Posted by: Puddy Dunne | July 7, 2011

Arizona attacked “Shot Across the Bow”

Scandal Grows: FBI, DEA Involved With Operation Fast and Furious

The Ulsterman Report: Obama Administration Hiding Thousands of Gunrunner Scandal Docs From Congress (via Tancredo Radio Show) (via Raysrope’s Blog 7/7/11

Gun-Running Timeline: How DOJ’s ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ Unfolded

ATF Sends Job Termination Notice to “Gunrunner” Whistleblower

31 Democrats send letter to traitor Soetoro



  1. Obama Calls for Halt to Convicted Rapist and Murderers execution to improve Public Relations with Mexico

    When did public relations allow convicted child rapist and murderer to avoid sentencing?

    When the paedophiles and murderers are the public servants, of course.

  2. Bilderberg Globalist jack-off and NAU Rockefeller boy Rick Perry looking towards Presidency

    Staged – Staged -Staged!!!

  3. Paving the Path from Mexico to Canada–fbi-adds-canadian-citizen-to-list-of-most-wanted-terrorists

    OPERATION BREADBASKET – NAU This is the trivium of Global Agenda 21, Martial Law and OWO.

    1. HAARP Breadbasket
    2. Midwest terror event
    3. Civil War Southern Border Martial law

    X X + X = /_\

    The triple Cross


    FBI withholding the OKC Bombing Tapes. What a shocker.
    FBI, ATF, HSA, ADL, SPLC and DOJ should all indicted, tried and hung in the public square.

  5. UK Panopticon gone Wild. Cameron, Brown and Blair what a trio of scum.

  6. Holy oinkfest Puddy…absolutely apocalyptic–the veils are lifting exponential.

    da, ja, view.


  7. All three Al-CIAda drones or missiles should have hit this cesspool of scum.


    Like Australia in 2010-2011, HAARP was able to flood Queensland and Victoria agriculture while leaving desert regions unaffected. This flooding was an estimated 35 billion dollar suck from farmers, ranchers, coal manufacturers and citizens and a boom for other foreign globalists.

    Tropical Cyclone Tasha, a scalar created cyclonic storm was steered ala HAARP and La Nina.

    We will see the same here this year.

  9. I know I have said this many times before, and have always been sadly disappointed, but I’m going to say it again. If this doesn’t bring this administration down, nothing will.

  10. M, folks don’t connect the dots, and a great percentage just plain don’t want to “know”. Of course, WE know that here at COTO, and this is the frustrating fight facing us all. It is totally illogical. It is a self-imposed blindness. Why, Why, Why? I don’t know, either.

  11. “It is now a widely-reported fact that under the Obama administration, U.S. federal agents actively placed over 30,000 fully-functional weapons into the hands of Mexican drug gangs, then halted all surveillance and tracking activities of where those weapons were going”…

    Read this short piece at the link below. With this Op clearly seen for what it is, should not the current administration be indicted by the American People for treason, murder, etc. against the People?

    Of course! This is one more example of Power Mad Madmen at work. Where’s the rope?

  12. Grenade Launchers, night vision, submarine technology and remember the Argentine Government confiscated and quarantined US CIA cargo with surveillance, weapons, morphine and other assorted covert ops necessities in February.

    Argentina like Venezuela and some others do not Kowtow to globalist fascists like traitor Soetoro and the IMC-IMF Cartel.

    “The Argentinian foreign ministry, in a statement on Sunday night, said “sensitive material” had been seized that had not been declared on the inventory submitted by the US embassy, including weapons, GPS equipment and drugs such as morphine.”

    Please tell me how morphine is used in a training exercise? Pleeeeeeeez, spare me the explanation of that. It’s for addiction, bribes, MK Ultra and nothing else.


    You can’t get scum clean. This is like reliving traitor Bubba and Reno the morph. Soetoro & Holder like bookends to the Clinton Gang.

  14. It’s all over but the pooping of pants….


    • and some steaming stink floating to the surface…….pu

      waiting to see Issa and Grassley weenie out when Obama cuts medicare and keeps tax rates for the fattie poopie pants.

      Oh well, chickin shit stinks less than bullshit.

  15. Hatch, Grassley, Lindsay Graham. Lieberman…they are all such obvious twats.
    Such loose-lip pussyboys…labia hanging like curtains in a grand old theater.

    In grade school, we called kids like that “kissies”.


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