Posted by: Puddy Dunne | August 16, 2011

Bilderberg Triumvirate Right – “A Three Cornered Hat”




  1. This morning, someone in my We Are Change group sent me the John Stewart video. Later today, Alex Jones played the same video. This is spreading like wildfire!

  2. Hah…my first thought too Puddy, when I saw that John Stewart was bringing Ron Paul to the attention of the TV masses…{grin}

    So, as I said some time ago, if Paul ever becomes the darling of TV, we will know he has been a sleeper all along. Those who understand the core views of the Libertarians should already understand this.

    Quite apropo:

    “Hibernation is a covert preparation for a more overt action.” ~ Ralph Ellison

    Indeed, \\ii//

  3. NA…spreading like wildfire??

    No spreading like something set by an arsonist.

    My views are my own and do not represent a consensus of COTO views.

    Thank You very much, \\||//

  4. I saw the Stewart clip on Alex Jones today. I have to admit, it’s pretty damn funny. Will, I have the very same reservations about RP as you and have stated the same thoughts. …….

  5. COTO is wise and it is my understanding of a radical theory that I warn the public of the third wheel. The Set up. The Sting. The Triple Cross.

    It’s how Lord Gore and his Manic American Spring and the Bachmann TP overdrive goonies plan to operate the transformation. By the time the sheeple have decided what side of the Tricorne to face front, it will all be over. It’s going to be a sad spectacle and there will be no time for headlight gazing.

    Does anybody have a theory on Obama II term, event-martial law, Rick Perry the triggerman or the 2012 Jonestown party. It’s all just so exciting I’m all a-tingle.

  6. It’s been hilarious in comment sections of the CONN (Corporate Owned News Networks). Comments are overwhelmingly for Paul.
    The CONN has a problem, the CONN’s con isn’t working anymore.

    • That’s scary. It’s all getting way too twilight zone for me Michael.

  7. Regarding NA’s wildfire, it’s the winds of 2011 and the wildfire is perpetuated by the MSM meme of “Angry” Watch the rube tube when you can and see the PA beatings, curfew, angry youth universal coverage. Then think about Ron Pauls support demographic and money bombs. One in the same. French Rev/ Elite Bougousie.

    Think to your most evil core how the Congressional shills have operated in a upward gragh line of contemptuous action and inaction and the constant repetition of the TP highjacking terrorists.

    Can you sense the slant of where this is going?

    When Barry Soetoro comes out with the jobs bill it will be another debacle and sham. The TP and gangs on the street will be the wildfires and I believe aided by domestic handlers in the SPLC and ADL and other black ops triggered by a few monarch madmen. Another OKCity or a real Arab type caper to get the flames up. Imagine the masses of americants who will pray for martial law and gestapo road blockades as LA Watts type riots ensue.

    I posted that Ratigan Rant previously as Jersey did tonight. When the MSM starts shouting about Banker and FED crime and Rick Perry calls it treason we should begin to see the the burning of Rome and the assume it to be committee arson.

    This has a Soros, Koch, CIA theme for certain.

  8. I still say fuck Jon Stewart since his outside job stunt

  9. He’s a shill no doubt Rady. So is Bill Maher. I liked your Global research article. Hows the Jobs Jobs Jobs search in Broward County? Any prospects?

    • thx, P. I reworked the piece totally … lol. Once I saw it up at GR, I didn’t like it. same info, 200 words shorter, and better charts. I reversed the flow of info.

      On the job front, I have to break down and take a shit job. no good prospects on the horizon. meanwhile, I’m incorporated as a non profit for the sites so I can collect donations.

      btw, I’ve got a personal piece I’m gonna post in a couple days when some info comes in… you’ll enjoy it; I take another swipe at oh wee en.

      Food Freedom beat it in visitor count for the 4th time!

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      they be dyin’

      • I mean, I’m “incorporating” — still in process

  10. Yea Rady, fuck jon stewart and his little wall street brother too! Maher? Bill Maher? Who’s that? 🙂

    • lol, love the new pic, JG

      • Thanks Rads:) Congrats on Food Freedom! It’s an excellent informative site. I forward your newsletter to my “worthy” friends and all my very “awake” immediate family members. Great stuff sister. You deserve a proper salary for all your hard work.

        Btw I heard Marty Oakley on Rense the other night talking about the horrendous “smart’ meters. They installed one on her house without her permission. Bastards ! Was a good show.

  11. Yes…we gots da spicy meal being served for 2012…all the electioneer moonbats be flyin’.
    Yea…son’t forget Stewarts brother as a wig on the Street of Wall.
    This is some weird twisto – a trippy triple hoohaw for certain.

    Meanwhile the sheep graze…”What ME worry?”


  12. Will, you got a new scorecard I can use? Mine is so fubar I can’t make head nor tails of who’s on first……………

  13. Some info to consider here on criminal financial dealings at the highest levels.

    August 16, 2011 – WHITE HATS REPORT #28
    THE TROPOS AFFAIR: The Theft & Demise of America

    Recent update by Leuren Moret on the targeted radiation kill program going on around the world:

    • Bravo Dr. Moret. Bravo Boomer.

      Remember the connection between radiation, EMR and the ENMOD convection steering. This is no less than an ammunition dump site to be fired off anywhere they want.

      Remember they have the safeguards, iodine, cleansers, dates, coordinates and a place to go should they screw it up.

      70 years of radiation study and research has produced some revelations one would conclude unless they were already dumbed down. MORE FROM THE QE3 and QE4 moving into GW5 and GW6.

      existence, essence, element, energy, execution, expiration, eradication, euthanasia, eugenics…..existence, essence, element, energy, execution, expiration, eradication, euthanasia, eugenics

      This was the story of Noah and the story of us which is being played out. Old weapons rediscovered after the first round. Think about the implications of EMR, then listen to Moret again the second time.


  14. Just finished listening to Leuren Monet’s video report listed above (about an hour). WOW!!!

    I suggest folks take the time to listen to it, as she covers an incredible amount of information and names names responsible for the “Dark Game” being played upon the world’s population today.

  15. REAL BALLS FOR “A Change”!

    A Serbian activist has told the President of his country to stop the GMO food importation and chemtrailing or he will personally lead “the People” into the streets. He calls on the Military to defend the People!

    Will we ever see anything like this in the U.S., TV LAND?

  16. Wow Boom, thanks for posting. Leuren is an amazing woman. I’ve listened to other interviews with her and Albert and only she can tell you we’re all gonna die with such a lovely smile on her face.

    She said she was attacked outside her apt by a man trying to shut her up. PD, why do you think they are letting her live? Because they assume she has a very small audience and the rest of the amerikan idiots would call her a looney conspiracy theorist? (psst Patrick, you think Waldo has seen this? lol)

  17. You all were wondering about Ron Paul? We should keep our eyes open…

    I recognize this handshake —

    Don’t dismiss these instances of “sign” language as inconsequential or benign, because they are not, they simply cannot be anything but intentional…

    More folks you know making a real effort to pop a sign at odd moments…

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