Posted by: waldopaper | July 5, 2011

Hasa Diga Eebowai!

Stories don’t have to be true

"An interesting conjure story..." --C. Chesnutt

 “In the Beginning there was the Word.”



  1. That’s Al Gore’s eye in Fourth of You Lie. Don’t think I didn’t notice! A really cool header nonetheless!

    • Danka, but don’t get paranoid Waldo. That’s not Al-gorda. It’s the bookend to the fireworks on the right. Just abstract schematics.

  2. “Stories don’t have to be true.”

    And most aren’t.

    Because consensus is 90 percent imaginary and 100 percent transitory, it is the individual interpretation of the story that is believed. And that interpretation has a good 80 percent odds of not a being based on critical analysis, in a given population.

    As valuable a tool as communication is, it is rarely successful on any but a trivial degree. It is an epistemic conundrum of the hairless ape.

    • “It is an epistemic conundrum of the hairless ape”.

      True dat. Most stories don’t NEED to be true. When the last fertile survivors replicate in the rubble, what single dna molecule or meme will claim responsibility for the offspring?

  3. I’m glad you asked Waldo,

    Zaba the one eyed zygote. This will be a purple creature, and eventually evolve to have wings, and the capacity for time travel.
    The first successful trip to the past was in the early 50’s and documented in a popular song of the era.
    Being they were partially mutated with a vegetable gene, this first time traveling Zaba became contaminated with a Monsanto terminator gene, and the species went extinct over and over again through many time tunnels.
    The last cataloged entry is set at track X + = bardo 13
    All of the final tracks in that sequence play out with Earth destroyed in the 90s or 80s. and 6 bardoettes in the 1300s AD.

    For a full bardo accounting, see Source P [for particulate] 9912 tollhauzen5B: Specterate 19

  4. Ooh Eeh, Ooh Ah Aah, Ting Tang, Walla Walla Bing Bang!

  5. Well I saw the thing comin outta the sky… it had one long horn and one big eye.

    • Your eye-sight is 20-20 Waldo and your aim is 30-30

  6. Yea…and next thing y’all be trine ta tell me is that “Love Potion Number 9” is an early warning of the 9/11 attacks…you tin hearted complacency nuts will make up anything to make this great cunt tree look bad.
    I’m tellin’ dad.

    • 🙂 – extaordinary jocoseness Rogue. I was forced to fall to the floor and gyrate on your recent witticism and must commend Waldo on a superior post and shedding more insight to the historical scams in the dark continent by the mormonies and other crab people.

  7. crab people?
    who tf? thought that one up?
    a story..immediately implies untruth/ fantasy.
    our lunatic PM wants us on board with the carbon story …..
    all on the same page..
    now isnt that a telling phrase:-)

  8. They will wander on to the empty stage set, find some doorknob and declare it KING.

    not fair Waldo:-)
    I have a seriously bad cold /cough.
    that line damn near killed me laughing

    wonder why? it is people can suspend rational thought and immerse in book film whatever media. by knowing they are.
    but when its still happening OUTside the theatre, they dont realise?
    but then
    who has the rights on reality anyway:-)

  9. Suspension of disbelief. It is part of every story, even the Three Little Pigs: Pathos, Ethos and Logos.

    Turn it off- like a light switch!

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