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“SCRAGGED AGAIN” by Hybrid Rogue

“Those who control the Past control the Future. Those who control the Present control the Past.” ~ George Orwell

Scragged Again

“The Editors said:
OK Willy, we’ve put up with your increasingly   lunatic rants for quite some while now, but we will not tolerate anti-Semitism in any form, and the vicious blood libel of the proven forgery you refer to has absolutely no place on Scragged.

You’re on very thin ice.
August 6, 2011 12:07 AM”

You are liars. I already told you I quit, and you know it.

“anti-Semitism” my ass, if you read it you know the whole thing was an explanation of why the Protocols are NOT from Jews and had nothing to do with Judaism.

The way you have handled this is to purposely defame me – because the public does not know what you left out. And now you boldly pronounce it “antisemitic”…[ “gee what horrible things did he say??”]

You are dishonest and delusional if you interpret what I said as a liable to Judaism, or the Jewish people.

I’ve seen this JDL style reverse defamation job many times over.

Claiming anything is ‘taboo’ information and beyond the realm of discussion shows the narrow width of your grasp of freedom of ideas and interpreting ideas.
It is purposely burying a manuscript – no matter how ‘fictional’ you may determine it to be, is what grows the canker on the whole subject.

The thesis of it’s supposed falsehood fails in that it is obviously predictive of the present political architecture of the world. dismissing this out of hand is in no manner a valid search for truth, it is bare and obvious censorship. How do you explain that the world is and is becoming more a If you have read it and will not admit that, and at the same time denying others any information that would be revealed in my critique is a plain deceit in itself.

There is no rational excuse, you want to hide this thing. Your audience is supposed to be adults capable of thinking things through for themselves, this dogmatic intolerance has no real transparency to it, there is no rational excuse for burying the topic without discussion. This tactic only illustrates an agenda to deceive.

If the truth be known about this event in a larger public forum you would be judged as fools to believe your motives aren’t obvious.

You repeat the same old script verbatim, it is a mantra…you should fondle beads while you chant it. This mindset can only take place in a mythical make-believe paradigm. Oh yes, a charge that you will dismiss with a hand-wave, uttering another trite piece of dialog, that “it has been proven” – but YOU haven’t proven. Because it cannot be proven by rational argument, that is why the argument is forbidden.

Never discussed is the ‘content’. It is never analyzed in the context of the manuscript, but rather a “comparison” that is contextualized in the narrow aspect of how one sentence or section is similar to another. And not focusing on what the manuscript actually says. Every ‘debunking’ I have ever read fits the same template, and that is to distract from what the document says, by playing puzzle with the words and sentences. Why? It is because of that which is revealed in a reading of the document in it’s stated context.

You can reply with the same empty excuses as, you are entitled to your own opinion bla bla, and that you have the right to make such editorial decisions, and other such excuses, however the fact remains that does not address the issues I raised above. This editorial decision is based in a spurious and flaccid argument. The opinion is certainly yours as a right, but it is not a reasonable opinion. You are within your full right to enforce this opinion through your policy. That is simply not the issue I speak to. I have no desire to post on Scragged anymore. I don’t want any association whatsoever. I wrote this simply to call you on your bullshit.

You say:
“..your increasingly lunatic rants,” this is quite obviously direct liable to characterize my thoughts such. That you cannot grasp the internal consistency of my narrative is not because it makes no sense, it is that you are conditioned to reject that very consistency by the engineering of your perceptions, one of the very topics discussed in the Protocols.

Bring aware of the techniques that are disclosed as levers for carrying out the agenda, is being aware that these techniques are in open use, but dismissed by the popular myth by a variety of rhetorical distractions to confuse the issue of techniques and the signs of their application.
The manuscript is a textbook of social engineering technique. And if the average person understood this fact they would grasp why and who is trying to keep it a secret.

And the slur of being a lunatic, of being a “Jew Hater,” is one of the techniques spoken to in the manuscript itself. That being the case it is especially imperative for the system to keep that point hidden. This is in fact a keystone issue. The technique is essentially stated: “nothing to see here, move on he’s just crazy.” But as I have described in detail , this is a cheap ploy, and I have pointed out the essential importance to the system constructed by the template of this agenda, to keep this information from propagation.

Every essential sociopolitical manifestation happening without, as to this paradigm, is explained within the Protocols. And there is the real danger: That they will be understood.
Whether you participate willingly, consciously, and of your own free will is a matter you will have to figure out for yourself. But you will not, save for some extraordinary epiphany. Because this issue has been manipulated through your perception with all the weight of any dogmatic social taboo. And all such taboos are emotionally based conditioning. This has been known to cultural anthropology for more than two hundred years, and the more modern social sciences evolving from that. Only the techniques for enforcement of such taboos are new. These superstitious social strictures are as old as humanity itself. It is as old as the neurosis of superstitious societies.

Thinking that you are much to clever to be caught up in anything so seemingly silly is to misconceive the fact that the rational mind is overwhelmed by the emotional mind when habituated to a society wide attitude. All of us have been conditioned and socialized. It is those who have discovered the use of and understand the techniques of such mind control who have the opportunity overcome it.

I know, it is at this point in the argument that the dreamworld begins to push in on you emotionally, and you are compelled to deny that emotions are a bad thing. But that of course is not my message. I am not saying emotions are bad; I am saying that the baggage attached to and driving those emotions is an implant – these are not your own thoughts. And that is the mind blowing sentence for the enchanted to hear. The urge to leap into full-blown denial is too often overwhelming. This is why the epiphany is so important even if too rare.
Although I have used reason in this argument, it is always with the recognition that the receiver will have to be in a receptive state already, to be aware enough for the switch to be pulled by their own will to say, “wait, I am curious about this.” Those who are so habituated to a defensive mode, will never see the logic, there is an interrupting emotional static pulsing through their minds. It is a type of jamming of our signal-recognition. This is called cognitive dissonance. ‘Context’ and ‘aspect’ merge and, warp and woof within the mind. These are micro and macro concepts, that when merged puts the thinking out of focus. {An analog would be. looking through the wrong end of a telescope}

>’Context ‘is the general conceptualization. {The wide end of the telescope}

>’Aspects’ are specific points in the matrix of that conceptualization.{the eyepiece – attention}

In the holographic construct of the mind, a strong emotion can ‘light up’ a section of conceptual aspects, isolating them from the general contextual conceptualization, to present an incomplete conceptualization mistaken for the actual context one is attempting to determine. This is interpreted as error by the overall mental system as a bad feeling, but the rational mind is unaware of the cause and will reject a proposed concept because of emotional and not rational confusion. Habits are in this sense excited established paths of emotional memory.

Grasping the mechanics of this structure, we see that it is our thoughts that generate our emotions. It is an electrochemical process that the aware conscious mind can control, or the subconscious mind will drive when you go into programmed mode.

All of this is to address what is meant by the phrase ‘wake up’ when the subjects of perception manipulation, emotional conditioning and mind control are discussed. It is possible to jump start the epiphany through rational dialog, but one must follow such arguments as I have made out here. This is painful for those most deeply in trance. But a clearer, more constant conscious awareness can be developed by practice of attention.

Now this all began on the comments section on a story on Scragged attempting to debunk “conspiracy theory:

“The more that we assume that the ruling elites are dominated by the Jewish Rothschilds, the more bone-headed that move seems.”~Scagged Author

Here is a key to this mystery and it is based on presumption, a presumption based on mere perception.

“Jewish Rothschilds”?~ww

So I went on to post this:

A strong opinion is not a mistake. It is having nothing else that is the mistake.


To Take The Romance From The Philosopher’s Stone
By Willy Whitten
The very first thing to consider when one reads or hears the title of the manuscript known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, is that this protocol has nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism, but to cloak itself from what it is in naked relief underneath – psychopathic lust for political power. It is a grimoire of megalomania, the authors are worshipers of mammon, and they hold themselves up as gods. The combination is a mix of breed and creed, neither Jewish, Christian, Muslim or any other religious faith. Even attempts to characterize them as literal ‘Satanists’ is a misconception, they care nothing for anything but power and the wealth it brings. They are immoral, so Christians consider them ‘Satan Worshipers’. It is the Christians who believe in Satan, not this power elite. So they leak out fraudulent garbage to further the myths and hang up researchers in endless details of fantastical intrigue – the stuff of comic books.

The most predictable thing results in this, hangers on, wannabe’s and charlatans take up such nonsense and propagate it to appear important. And those who are successful to a point to get noticed and receive promotion and often financing from the mid level oligarchy that understands the importance of PR, and propaganda in perception manipulation. It is a veritable industry and the symbolism is cleverly used in logos and advertizing to further the mythology. Everybody climbs aboard because it is hip, cool, “fraught with meaning.” Art directors, movie execs, science fiction authors, comic artists, fashion designers, and wanna be vampires, parade the charade.

And the Elite laugh all their way to his banks and estates. Some of this iconography is even done in fine arts, and the Elites may own and promote these tools as well. Some of the blue blood youth of these Elites may see it as a romantic persona for a time – until they are tapped for responsibilities. The “All Seeing Eye of Horus” is put on the shelf and real business is attended to.

Another thing to remember that much of this symbolism is secular and has meant different things to different philosophies throughout the centuries. The Romantic period of art, and sculpture, and architecture adopted many symbols and myths from classical Roman motifs, as an appreciation of technique and craft as well as subject. The fanatical “Christian” view of all of this as having to do with the devil is again, psychological projection on their part. The artists and philosophers of that era related to an entirely different paradigm one breaking the trail for an expression of their ideals of Liberty, Justice, and Reason.

These Ideals themselves were then co-opted by the powers that be, the chic and popular thing of the day, and it’s rhetoric taken and spun for their own means. And as this movement in the minds of men, educated in greater numbers than any generation yet began to discover that Liberty was the rightful and natural state of the human being, the Elites became more determined to steal their thunder, and this is where and when the of the penning of the most referenced form of these Protocols, which had been around evolving through the ages, took shape this is the version penned by Weishaupt, the Illuminati version. This version evolved further with reference to technological advances by the early 1900s.

As an age of information developed, it was more difficult to remain behind the scenes, since their operations affect all of commerce, so distractions became more important, and were developed accordingly. Control of general education became a primary goal. If there was to be education, and that was quickly becoming a given, then they had to have a great influence upon it. Their interests are opposed to the general interest in the most extreme manner. The general population must not be allowed to comprehend this. This is why philanthropy became such and important cloak, and the “Humanities” had to be understood as their bastion of high moral fortitude in the eyes of the common people. Yes “the devil” is a liar and a tempter, and so are they, but it is a technique of the soulless, not those who believe in a supernatural power or force. They have no faith in anything but their own cunning. But they are not atheists, all humans have a belief system of some form or another, it is an epistemic necessity. This deep faux “Zionism” is far from agnostic – they believe themselves to be materially divine. After all they reason they are the puppet masters of the world. What else can divinity mean but that?

A more complex understanding of this will come in a later chapter, for the creed does have its beginnings in the Babylonian Talmud and the Kaballah, but these are not strictly Judaic either, having Babylonian, Canaanite and Egyptian roots in them as well as the Levites, a rejected tribe of the true Israelites, and their Torah.

It was at this point that Scragged “excised” everything but the sentence mentioning the Protocols, and claimed that it was an “Antisemitic rant.”

Who is Will Offensicht?
“Will Offensicht is a staff writer for and an internationally published author by a different name. Read other articles by Will Offensicht or other articles on Society.”
“Offensicht” is German for, “open view.”

He believes in the psychotic meme of ‘American Exceptionalism’.
“American exceptionalism still makes a difference.”
By Will Offensicht | August 8, 2011

Scragged is psychological warfare – it is the Hegelian Right dialectic in action. And should be scragged [strangled] in open view.

©2011 Willy Whitten



  1. “I am a mortal enemy to arbitrary government and unlimited power. I am
    naturally very jealous for the rights and liberties of my country, and
    the least encroachment of those invaluable privileges is apt to make
    my blood boil.” — Ben Franklin

  2. I’ve got a DVD called “The Arrivals” that was a Youtube sensation 3 summers ago that I caught wind of in a second hand conversation. It’s the Islamic version of Conspiracy Theory and goes into quite some depth, all that I’ve seen on other sites but better compiled here. The reason that I write this is your suggestion about Satan being a Christian phenomenon. Muslims are very much in step with that belief and they believe that the Antichrist will arrive first then the Messiah. The Messiah is also a belief that the Jews have as you well know. This is 51- 10 minute sequels. They believe that we’re in that time also as do the Christians. If you haven’t seen it, it’s online and worth having a peek at if for nothing else a different perspective. It’s got heavy religious overtones but is still very informative.

  3. Thank you for responding Veritable,

    Yes what you say is true. I am referring to all the Abrahamic religions in the general sense, I focus on the Zionists, so-called “Christian Zionists” as well as the so-called “Jewish Zionists” because I am mainly concerned with the influence on the West.

    These claimed “Islamist inroads” to Amerika are PR bunk in the greatest degree. A central theme of the fraudulant “War on Terrorism”

    When one becomes aware that “fanatical Islam” is a product of Western think-tank Intelligence manipulation. This matter becomes of extreme importance.

    Both the Taliban [‘student in Pashto] and al Qaeda [the western toilet in street Arabic] are products of and subsidiary ‘controlled opposition’ of CIA/Mossad/M16, etc.

    • Right on point IMO there Willie

  4. The agenda is to bring the people of peace from any religion to the brink of madness. Either by 66 plus years of global transformation such as we have seen by Bilderberg CFR, cercle, RIIA, Club of Rome, and a dozen other diversionary chaotic organizations stemming from the OUT OF CHAOS ORDER creeators from the days of the house of Rothschild.

    The Open Society can include their pawprints and designs as can the SPLC, JDL, ADL, ACORN and LaRASA. This taxpayer sucking convention and the GLADIO foreign operations brings under it’s dirty wings a collective of enabler and useful idiots doing the bidding of the master architects and framers.

    If the plan to destroy anybody of faith regardless of anti-zionist rabbi’s and their flocks, christians and muslims outside of the influence of twisted doctrines of Koran, Talmud and evangelical lunatic rantings does not work they will continue to operate the false flag MK-Ultra, radicalized groups and finance them with our money.

    White al-qaeda, LaRASA Machete, black nation of islam and JDO among others provide the breeding ground for candidates to be induced McVeigh style into a well oiled and financed network of recruiters, handlers and programmers.

    Once the divide and conquer of MSM device, the economic blitzkreig and collapse occur the streets will become Watts. Depopulation by our own hands, funded by our own money and useless eaters and sheeple slaughtered.

    The people labelled crazy like Manson and Kaczynski may need to recategorized. The box gang from DC over the last thirty years are truly crazy and no less criminal. Charlie and Teddy were just amateurs in comparison.

    You’ve seen my posting on the SPLC and the history of Morris Dees. Accused pedophile of his wifes teenage daughter and open on the internet are the court documents. There are certainly links to Fake Jews, Christians, Muslims and Athiests in this network.

    Funny that we don’t see any Satan worshipping Luciferian, Secular athiests going on killing sprees anymore. That’s right, thev’ve all been elected or appointed now.

  5. The URGENCY is THIS….The US government is in CRISIS MODE
    as we speak here.

    Understand this:

    Army North is situated to provide assistance through its 10 direct coordinating elements, which are co-located within the 10 FEMA regions, said the commanding general of U.S. Army North, while speaking before a packed house, July 29, during the Aspen Security Forum in Aspen, Colo.

    “We are embedded with FEMA across the country,” said Lt. Gen. Guy C. Swan III. “So this time of the year, especially with hurricanes, we’re joined at the hip with our team of partners.

    Swan said units such as Army North, and its military partner units throughout Northern Command and the Department of Defense, bring a wealth of knowledge to the fight.

    “The conflicts that we’ve been involved in over the past 10 years have built up a knowledge base within our armed forces on planning, training and equipping for a variety of threats,” Swan said. “We often find ourselves in a capacity-building role with our federal partners. We play an advise and assist role, just as we do overseas, with our own federal partners.”

    During the security conference, Swan served as a member of a three-person panel discussion titled: “The war abroad and the threat at home.” Among the highlights was a discussion on the Department of Defense’s, Army North’s and U.S. Northern Command’s role in homeland security.

    The general was joined on the panel by Stockton and retired Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, who serves as a special assistant to the president for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Multiple Military Train Convoys Filmed In Oregon As Domestic Troop Movements Continue To Skyrocket Amid Super Congress Tyranny

    The Intel Hub
    August 2, 2011

    In the last month and a half, The Intel Hub has received hundreds of credible tips from citizens who witnessed and or photographed domestic military/foreign movements within The United States.

    While some of the reports can be written off as normal troop movements, the sheer amount of reports indicates something possibly more sinister.

    To top it off, a large majority of military vehicles that have been spotted were not painted for desert conditions, rather they were sporting digital and city camouflage.

    We now have reports and video evidence of multiple military convoys traveling in and around Portland Oregon.

    This comes just days after The Intel Hub released photos sent to them by a concerned citizen that showed a military convoy of tanks, humvees, and jeeps, in the same type of camouflage and a week after multiple sightings of black helicopters throughout The United States.


    • “rather they were sporting digital and city camouflage.”

      BA HA HA HA!!!!

      There is no such thing as “city camouflage”.

      I almost fell out of my chair on that one.

  6. “Know Thine Enemy”

    All need to grasp that at the heart of this, the real enemy is the International Banking Cabal and the International Couporations that have grown up around them.

    All who cherish freedom need to identify who the real culprets are.

    • Council of 13 and the 10 Govenors of FEMA are already in place. Coffins ordered as are the rail cars. Ready meals for the fascist troops.

      Black hueys over my skies on regular basis. Miltary convoys constantly at night. Granted NC has a healthy military but really fellas where’s the fire?

      NLE 2011 a real deal for the schlameels!

      • I have an idea…take a piece of tinfoil a large one and roll it up into a big fat dildo and pump it in and out of my ass — ooooh I love it up the ass.
        Because I know I’m such a shithead and I deserve it.

        All us boys at IE Affiliates are masochist fist fuckers…why don’t you help us out – we like straights to do it to us the most…come on give us a party.

  7. Rogue you wouldn’t beleive the emails I get telling me I am crazy with my triad HAARP, ENMOD, FALSE FLAG and FINANCIAL COLLAPSE triple header.

    Since we started this venture I was on the big three. What do you think these cheeseheads are going to do in a few more months when their ATM card don’t work because the entire grid is down, the bank is underwater and floating down mainstreet with the FEMA Gun boats?

    “Oh we thought you meant today?”

  8. The Skills of Long Range Strategy In Building a Controlled Opposition

    >Marrano Judaism and the infiltration of Catholic Europe

    >Scofield and Radicalized Fundamentalist “Christians” in the West
    *Christian Zionism

    >Brzezinski and Radicalized Fundamentalist “Muslims” in the Middle East
    * Mujahedin
    *Al qaeda Mujahedin


  9. “What do you think these cheeseheads are going to do in a few more months when their ATM card don’t work because the entire grid is down, the bank is underwater and floating down mainstreet with the FEMA Gun boats?”~Puddy

    Yes indeed, I get called crazy on a daily basis out and about on certain blogs, there are others besides the scraggotics…”Cheeseheads” is right, they fight against us with all their might, and all we want to do is save their own brains so they can save their own ass.

    It’s the Laocoon Blues buddy…

    But Smile Your on ‘Candid Universe’.

  10. To be fair to Scragged, let their case be made in their own words:

    The URL of the article they edited to make me appear the antisemitic in such an underhanded manner..

    We seem to have lost our videos…hmmm???

  11. .A Scragging Example:

    “Wikleaks expected strong protest when they released manuals teaching soldiers how to prevent overthrow of governments friendly to the US, but the reaction was negligible. Americans were mildly surprised that our government was smart enough to plan how to support friendly governments in dicey places. That’s something we’re not usually good at, but the basic goal was fine.”~Offensicht

    Frankly, the cold blooded Machiavellian ruthlessness in the subtext of this paragraph is barely submerged, in fact just slightly glossed. In my opinion this is Ayn Randian depth psychopathy banal and mundane, perhaps the most terrifying type.
    He says “friendly governments: out as if the historical reality of the nature of their “friendliness” is hardly a secret, but merely drifting on a cloud of rank apologia.
    “He’s a son-of-a-bitch but he’s OUR son-o-a-bitch,” rings nostalgic and romantic to the ears of deluded crackpots who’s minds have been mixmastered by propaganda and conditioning.

    It is not a stretch whatsoever to place this attitude akin to, “it’s a hard job but we’ve got to do it.”
    This is ‘ends justify the means” twisted pathology. Any sane reasonable person knows that ‘ends DEFINE the means’. The “ends justify means” school is situational ethics stretched to fanatical extreme.

    It is bizarre that one holding such attitudes would consider themselves “Christian.” And this swings us back into the body of the essay and the premises of “Christian Zionism,” and it’s signal character as the worship of Mammon. This is the principle that spawns the maxim of “Might Makes Right.”

    And any sane human knows that aggressive might does not make right – but brings death and destruction.

  12. I’m not a student of the bible/bibles. I went through 12 years of Catholic school brainwashing. We had our own book of rules called a catechism. It stated if you missed mass on Sunday and died that day, you committed a mortal sin and would go straight to hell without passing go and collecting $200. Now I ask you, is that fair? Does that sound like a just God to you?

    The Catholic Church has always been excellent at fear mongering. Although the fundamentalists give them a big run for their money when speaking of fire and brimstone. Oh and they are both great at accepting donations too. . On the other side of that golden coin are the zionists that take that $200 you didn’t get to collect on your way to hell and everything else you own. They are the religion of $$$.and have brought us to the eve of destruction.

    Religion is a trap set by the rulers.. Can you think of a better propaganda tool to rule the masses and keep them in line? It’s worked for centuries. Free thinkers are not religious true believers.

    Religion sucks. Spiritualism rules. Know the difference.

  13. I remember MAD magazine ‘on the lighter side’ as the couple are walking downtown the woman says ‘these banks are looking like churches” the man says “not surprising considering they are both houses of worship”

    The Vatican has had a handle on both, since the first bird took the first shit. The elders knew how to turn a dollar on eternal damnation.

  14. Lighter I looked forward to each edition of Mad Magazine as a kid. Remember the fold up page at the back of it?

  15. Ah yes…
    Laughter holds a key
    Watch it closely and see
    It will grimace with a leer
    Or chuckle with a tear

  16. Gold Scam:

    “Fiat money is paper money without precious-metal backing which people are required by law to accept.
    Its use on a major scale did not start until colonial America. The experience was disastrous, leading to massive inflation, unemployment, loss of property, and political unrest. During one period when the Bank of England forced the colonies to abandon their fiat money, general prosperity quickly returned.”~Griffin

    “The experience was disastrous…” Is this actually true? I think not. Only after Franklin spilled the beans as Ambassador to London. When questioned by the Lords there about the colonials extraordinary economic success, Franklin explained the fiat money system based in ‘barter’ represented by tokens backed by the production and labor of the colonists themselves.
    It was only after this that machinations by the British overlords caused havoc with their system, and the British Money Powers forced their banking system onto the colonies

  17. Silver Quote Updated Aug-09-11 4:39 PM >> $37.65 per oz + ($1.74) 3,765 percent from 1910

    Gold $1,738.60 oz + $25.40

    AND – as precious metals have a historical steady inherent value,
    What this information means is that the price of metal is NOT going up, the worth of the dollare is going DOWN.

    The diagnosis is always given in reverse to confuse the gullible.

  18. “While many will dismiss the idea of a Zionist-Masonic alliance as laughable, delusional or the all-time favorite, “conspiracy theory,” there is an undeniable link that exists between the Talmudic enclave built upon ethnically cleansed Palestinian land and the satanic secret society that has had a prominent, clandestine hand in world events for centuries. One needs to look no further than the buildings and lodges donated to the Zionist entity by its founders, the international banking giants and originators, the Rothschild family, who are rumored to “own” 80% of historic Palestine. Literally, Freemasonry is written all over each massive structure. The reason why this connection needs to be discussed is painfully significant. The Zionist regime is exceedingly precise in carrying out its intelligence operations of death and destruction on anniversaries, on Jewish holidays or on days with deeper, “spiritual” meaning in the Kabbalist-Masonic context of “sacred geometry.”
    Examples: Mossad’s false flag attack on September 11th, 2001; in Kabbalistic teaching, the numbers (9/11) represent the day in which the religion of the world becomes one of which that requires its followers to disbelieve in ‘God’ on earth and believe that all life on earth should be annihilated (71). Leading 9/11 researcher, journalist, writer, professor and scholar Kevin Barrett described the September 11th attacks as “a mass human sacrifice designed to ritually inaugurate a New World Order of global government by Satanists and atheists (72).” It is also 11 years to the day that George Bush’s father called for such a ‘New World Order.’ Next, one of Mossad’s false flag attacks in Mumbai and the infamous train bombings in Madrid; the events of both attacks were overwrought with Kabbalistic numerology, the destructive number 11 in particular (73). Also, the criminal, genocidal, Zionist invasions of Iraq and Libya; both nations were invaded on the twisted Jewish revenge holiday of Purim, in which the blood of the Amalekites (in this case, Arabs) must be spilled for the ‘Jewish people’ to rejoice in victory (74).

    And now: the 7/22 (‘oddly enough,’ the sum of the numbers is Kabbalistic 11) atrocities in Norway; 65 years to the day that terrorism in the Middle East was born, when the deranged and mass murdering Irgun militia, led by future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, bombed the King David Hotel in al-Quds, killing at least 92 people. This sanguinary operation paved the way for the Zionist entity to be established. It is an event that is celebrated to this day by Zionists, including the butcher of Gaza himself and current leader of the occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu”
    ~Jonathan Azaziah

  19. “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Muslim Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”~Albert Pike 1871

  20. .

    “By now lots of you have read articles like this one about how abut 1/5 of the entire US congress is visiting Israel this month to get their marching orders. As our economy tanks completely and we remained mired is at least 6 stupid wars all of them illegal, 1/5 of our so-called representatives have the time and money to go to racist little Israel to suck up to the Jewish State. No doubt they will all make private pledges to increase aid to Israel to help settle the housing situation that Israeli Jews have been bitching about lately. Fuck them, but I digress.

    But I want to look at these Congressional pilgrimages to Israel from a slightly different angle. The situation is much worse than you think. Much worse.
    Here is what Congressman Steny Hoyer (Likud, Maryland), the leader of the Democratic trip to Israel, was up to today in Jerusalem.

    “Jerusalem, Aug 9 – Rep. Steny Hoyer, the number two Democrat in the House of Representatives on Tuesday urged a delegation of visiting ambassadors to vote at the United Nations according to their democratic values instead of voting reflexively against Israel.”

    What the fuck? He’s talking to UN Ambassadors? And he is in Jerusalem leading an AIPAC-funded (actually US taxpayer funded as you will see below) trip to give Netanyahu a political blow job – and he has time to also work for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Isn’t that Hillary Clinton’s job?”~Article

  21. “At any rate, government’s main job is, in fact, punishment – the prosecution of crime. Other than that, and providing a common defense, we at Scragged don’t believe in most other traditional roles of government.”~Von Hayek Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 10:45 AM

    Thanks Von, you make my point exactly, you are fascists.

  22. “There is no such thing as “city camouflage”.
    I almost fell out of my chair on that one.”~shooter486 aka ieaffiliates

    You are the same joker on the 9/11 threads who doesn’t know how to extract his big foot out of his mouth.

    You obviously don’t know what the word “urban” means. You obviously couldn’t “fall out of your chair,” because you are already off your rocker.

    Look up camo hot shot…look up the term “urban” because you will find there is “urban camo” – and urban means, “related to cities.”
    To spell it out for the back of the class Urban Camo is for use in cities.

    Duh wise ass?


    • City camo?

      BA HA HA HA!!!!

      No really, a kid once told me that tanks are painted in city camo.

      Oh…the laughter is good for the heart!!!

      Without gullible fools, where would we be in this world?

      Imagine a bigot and his plastic rifle hiding in the “urban” woods with his city camo…….

  23. Blow me Shooter, I’ve had enough of your bullshit on the other threads.
    If you still can’t face the fact that urban means city then you are too stupid to be here.

  24. Hmmm…no “plastic” parts on my Mossberg. Just blue steel.

    • Mossberg is a kid’s shotgun that daddies give their youngest so they don’t ruin a real weapon. Besides painting it “city camo” won’t help your accuracy either. I guess the poor need self-defense as well. Why no go to the bottom of the barrel…so to speak.

      Just curious if you “knew” city camo was urban, why didn’t you use that term at the beginning? Was it that you needed to Google it first? Are you learning all about these CTs on a day to day basis? I thought you used the failed “I started this on day 1” garbage.

      I know I’m just a beancounter, and a shill for the corporatist state…but I get my jollies from fucking with people because I have a stupid boring job that I simply despise.

  25. I see the same “kids gun” as my Mossberg riot gun in cop cars.
    I guess the cops are playing with toys too.

    I was quoting the people who put up the videos about the troop movements when I said “city camo” their phrase, it means the same thing you are flogging a dead horse because you dare not mount a real one.

    Get this pootershooter.
    You are not welcome here.
    Any more posts from you will be deleated.

  26. goo goo gaga nenernerner poopoo

  27. Well at least by his own admission, he’s a total idiot. He somehow or other found his way onto here because he’s bored. What’s the matter asshole run out of little boys in your neighborhood? This ashole needs to put the barrel of a Mossburg in his mouth and pull the trigger

  28. It’s been a long time since a browsed through here again…I found a few spots that could use editing. But I doubt that it gets pulled up much anymore anyway…

    Oh yea…I encountered that idiot IEAffiliates on another 9/11 blog a few days ago. Still oinking the same flatulence he was on the C2 9/11 threads. There are few that are as big of assholes as that guy.

    Haven’t seen Assbury Smith for a real long time. I thinks he’s probably banned on every 9/11 blog in the known universe.

    Calm beautiful warm night here. Katydids and crickets, frog song from the woods, and a lovely full moon rising right out my window.

    Wow, August 2012 already…ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM >>


    • Great stuff here Willy. The “almighty” have the powerful tool of blasphemy. It’s fine for people to debate world affairs, we can call the Presidents and Prime ministers all the names we like but when we want to discuss the changing of a light bulb on a Saturday we have to make sure we are not in the company of those whose feelings might be hurt.

      • Well howdy there Mr Whitesands,

        I am very pleased you dropped in and left a note.

        Yea, the “Chosen”, the “Elect” the “Saved” the whole scam of the “spiritual” used as a political weapon.

        Thanks for showing up on the Truth and Shadows thread as well.

        We might be in for the final SHOWDOWN with the F-Troop. I know Craig has had just about enough of the Triad taking over every comment thread.

        Fake Videos, NPT, and Holograms…Oh My…Lol

        You are out of country right? Is it Vietnam? I’m pretty sure it’s S.E.Asia. There is another COTO from those parts as well.

        It is funny, my intuition told me to check back here…


  29. Good to go back through this stuff again from time to time me thinks. Ass-affiliates hasn’t been back since I don’t think. I wonder if this’ll start him in again on his retardo-bling thing again.

    • Assfellatio is a punk, he doesn’t stick around places that hang him by the balls as soon as he walks in the door.

      Like all the bullyboys I ever met he’s chickenshit.


  30. Hi there Willy,

    Yes, the F-Troop are showing their colours on T&S. It almost floored me when Fetzer started with the long, almost off topic comment at the start of the last thread. He couldn’t contain himself and had to start with the zero-null bullshit to drag the already debunked shit over from the previous thread.. Can’t blame you or Senor for calling him out. It needs to be done. Surely everyone can see TM,OBF and Fetzer run the same routine and spam directly after important points (dispelling the myths they spew forth with mind numbing repetition) are made.

    Me? Born in New Zealand, left the little cold red-necked country 25 years ago and lived an easy life at a cheap beach resort (Whitesands) on an island in Thailand for about 20 years. Back in NZ now.


    • So Alistair it is, nice to meet you in toto here.

      Yes the F-Troop is getting banged by more T&S members tonight.
      Adam Syed has shown up, along with Adam Ruff as you know, now Oneslice has added a video that smashes NP and faked video in one swell poop {hehehe}

      I am hoping we can finally put this crap to rest – finish it on the current thread and be done with it.

      Yea, Fetzer posted enough jive that was double the size of the original article in just his first few postings – all of it ego-stroking spazmata, and a disingenuous lead in to his NPT – Hologram bullshit. The routine is patented disinfo technique.

      Craig and Senor and I have huddled in email. Craig wants this finished as well. We just need to do it in such a way as keeps T&S the free speech zone that it is.

      With six of us now leaning on Fetzer, he should be due for another breakdown. You weren’t there for his first one, where he demanded that I be banned or he would stop posting. McKee didn’t take kindly to the idea of being ‘demanded’ to do anything on his own site. Fetzer sulked for all of about ten hours – then came back with the weakest “apology” for saying the site had no standards and insulting Craig.

      Fetzer is such an arrogant futhermucker that it makes my ass twitch. But I will not be the one to call for banishment of anyone. I might think it wise of McKee to do so, but he has to do it of his own volition.

      He could probably accomplish the same thing by demanding those topics as out of bounds from this thread forward. Fetzer would loose interest as his circus tent would be folded and he has no other cause to hawk but his bloody NPT drivel.

      Hey, it’s getting near midnight here…

      Keep up with us at T&S and COTO my friend.


  31. Bismark once said of Kaiser Wilhelm,

    “He is like a cushion, he keeps the impression of the last ass to sit on him.”

    This has something to do with the blog I have been working lately…

  32. Jet Impacts on WTC Towers 9/11/2001

    Analysis by Willy Whitten – August and September 2012

    All available data and reasoning based on such, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that large twin engine jets hit the world trade towers.
    That they were flown by remote control, and had special engines configured to fly at the speed {at sea level} recorded: 450mph.

    This evidence includes, video footage and still images – radar analysis – wind shear analysis proving superior control –Sandia crash data – as well as kinetics analysis proving the energy needs were more than sufficient.


    > First law: Every object continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless compelled to change that state by external forces acted upon it.
    This first law has to do with inertia or momentum, depending on the original states of the bodies in question.
    As per the event we speak to, the first body is the building. In the frame, ie planet Earth; this body is at rest, an inert state, which has only one property: Mass.

    >Second law: The acceleration a of a body is parallel and directly proportional to the net force F acting on the body, is in the direction of the net force, and is inversely proportional to the mass m of the body, i.e., F = ma.
    A state of Momentum has three components: Mass – Velocity – *Specific Direction. [*vector] -Velocity is described as mass-times-velocity squared in the energy equation.

    In our frame, ONLY the plane has a state of momentum.

    Moment and Point of Impact are both necessary integers in formulating impact physics. At that point and moment the kinetic energy of the mass in movement is transferred into the building AT THAT SPECIFIC POINT – the impact zone.

    It is at this point that we come to the third law; that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And this does certainly depend on the speed of an impact, regardless of what Fetzer claims, as the first two laws clearly state that they are of first and second account before the third proposition can manifest.

    Yes you can reverse the objects theoretically for the formula, but you cannot dismiss the actual frame of the physical event under analysis. That frame is on Earth; a building sitting at rest, ie, a state of inertia. This frame is described by the first two of Newton’s laws of motion.

    Again it is at the point and moment of impact that the third law comes into effect and must be translated as per the laws of kinetics incorporating the maxim of equal and opposite reaction:

    KINETICS 9/11:

    The energy equals one half the mass times the velocity squared: ( E = 1/2 m v^2)

    The plane has a Mass of 120 tons – traveling at a Velocity of 540 MPH:

    The kinetic energy resulting would be equal to 0.75812 ton TNT

    OR: 3.1720e+9 joules (watt second)

    So, let’s put together what we now know about the crash physics for this event:

    This explosive energy, equivalent to about ¾ ton of TNT is applied as a directed force – vector quality – against the structure of the façade at the points on the structure corresponding to the shapes of the entering jet {the shapes change because of original contours meeting at different moments, plus deformations from impact.

    We also have verification that the energy was applied externally from a video analysis shows a measurable rocking back of the building in reaction to the impact. This movement is imperceptible to the human eye until seen in a grid.

    An interior explosion would create a radial blast lacking vector.

    This is overwhelming evidence that real jets impacted and penetrated the towers.
    . . . . . . . . . . . .


  33. Supplementary Remarks to counter arguments:

    Taking into account Newton’s Third Law, we can derive the counter force, or the amount of resistive energy the buildings structure provided by dividing the energy integers in half – a countervailing balancing formula –

    Action/Reaction: f1/f2 = ½ f-A + ½ f-R = A R

    >This is the reason the jet did not pass through the building.

    Counter Argument 1 by Joseph Keith, Computer Programmer:

    “The more kinetic energy, the more damage the speeding object will do when it hits, but they’re claiming that it punched right through. The plane should have continued right through the building like a bullet through paper.”~Joseph Keith
    . . . . . . . . . .

    Counter Argument 2 by “Dr” Jim Fetzer, Charlatan:

    “Not only the engines but the entire plane passes its whole length into the building in the same number of frames that it passes though its own length in air. Not even the enormous horizontal resistance of eight (8) floors consisting of steel trusses filled with 4-8″ of concrete can affect its velocity. How long is it going to take to traverse the remaining 48′ of the South Tower before it comes out the other side?

    It does not come out the other side, which means, on your theory, that it has to have come to screeching halt. How did that happen? Why didn’t most of the whole plane come out the other side?

    So do you believe that 150 tons traveling more than 500 mph came to a screeching halt in .065 of a second? What was the force that caused that to happen in accord with Newton’s first and second laws?”~Jim Fetzer
    Additional Response from myself to Fetzer’s remarks:

    >”So do you believe that 150 tons traveling more than 500 mph came to a screeching halt in .065 of a second?”~Fetzer
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .


    YOU are the one that thinks this happened as the jet hit the façade, it is the core of your crackpot argument.

    It is simply preposterous to claim that there is no limit to kinetic energy as an argument against kinetic energy.

    In the argument above, Fetzer even cites the wrong Newtonian Laws:

    >”Were Newton’s first and second laws ALSO suspended?”~Fetzer asks…

    The first and second laws were in effect – as I have noted, up to the point of impact.

    It is at the point and moment of impact that the THIRD law comes into effect and must be translated as per the laws of kinetics incorporating the maxim of equal and opposite reaction.

    To be clear; the kinetic energy in the crash is not a super-kinetic energy that will not dissipate or be exhausted at some point as if were some magic perpetual motion device. It is simply absurd to claim that there is no limit to kinetic energy as an argument against kinetic energy.~ww



    Review of Analysis of Observed and Measured In-Flight Turns Suggests Superior Control of 9/11 WTC Aircraft
    Aidan Monaghan B.Sc. EET


    “Video footage depicts United Airlines Flight 175 (UA 175) impacting World Trade Center tower 2 (WTC 2) on September 11, 2001 in New York City via a trajectory comprised of two separate banked turns. The second turn was apparently not required to generate impact. The first turn, which maintains a constant angle of bank (AoB), is evident at 1.2 miles before impact.[1] Although human control of UA 175’s observed maneuvers cannot be ruled out, the precise coordination of variables such as the selections of a correct bank angle and turn start time for the first turn apparently pose challenges to the unaided human control hypothesis. The observed turn stability favors the use of autopilot operation, either functioning in a conventional course control mode or in Control Wheel Steering (CWS) mode. The probability that either of these two control systems were used is discussed. Flight deck images of United and American airlines 757s and 767s suggest that such CWS functions may have been disabled circa 2001. Constant radius turns utilizing plotted waypoints during commercial aviation operations are routinely supported by augmented GPS navigation service and related commercial Flight Management Systems (FMS) available circa 2001.[2] As will be demonstrated, the implementation of UA 175’s observed 1.2 mile constant radius arc, seconds earlier or later than observed, would apparently result in UA 175 missing WTC 2. Estimates of the likely effect of crosswinds on the approach to WTC 2 are also provided. It is noted that a projected impact via the first observed banked turn would have occurred under crosswind conditions capable of generating between 122 and 134 approximate total feet of lateral displacement from the calculated final position of the aircraft if not affected by such crosswinds. Aircraft distances and other calculations are based on reported aircraft speed for UA 175 of 799 feet per second at impact and measured times to impact [3]. The observed speeds of both attack aircraft were extreme by comparison to the typical speeds of similarly descending aircraft. While creating significantly less response time for possible human hijacker pilot course corrections during final target approaches that would demand superior control surface operation, a general vector analysis considering the final course and speed for each aircraft suggests that the unusually high speeds observed would generate greater accuracy of the aircraft while enroute to their targets, as a result of smaller course deflection angles and ground track displacements, created by existing and potential crosswinds.”


  35. James H. Fetzer says:

    >”The man wants you to FORGET that the plane shown is an elongated aluminum tube that is akin to a flying beer can. It is not a solid, lead bullet.”
    . . . . . . . . .

    While I pity Fetzer’s barf bag, let us note that:

    The man wants you to FORGET that the building is not a solid massive block of concrete. That the façade of the building is a structure very much “like the mosquito netting on a screen door..” {See: DeMartini} “- this intense grid – and the jet plane is just a pencil puncturing that screen netting. It really does nothing to the screen netting.”

    That the aluminum that modern aircraft are made of is not the same soft material as that of a beer can: Aluminum 2219-T81 UNS A92219; ISO AlCu6Mn; Aluminium 2219-T81; AA2219-T81 – with a tensile strength greater than that of structural steel.

    Again Fetzer claims at one point that the NY plane “passes through the building”;
    But it did not, the plane crashed THROUGH through the outer façade, exploding when the center of momentum reached the entry point as that is where the engines were and the fuel in the wings blew out as the wings shattered entering the building.

    As this was an angular hit, the debris of the plane and the building structure in effect blew out the right side of the building in the memorable huge fireball.

    The very fact that Fetzer can refer to this crash as “the plane entering effortlessly” is an instance of obvious rhetorical nonsense. A crash with the energy of this is hardly an example of ‘effortlessly” -effort, implies “work”, energy is the capability to perform work. The energy required to do the “work” of crashing through the façade was enormous, as described in the second and third laws of Newtonian physics.

    Fetzer also tries to impute that I imply that the Sandia jet “continued through the barrier,” which is simply more rhetorical spin-blather. Of course I do not think any such thing. Fetzer completely dis-interprets the Sandia test, and my commentary on it.

    As such, it should again be noted that the Sandia jet’s momentum did NOT drop to zero in a single instant, it did not drop to zero until the end portion and tail met the concrete barrier. This was indeed a matter of microseconds, but that is still a matter of time – just like the microseconds it took for the aircraft to pass through the façade of the tower.

    As this issue has been addressed countless times, one can only wonder whether Fetzer is serious, thus insane – or if he is agenteur of the Sunstein kind. {Speculation}- As a victim of MKUltra it could very well be both. That might explain his feelings of illness when encountering the facts that I offer here.


    • When you consider that an aircraft such as these are made from thin metals, it would be pretty obvious that they would just about instantly turn to confetti as did the Sandia test aircraft but unlike the latter didn’t impact a solid immovable object so of course it’d blow through. As to the speed of the aircraft in question although at sea level pressure they’re only capable of approximately 350 MPH. straight and level. Coming out of what amounts to a somewhat rapid decent which equates to a dive, they would be very capable of reaching the speeds in question. As control input pressures increase the faster the aircraft flys, as in a conventionally controlled airplane (by mechanical means) the same pressures would be encountered in a computerized fly by wire aircraft as they’re set up to duplicate the former. The aircraft has to be configured to replicate real life otherwise the sensations to the pilots wouldn’t be real life.
      Small control inputs at those speeds would dramatically effect the line of flight of the aircraft especially a flying bus that was never meant to be handled like that. It would take an exceptionally adept pilot or a flight management system to be able to maintain that kind of accuracy. We seen that kind of accuracy in Gulf War 1 where they were flying air launched laser guided munitions through windows. Says to me Poppy and his minions showed their hand.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    By: hybridrogue1 on September 3, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    Jet Impacts on WTC Towers 9/11/2001
    Analysis by Willy Whitten – August and September 2012

    { A Digest of the argument presented on Truth & Shadows: }

    . . . . . . . . . . . .



    Metaphorically carrying the banner of the 9/11Truth Movement, Jim Fetzer is a false flag op.

    An Analysis of the Argumentation of Jim Fetzer is available in raw form in the commentary of the original arguments on Truth & Shadows. As there is a lot of cross talk, this commentary will be edited down to a rational frame and composition, avoiding the repetition of points, other than a count of how many times Fetzer repeats certain mantras whether suited to the points or not. This sort of scripted “Form Letter” technique is common with Fetzer’s PR strategies. As Senor Once points out, Fetzer has a hard time tailoring his sales-pitch to a select audience. This is because he is a wholesaler, retail counter work is ‘beneath him’ in his conceited view of himself. His field teams should be able to handle this blog___SUPRISE!!__ Fetzer can’t handle this blog.

    As adversaries to Fetzer, we have an accumulative argument. It is this argument that Fetzer attempts to ‘eliminate’. As we have shown many times over, our argument is correct, so it therefore takes rhetorical trickery to confuse and disrupt the flow and sequence of the presentation of our argument. Unhinged trivial side shows are flooded into the thread at key moments. There are obvious confederates involved in these tactics, and this has been pointed out. Fetzer praises them himself.

    His opposition however is not a permanent alliance, several of us have had some spicy exchanges among ourselves. We have learned to learn from one another, at least to a goodly degree. As well there are numerous regulars that simply cannot abide by one more go round on the NPT-Video Fakery-Hologram Triad Carousel.


  38. Commentary by Señor El Once on the Radar Issue:
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Consider this notice that the following is an issue with the possible use of holograms.

    This was first brought to Dr. Fetzer’s attention 2012-07-25; on this thread alone, it was brought to his attention on August 23, 2012 at 8:44 am, August 24, 2012 at 3:56 pm, and August 25, 2012 at 11:39 am. With this now being about the fifth time that I bring it up with Dr. Fetzer’s F-Troopers, kind of makes it fit squarely into the category of refusing to discuss it.

    Radar data from the ASR system detected the 2nd WTC aircraft with a high degree of precision, and it matches the flight paths (as shown by the video last twelve seconds of UA175 previously linked and embedded). Radar data from a second system, the ARSR system (military radar), also detected the 2nd WTC aircraft, but with a lower degree of accuracy. The accuracy of both systems is approximately depicted in the following image from the 2nd WTC aircraft [a nugget of truth from this Source]:

    Dr. Fetzer is skewing the interpretation of the 2nd set of radar data. He, along with Richard Hall, want us to believe that the raw data points of the 2nd set should be considered as is and without taking into consideration measurement accuracy.

    Deploying such blatantly illogical and unscientific analysis, Dr. Fetzer wants us to believe that the true flight path of a flying object (cloaked, no less) was those raw data points from the less accurate radar system, putting the path 1400′ to the right of what was depicted in images.

    He doesn’t discuss the more accurate first set of radar data, except to imply that the photons from a hologram were what the more accurate radar system picked up (while not picking up the cloaked aircraft that was projecting the hologram.) [Sarcasm on] And the military radar was less accurate but more astute than the civilian radar, because it didn’t have radar pings off of the hologram’s photons and it was able to ping off of the cloaked (military) aircraft. [Sarcasm off]

    As an aside, Dr. Fetzer wrote:

    “>And Richard Hall’s study seems to me to be impeccable in taking some 56 videos and sorting out the flight path (locations and times) based upon those that were useful for that purpose.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . .

    [ Snippet from longer commentary on Truth & Shadows thread mentioned ]

  39. Regardless of Fetzer’s praise for Hall, it was actually the work that Achimspok has done – that Hall uses without attribution that is the valuable contribution to the case.~ww
    . . . . . . . . . . .

    The idea of the 3D model came from my discussion with Rob Balsamo from Pilots for 911 Truth (about the possible overfreights at the “UA175” final maneuvre and feasibility of it for a big jumbo rookie pilot some half year ago) if it could be one of the questions in the prepared movie Pandora’s Black Box – Chapter IV – Flight Of American 11 and United 175 as the trajectory was crucial in the case of the “AA77” movie Attack on the Pentagon.

    Then I asked Achimspok, who was doing his excellent work with 9/11 videos and simulations (eg. debunking some “no-plane” claims), if he could try to simulate the UA175 final trajectory based on the available videos.
    by tumetuestumefaisdubien’s blog

    This was posted by Achimspok in at least June of 2009.
    . . . . . . . . . . .



    This is a post I made tonight on the 9/11 tread I’ve been discussing.

    . . . . . .

    hybridrogue1 says, September 8, 2012 at 9:54 pm:

    James H. Fetzer, Ph.D. – McKnight Professor Emeritus University of Minnesota Duluth says in his most “scholarly language”, on September 8, 2012 at 9:08 pm:

    >”I was asking for the source, you phony shit! You are so hard up for arguments you are doing it in your pants and then displaying your stained underwear here for the world to witness.”
    . . . . . .

    Meanwhile, there is the matter of KINETICS which__of course goes UNANSWERED.
    . . . . . . .

    Yes indeed, a “scholar and a gentleman”…Lol


  41. “Writing under a pseudonym or pen name on political topics has a long and distinguished history going back to the Federalist Papers when Founders Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison wrote under the pen name of Publius in the late 1700s.”~Señor

    Yes, and all these men, the Federalists were traitors to the Revolution, using a charade to spring a constitutional convention, one that led to a central national government, the bane of all free peoples.

    Alexander Hamilton, John Jay were Tory moles to begin with and Madison joining them for a new constitution argument put in the Federalist Papers was a stab in the back and a turning of coat for this “distinguished” gentleman.~ww

    What is the story with Señor? The goat ate his coat so he had to ‘turn’ to a new one?

    Señor relentlessly defames Jones most often through comments pissed on me, such as this one:

    “This applies to Dr. Jones’s nuclear explanations as well as to his sacred nano-thermite “toro” and “su mierda” that science-challenged folk such as yourself step in and track all over the place.”
    Señor El Once – MARCH 2, 2012 – 1:43 PM El Once – on the “Documentary a Noble Lie” thread.

    And then disingenuously claims he has never defamed Jones. He then demands that I provide links to any time he has defamed Jones. I am not his gofer, nor his fetching boy. What I am is; curious as to why Señor cannot simply prove his crackpot nookiedew theory in a straight forward manner, rather than making it his habit to attack Jones with the same spurious bullshit manner of Fetzer, Reynolds, Wood, Prager and now countless others in this fatuous New Wave 9/11 crusade.

    I will answer the above with what I see as obvious – there are no straight forward proofs of nuclear or DEW, because they were not used on WTC on 9/11. So all that is left is a rhetorical spin fest of scurrilous disinformation as dis-framed arguments about nonexistent radiation, coupled with an attempt to defame the original scientists who uncovered the smoking gun evidence of superthermite in the WTC Dust.
    New Wave 9/11 is a PSYOP!

    “Mr. Rogue has his Q-group assignment, and evidently I am it and have been it since January 2012.”~Señor El Once – OCTOBER 19, 2012 – 4:35 PM “Official 9/11 propaganda embraced” thread.

    What utter dismal paranoid bullshit. It’s either that or Max is deflecting his own position as an agent. He has been pulling this “Q-group agent” bullshit from that same January 2012 period when I first discovered T&S.



    In 2002, the paper “Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center” was presented at the American Chemical Society National Meeting.
    The levels measured were 3.53 ± 0.17 nCi/l and 2.83 ± 0.15 nCi/l of Tritium activity in this location.

    We will use the units of Becquerels for the rest of this analysis because it is a much less disingenuous unit. 1 Bq = 1 radioactive disintegration per second. 1 nCi is 37 Bq.

    In Becquerels, the WTC 6 basement Tritium levels equate to 130.6 Bq/l and 104.7 Bq/l.

    The WTC storm sewer also showed somewhat raised levels of 0.164 ± 0.074 nCi/l (6.1 Bq/l) but according to figures cited by the authors this would be within normal background levels of Tritium in water in the US, cited at 0.1 – 0.2 nCi/l or 3.7 – 7.4 Bq/l.

    “The correct implication of the paper therefore is that a third unknown source supplied the high levels of tritium activity detected in the basement of WTC 6 some 10 days later. If it was not another contaminant from some other tritiated source, it can only have occurred by in situ tritiation of water by neutron bombardment.”~Paper at URL above

    But this discounts the FBI armory in one of the towers, which had many more weapons than #6, all of these assertions to nuclear bombs at WTC also fail to take into account the may contaminants chemically toxic as well as radioactive, in the water table due to unlawful dumping of such by manufacturers.

    1 millicurie (mCi) = 37 megabecquerel (MBq) 1 microcurie (µCi) = 37 kilobecquerel (kBq) 1 nanocurie (nCi) = 37becquerel (Bq) 1 picocurie (pCi) = 37 millibecquerel (mBq)

    1 Ci = 37 GBq  GBq (gigabecquerel, 109 Bq) Giga means Billions

    Observation of tritium (an important component of hydrogen-bomb fuel) at WTC sites at the few nano-curie level only. This is strong evidence against the mini-nuke hypothesis. Paul Lioy et al. presents data regarding radioactive isotopes (radionuclides), such as would be produced in abundance if atomic bombs were in fact deployed.

    “Radionuclides. We analyzed the gamma spectrum of the samples using an EG&G/Ortec high-purity Ge detector (50% relative efficiency) gamma counter (EG&G/Ortec Instruments, Inc., Oak Ridge, TN). We analyzed approximately 50 peaks based on statistical significance counting/lack of interferences). These included thorium, uranium, actinium series, and primordial radionuclides. Liquid scintillation analyses were conducted for emissions on the total dust and smoke samples using a Packard Tri-Carb Model 2770 TR/SL (Packard Instrument, Meriden, CT). The MDA for alpha radioactivity was 0.30 DPM (0.14 pCi) based on a NIST-traceable 226Ra standard (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD).

    Results. We found only background levels of alpha radionuclide activity by liquid scintillation counter analysis of all three samples. Beta activity was slightly elevated, but not more than twice the background level. There were no levels of gamma activity > 1 Bq/g except for naturally occurring potassium-40.”

    These very low levels of radioactive isotopes (radionuclides) in the WTC dust are by themselves sufficient to rule out the use of atomic bombs (even as triggers) at the WTC.
    Many millions of curies of tritium are present in even a small thermonuclear (hydrogen) bomb. (Note that tritium can be generated during the blast from the reaction of neutrons on lithium deuteride.) Yet the observed tritium levels at GZ were in the billionth of a curie range.~Jones

    nanocurie, a unit of radiation equal to one billionth of a curie.
    (nc, nCi) [na ′əkyoo͡r′ē] Etymology: Gk, nanos, dwarf; Marie and Pierre Curie.


  43. Subscribe.

    • Stalk.


  44. “If Mr. Rogue finds me “such an insufferable bore,” he already knows what he has to do.”~the scarab

    Yes, I know the code; “ignore” you, in other words “shut the fuck up”.

    You are a dung beetle Maxiwhine, rolling little balls of shit one way and the other throughout the web.

    You are spam master flash, turning into a troll with this relentless harassment.

    It has turned from aggravation to comedy and entertainment, let’s have some more of your Cimmerian spew.

    Let’s hear you dribble that bouncing party-head some more.
    Hell, bring on the donkey and the dancing chihuahua! Crank up that rickety calliope one more time for us…clone yourself and make a parade of little pink oinkers.

    It could be the best selling show!


  45. Ya got to scrape the shit right off your shoes

  46. Ha, funny song Veri…Don’t believe I e’r heard that one before,

    Apropoopie though.


  47. What Maximanikin isn;t getting is that we are not discussing his nookiedoo bullshit…we are discussing his effort to FORCE ME into discussing his nookiedoo bullshit.

    We HAVE discussed it as far as I am willing to take it with this whiny-shit diaper-dumper. Chasing me all over Truth and Shadows is bad enough, but this shadowing me in other venues is over the top.

    I can say anything I want here about anything I want. This is not the manikin’s turf. If he wants to continue fouling his own nest at Truth and Shadows in front of those he knows well…huh…let it be.



    “Hurricane Erin, which was heading for New York City on Sept. 10, 2001 but which turned around on Sept. 11 and went the other way? This left beautiful blue skies that would have been essential to the mother of all psy-ops.”~Craig McKee

    Yes a possibility. But this is certainly a downgrade of the asserted storm’s import as a mechanism for the collapse according to Wood. At the same time, it is still yet pure speculation.

    Everything in the Wood hypothesis is speculation. Everything in the Nuke hypothesis is speculation. And everything in Señor’s ‘Nookiedoo’ is speculation. There are rational and scientific counter explanations for every single point.

    Señor, as I warned; you have now thrown yourself from that high bridge, plunging into the frigid waters below. Even though that corpse can now shuffle back to slap its dead hands on your keyboard it will only reveal the churned and frozen soup that fills your skull-sap.

    Consider this tortured twist of lingual acrobatics:
    “Duration of under-rubble hot-spots: quantities of energetic materials that were “unspent from initial pulverization” becomes obscenely massive; such massive quanties were not found.”

    The empirical evidence that the quantities of unspent energetic materials is in itself evidence that the amounts were not “obscenely massive” plus the fact that much of the energetic materials that went into the pile were ‘spent’ as well in creating the under-rubble hot-spots.

    But it is in the initial quantities that Señor reveals his basic error. And this is another issue that has been explained time and again, which Señor refuses to acknowledge. The central point being that nowhere near the portion of the buildings were reduced to the fine powder that Señor bases his calculations on. No more than a quarter of the materials were reduced to the nanoscale.

    Where is the “mistake” that Harrit alludes to in his mysterious email?

    Obviously it is that the calculations are correct, but the assumptions they are put to is wrong. And this is not pure speculation on my part, as Jones, one of Harrit’s comrades points out the misconception that the truth movement holds of the grades of materials left in the aftermath.

    The malodorous Señor El Once //:

    Once again mounts his rocking-horse/stalking-horse with his toy Zorro sword and satchel of disguises.


  49. Hey Willy, I thought you weren’t going to taunt this meat head anymore. Good thing he doesn’t have your image, He’d be sticking pins in your effigy as we speak. Isn’t there support groups for sorry asses like this dweeb.

    • It’s every hour of the day somewhere on the planet.


  50. The late Allen Watts in his lectures on Zen, spoke to the trap of “game theory” which he describes as a psychological form of “one-upmanship”. In essence the danger is in the dialectical character of ‘game attitude’ as a basis of life’s interactions, and that has to do with the distinction made by Fromm:

    “Reason is man’s faculty for grasping the world by thought, in contradiction to intelligence, which is man’s ability to manipulate the world with the help of thought. Reason is man’s instrument for arriving at the truth, intelligence is man’s instrument for manipulating the world more successfully; the former is essentially human, the latter belongs to the animal part of man.”—Erich Fromm


  51. Señor, Your embers have grown cold, turned to gray ash. The slightest tremble will cause them to tumble, the weakest gust shall blow them asunder. And none will recall you ever were.


  52. I was just listening to Ed Ward being interviewed on Kevin Barrett’s radio show…he doesn’t have a rational argument at all. And he cannot speak publicly, he whines and stammers, he criticizes Jones here and obviously has no grasp of to what he speaks. This is blithering nonsense.

    I turned it off, he is not worth listening to.

    Ward is a charlatan.

    He spoke to the Thermite issue, saying that it takes about a gram of Thermite to cut a gram of steel. This is so. But then he goes on to hyperventilate that it would therefore take a ton of Thermite to chop through each ton of steel, which is ludicrous. One only needs to cut a quarter inch slice through a steel beam to cut it in half, at an angle the beam will slide apart. One needn’t melt the entire ton steel column.

    His comments on Tritium were equally uninformed.

    Really bad. It is funny how ridiculous this guy comes off, especially if you have looked into the so-called ‘evidence’. It’s absurd.

    If you are interested. just click on the 2012 Archives, it is from October something, near the top of the list:



  53. Latest Polls show:

    Obama 49% – Romney 49%

    This is burlesque. It is like this every presidential election__half’n’half
    So whoever the oligarchy chooses the people will buy it without a flinch.

    Welcome to the machine….


  54. Every single thing that was effected by the destruction of the WTC on 9/11 was evidence. Not just the remains of the towers, not just the steel, but the dust, the fragments, the cars and other vehicles that were effected__EVERYTHING. All of this was ‘crime scene evidence’ in a legal sense.
    What little of this evidence remained after the WTC was wiped clean is only that which slipped through the fingers of the perpetrators controlling their own crime scene. Whatever cursory ‘investigation’ was made, was more in fact to make assurances that suspicious evidence never saw the light of day.
    This is part and parcel with the fact that no chains of possession of such evidences in the entire case have ever been revealed.

    In a case so bereft of any solid physical evidence, the importance of what little there is and what it proves is of paramount import, the visual, and testimonial evidence becomes critical.


  55. ‘Signature Characteristics’ of physical events is a primary basis for forensic science. “Profiling” is not limited to the MO, etc of ‘suspects’ in terms of only human actors, but is applicable to all ‘actors’ – as those mechanisms by which actions are propagated.
    That the destruction of the towers displays such signature characteristics of explosive demolition in so many aspects is simply undeniable. That a new and unique mechanism such as DEW could reasonably mimic these distinct signature characteristics is a dubious assertion when all are taken into account. Handwaving, such as “all loud booms are not necessarily explosives ” is spurious when applied to the very specific evidences to explosions with the signature characteristics; as described by first hand witnesses, and in the record both visual and sonic.

    First, coming to these conclusions as to the explosive nature of the destruction of the towers, we then proceed to the evidence portrayed in the aftermath. Are there mitigating anomalies that contest such firm conclusions reached in the first stage of our analysis? This is where the controversy begins, and where the onus would naturally be on the side of those claiming such challenging anomalies to defeat the original conclusions beyond reasonable doubt, reached in the first stage.

    Another point is the question of the likelihood that the perpetrators would stage the event in such a way as to use exotic weapons, but add the signature characteristics of an explosive demolition to throw researchers off track. This hardly solidifies as reasonable when one considers that the slight of hand was meant to fool the audience into believing that the airplane strikes led to the destruction of the towers combined with “jet fuel fires”. It must be recalled that the official story is not ‘explosive demolition’, but a gravity induced “collapse”.

    As an outline, this is the reasoning I put forward in a positive argument for the controlled demolition of the WTC complex. It is because I have this positive thesis that I feel is reasonably conceived, that I counter an antithesis that I see as ill conceived.

    As has been pointed out, Wood makes her argument against a typical bottom-up controlled demolition. This argument has been made by anyone paying attention to the forensic evidence. It is proposed by the explosive demolition side of this argument that this event was in no way a ‘typical controlled demolition’ – but one engineered to appear as though the plane crashes were responsible for the destruction leading to a global gravity driven collapse. As such the “collapse” was made to appear as if it began at the floors where the planes were struck, ie; a top down sequence beginning at those floors.

    It is also posited that they were purposely totally obliterated both for shock value and to destroy as much evidence as possible. And then that evidence was stolen in blatant violation of crime scene, fire scene protocol and law. Those who claim that this evidence: the hundreds of thousands of tons of steel, “simply wasn’t there” in the aftermath, are so blatantly and ludicrously wrong that it is astounding to even have to make an argument against it. Denying the months of work it took to gather and haul these tons of metal is anti-historical and preposterous.


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