Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 22, 2011


“MONTREAL: Investigators still do not know why a Boeing 737 with 15 people on board crashed in the Canadian Arctic, killing 12 people and injuring three others, police and the jet’s owner First Air said Sunday……….Prime Minister Stephen Harper was expected in the area Monday as part of his annual trip to the Arctic, which coincides with military drills taking place nearby.”

Location: Bay, Nunavut



Expect Fireworks regarding Libya soon. French event may move to French Canadian Venue at midwest border area. – submarine exercises. ”

Love the quote

“They have really shown how good our Navy people can be, even in circumstances as totally alien as the Arctic.”


COMSUBRON 11 – for the fools

The Seismic Event still pending but MADRID – MEMPHIS is my target though we are looking at California as an initial or pre stage deflection event for a series (triad) three tier scalar program, one of which may be hurricane. This is a major advisory and a Katrina/San Francisco quake event in proportion.

The SBX006 Sea-Based X-Band Radar spotted in Puget Sound.

Passenger list still pending.


Speed up your timeline for food and supplies.  Be prepared!



  1. THE ICEMAN COMETH – Monday, January 04, 2010

  2. Just tripped over Jone’s Look at those headlines on Libya! To my recollection, Al Qaeda is the Enemy of America and our duped Armed Forces. Is anybody noticing, that NATO is arming these Enemies, and giving them rides right into a sovereign Libyan Nation, for the sole purpose of killing, pillaging, raping innocents as instructed to deliver their particular brand of “terror”? That’s right — the 144 tons of Libyan GOLD is now being discussed as well. Right, I said well. That’s Right — this nation is a gigantic “jewel” for OIL, that comes from wells!

    Gadaffi? Human Rights? A mission for Humanitarian Reasons?

    Propaganda these days is mighty thin. Molecular. What’s Obama got to say about this? Oh right — he’s conveniently relaxing at Martha’s Vineyard.

    New soap opera on FOX — “As the World Squirms”.

  3. Was it any question that the MICC was out for Ghaddafi? Was it a surprise to finally see the stay behinds, CIA, MI6 and Mossad and the al-qaeda connection?

    Al-qaeda (Project Cyclone)

    This was the mujahadeen, the Soros bunch and the CIA drug cartel from the eighties. They were converted in the late eighties just for the WOT, WTC and the Arab spring. Ghaddafi is likely in CIA hands, the NATO useful idiots are clueless and a staged event will come from this covert treason and treachery.

    Operation Black Tornado is still operating under a new codename for Europe attacks that I believe will be in France. The ISI and Turkey are both included in this group now. “The Base” still remains in Saudi Arabia and yet they always say Saudi Arabia is a target for al-qaeda attacks. Who the hell do they think they are kidding?

    Please you pathetic morons, come up with better bullshit. This shit lacks creativity and effort. What a crock. Seal Team iced for bin-Laden so afghan opium bumper crops futures are still in play.

  4. Floating HAARP Platform Spotted in Seattle

    May 2011 – Fukushima March 2011 – California 2011

    USS Ronald Reagan joins the exercise

    Why did the HAARP site go down on Fukushima?

    What was Japans link to N Korea and China?

  5. You are THE MAN, Puddy! Props on everything you do. By the way — YOU ARE THE KING OF “HEADERS”!!! Brilliantly Creative. Must be the trees and quiet beauty of the mountains that inspire you… and all that other stuff too. Ha!

    • Bad dreams while awake would better describe their creation Boomer. Thanks. What a day of News. Too much. I’m out of control. Numbers everywhere.

      Today is WMD day. Testing and moving. Alerts and warnings everywhere. Biological CDC alert out. News from Russia and North Korea. Fukushima revelations on citizen exposure. It’s coming out and this Ghaddafi thing is getting really kooky. Not as I had seen it going. Almost like a deflection. A ruse. A red herring.

      I don’t know.

  6. NATO and al Qaeda v Libya…hmmm? I thought they said al Qaeda wuz da bad guys/\/\/\/\/\/\wif shark teefs and mac the flack and that whole jack – but that was yesserday and the towers are gone and by golly maybe a really monsterlike Hollyweener – woont that be hightide by the bonfire? Mars Bonfire with big Marshal amps anda full moon anda weirdwoffs and vampyrillas…shit howdy and magnifian glazzies gotta check it out, but the registers gone chasin pennies in heaven…

  7. “This was the mujahadeen, the Soros bunch and the CIA drug cartel from the eighties. They were converted in the late eighties just for the WOT, WTC and the Arab spring. Ghaddafi is likely in CIA hands, the NATO useful idiots are clueless and a staged event will come from this covert treason and treachery.”~Puddy

    Yea, I tells peepoolz ’bout this – all right thar in the squishy record, and they all say poopie at me….what you con doo???

    I keep that photo of Reagan with the Moojie hoodeenies sittin ’round innda White Hoozen – on my desktop just to re ram sure mysef I ain’t da one dats kwayzee.

    • This was Russian revenge Mossad assisted. Getting their asses kicked they pulled out. Bankrupted them and bankrupted us. us being you and me. Not the slots in London.

      Where will this thing go? I am totally confused. This isn’t a rush job. It’s being played out almost if for purpose. I know that NATO EU forces are lame but this was an easy job. Syria too. This deal is the same. It’s like the players are all talking and squablling over the script.

      Where’s Stanley Kubrick when you need him. Oh yeah murdered.

  8. Hey Boomer rememeber this piece from the Heritage Foundation?

    Like the PNAC RAD Pearl Harbor, get the drift and timeline

    33 minutes video 10/11/08

    engineering failure” took fifty nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles offline 10/28/10

    Google-plex and MSM: newspeak on Reagan, Reagan Reagan.

    I have strong gut feelings the first is the EU financial assault. How about that gold and silver? Retalliation is the EMP attack and then the false flag.. Ghaddafi is going to revitalize the 911 meme and connect the lone wolf? Then theres the WWIII Kinetic version.


    Maintenance Finished on Floating Missile Defense Radar
    Monday, Aug. 22, 2011

    Iran to Unveil Missile, Other Initiatives
    Monday, Aug. 22, 2011

    New Details Emerge About U.S. Nuclear Missile Test Failure
    Monday, Aug. 22, 2011

    It’s apparent though

    Momentum Building for Nuke-Free Mideast Meeting, Amano Says
    Monday, Aug. 22, 2011

    like Israel is going to disarm….please

    I have strong gut feelings the first is the EU financial assault. How about that gold and silver? Retalliation is the EMP attack and then the false flag.. Ghaddafi is going to revitalize the 911 meme and connect the lone wolf?

    It’s apparent though that the alien theme is in the mind control and Alpha Level brainwashing. Reagan said the following

    And then Kaku went off as well. Artic exercises. HAARP and EISCAT Alaska , Russia and Norway. The testing schedules are full for months and the X-Rad is leaving seattle after two space missions with large payloads delivered to the ISS [NASA] for 2012 completion. This bluebeam event is their ace in the hole.

    They will invade, attack, assassinate, poison and steal without regard for the next several months. If the Financial event, 911-II or lone wolf event do not happen, then this must be their hand and “all in” make or break world order.

  9. .Osama bin Laden – Saddam Hussein – Barak Hussein Obama

    Think of the lyrical ‘associations’ all of the above naturally evoke. Yet from 2001 to 2008 these associations were utterly flipped by the all pervasive Public Relations Regime.

    ‘Osama bin Laden – Saddam Hussein’ were the personification of the evil enemy in the “minds” of zombie America in 2001 and earlier. But with one well crafted PR campaign, that American mind was ‘flipped’ to make Barak Hussein Obama a hero, a champion of “hope and change.”
    This is an amazing psychological accomplishment.

    And so, these are the people, that can be trained with dog whistles, that we are trying to wake up…Lol
    Anybody know some magic words??

    • Yes and in all three cases (OBL, Hessein, Ghadaffi) these characters played extremely helpful roles in USA-NATO-MICC ousting of real terrorists. Everyone of these guys were in and out of CIA breifings. In my mind they all were the classic forms from the mold of Pinochet, Allende, Noriega, Pahlavi, Marcos, Soeharto and duvalier.

      And just like the Barry, he too is on the slide from favor. Designed to fail is a win but to show face he too will have to Bush exit stage right to the locked door.

      When you play the the game of triple cross, double agents do not divide evenly. Therefore they are constants until subtracted and replaced by a null.

  10. The Werner Von Braun warning comes into the mind like neon seeing that Reagoon clip on ail-eons…

    We got done with the commie threat
    moved onto the astroid threat
    then on to the terrorists threat
    Now its the ‘rogue states’ threat

    Hye Bongo Bob…whats that last threat??? The final act big wazoo?
    That’s right kiddies, the attack from outer space/Jesus returns…

    Yea, you were saying Puddy, about what unimaginative hacks they got writing the scripts on K-Street. It seems not to take much to fool the monkeymind they have created with the electronic drug gourmet.

    Waiter?….My check. I’m outter der.

  11. Well, Wascally Wogue; what wonce was weren’t what we wreckoned. Whadda Wracket!

  12. Willie Wabbit, twix are for kids.

    Message to the Wiley Coyote Ghadaffi: Fake your death, leave the DNA and don’t call Mahmoud. You know he’s one of them.
    See ya in Venezuela.

    Message to Barry. Better get the False Flag up quick your numbers are falling faster than 50K+ jobs. If you get in real trouble tell Americans thay all have jobs with the gubmint as parking curb stones.

  13. Just talking to my arty friend in cal about ‘stuff’:

    “Even when I was a little guy, I was sickened & astonished that this could be possible

    wrong race, wrong planet, wrong time – to quote David Byrne: “How did I get here?~Steve Brown

    I think it has something to do with an artistic soul my man. A strong link to imagination…able to stand in another’s shoes in our minds…Empathy is a function of imagination. Hmm, I wrote a neat dissertation on that some time back – maybe even lost from last computer crash. But you can tell where that argument went..

    I think stories and mythology is supposed to help with this with the “Layman” {grin}, but they so often get stuck in ‘story’ and don’t get the analogy aspect.

    That’s why I like Visibles essay the other night, Monkey-Mind, Dog-Desire. He danced around that idea in his usual poetic round’a’bout way.

    But, you know…I’ve been looking at “regular people” askance since I was a real little kid.

    I may have told you about that conversation I had with my step dad. He was working on an old 36 Chevy in the garage in the back, and I was watching…he was doing body work – amazing craftsman. Anyway he started talking, asking questions.
    We had never really talked like that before – we had a very tense relationship.

    At any rate, we spoke of quite a few things. He was very probing…more wisdom than I had ever seen in the man. I guess I was about 12 years old at the time.

    Finally we ended up in the open doorway of the garage. he was wiping his hands with one of those red cloths you see in garages. He had a cigarette in his mouth and the smoke was curling up in his right eye making him squint.

    I was answering or explaining an answer to something. I don’t even know what I said.
    But he stopped. wringing his hands, tossed the rag back onto the car, and took a long last drag on the very short ciggie.

    He flipped it out into the drive, nodding his head. Then he looked at me and said very seriously, “Oh, I get it; you’re the only one that’s sane, and everybody else is crazy.”

    It literally made me step back. I don’t think I would have said it that way then…but whatever I had said made that impression on him. I was sort of shocked into silence. I realized, yea, that was true…for the most part, that was what I thought.
    It was heavy as that sunk in.

    My mom drove up the drive just then back from the grocery store. I helped carry in the bags and thought.
    He and I never continued the conversation in any direct sense, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t like my attitude…Lol

    Well fuck, the grown-ups were crazy, are still crazy, most of the people here ARE fucking crazy.

    That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out my whole life. All of us who are awake are.
    It’s a very old question – isn’t it?

  14. Honestly, everything that’s going down pales in comparison to me to the radiation billowing from Fuku . It’s going to do us all in from what I’ve been researching. Rense covers this issue on nearly every show and the contamination levels showing up, even in Missouri, are frightening.

    Seems to me the monsters can just sit back and watch the planet and everything on it die in short order without lifting another evil finger. Yet, you’d never know the serious danger we are all in by the way it’s not being covered by msm or even most alternative media. I’m already wary of eating anything from the west coast or any seafood whatsoever considering the contaminated Gulf and now Pacific ocean. Anything grown in California, I’m staying away from. Organic? No such thing anymore unless organic means loaded with the wholesome goodness of plutonium and cesium. There goes the food supply with or without gmo. We can look forward to cancer becoming as common, to everyone on the planet, as the common cold.

    Whatever you do, wherever you live, don’t get caught in the rain without a hazmat suit.

  15. You can focus the Fukushima event as you did the hiroshima and nagasaki in a FF with opportunities.

    WWII – deterrence – eugenics – mind control – financial redistribution
    Japan, Haiti, India; tear them down, rebuild them. What a committee foothold that Japan became post war. Outposts of tyranny.

    We, the USA are the world police. I love to hear and see sheeple say we are not. How blind can they be? With EU bloodlines fully pulling the strings we have been an outpost for English Dutch illuminati and Duchies since day one.

    Pilgrim adminstrators have built a country/empire beyond their wildest imagination. It’s no wonder they see this country as theirs and must remark to it as a wonder of the world like their accomplishments in GIZA.

    Similarly we have and continue to be slaves and assets providing cannon fodder, sweat, blood and taxes. We also consume their drugs ($) buy toxic crap ($) spread viruses ($) pay fines ($) follow orders ($) and gleefully submit our obedience like whipped dogs.

    Fuku is not different to me. Another deterrence for carbon fiat that will replace linen. It’s obvious to me we will live on a full credit system. Discretionary income will be credit too, not that we will have any soon.

    Toxic yes but the fact is that the amount of EMR we have taken inside is of greater damage as what we will get from FUKU. The fear campaign covers the EMR campaign and will be the false flag for all radioactive damage when in fact it will be small in comparison to EMR, DU and new defense grid radiation coming soon.

    The fall guy is FUKU. Like Bruce Ivins was for Anthrax, Like Oswald was for Kennedy, like OBL for 911 and nature was for Katrina. The missing piece to this agenda is the fact that the future of humanity will transform and eventually the human body will acquire some immunity to this poinonous environment, much like Latino’s and Montezumas revenge. But this effort will provide many opportunities and most importantly smokescreen the real environmental pogroms.

    Sickness will be a way of life but we will endure. We are enduring it now!

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