Posted by: Puddy Dunne | June 16, 2011



Missouri River reaches Hamburg, Iowa backup levee

Rare lunar eclipse

Nebraska Water Scientists Warn of Oil Pipeline’s Risk, Call for More Study

Midwesterners brace for new Missouri River flooding

Can the Insurance Industry Survive Climate Change?

From: Business Insider

Airspace Over Flooded Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Still Closed

Translation: Can America survive the triple whammy NUKE, HAARP, WAR?

…….Just as the Bilderberg scum break the meetings



Judge hears arguments about blasting levee to ease flooding

Don’t be fooled here. This is intentional preparations for MADRID EVENT and controlling the planned shortages and farming-food agenda for global takeover. Keep your eye on the events for ‘Operation Bread Basket’





  1. Yup…I’m right here with you on this Pudster.

    It is, as we say here, OBVIOUS.

    One and one and one is indeed three.


    • I fixed your great post in the last post Rogue. Excellent words but not so hot on the formatting.

      Whatever editor you are using you should not hit the return/break. That will help to avoid the issue.

      • Thank you Puddy…I noticed the weird farmatting…it was just copied and pasted from an Open Office word doc.

        • When usiong it Rougue set your margin and let auto return take over. Only use return when starting new paragraph. 🙂

  2. ATF Officials Implicated in Operation Fast and Furious – 6/16/11

    The third leg of the triple header. From the OKCity false flag to date we have linked the FBI, BATF, SPLC and ADL to the criminal domestic death squads. To date no one has been sentenced let alone indicted.

    Time for a hemp party?

    • hash.

  3. BTW, has anyone else ever noticed that Elvis Presley’s features are the same as the Statue of Liberty?


    • Silly Willy thats not Elvis, its Bin-laden, or some other satan.

    • a hunka, hunka burnin’ stone

  4. …Calhoun Nuke Plant…going down fast, no fly zone overhead, no MSM news of it…as of, 6/16/11


  5. Although many fail to realize it, all is not well in Wonderland.
    Most are still lulled by TV and mindless entertainment, whizzbang gadgetry, and delusional mantras of “recovery”…

    Meanwhile on the croquette lawn, shock and awe austerity rises in the purple face of the enraged Red Queen.

    When this austerity finally bursts the over inflated bubble of some 1 and a half Quadrillion dollars, will you keep your head?

  6. it could be the end
    or, the beginning
    some things just have to develop and gain their own momentum. There is absolutely no way to predict which way the axe will swing in this movement but I do believe it may be a lot easier for most of us than for the rich. No matter the outcome.
    I just keep on

    • Unlike the Axe we know the pendulum is the paradigm. What it does is swing back and forth keeping the balance of sheeple mindset. What is not seen is the pendulum slowly dropping further and further until it will slice deep into the belly of those not in the committee.

      This is the Pit and the Pendulum. Poe knew and he describes it with terror as the meme until the end came.

      Be prepared for the worst and grateful for everyday it does not arrive.

      • good analogy P but as I said, no one say’s that we’re the weakest party in this ‘game’

  7. Vancouver riot, another successful Soros paid op.

    • Amazing to see such predictable operations still effective. I have suspected EMR enhancement to make the scenes more volatile and violent.

      What heights of stupidity fanatics or fans, if you want, can acheive have got to spearheaded by more than instigators and achohol. If not, it’s a sad commentary on the species.

  8. Hey CarlieJohn, do you know who this “Easyrider” Republican candidate is?
    I heard Soros is behing him as well.

  9. “through the decision of the European Parliament to call for the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the UN we are now a big step closer to achieving this goal. The creation of such a body in the UN system would allow for more closeness to citizens, democratic participation and transparency.”

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