sound again, see if you can catch it on camera and post it here or email me at

  59. Having lived (?) in Fl. For the past 40 years, I’ve become accustomed to the strange and unusual, especially from the Palm Bay, Deltona area. I’ve compared fl to the ‘nipple at the tip of the condom’, as this is where the unwanted little sperms all wind up. It’s a fukin crazy place. ” Just escaped from a maximum security asylum for the criminally insane? Where you gonna go now? ‘Well, I’m goin to Dizney World!’ Keeping this in mind, I usually ignore the strange and unusual to the local ‘flavor’ but even I after many years of deliberation, I ask myself “why are dozens of jets playing tic tac toe on such a beautiful blue sky for hours on end? Where’s our ‘energy shortage’ when we can afford so much fuel on fouling the sky?” Then I would ask myself ” Why is that large jet just sitting in place, engines running at a continuous rpm for as much as a half an hour at a time and suddenly just turn off? Just change their minds?” This in the land of ” I stabbed my mother sixty times cuz she wouldn’t make me mac & cheese” or ” I locked my baby sister in the freezer cuz she kept on buggun me while I was tryin to ball my cuzzin” at first didn’t alarm me but after a while I thought those are just those silly little sperms actin up whereas these ‘sounds and jet trails’ are a different category altogether. Then I find that I’m not the only one questioning these anomalies. As a matter of fact, the only ones not questioning them are the little sperms. Maybe it’s just because they’re too busy stabbin their mothers and boppin their cousins. Seriously now, I question whether or not we’ll ever know the origins or reasons behind these bizarre occurrences. My answer is, probably not.
    Why not, you may ask. Because Americans are so easily distracted from the answers by people focusing on other non-consequential questions, like “was there another gunman on the grassy knoll?” or “was Lee Oswald a commie?” Who cares, what does it matter? The question is not “did Oswald shoot Kennedy?” the question is “who paid for the hit?” Silly fukin Amerikans, so easily distracted by reality shows whilst totally ignoring reality. Is the world coming to an end? Well, of course it is but that’s not the question. Of course it is, it comes to an end every day for thousands of people. The real question is why is it coming to an end and who is perpetrating this ‘crime’? As usual, the answer is right in front of us but we’re too caught up in reality shows to pay it any mind. It’s the pesky little 2%ers trying to squeeze every last dime out of the Earth and everything on it. For instance, why is there oil in the Earth? Ask anyone. It’s so we can use it to make oil and everything else on this planet, and make lots of money.
    Has anyone ever contemplated why it’s really there? Perhaps it serves some useless purpose, one that won’t make anyone any money, such as; it acts as a balance keeping the world from wobbling out toward the sun or maybe it’s some sort of lubricant, greasing up the tectonic plates so that the next “dry” earthquake doesn’t cause the planet to crumble up like a stale cracker.
    See, where money matters to this psychotic minority nothing else does. Not the trees, not the air we breathe, nor the waters in the seas or the birds and the bees. Give them wars and bigger cars that devour more oil, stronger genes to manipulate the crops and contaminate the soil. Never mind the wind and the sun or the motion of the ocean, we’ve plenty of resources yet to devour and when they’re finished it will be the final hour…for us. They don’t seem to worry so they must have a plan but don’t they always? An underground life or another planet or maybe beneath the ocean all covered with plastic. What does it matter, as far as they’re concerned we’re nothing more than the black or yellow slaves of a century ago, expendable but for our labor.
    Do I sound like a “conspiracy theorist?” I contest! If it looks like a duck…
    But if I’m right, should we put up a fight? Always. But whom do we fight? The enemy.
    But how do we fight? Boycott. Take your fiat money out of their Monopoly banks. Buy as much silver, ammo, weapons, seeds and anything that you can use for barter (who can afford gold?) However, for some reason you already know this. It’s called “gut instinct”.
    We already know that the ‘people’ who make up the 2% are psychotics. Who else could drop a bomb, which kills millions for the sake of money? Who else could lie to the world and invade countries, killing everything in their path for oil rights. Who else could allow their income to rise a thousand % while their workers raise less than ten% over the course of fifty years and tell us there is no inflation? Greedy lunatics. Insane, narcissistic, paranoid, delusional, mass murderers posing as ‘business men’.
    Their business? Selling.
    Our power? Buying.
    There’s our war.

  60. Pete ! So good to see you’re still alive and well and ranting:) That was a brilliant one btw as yours always are. Full of good info in words the average Joe can relate to.

    The chemtrails have been constant. The skies may start out a blue gray but always turn silver gray and it always looks like rain here anymore.

    Along with the chemtrails, the increase in gmo foods and another big push for the toxic flu shot, we also have false flag mass killings picking up as well. Gee, could all this be connected somehow? You betcha.

    Hope this means we’ll be seeing more of you here at COTO? Looking forward to it 🙂

    • In ohio flahes of light in clouds then odd light anomolies in creek. Cat is very tired and dog is sick. I am autistic and highly agitated.
      Kids are tired. People reporting sound in cars an appliances and pcs. Magnetic for sure

  61. im from victoria, in australia and lve been hearing a hum and vibrations from the ground for about 18mths now, some days its ignorable, but other days it will irritate me to the point l become agressive. I have contacted our Environment Protection Agency and complained, but have been told they need more people to complain. I am sure lt can not be heard by everyone…Its driving me mad…i saw a past comment from some one in the USA say they live near an airforce base, l live not far away from one here in Australia. Hum is getting lounder and lounder where l am and also many peoples sleep is being affected, at about 4am EST in Australia the noise is at its loudest…Its good to see im not the only person who is hearing and that it is happening all over the world. Peace love light and protection to all.

  62. What is it when you feel a humming radar-like wave directed at you, PERSONALLY? I was standing outdoors in the night enjoying the peace and quiet, when I felt a vibrational sonar/radar wave aiming directly at me, causing me to freeze in place. What was that??

  63. Hi Peony… I have to ask where you live and if you’ve had other experiences like that one. We do know they have the power to send out such frequencies in order to control individuals. Many people all over the U.S. have been harassed in this way. Most of them very intelligent, responsible people. Here’s a video explaining these incidents and to prove you are not alone and certainly not crazy. I’ve been reading stories about this for a few years now and was glad the CT show did an episode on it even though they tend to ham it up too much. The information is good.

    • Hello, jerseyg, it’s me, Peony (different username now). I am in a southern state. I have had some rather odd experiences, but this is the first time I have ever experienced anything like this. The video was very interesting, but unlike many of those people, I don’t hear voices in my head. The best way I can describe my experience is that I felt a vibrational radar, or a sonar device/animal zooming in on me and deliberately causing me to freeze, and I knew it was deliberate, and at the moment the ‘vibration’ was at it’s peak, I felt like prey or a hunted individual who was scanned. As odd as it might seem, I felt intellectually superior to the source of the radar, and knew that it was so far beneath me that it almost felt disgusting….almost….it’s where it hits you when you are disgusted about something… the neck, then it grows out (like sonar or radar).
      Since you have been reading of stories like this for some time, I have a couple of questions for you, if you don’t mind. Has there been any animal sightings at the time, and were the occurances at night?

  64. I am narrating a similar incident which happened yesterday, 26 Feb, 2013; Time: 12:00 -12:35 am, Johannesburg, South Africa.

    I was in a deep sleep and got awake due to some sudden loud noise, it appeared as if earthquake was happening. I stay on top floor of the apartment, the apartment has 3 stories. The whole apartment was vibrating strongly, with some loud noise from the roof/ walls, and appeard to fall down. It was very scary ! I have wtinessed earthquake shakes in Asian countries, and easily fugured that building was not shaking, only strong vibrations from by ceiling / roof and walls were evident. It lasted for 10-15 seconds or more. Johannesburg does not fall under earthquake prone area, and hence these type of vibrations were quite strange. The weather was also not cloudy and hence the chance of thuders was also not evident. I checked with my three office colleagues today morning who stay around Johannesburg and they also reported similar experience around the same time yesterday. In fact, one of the colleague mentioned, this is the second time they this has happened. What could it this be ?

  65. I am narrating a similar incident which happened yesterday, 26 Feb, 2013; Time: 12:00 -12:35 am, Johannesburg, South Africa.

    I was in a deep sleep and got awake due to some sudden loud noise, it appeared as if earthquake was happening. I stay on top floor of the apartment, the apartment has 3 stories. The whole apartment was vibrating strongly, with some loud noise from the roof/ walls, and appeard to fall down. It was very scary ! I have wtinessed earthquake shakes in Asian countries, and easily fugured that building was not shaking, only strong vibrations from by ceiling / roof and walls were evident. It lasted for 10-15 seconds or more. Johannesburg does not fall under earthquake prone area, and hence these type of vibrations were quite strange. The weather was also not cloudy and hence the chance of thuders was also not evident. I checked with my three office colleagues today morning who stay around Johannesburg and they also reported similar experience around the same time yesterday. In fact, one of the colleague mentioned, this is the second time they this has happened. What could it this be ?

    Look forward to some feedback !

  66. I’m in Pike County Pennsylvania, and I looked this up because the past week at night I have been hearing the same sounds, and I’m glad I’m not the only one hearing it.. In my area we don’t have any flight plans/patterns near us unless it’s a helicopter used for emergencies to transport people to the hospital. I know what that sounds like and it certainly isn’t a helicopter.. A long, rumbling large aircraft sound right overhead without any visual of it. Any updates at all? I’ve heard it this week a few times in the middle of the night. (September 2013, 7th through the 9th)

    • I live in downtown San Francisco lower nob hill. I’ve been hearing the same sounds as an aircraft flying right over even though their is no commercial flight paths directly over downtown. Last night May 19th, it went on from 11Pm till early morning. It was constant now today it’s irregular; but still there is this rumbling noise in the sky that sounds like aircraft but you can’t see anything in the sky and it’s daylight? Also; the local media doesn’t even report it. It’s strange noise I think most people just figure its commercial aircraft but I have lived here all my life and I have never head noise this consistent like this.

  67. On December 7th or 8th (I’m sure it was on the 8th though), at around dawn, I woke up from a nightmare. So I stayed awake feeling paranoid. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t, so I stayed up and waited for the sky to get lighter. All the sudden, there was this sound. Like an airplane flying by or some kind of ship. I sound stupid but I told my family it sounded like a UFO later. I was sure it was right above or near us outside. It wasn’t normal and I got scared but at the same time fascinated but I shut my eyes and thought it’ll go away but it didn’t. It got louder and louder until I was so sure it was there right next to me. Then it stopped. I slept in the attic (It wasn’t one of those creepy ones but it was comfy and looked like a regular bedroom except the shape) and the snow covered the slanted window so I didn’t see anything. I was sitting up looking around me. It was so loud and I expected my family to hear it too but they didn’t. I wasn’t dreaming like they claimed nor am I exaggerating. I’m 15 by the way and no I don’t usually see or hear things.

    • Ufos not f the usa dont make noise at all

  68. I’m in Northern California. And I mean the REAL Northern California, just 20 miles from the Oregon border. For almost a year now, I have been waking up around the same time every night to an odd vibration. It is very slight but definitely noticeable. When I first felt it, I thought it was a precursor to an earthquake but nothing happened other than the vibration. I have gotten up and looked around, nothing inside my home is the cause. I have walked outside and in addition to feeling the vibration, I can hear (or maybe sense) a faint rumble. Kinda like the reverb sound of distant jet engines. I have gone online and researched it and there is nothing I can find that would explain what I am feeling and hearing. I wonder at times whether I am losing my mind.

    • i have searched internet, community, and asked if anyone has been hearing a thunder/jet sound in the first 2 weeks of may 2014. when i notice it is during the day, i live in the san bernardino, ca. mountains. my daughter and her friend have heard it, someone from hacienda heights, ca has heard it, and someone else told me to check out cloud seeding! what is it??????

  69. I heard the same strange sounds what a coincidence I’m from Myanmar. At night around 3:00 a.m. I often heard such sounds! They are really strange.

  70. There have been times when I’ve heard high pitched noises while out on our front porch. One time, in one house that My ex-husband and I lived in with his family, I was taking my guide dog outside, when I heard something that sounded like a very high pitched steam engine whistle, but I couldn’t figure out where in the world it was coming from. This is very inspiring. I am a published author, and I got the inspiration for a story about vibrations that occure after a storm, along with some other wierd things going on. I know I’m writing fiction, but it’s interesting to know that these thing actually do happen.

  71. I hear these low pitched rumblings and vibrations often. When I moved closer to the airport, I didn’t know what they were or where they were coming from. I suspected a neighbor was responsible for all that out of spite. But after 9/11 when all the airplanes were grounded, there was quiet at last. Then I knew it was the jet airliners that were making all that noise.

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